"Sex Stories" Creative Nieces Get Punished

Sex Stories Creative Nieces Get Punished
As my two beautiful young nieces scampered off to the bathroom, sex toys in hand, I went down to the kitchen to turn on the oven and prepare the pizza. I figured we still had a couple of hours before my wife and the girls’ mother would return from their movie and dinner. When the girls sat down at the table, they were all cleaned up, and still naked, as was I. I poured each of us a glass of ice water, and sat with them, as the pizza cooked away.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the dildos all cleaned up, and laying on the end of the table. The girls were in good spirits, laughing and joking, and telling me how hungry they were. I was famished too. I guess our earlier sexcapades piqued our collective appetites. I watched my two naked nieces and their lively antics, and I wished we could live like this all the time…free and easy, unencumbered by society’s restrictions. I was faintly aware of Beth’s impish grin, but I could not have anticipated her next action. Without warning, she jumped up, and poured her entire glass of ice water on top of my head!(XXX Stories)

Shocked, I pushed my chair back angrily, but I couldn’t even get my first word of admonition out, before she spoke: “Oh, what a bad girl I am…I must need a spanking!” she blurted out, as she dove onto my lap, face down, wiggling her body into a comfortable position. “She’s right, Uncle Bill, she definitely needs to be punished!” Mary chimed in. I looked down at the most beautiful and sexy young ass I had ever seen. I really wanted to just massage it, lick it, and maybe nibble at it some. “C’mon, Uncle Bill, spank me! I need to pay for my badness!” Beth implored.

Okay, I thought, I’ll play along, and I slapped each of her cheeks a couple times. “What the hell was that? I couldn’t even feel it!” Beth complained. She was probably right, her voluptuous ass having a cushioning effect. I reached back and whacked her good with several sharp blows to each side of her ass. Beth jumped a little in response, but she complained nonetheless. “What are you, a wimp, Uncle Bill? Is that the best you can do? You didn’t hurt your hand, did you?” Beth teased. Mary giggled at her s****r’s goading, her hand already working between her own outstretched legs.

I reached up high in the air, and brought my hand down on her vulnerable rear end with all the f***e I could muster. “Ouch!” Beth responded, “Now, that’s more like it!” I repeated my vicious smacks, bringing my rigid hand down upon her soft flesh time and again, and she continued to urge me on. Her delectable ass cheeks were quickly turning bright red with each new slap of my hand and she writhed on top of my lap, as her hand found her sweet spot. “Keep going, Uncle Bill, I’m getting hot!” she encouraged, as she darted her fingers in and out of her juicy love canal. I kept smacking her bare ass with stinging blows, and the sight of my two angelic nieces fingering themselves furiously made my cock hard as a rock.

“She needs more punishment,” declared Mary. “Yes!” replied Beth, as they both jumped up as if on cue. Beth climbed up on the kitchen table and lay down on her back, as Mary stood between Beth’s wide open legs, black dildo in hand. Without further ado, she buried the stiff toy into her s****r’s naturally lubricated pink hole. “That’s it, Mary, fuck me good and hard with that thing, I need to be taught a lesson!” Beth instructed. Mary gave her s****r’s pussy such a rough treatment, I could hardly believe Beth kept asking for more. As I watched that thick black cock plunge and twist deep into Beth’s belly, my hand instinctively went to my now throbbing member, and I pumped away.

Beth looked back, and saw me standing behind her head, watching the action intently. “Don’t do that, Uncle Bill, you might waste some,” Beth admonished, as she slid her luscious body a few inches back on the table. Her head was dangling off the edge, and her hands grabbed either side of my ass and pulled my body towards her writhing body. She guided my stiff rod into her open mouth, and pushed it in deeply. The feel of her delicate young lips surrounding my cock made me want to explode right then and there. Her grasp tightened on my ass, and she yanked my body closer to her head, forcing my grateful dick down her throat.

