"Sex Stories" Cooking With Mom

Sex Stories Cooking With Mom
This story happened when I was 17 and through my parents divorce and the shuffling of k**s I wound up living with my Mom, just her and me. Her boyfriend had moved out a few months before. And even though Mom went through a wild phase right after the divorce she didnt seem to date much now. 

Of course, I had the normal teen fantasies about her but never really acted on them, I had a long time buddy that lived downstairs in our apartment complex with his Dad, also divorced. His Dad, Bill, had a reputation for nailing a lot of women. Mom knew this too since Greg, his son, talked openly around her and I about his Dads many dates. One late afternoon Mom and I were preparing dinner. (Sex Stories)

She was wearing a pair of thin cotton shorts and a tee shirt. Out of nowhere Mom says she will be back in a little while. She left the apartment without much, not even her purse or car keys. I didn't really think too much of it until she returned about 30 minutes later. She came right back into the kitchen to help and I noticed her hair was kind of messed up, she looked flushed and even though I was a virgin and had only masturbated I swear I could smell the scent of sex on her. 

She went about preparing dinner while my mind raced about where she was and who she was with. I finally surmised that she had gone down to Bill's for a quick fuck. The more I imagined it in my head the more excited and hard I got. My lust must have taken over because the next thing I knew I asked her "Mom, where down at Bills' having sex?" She looked like a deer in the headlights, she had been caught. "Were you following me?" she asked. "No", I simply said. "Then how do you know..how did you know....what makes you think...I ..I ..was having sex?" she asked. "Well, you just look like and you smell like it". Mom turned all shades of red and looked away. "Don't worry Mom, don't be ashamed, it's perfectly natural for a woman to want and need sex, I understand". "You don't think I'm a hoar?" she asked . "Hell no, Mom, actually it kind of turns me on". (Porn Stories)

Her eyes widened, "It does?" "Oh yeah". "I'm getting hard just thinking about it, about the two of you fucking". "Does he have a big cock?" She couldn't believe I would ask such a question, especially of my own mother. She turned away from me toward the counter and I got right behind her and asked her if she liked getting fucked by Bill. I put my hands on her waist and her only reaction was to take in a deep breath. I rubbed my hands down her waist past her shorts and down to her bare thighs. Her heavy breathing continued and so did I. "Did you like his cock Mom?" "Ummmmmm...yes" she whispered. "Did he make you cum?" I pressed. "mmmm...yes", she answered. I was rock hard now and too horny to stop. I had to see how far she would go. I should describe my Mom for you, She was 49 at the time but looked like she was in her mid or late 30's. 

She was curvy but still in good shape with large tits even if they did sag a bit,. She had just past shoulder length dark hair and was only about 5'3". Even at 17 I towered her at 5'11". So I finally had to ask her "Mom, are you still horny", while I rubbed her thighs and moved my hands under her shorts over her ass cheeks. She took in a breath and with closed eyes said "Yes". I started to kiss her neck and ears from behind and finally moved my hands to her front and ran them across her pussy over her shorts. "Mmmm.oh baby, are you sure you want to do this?" She asked. "I've never wanted anything more" I said. She answered by moving her hand around her and rubbing my crotch through my thin pajama pants. She found my hard cock and wrapped her fingers around it. 

When my shock of her doing this wore off I pushed my hands under her shorts and finally got to feel her pussy in my bare hands. It was glorious. A nice amount of hair and as I went under her I could feel the wetness between her legs. She was still strokling me through my pants when I rubbed a finger across her slit and clit and back again until I found her sweet hole and pushed my finger in. She sucked in her breath and shivered and pushed her hips down against my finger. I was still kissing her neck and fingering her when I noticed she was even wetter inside her pussy. I pulled my finger out and looked down and saw a coating of white sticky cum on my finger. I asked her "Mom, did Bill cum inside you?" No answer. I asked again. Again she whispered "yes". 

Even at that young age I had seen a good amount of porn and especially liked cream pies and had a pretty good fantasy life and imagination. I knew exactly what I wanted. Without a word I pulled her shorts down to her knees, turned her around and lifted her onto the kitchen counter. I was looking right in her glazed eyes when I told her "I want to see your pussy". I spread her legs at the knees and bent down to be level with her pussy. From a foot away I gazed at her wet pussy as it flowered open for me the more I spread her legs. Mom was in a horny trance I think and just allowed me to explore and seduce her. "I want to clean your wet pussy Mom" I told her. 

