"Sex Stories" Dilemma

Sex Stories Dilemma
I arrived home from the night shift later than usual. The reason being that I had to take the car in for service. The house was empty when I got in, my wife was at work and my daughter, Gem at school.

I was dog tired but decided to shower, get some food, catch the news and sl**p, in that order.I can't remember now the exact details now but I do recall dozing off on the sofa as I watched the news.(Adult Stories)

I was disturbed by the sound of the front door opening and the sound of people talking.I overheard my daughter and her friend Millie sniggering and my daughter saying 'Don't worry about dad, he's upstairs and sl**ps like a log, if he does ask tell him that I felt ill and you brought me home'

I should have said something there and then but I was hoping to discover the reason that my daughter and her friend were playing truant so that I could confront her later.

I heard the lounge door open and Gemma said 'Shh dad's asl**p on the settee, let's go upstairs'

Fearing that I may cause a scene and embarrass my daughter I decided to stay on the sofa and sl**p.

I cannot remember how long I had been asl**p when I was once again disturbed by voices in the same room.I should mention that at the time all I was wearing was my dressing gown, I was totally naked underneath. I was trying to rouse myself to full consciousness when I heard  Millie whisper 'Lift it up' Gemma replied 'No,you'll wake him up'

I was laying on my side and all of a sudden I felt my dressing gown being lifted up.I heard Millie, who appeared to be the protagonist,say 'look at his cock, it's so big' Gemma replied ' Stop it, we'll get in deep shit if he wakes up.' Millie once again whispering said 'No, I want to touch it'

With that I felt my flaccid penis being held in a warm, soft teenage hand. I know that I should have called a halt to matters but I defy any red bl**ded man to do any different.She began to rub it and I was rock hard within seconds.

Gemma was obviously embarrassed and kept saying careful, please don't wake him'
Millie said' Look how big his cock has grown to, here have a stroke' Gemma replied ' Millie, that is my dad, this is wrong' Millie continued 'You told me the other day that you never touched a dick before, here is your chance'

Gemma whispered I dare'nt, If I get caught I am dead meat' Millie said 'Give me your hand' I suddenly felt my daughter's hand on my erection'

'God, it's so big and hard, is this supposed to fit inside our pussies, It must hurt'
'Millie who seemed to know more than Gemma said 'Rub it up and down, my s****r told me that it only hurts the first time and your pussy stretches to accommodate it, look at his balls, I bet they are full of jizz to make babies'

I could not believe the scenario, here I was with two lovely young teenagers one fondling my stiffness and the other tickling my swollen testicles.

All of a sudden I heard Gemma gasp ' What are you doing now'
Millie Shushed her and said 'Listen, my s****r told me what to do, she told me that men like tit fucks, undo my bra and watch'

I felt my cock being engulfed by Millie's lovely young boobs and I struggled to stop myself from shooting my load there and then.

I heard Gemma exclaim 'My pussy is so wet.'
I was a little shocked by this but even mores so when Millie said' Dare you
suck it, My s*s Say's she really enjoys doing it'
'If you do I will' she replied.

I suddenly found my cock engulfed by Millie's mouth, she obviously was no expert and kept catching me with her teeth.I was teetering on the brink of exploding when she pulled away only to be replaced by my own daughter. To stop myself from shooting I tried to turn over on my front but all I succeeded in doing was leaving my cock sticking out from underneath me, my purple head still exposed. One of the girls began rubbing my cock head, it seemed there was to be no respite apart from waking up, which obviously I was loathe to do.

Millie said 'When he turns over, I am going to fuck your dad'
Gemma eclaimed 'But you are a virgin'
'Yeah I know but I would sooner lose it now when I can control it than have someone like Tommy fumbling around, not knowing what to do'

I was in a cleft stick situation, If I stay as I am with one of these minx rubbing my knob end I was going to cum all over the sofa leaving a stain or turning over, let her fuck me and if I came inside her it wouldn't be a big problem as I'd had the chop years go.

Turning over exposing my erection once again I heard some shuffling and heard Millie ' Gemma, look at my wet pussy, it's ready for him, hold his cock up for me'
I felt Gemma's hand holding my cock rigid as Millie straddled me.
I heard Millie imploring ' Rub it on my clit, mmm that's it, do it faster'
This went on for a few minutes until breathing heavily Millie impaled herself on my erection. She squealed at first as though in pain then grunting she exclaimed 'I've popped my cherry and it's fucking wonderful to have a cock in you.

She was riding me for all she was worth, how on earth she expected me not to wake up I do not know.

Millie pleaded ' Gemma rub my clit, for god's sake '
I tried to squint at what was happening, Millie was engrossed with riding me.Gemma was kneeling on the floor her panties were pulled down and she was
frigging Millie with her left hand and herself with her right hand.

Millie began to convulse on my cock as she came with a shudder. She pulled out and climbed off and said to Gemma 'I want to see his sperm shoot'

With that she began to wank me until I could hold back no longer, I spurted all over the place, some flew over my dressing gown but most over Millies hand.

I heard Gemma gasp as she masturbated herself to orgasm watching me spurt.
We all lay there spent.Gemma cleaned me up and they both went upstairs.

I really was in a dilemma, I was unable to say anything because I was supposed to be asl**p and if I did my marriage would be over.All I could do was to ensure it never happened again and put down today's episode to an erotic aberration