I doubt that life could get any better than this, I thought. I looked down at Beth’s pretty face in my hands, choking and gagging on my thrusting cock, but never giving up on her mission to swallow me whole. Meanwhile, I saw Beth’s ass jump up a little in response to her s****r jamming two of her wicked fingers right up her willing brown love hole, while she continued to fuck her pussy mercilessly with the black intruder.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and I held Beth’s head in a vise grip, as I filled the back of her throat with one massive load after another. I guess my brutal ejaculation put Beth over the top, as I watched her body bounce and spasm all over the kitchen table, as she continued to suck me dry. I finally pulled my spent cock out of her mouth, and she gasped for breath, her tender breasts heaving rapidly. Mary slipped her fingers and the black toy out of her s****r’s holes, and immediately inserted the dildo into her own slick pussy. “Help me, Uncle Bill, I’m almost there!” she pleaded. 

As I made my way around to her, Mary stood up and bent over the table. I replaced her hand with mine, and continued the invasion of the dildo deep into her twitching vagina. “Oh, yes! Yes! Make it hurt!” she begged. I stooped down and lavished her exposed asshole with my tongue, darting it in and out fiercely, then, clamping my mouth over her entire brown area, and sucking the life out of her. “That’s it! Here I go!” she yelled, and I held my lip lock on her, as she got up on her tiptoes and let her little girl juices pour out, drenching the black toy and my hand. Just as her slender jerking body movements began to subside, the buzzer sounded on the oven. The pizza was done, and so were we, at least for the moment.

I washed up quickly, and prepared the pizza for serving. I looked over at my young charges. Beth was still recovering on top of the table, her arm covering her eyes, as Mary leaned her head on her arms, her body still bent over the table. “Okay, ladies,” I called out, “time to eat.” I threw each of them a kitchen towel and they wiped off their collective girl cum, which seemed to be everywhere, not that that was a bad thing!

The pizza seemed to revive the girls. Their recuperative powers were astounding to me. Ah, youth, I thought. It was a beautiful sight to behold, and an even better experience to be a part of! The chatter around the table was gleeful and animated, as we devoured the pizza. “We are having so much fun with you, Uncle Bill, I hope we can do this forever!” offered Mary. “Yeah, this is tons better than that old Oral Sex Club we belong to,” Beth added. I was so humbled, I could feel myself blushing. The girls must have noticed, because they both giggled. Just watching my two lovely nieces sitting with me, eating and laughing in their naked splendor was an image I will never forget. The entire scene seemed so natural and normal.

“There’s one more slice of pizza, who wants it?” I asked. “I do!” Mary answered. She stood up, took the pizza, and plopped it, cheese side down, right on top of my head! Beth roared with laughter as she surveyed the surprised look on my face. “I am much badder than Beth was, Uncle Bill, now you have to teach me a lesson I’ll never forget!” was Mary’s explanation. “I’ll help too!” Beth offered, as I wiped the cheese and sauce from my hair. They quickly cleared the table, and Beth told Mary to climb up on it, and kneel down. She reached under Mary’s body, and grabbed hold of her budding tits, kneading and squeezing them, as Mary let out a shriek.

“Beat her butt, Uncle Bill. She has some nerve, wasting good food like that!” Beth suggested. Being the dutiful and devoted uncle that I was, I proceed to haul off and smack Mary’s skinny ass time and again, for all it was worth. (It was worth a lot!) “Ouch, that hurts!” Mary exclaimed. “Keep doing it!” Beth added to the punishment by pinching Mary’s nipples, and pulling her hair. I was getting more aroused by the minute.

Beth scooped up the long pink double dong toy, and pushed it into my hand. “She needs to get fucked with this, Uncle Bill,” she instructed. “Oh no! Not the big pink thing!” Mary pleaded mockingly. “Go ahead, Uncle Bill, make her pay for what she did to you!” Beth implored. I rubbed the head of the toy around Mary’s virginal slit, which was squirming with anticipation. I split her pussy lips, and plunged the toy into her with some f***e, and immediately began fucking her rapidly and with authority. Beth stood beside me, watching as half of the dildo disappeared into her s****r’s cunt repeatedly.