She finally seemed to come out of her daze and loudly said "Oh yes, my son, lick my pussy, lick my pussy clean". I needed no more encouragement and went right at her sweet hole with my tongue cleaning up all her nectar as well as any left over cum from Bill. She squirmed and squeeled and I had to hold her still to keep licking her until she cried out"Oh God..Oh God..don't stop..I'm cumming!!!!" I jammed my tongue as far into her as I could and it felt like her pussy clamped down on the end of it so as not to let it go. She was moaning loudly and shaking a bit. 

I was still hard as stone and had precum dripping into my underwear so before she had a chance to collect herself I dropped my pants and my cock sprang out. I took it in hand and started to rub the tip on her lips and clit and even to her asshole and back again. "I want to fuck you Mom" I told her and she replied "Oh yes, please fuck me, I need to feel you inside me, I want my son to fuck me, please, do it now" I swiped my cock across her pussy once more and lined it up with her already open hole and pushed the head in. I stopped there and looked in her eyes and she looked in mine with a mixture of love, lust ond longing. I leaned in and our lips locked soon to be followed by our tongues dancing inside each others mouths. Just then, she put her hands around my ass and pulled me into her the rest of the way. She moaned loudly when my nearly 8 inches slid right up her sweet pussy till I was grinding my pubic hair onto hers. 

I stood up straight so I could see my cock penetrating her and gazed at my slick cock start to go in and out of her. She looked down as well and just said "Oh yes, fuck me, put that big cock all the way inside me, put it in your mommys pussy" "Oh yes, my son, fuck me, your cock is even bigger than your fathers" she told me through deep breaths. Even though it had been at least 5 years since she'd had sex with my father I guess after 13 years of marriage you remember a cock. I pistoned in and out faster as she asked for more. Being 17 and more turned on than I ever remember I knew I wouldn't last long so I readied for the finale I was waiting for, cumming inside my own mothers pusy. 

I was hoping she wanted the same and I told her "Mom, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum inside you" She grapbbed my waist, pulled me in harder and shouted "Oh yes, fuck me, cum inside me, I want to feel it shoot in me, cum inside your mothers pussy". I looked down to see her big hood and clit both red and engorged and rubbed my finger across them only to hear her scream"I'm cumming" "Oh God...I"m cuuuuummmmmiiiiimmmg!" Feeling the spasms of her warm pussy set me off and I pushed as deep as I could till I felt the wall of her cervix deep inside her pussy and shot my load against it. I had had some good orgasmes before but this was like no other, my whole body felt numb except for my throbbing cock and contracting balls sending spurt after spurt of cum into her. Her eyes seemd to roll back in her head while she tried to catch her breath. 

I started to lick her still hard nipples and soon moved my mouth to hers while still inside her pussy We kissed softly and tasted each other until my soft cock slipped out of her wet pussy. "I love you Mom" I said to her as I looked in her eyes." "I love you too son" she said back to me. :I'm so glad I have you to take care of my needs". I said to her "I'm glad you feel that way because I'm here for you anytime you need me". "I get pretty horny at times son, I hope you can keep up with me". 

I told her "Mom, I'm here for you always" and then I added "but if you ever need more maybe we can get Bill here to fuck you at the same time" I pushed forward "I'd love to see you get fucked while you sucked my dick". Mom got a glint in her eyes and said "Oooohhh, I've always wondered what two guys at once would be like, I think I like that idea". "Me too" I said. Then Mom said "would my baby like momy to suck his cock for him now?" She didn't wait for answer just knelt down to her knees and took my half hard cock in her hand and lead it to her mouth. Mom had a very talented nouth or maybe she was just so turned on but she had me hard again in no time and when I came she swallowed every drop of it. Mom and I had a very different relationship after that day, me sl**ping in her bed more often than not, walking around naked and such. Not long after that first time I asked Mom if she was serious about wanting two cocks and she said "Oh yes, darling..let's do it!"