"Sex Stories" College Girl Fun

Sex Stories College Girl Fun
I live in Dallas, my wife died when my daughter was only eight. She and I became very close. I have three women I date/fuck on a regular basis but over all I enjoy being single. My daughter, Jess, is attending the University of Oklahoma at Norman and is twenty two years old. She is bringing two friends to visit for spring break, they all want to party in Dallas. They came to my house to stay and arrived on Saturday. They came in and got settled in, unpacked, ate some dinner and then went out. 

They did not return until about five am on Sunday morning and went straight to bed. About noon they were up and running around the house in just t-shirts. I loved it, nice perky tities, and cute little but and beaver shots. I made them a nice breakfast and we laughed and talked and I got to know the girls better. Jess said that they met some guys and all got laid. Jess is always open with me and never holds anything back. The other girls thought this was really cool of me and proceeded to tell of the previous nights adventure. All three girls are twenty two and petite. Jess and Lisa are blonde and Teri is a red head. They all look younger than twenty two. Later that day I fired up the grile and cooked steaks for them and we all started drinking, heavy drinking.(Erotic Stories)

It was not long all three girls were getting a heavy buzz on as was I. The conversation turned to sex, and these girls were getting rauchy. Teri decided to strip naked and get in the pool. The other girls followed suit. Now here I sat, a fifty year old man, with three very attractive college girls naked in my pool. I am horney as are they and we are all d***k. They said I should strip down and jump in which I did. They were all commenting on how good I looked and someone said I had a cute penis. The girls were swiming around me playing grab ass with me. Soon my dick got hard with all the attention. Lisa started stroking my dick under the water, I tried to ignore her but she grabbed my hand and placed on her cute snatch. She even pushed my finger into her. Teri took note and said that this was not fair as she wanted some too. We got out of the pool and made some more drinks, still naked we sat in some lounge chairs. Lisa again was playing with my dick. Jess said that we should fuck and get it over with and Lisa said she was trying. Lisa then stradled my cock and slid her nice pussy down over it. I could not believe I was fucking one of my daughters friend. Lisa worked my dick with her pussy like a pro. I put my thumb on her clit and within a minute she was in the mist of a massive orgasim, her body convulsing and her pussy was contracting around my cock. I let loose a massive load of jizz deep inside her cunt. We both sat there for a minute or two catching our breath when I realized I just fucked the shit out of one of my daughters friends with my daughter watching. Lisa said that was the best fuck she had ever had. Teri and Jess both said that was really erotic. Lisa lifted her self off my semi hard dick, sperm dripping from her snatch. Teri came over and put her mouth on her dick and started cleaning it up. My dick got hard and Teri bent over a chair with her ass up in my face and stated that she likes hers doggy style, with that I stood up and slid dick into her very wet pussy.With one push I was balls deep in very fine pussy. I held nothing back and started to pound this bitch, one hand on her pert tit and the other rubbing her clit she came fast and hard, her pussy clutching my dick as if trying to pull it deeper. I made several more thrust and finally delivering a giant load of my dick snot into her. I was so deep in her pussy I thought my spunk would come out her nose.

Teri collasped onto the chair, leaving me standing there with a string of jizz dangling from the end of my dick. Jess then said that she had noone to fuck and was going to explode if she did not get some dick. Lisa told her to fuck me, I was the best fuck either of them had ever had and they would not tell any one.Teri agreed and said she would fuck me if I was her dad. With that Jess came over and took my dick in her hand and played with it. We sat on the lounge chair together for a little while and she fondled my dick. My dick got hard and she looked at me and said she wanted me to fuck her and fuck her hard. With that I slid my dick into my daughters wet pussy and slowly worked it in and out. Soon we were fucking hard, Jess building to a large orgasim. Her body tensed up and her cunt muscle clamped onto my dick which caused my balls to empty deep into my daughters womb. I felt like I must have pumped a gallon of dick juice into her. 

The rest of the week the girls did not go out. They stayed around the house and we fucked like there was no tomorrow. I cant believe what a great piece of ass my daughter is and I pumped so much jizz into that little Lisa and Teri I would bet it is still leaking out of their cute little cunts. Jess and I fuck alot now and she still brings her friends sometimes and I always get compliments on what a great fuck I am. It is great to be able to fuck the shit out of your daughter and her friends. It is a great feeling to pump your spunk into a college girl.