"Sex Stories" The curse of the multiple orgasms

Sex Stories The curse of the multiple orgasms
It started late September. Lucy was a nice girl, a good, sweet girl. Her f****y had a good background well known in the community. Her father sat on the church council and her mother was chairperson of the local village committee, with responsibility for keeping everything in order and keeping up the appearance of the neighbourhood as nothing other than a perfect place.

It was into this perfect world that Lucy had been born 19 years ago and nothing much had happened since. That was until the first weekend in September. As well as being a good, sweet, nice, you could say almost perfect girl. Lucy was also amazingly pretty. To describe Lucy’s beauty is almost impossible with the written word. She had the sweetest body, everything in perfect proportion to everything else. Her skin was so soft, so well toned, and perfect to the touch. She was small in stature, but her legs were a picture of erotic seduction. Many said it was the curves, the amazing (as if sculptured curves) of her body that seemed to drip with the art of a sexual siren.(Sex Stories)

Lucy also had the advantage of other attributes that many girls would envy. Her eyes were the most amazing green you could ever imagine, her hair was blonde and flowing. Reaching down to just above her bottom her hair was also very long. It was like silk to the touch, clean and perfect. The most touching thing about Lucy though, was that she new nothing of how her beauty was viewed by others. She thought herself quite plain, she had humility rare in a creature of such distinguished perfection. Lucy had grown up to know right from wrong, she empathised with the feelings of others, and she never put anyone down. She was a joy to know.

So what began that September? What unfolded? What became of Lucy? It was innocent enough to start with, she had begun to feel more like the pretty intelligent young women she was. A growing confidence had stirred within her. She suddenly appreciated her own beauty and had felt the desire to share it with others. Lucy had started to develop an interest in photography and this would be the start of everything that happened next.

She had by chance happened upon pictures of pure naked beauty on the Internet. She did not seek this out it was not her intention. There, in front of her, were others just like her. They were pictures of the sensual and the erotic and they spoke to Lucy. They were not pornographic pictures, they were pure pictures of the human body and they were art. The models were placed in many exciting locations, their bodies as vehicles to enhance the beauty of nature. Lucy was drawn into what she saw and for the first time in her life she began to feel a desire that was not present before.

Lucy’s life now became one of pure pleasure seeking she could not now stop was already in motion. The first signs were the feelings in her stomach like butterflies flying in all directions at once. When she looked upon the images of beauty she felt a deep sense of curiosity a very strong pull that she could not explain, as if a door had been opened, as if her bl**d had begun to flow through her veins faster than ever. She was in those moments completely alive. 

At first it was a purely mental experience, felt only in her thoughts, most of which she could not explain. Then it changed. Just as suddenly as before, she felt a new level of stimulation. This time, a physical assault on her senses. Lucy was wet; Lucy was feeling like never before. Her vagina was now experiencing the same rush of new bl**d as she had felt in the rest of her body and she had to act. At first she could cope with this new feeling, this new power. She would caress herself gently, slowly arousing every muscle in her body. She could now command orgasms whenever she wanted, slow, long, powerful and deep sensations of pure joy were hers to experience at will. She did not yet know, but her wetness was her strength and her weakness.

She had become mistress of her own body, she new every millimetre of herself every fold, every area of sensitivity and she new how to work it. Her juices flowed they flowed like never before, like an unstoppable river of pleasure. So what happened next to Lucy? What could this beauty find in the world, well that is for the next chapter to tell………….. 

Chapter Two

The other pleasure in Lucy’s life was horses she had learnt to ride at an early age and she loved to explore the beauty of her surroundings on the back of her strong and faithful stallion. She also enjoyed everything that went with looking after the horses and she was tender and gentle but firm when needed with the horses in her care. She loved to clean the stables lovingly putting soft fresh new hay for the horses. 

After finishing her work she loved to turn to the joys of pleasuring herself. Lucy had discovered that she could attain an enhanced sense of sexual pleasure by lying in the hay next to the beautiful horses and stroking herself gently to orgasm. She would slowly remove all her clothes and allow the strong midday sun to caress her body as she played with her perfect body. She was turned on by the sight of her magnificent stallion so muscular, so strong. Her mind was a frenzy of joy and happiness she would dip her fingers into her vagina and then run her wet fingers across her clitoris. The effect was as if she had taken a d**g of pure ecstasy. She would cum again and again each time stronger than the last.

She would feel very tired by the end of the long afternoons of intense physical pleasure. It was all she could do to put her clothes back on and try to look casual as she left the stables and headed home. She was still unsure of how much she should be enjoying these pleasures and of what other people would think. 

Lucy had a short walk of no more than a mile to return home, but on this short journey her life would become different and she would begin to explore more deeply the world into which she was entering. Even in the early evening the sun was beating down providing a warm clingy feeling. Lucy enjoyed the smell that such an effect produced as the local flowers blossomed into full bloom. She passed a small wooded area on the way home, and it was here that she stumbled upon two lovers also enjoying the early evening sun.

She followed the small path through the centre of the woods as usual but began to feel the tingles and butterflies in her stomach that provided her with the need for sweet climax. She decided to find a nice spot in amongst the trees where she could stimulate herself without fear of interruption. She entered a little deeper into the woods to find the perfect spot. Then just ahead she heard the sound of footsteps, a snapping sound of someone walking on the lush woodland floor. She stopped, at first disappointed that she would not be able to find a private place for herself. Slowly she edged forward and reached the top of a small hill from where she could see what was happening in the woods below.

