"Sex Stories" Cindy was a single mother

Sex Stories Cindy was a single mother
She had many ex-boyfriends who were either divorced or unmarried. Having gone out with them for the past few years only brought back the reasons why she never married any of them in the first place. Cindy felt it was all-hopeless; she would never be able to find the right guy suitable for her.

Her daughter Debbie was fifteen, only twenty years younger than herself. The divorce was very painful for her at first, but she seemed to take it well later on. She gave all her support to her loving mom. This was the only reason why Cindy continued to fight life itself. Debbie was the only reason why she didn't just end all her misery.(Sex Stories)

Cindy was a lovely blonde woman with breasts that would pop the eyes of any man. Her buns were very nicely shaped thanks to constant exercise. She would often stand in front of the mirror and admire herself. She knew what a knockout she was. And even with all her good looks, she would often wonder where she had gone wrong. She could never understand why she wasn't able to hold her marriage together. Whenever these feelings arose, she'd lie down and sob.

One evening, Cindy returned home from her friend's house to find that the door to their apartment was slightly ajar. She guessed that Debbie must have been in a hurry and forgot to lock the door. This got her a little pissed off because of the thought of burglars getting free access to their home. She quietly shut the door and locked it behind her. She had a good mind to tell her off. With that in mind, she headed towards her daughter's room. Debbie's door too, was slightly open. She peeked into her room and saw her standing in front of the mirror, about to undress. Cindy felt a little awkward watching her own daughter. Debbie hadn't undressed in front of her in years. Nonetheless, Cindy continued to watch as Debbie took off her T-shirt. What a sight it was to behold! Debbie had tits that were very big for a girl her age. They had a nice curve to them, just the right amount of sag. Her nipples were the lightest pink. Cindy felt really good about this, for she knew very well that her daughter got those "breast genes" from her.(Porn Stories)

Debbie unzipped her shorts and pushed them down to her knees. Cindy saw her cute little panties. She grabbed the elastic at the front and spread it just enough to put her hand inside. She seemed to be inspecting her pussy. Debbie put her head down to see her pussy before she took her hand away. Cindy saw her gazing at her hand after she took it out of her pussy. She guessed that Debbie was looking at the strands of hair that came out with it when she withdrew her hand. These actions made Cindy feel very horny. She felt herself getting wet. Without even realizing it, her hand drifted towards her pussy and was rubbing it through her panties. She imagined that it was Debbie who was caressing her. By this time, Debbie started getting dressed again. Cindy silently slipped away, feeling a little disappointed that the show ended so abruptly, and even more so that she couldn't get a good look at her pussy and ass-cheeks.

Cindy headed towards her room and closed her bathroom door. She started to masturbate furiously. In no time at all, she let out what seemed to her like gallons and gallons of cum! She felt like doing this forever. Her lower body and some parts of the bathtub were covered in cum. She drifted off into a dream-like sl**p, feeling very tired, but still hungry for more action. It took her a while to get back to reality. She turned on the faucet and washed off the cum.

Cindy went back to her room and turned on her computer. She was in the mood for a nice chat. She couldn't make up her mind on which chatroom to join. The day's events brought new ideas to her head. She joined a mother/daughter sex channel and found herself chatting with a woman in her late thirties. Her nickname was "Cheryl38."

"Lovely name," typed 'Cindy35.'
"You too honey," said Cheryl, "How old is your daughter?"
"That's nice. Do you fuck her on a daily basis?"
"Not really. It's only been a few hours since I realized how beautiful she is. Guess you could say I want her, but I'm afraid of how she'll react."
"LOL. I know how you feel. And I can tell you that it's perfectly natural. That's exactly how I felt the day I first fucked my little slutpuppy. Ironically, an online friend of mine gave me the courage to go for it."
"Wow. How lucky you are."
"Maybe I can help you, honey. Send me a self-nude pic of yourself."
A minute later, Cheryl typed, "Wow! You have lovely breasts. I wish mine were that big. You have nothing to lose. Anyone would fall for you with tits like that. So stop feeling scared and go screw your daughter." "Yeah. Okay Cher baby. I'll do it! And I'll mail you about it if I can pull it off."
"You do that. Bye sweetie."

Cindy shut down her computer and went to the kitchen to make dinner. Dinner passed by without any serious discussions, just the usual 'how was your day' and 'anything new?' All through dinner, Cindy couldn't help but notice Debbie's breasts poking out of her shirt. She tried turning her gaze away from her. She'd wait till later. 'Now isn't the time', she told herself.

