"Sex Stories" Dirty office girls

Sex Stories Dirty office girls
Eight years ago i started working in an office for a local motor engineers, i was working with a total of 7 ladies, there was Hilary a 28 year old married lady, tall with long black curly hair, slim with small pert tits and very pretty, Jane a 16 year old junior who was small with large breast and dark blonde curly hair, Denise the receptionist who was 21, about 5'6" with a huge pair of tits and a large ass, Cathy the daughter in law of the boss, she was 31 and very tall and slim with shoulder length light brown hair and Nena who was 18 and very petite with short black hair, there was also two part-time ladies Pat was in her early 50's and a tall well built lady with large breasts and her daughter Debbie who was a small ginger girl of about 24. 

They was all good fun to work with and we had some good times together on works outings however my first adventure was during my first week working there, Hilary lived about 200 yards from the offices whilst i lived about 15 miles away, so on my third day she asked me to her house for the lunch break, we arrived at her little cottage, her husband away for the week working and we got chatting, she quickly turned the subject round to sex and the fact i may have heard that she had a reputation for fucking before she got married, to her surprise i said i knew nothing of it, so she got telling me about times she had been caught fucking with blokes in and out of work and also got caught between another girls legs, listening to this conversation somehow had my cock getting hard, when we stood up to go back to work Hilary noticed a huge bulge in my trousers, she walked up to me and looked straight into my eyes "Me talking dirty got anything to do with that monster in your pants" she enquired, i smiled at her and muttered yes, her hand dropped down and she gave it a little pat, i took an half step back and said we must get back to work, i don't want to be late back on my first few days, so i picked up my long coat , put it on and buttoned it down to the last button, erection hidden, we walked back to work, up the stairs to the offices, my office was the first, Hilary's the second along with Jane the junior in the third and Cathy and Nena in the fourth, then there was a door and the office Pat and Debbie used and then a store room which was the biggest room and one i had the key to.(Sex Stories)

Once into my office and erection gone i took off my coat and started working, my door suddenly opened and then closed shut, i turned to see Hilary in her white blouse and blue knee length skirt, i smiled and asked could i help, she smiled back and asked about my hard cock, i looked at her and told her he was back to limp now, she tutted at me "that's a shame, i wanted that this afternoon, maybe later" and she walked out of the room, after about an hours work my phone rang, it was Hilary "Andy have you got the key to the store room i have some stuff to put in archive?" i told her yes, got the key and took it to her office, she then asked if i could help her with the boxes she needed taking there so i picked up a box and we headed to the store room, unlocked the door and took the boxes in, it was a room racked out with hanging storage departments, a couple of old typist chairs and a couple of tables with boxes staked in various places, Hilary pointed to the area she wanted them and i put the first box down, went back and got a second one, when i arrived back Hilary was sat in a typist chair, legs a little open and was spinning round on it with her skirt up well above her knees and her blouse half open, "Lock the door" she instructed, so i locked the door, she beckoned me to her so i walked to her and stood in front of her like a naughty school boy, her hand came out and she rubbed my inner thigh and then found my limp cock, she slowly unbuttoned my trousers and tugged down the zip, my trousers fell to the floor, she pulled my boxers down a little, my cock was now starting to become erect and she kissed the top flicking her tongue around my knob "your cock is so big and hard i want it now" she demanded, she stood from the chair and we kissed lips to lips before i started to make my way down her neck and to her chest, i quickly released the rest of the blouse buttons and kissed her nice pert tits through her bra, whilst i was doing this she was pulling down her own panties and kicked them from around her shoes, my hand moved to her thighs and i stroked her lovely soft white flesh working my way to her pussy, she was very well trimmed around her pussy and my fingers quickly found the dampness of her pussy lips, she wispered into my ear to fuck her over some boxes stacked in the corner, we moved to the boxes and she took a grip around the boxes with her ass pointing towards me her open pussy looking back at me, i slowly pushed my first three or four inches into her and quickly built up a fast rytham my balls slapping against her ass, she moaned a little but tried her best to keep the noise down, i managed to get my hand around her thigh and to locate her clit with my middle finger, i started to rub with the same rytham i was fucking her, within a couple of minutes she was panting and whimpering like a dog, her whole body twitching and shakeing "fucking hell i'm cummin, don't stop, harder, harder" i pumped my cock into her so hard the box was starting to split, her whole pussy area had one huge twitch and she straightened up her legs shakeing, the tip of my cock still in her pussy, i pulled out of her and she turned to face me "that was fucking brilliant, i'm taking you home with me tonight", i smiled at her my cock still rock hard and covered in Hilary's juices, she took hold of my cock and quickly started to wank me with the tip of my cock resting on her lips, i very quickly got to cummin stage, she realised this and just took my knob in her mouth still wanking my cock, spurt after spurt of my hot thick cream shot into her mouth, she took my cock out and licked her lips swallowing my cum, she put her panties back on and buttoned up her blouse, i quickly got re dressed and just sat on the table looking at her, she came across and gave me a long lingering kiss "that was nice, but i hope you can give me more of the same later" , i nodded my head "come round at 7.00pm but don't park near my house or else people will gossip", i said ok, got the keys out of my pocket and unlocked the store room door.(Erotic Stories)

