"Sex Stories" Dad’s old ARMY buddy

Sex Stories Dad’s old ARMY buddy
Sometime ago I told you about my dad’ old army buddy Mr. Miller, and all the fun the three of us had the last time he was in town. Well I thank its time I tell you a little more about my dad’s old army buddy.

Dennis and my dad met when they were in the army, they were station in Japan. Dad and I would lie in bed and he would tell me stories about how he and Dennis would spend months with just their army unit, back in those days women were not allowed to serve with the men, and going three or four months without seeing a piece of pussy was not my dad’s idea of fun

I could almost see dad and Dennis getting their leave time, and going out and hitting every bar and whore house in town. Both daddy and Dennis love Asian pussy, and from the stories they have told me when ever it was time to go on leave, they would spend all their leave time between the legs of two or three Japanese sluts. I use to hear daddy and Dennis talk about getting some cute young Asian girl with little tits and a tight ass, and how they both love fucking those tight little pussies. (Adult Stories)

When they left the army Dennis went back to his home town where he married his high school sweetheart. After years of trying to have babies of their own, they decided that adoption would be the only way to go. 

When Dennis and his wife brought their first daughter Sue Lee home, Dennis knew right away he would someday fuck this sweet little girl. Even as a young girl Sue Lee had some kind of strange hold over him. It might have been the fact that she looked like many of the young girls he had been with when he was in Japan. 

Her pale white skin felt like silk whenever he touched her. Her long wavy raven hair was soft, and always smelled of sweet mint. Her dark eyes seemed to be able to see straight through to his soul. She was small and tender, however her body was tight with beautiful tits, and a near perfect hart shaped ass.

Things did not get any easier when their second daughter Lilly was added to the f****y. Lilly was a year younger then her big s****r, and just as beautiful. Old Dennis was in heaven watching his two girls grow up, patiently waiting until the day that he would take them to his bed. 

Being the father of not one but two beautiful Asian daughters brought Dennis great pride. As their bodies grew and changed, so did Dennis’s feelings towards them. He no longer saw them as little girls, but as young women ready to explore the sexual playground that awaited them. 

The years seemed to have flown by and before Dennis could blink his two girl had become young women, ready for their first man. Mary, Dennis’s wife began grooming the girls at a young age to take their rightful place in their father’s bed, when the time came. Dennis and Mary had decided that eighteen was the right age for their girls to go to their father’s bed, and it would be there at the lust of their father that Sue Lee and Lilly would learn the fine art of pleasuring a man. 

Sue Lee’s eighteenth birthday was just days away, and she was both excited and nervous about what would go on when she went to her dad’s bed. The day before her birthday, her mother Mary took her daughter Sue Lee on her first shopping trip. First it was an intimate apparel shop, where bras and panties were bought, along with a garter belt, and a pair of black stockings. 

On their next stop they acquired bath oil, perfume and incense. However it was their last stop of the day that made Sue Lee feel like a fairy princes. Her first real trip to a beauty salon. Her eighteenth birthday was surly a day that both her parents wanted Sue Lee to look back on someday with wonderful memories. Sue Lee’s time at the beauty salon was well spent, however she needed very little help in the beauty department. With her hair done, and nails clean and polished, it was time for the finishing touch, a complete body wax. 

The next morning Sue Lee woke to fine a lovely wrapped box at the foot of her bed. Springing out of bed she had forgot that she slept in the nude the night before. From head to toe her fresh young body had never known the touch of a man was eager to share her father’s bed. Sue Lee opened the box to fine a beautiful red kimono, with a hand written note from her father. 

My Dear Sue Lee, I have looked forward to this night for so long. From the first moment I saw your beautiful face I knew that I not only had to have you in my life as a daughter, but also as my lover. Tonight my sweet girl you and I will make dreams come true. Please ware this beautiful symbol of your history when you come to my bed tonight.

Love always 

No words could ever describe her feelings that she had carried for so long for her father. She loved both her mom and dad, and she knew that they had did their best to be good parents to both her and her s****r, Lilly. Tonight would be just the beginning of paying him back for all the wonderful things that he had done for her.

Her mother had instructed Sue Lee on certain things that her father liked to do in bed, all of which she was sure that her daughter would be able to carry out. Mary told Sue Lee to come home right after school, she wanted to help her daughter get ready for her special night. Mary had spent the afternoon papering Sue Lee, she had made dinner, however, 
Knowing her husband, food would be the last thing he would want to eat.

They heard the key turn in the lock, and there standing in the door way was a very handsome Dennis Miller. It had been a long time since Mary had seen her husband so excited. The fact that he wanted to sl**p with their daughters never bothered her in the least. After all it was not that long ago when she was in Sue Lee’s position, she too had had a special relationship with her own father.

“Where’s Sue Lee” Dennis asked as he removed his coat and loosen his tie. 

“She is in her room waiting, everything is ready. I’m taking Lilly out to dinner, and then we’re going to catch a movie, so you will have Sue Lee all to yourself.” Mary said with a wink and a smile. 

Dennis gave his wife a long passionate kiss as she and s*******n year old Lilly walked out the door. As he watched the car drive away, he could not help thinking that it would soon be Lilly’s turn.

“Dad” he heard her soft sweet voice say, as he turned and saw the vision of the sweet angle he calls Sue Lee.