After dinner, Debbie went to her room to lie down. She had a very tiring day, playing sports and being with her friends. Cindy went to her room and stood in front of the mirror for nearly half an hour. She mustered up all her courage and was finally ready for the final showdown. She went to Debbie's door and gently opened it. Her daughter was sl**ping peacefully. Her blanket covered her lower body and her upper body was a little exposed. Cindy went up to her bed and sat down near the edge. Slowly but carefully, she reached for the blanket and gently removed it, exposing her whole body. Cindy was pleased at what she saw. Debbie was wearing a white T-shirt and panties that didn't quite cover her firm rounded ass.

Cindy felt the tension and excitement build inside her as she reached out with a shaking hand and gently placed it on her behind. She froze her hand for a moment, expecting her to stir. She didn't move, not one inch, so Cindy got bolder and started to massage her butt with her right hand. Her daughter's ass felt nice and warm. She couldn't tell if the heat was coming from Debbie or from her own hot hand. Cindy pulled down her panties, exposing her ass in all its glory. It was very much like her own. She recalled how her ex-husband would push his manhood into her ass. This was what he was always good at. Cindy wished with all her heart that her clitoris was as big as a cock so that she too could enter a woman's asshole. But that was not to be, so she sought out the next best alternative...fingering her ass. Cindy's forefinger and middle finger probed into Debbie's butt. To Cindy, the thought of fingering an ass was erotic enough. But fingering her own daughter added that extra bit of spice to the situation.

Debbie didn't move. She seemed to be in a deep sl**p and her mind seemed to be miles away. "Hey mom, you're pretty good at this." “Debbie! How..." "I knew all along mom, ever since you entered my room. You can't imagine how happy this makes me! I always felt that I wasn't as cool as you," she said sadly. "Oh honey, I'm proud of your body. And you should be proud of yourself too." "Y-You really mean it?" "Yes, you little squirrel head," she said with a smile, "You definitely are a miniature me. Anybody would have mistaken you for my clone."
"Thanks mom, you're the greatest." And with that, Debbie took off her T-shirt and threw it down on the floor.
She was now completely naked. Cindy smiled pleasantly at her daughter. Debbie said, "Mom, I want to see you too."
"Okay honey," replied Cindy. Debbie helped her take her nightie off. Two of the most gorgeous breasts came out of that nightie. Debbie sat down on her knees in front of her mom. She put her hands under Cindy's breasts, weighing them to see how heavy they were. She wasn't disappointed. They were just right in size and weight. Cindy gave out a moan of pleasure as Debbie continued to caress her breasts.

Cindy giggled and said, "You like mommy's boobs, don't you honey?"
"Oh yes mom. I love your tits! Do you know what I plan to do with them?"

"This," she said, engulfing her left tit. Debbie sucked at it like a c***d sucking on a baby bottle. Cindy gasped in pleasure as her little slut ate her out. Debbie pushed her body against Cindy until she was lying down on her back. She got on top of her and continued feasting on her mom's breasts. While sucking, Debbie's hands moved down her mom's body until they reached her panties. She fumbled for a while with the elastic before pulling it off her, giving her pussy the freedom it wanted. Debbie pushed her fingers through her love-hole, but never stopped sucking. She was startled to find her mother so wet. A massive flood of cum was overflowing from her pussy. This made Debbie feel very hot. She started to get wet. Cindy felt her wetness against her stomach. She wrapped her legs around her daughter's waist, mixing their pussy juices together.

Cindy felt her clitoris growing bigger by the minute. She tightened her squeeze on her daughter's waist as she continued to satisfy her hunger for big breasts. Cindy ran her hands through Debbie's hair while gasping with pleasure.

Cindy whispered hot words into her ear, "Yes! Yes!"

Debbie reached up and kissed her mom. But it wasn't an ordinary mother-daughter kiss. This was a sultry, sexually explicit mouth-to-mouth kiss. A kiss that would forever change the way they treated each other. In that moment, the mother-daughter relationship was replaced by one of two lovers who pledged their love for each other in the light of the dim night lamp.

Debbie shifted her position so that her face was now over Cindy's pussy. They did a perfect 69. Debbie spread Cindy's pussy lips apart and pushed her tongue into it. She had tasted a woman before, but no woman had what her mom had...that salt, sweet taste and pungent smell of a vagina that had not been entered before by another woman. This very thought made Debbie feel doubly excited. Cindy pushed her pussy up against her daughter until it was buried in her face. Cindy couldn't believe this was happening to her. She was enjoying every minute of this. Her only regret was having wasted all those years in regret and self-pity, crying over her broken marriage, when she could have been having affairs with some of the dirtiest sluts alive! But all that was now in the past. She would start all over. She didn't care to be with anyone else. Debbie was the only woman in her life. And she knew that as long as they continued to love and satisfy each other's needs and desires, things would be just fine...