“Fuck her real good,” she told me, as she offered a few stern whacks on Mary’s gyrating ass cheeks. “Make her sorry she ever disrespected you, Uncle Bill.” “Oh Yes! Make me sorry!” Mary added. With that, Beth grabbed the other end of the pink rubber stick, and guided it to her s****r’s asshole. “Oh no, not that!” Mary protested, but it was too late. Beth f***ed the head into Mary shuddering brown hole, and pushed it deep into her. Mary was now completely impaled on the double dong, and Beth pushed me out of the way, and took over.

As Beth fucked both her s****r’s holes at a blistering pace, she bent over slightly, and grabbed my now erect manhood, and pulled me toward her. “Fuck my ass while you watch, Uncle Bill,” she ordered. Being the thoughtful and sensitive uncle that I was, I did my best to accommodate her wishes. I held her ample young ass in my trembling hands, bent over and licked her spread opened asshole eagerly. She immediately pushed her ass back towards my sucking mouth, as she pounded both of Mary’s holes vigorously with the pink dildo.

I stood straight up, and shoved my dick into her incredible ass, which she accepted with no discomfort. “Slam my ass, Uncle Bill, fuck me like you mean it!” Beth commanded. Oh, I meant it; there was no question in my mind about that! In no time, I could feel my balls slapping against her dripping pussy, as I held onto her hips and fucked her wanton ass with such f***e, the whole table inched across the kitchen floor.

The girls were worked into a frenzy at this point, and when they yelled out that they were cumming, I thought it best to join them. But, just as I was about to concentrate my efforts on filling Beth’s rectum with my hot cum, she reached around and pulled my pulsating member out of her ass, and led me around to Mary’s face. “Cum in Mary’s mouth, Uncle Bill, make her lick my ass juice off of your cock. She deserves it!” Beth told me. Mary met my exploding dick with her mouth open, and her tongue sticking out. Beth guided my cock head and rested it on Mary’s soft, warm tongue. I started pumping sticky spunk onto her tongue as Mary slid my cock up and down her tongue, swallowing as she went along. Her tender mouth action brought me up on the balls of my feet, as I grasped her long dark hair in both fists, and fucked her down her throat. Her eyes teared up, as she struggled to choke down my complete load. She was fearless and flawless, and I was proud of her determination and grit. Finally drained, I uncoupled from my darling young niece, and flopped down in the chair. I watched the girls as they finished themselves off. Such a picture of innocence and a****l lust, all rolled into one. I might have been in deep trouble, had I not noticed a glimpse of light out in front of the house: headlights!

“Girls, Girls! Your mom’s back!” I blurted out. They jumped up silently, and raced upstairs. I quickly threw on my shorts and t-shirt, and scrambled to put the kitchen back in some semblance of order. If it wasn’t for the collection of shopping bags that Barb and Laura were overloaded with, I might have gotten snagged. I had enough time to stash the dildos in the dryer, move the table back in place, and start the dishes.

“Hi Bill, we’re back,” my wife announced, as she plopped her bags on the very same kitchen table that I had hurriedly wiped down. “Hi honey,” I replied, as low keyed as possible. As her s****r entered behind my wife, she said: “We had a wonderful time together, thank you so much for minding the girls for me.” “No trouble at all, they were fine,” I reassured her. I told her about cooking them pizza.

My wife complimented me on being such a loving uncle, as she hugged me around my neck. I could hear the girls’ mother make her way up the stairs. She found her daughters in the bathroom, conservatively dressed. Beth was brushing Mary’s hair, as Mary watched in the mirror. “Hi girls, did you behave for your uncle while we were gone?” she asked them. “Who?” Mary asked her without looking in her direction. “Your Uncle Bill…you know, the guy who fed you pizza a little while ago?” Laura reminded them.

“Oh, sorry…forgot he was here,” Mary answered, as uninterested in her mother’s question as possible.