“My god, you are breath taking.” he said as he took her tiny hand is his. 

Her pale white skin felt soft, and the sweet smell of perfume hung in the air, while a father’s love for his daughter shifted from a fatherly nature, to a erotic forbidden nature. 

He lead her to his bed, the place where his lust for her young pussy burned night after night in his dreams. Her small frame quivers as he takes her in his arms for the first time. His big arms nearly swallows her up, as he raises her head and their eyes lock in a deep embrace. 

“God I love you so much.” he said as his big hands began to roam. Finding her fine tight ass through the silk red kimono, while his mouth found the sweet taste of her lips warm and inviting. Bringing his hands between them, Dennis began to untie the sash that hid her treasures from him.

Slowly allowing the sash to fall to the floor, allowing the kimono to fall open, slightly revealing her young body. Their eyes met again, this time Sue Lee pulls the kimono down, allowing it to hit the floor. 

She looked so lovely standing there before him wearing the black bra and panties that was bought the day before. The sexy garter belt and black stockings was the perfect touch to the erotica attire. Her long black hair hung near her waist. Her youthful body was something that Dennis knew he would never tire of.

Standing there in front of the man who meant everything to her, the man that had taken her in as a young c***d, and had given her a home, and a fathers love. The man that she fell in love with years ago, and now here she was standing naked before him, about to not only give him her love, but the most precious gift that a woman can give her man. 

Seeing her there in all her purity nearly stopped his hart. Picking her up in his arms, he carried her over to his bed. His cock growing hard, as Dennis lowers his sweet young daughter on to his bed. Spreading her legs, his hands could no longer resist her gift that lies between her legs. She watched as he quickly undressed, and returned to her side. He helped her remove her bra, as hard as he tried the lure of her nipples beckoned him to gloom on to sweet tasty nipples. Kissing his way down her soft lean body, he slowly removed her panties, getting his first glimpse of the paradise that they would soon share.

Lying beside him while he explored her sweet youth, Sue Lee felt her passion grow with every stroke of his finger tips. His naked body yarned to be inside her, as he opened the gates to paradise. Her pussy was smooth but tight as his fingers found endless pleasure in playing with her sweet young clit. As he softly kissed every inch of her pure white skin, his ever harden cock pushed him, on to the next level. 

“Are you ready sweetheart, are you ready to feel me inside you?” he asked as he caressed her lips. 

Sue Lee never said a word. However, the look in her lovely dark eyes gave Dennis the answer he needed. Crawling between her open legs, Dennis positioned his cock at the opening of his daughter’s pussy. Lightly kissing her cheek as he pushed his hips forward, he felt her lips unfold to welcomed him inside her. 


Her cries stopped him cold, slowly pulling out he cradled her in his arms, kissing away her tears, he assured her that everything would be alright. 

“Oh daddy I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad at me.” 

“ My sweet baby girl I could never be mad at you, I love you way to much.” he said. 

“Dad I would like to try again.” 

“Are you sure baby?” 

Reaching up and puling him into a long passionate kiss. They laid in each other arms, enjoying each others bodies. Once again Dennis finds pleasure with every touch. Deciding to take another approach, Dennis kisses his way down her body. Stopping at the opening he pause, to announce his intention. 

“I’m going to eat your pussy now, is that alright?” he asked. 

With a timid nod, Sue Lee gave her approval. Opening her pussy lips he buried his tongue deep inside her. Sue Lee seemed to be more at ease, as she relaxed and enjoyed the moment 

There was two things Dennis loved when it came to sex, fucking, and eating pussy. It was sometimes hard to tell watch one he loved more. However, after his first night with Sue Lee there was no longer any doubts. 

The taste of her sweetness was better then any high he has ever had. The warmth he felt as she started to respond to his tongue as it darted in and out of her pussy. Her low moans and the rotating of her hips, keeping time with his tongue fucking, lit a fire in him that he could barely contain.

He knew that loving Sue lee would be the one thing on earth that he would never be able to give up. Her cries of passion as his mouth ravaged her pussy, was like a sweet melody that he was hearing for the first time. 

“Oh father please make love to me.” Sue Lee cried. 

Looking up into those beautiful dark eyes, Dennis knew that there was nothing else to be said. Kissing his way back up her body he laid on top of her. Reaching down and spreading her legs once again, he eased his cock back inside her. 

Taking it slow and easy, her pussy still tight Dennis began to slowly fuck sweet Sue Lee. Her first fuck proved to be everything she had hoped for. Her mother prepared her well, turning him on by rotating her hips, keeping time with him as they become one. 

“Oh my sweet girl.” Dennis yelled as he shot off his first load. Picking up the pace for their next round, Sue Lee wrapped her opened legs around his waist. Rocking back and forth, and in and out, as he did with his tongue, Dennis assaulted her pussy with his rock hard cock.

“Oh my god father, don’t stop, please, please don’t ever stop.” Sue Lee cried as the sounds of their love making echoed through out the house.

It was a little after midnight when Mary and Lilly retuned home. From the looks of things, Mary knew that everything went off as planned. After sending Lilly off to bed, Mary went to the room that she has shared with her husband. Easing the door open, she confirmed what she already knew, when she saw Sue Lee cradled in the arms of her loving father.