To her surprise there were not one but two young men in the small clearing ahead standing next to a small rock that would be obscuring them from all vantage points except the one Lucy had. They were tall, attractive and athletic men. What were they doing here? Her question was soon answered. The two men began to kiss each other slowly and gently. She could see that one of them began to softly caress the body of his companion. This was a beautiful sight for Lucy she could not believe what was happening right in front of her. Then one of then men reached down and slowly and carefully pulled down the shorts of his friend. An amazing and to Lucy perfect strong thick long and wonderful penis thrust into view, standing proud and hard. This man also had the most beautiful and large testicles reminding Lucy of her stallion. 

The other man had begun to take his friend’s penis into his mouth, sucking slowly with great tenderness. Lucy was now so wet, she began to touch her soft pussy lips and to softly caress her clitoris. Her first orgasm came quickly and she let out a quiet satisfied breath. With Lucy though every orgasm was stronger than the rest so she continued to play with her sweet body, her nipples were hard and very sensitive to her gentle touch. She noticed that the man now had a wonderful rhythm to his cock sucking, going deep but still slowly and gently lapping up every inch of his friend’s perfect cock.

What happened next took Lucy’s orgasm to an even higher level. Both men were now naked and she could see in all their glory how handsome they were, like perfect Greek statues. Muscles in exactly the right proportion glistening in the evening sun. The man with the perfect cock was now licking the balls and anus of his friend Lucy’s next orgasm was so intense it was as if being transported to a different planet where all your fantasies came true. She watched as the man gently teased his penis into the perfect tight anus of his companion. Slowly, he went deeper and deeper his strokes longer and harder. She watched as the penis of the man being fucked became harder this penis was thicker than that of his friend but a little shorter it was an amazing sight to behold for Lucy.

She must have climaxed ten, maybe 15 times that evening while the two men sucked and fucked each other. Her head was dizzy, her body totally drained. She hardly had any energy left. As she lay on the floor she looked across at the men as they completed their love making. She looked in wonder at the glorious cocks dispensing their semen upon the athletic bodies of each other.

The two men looked around as if to check they had not been observed and then left the woods in opposite directions. It took Lucy a while to regain her composure and to dress herself. After a while she also left the woodland and continued her journey home. Lucy was now in the clouds, her mind wandering thinking of what she had seen and of the pleasure she had from it. There was still one surprise left for Lucy on this beautiful sunny day and it would blow her away.

Lucy decided she should continue her walk a little longer to give her time to return to normal and to return home without looking like a girl that had just had so many orgasms. She walked around the village for a while and when she had cooled off a little she thought there would be no harm in visiting her friend Danielle. She had known Danielle (Dani for short) since she was an infant the two of them had grown up together and were the same age. Dani was also a very nice girl and a very good friend. Lucy was still not sure about what was happening to her and she thought that she could relax a little with Dani and maybe talk things over.

Dani lived with her parents in a small cottage on the edge of the village and Lucy soon arrived there. At first it seemed that nobody was home. Lucy rang the doorbell and knocked on the door but alas there was no response. She was about to leave when she heard a sound from the small shed at the bottom of the garden It was the sound of things falling to the floor. Lucy went to investigate. As she got closer to the small shed she could hear faint moaning sounds this slowed her progress as she began to think what was going on in there. 

She crept up slowly to the open side window and looked in. Dani had her back to the small window and could not see Lucy. Dani was naked and seemed to be looking at a magazine that was on the floor just in front of her. Lucy had seen Dani naked many times before as they were growing up together but this was the first time that Lucy had seen her as a fully grown adult and it was an incredibly beautiful sight indeed. Dani had long and very straight black hair very clean and very attractive. The most amazing thing about Dani was her bottom it was the most perfect peach of a bottom you could imagine and as she lay on her side on the floor the majesty of her bottom was a wonderful sight to Lucy.

Dani was slowly turning the pages of the magazine and gently playing with her breasts. As she turned the pages Lucy could see what she was looking at, the pictures reminded Lucy of the two men she had seen in the woods. Athletic, tanned and beautiful male bodies with thick, long and hard cocks. Lucy had not thought about Dani in a sexual context before and was very curious. Lucy then noticed that when Dani touched her clitoris it did not take long for her body to shake in a violent and intense orgasm. Could it be thought Lucy that my dear friend Dani has the same condition as me? 

Lucy must have been at the window for about 30 mins and in this time her beautiful young friend must have climaxed 20 times, each more powerful than the last. Lucy so wanted to let Dani know she was there but something deep within her told her not to. She was just not sure of what the response would be. Should she intrude on this most private of pleasures? Lucy so wanted to participate in Dani’s joy in her sexual experience. Dani was so pretty, she looked the pure picture of young beauty. What would it be like to touch another? To bring them pleasure beyond their dreams.

On this occasion Lucy could not bring herself to act upon her impulse. She decided to allow Dani to enjoy your personal pleasure in private. Lucy new now though that she wasn’t alone in her desires and in the near future she would reach a level of pleasure she could not imagine. But that is for the next chapter…..