I left Hilary in there and went back to get some work done but my mind on what may happen tonight. Home time arrived and i left the office and drove back to my home, had a bite to eat, a soak in the bath, got changed to jeans and cashual shirt and made my way back to the small village of Wootton, i parked my car about 100 yards from Hilary's cottage and armed with some chocolates and a bottle of bubbly bought on my way i arrived at Hilary's door, rang the bell and there she stood in a long dark bath robe, she moved to the side and in i walked, she locked the door and followed me in, i turned towards her and handed her the chocs and bubbly, she kissed me on the cheek and put them down on the table "heres your present" she stood there with her arms out , i moved towards her and pulled on the tie around her robe, it fell open to reveal her gorgeous body, she was wearing some black lace crutchless knickers and a black lace bra with holes for her nipples, i slowly moved forward and kissed each of her nipples that poked through the bra, she pushed me away and told me to be patient so i moved away and sat down on the sofa. Hilary went through to the kitchen and to my shock came back with Nena the young girl from the office, she was very small with short dark hair, i had only spoken to her a couple of times at work and she always seemend to be very quiet , she looked a little tart wearing a very short black skirt and a see through cream blouse with no bra underneath her deep brown nipples showing through. 

We opened the bubbly and started chatting, Hilary was quick to tell me that Nena was her substitute husband during the week and stayed with her a couple of times a week, i smiled and asked if they was lovers also, Hilary quickly replied they was both bi and had been eating each others pussys for about six months, i sat with my mouth open thinking all my christmases had come at once, Hilary then sat down next to me, her long white legs showing, Nena sat in the chair opposite with her legs well apart we chatted for a while, mostly them asking me questions of a sexual nature, we had quickly finished the bubbly and another bottle came from the fridge, Hilary suggested we take it upstairs to the main bedroom, so we picked up the bubbly and chocolates and climbed the stairs and went into a large bedroom with a huge four poster bed in it and a couple of chairs besides the normal bedroom units. Hilary suggested we get some toys so into a locked draw she went and came out with a large black vibrator, a small white vibrator, some chocolate sauce and some long pieces of material. Hilary took off her robe and layed on the bed with her head on the pillows and her arms outstretched to the corner posts, Nena got the pieces of material and tied Hilary's wrist to the posts, i sat watching in total shock, my cock now pushing out the top of my boxers and straining my jeans, i undid my belt and took off my jeans, my cock stood proud from my boxers, Nena came over and i stood up again, she bent down and took my boxers off and held my hard cock and kissed my shaft numerous times, then she stood up, i quickly unbuttoned her blouse and it dropped to the floor, i pulled the zip down on her short skirt and it to dropped to the floor leaving just a very small pair of panties, i kissed her large brown nipples, she backed away from me and climbed on the bed between Hilary's legs, i stood watching with my mouth open as she slowly licked her way up Hilary's thighs, Hilary's legs wide apart Nena reached the top, she picked up a pillow and placed it under Hilary's ass, she slowly licked and probed her tongue through the open crutch in the knickers, Hilary's head pushed back against the pillow with little whimpers and moans, Nena took the small white vibrator and switched it on and placed it against Hilary's clit through the hole in the panties, then she climbed to the side of Hilary and started sucking on her nipples whilst still keeping the vibrator hard against her clit, Hilary's moans and whimpers got louder and louder, she started throwing her head from side to side, Nena reached out and got the large black vibrator, she untied the knickers at hillarys side and pulled them away exposing her lovely pussy and she licked her pussy lips and then slowly pushed the large vibrator a few inches in to Hilary's pussy and again started teasing her clit with the smaller one, after a couple of minutes Hilary's head was going from side to side and she was shouting and screaming her pussy been thrusted towards the ceiling, Nena slowly removed the large vibrator and licked the juices from it taking it all in her mouth, she then took off her own panties and slowly pushed the vibrator into her own shaven pussy, then with one hand holding it in place she moved between Hilary's legs and started licking at her pussy. I could take no more and stood up and moved towards the bed, Hilary's told me to watch and not to touch yet and that my time would come, i stood a couple of feet from the bed and watched Hilary getting licked out by Nena whilst Nena had a vibrator up her tight pussy, my cock was soo hard i could'nt keep my hands from touching it, Nena suddenly pulled the Vibrator from between her legs and offered it to Hilary's mouth, her tongue darted out and started licking Nenas juices from it, i could smell the sweet juices but i couldn't touch or taste. Nena then moved above Hilary and pushed her pussy towards Hilary's mouth and teased her by moving away from her everytime she tried to lick her, Nena then went and got the chocolate sauce, she laid on her back at the end of the bed and passed me the sauce "open my pussy with you fingers and pour some inside me" she instructed me, so i slowly pushed two fingers in to her pussy and slightly opened my fingers apart, with the other hand i poured some chocolate sauce into her, she lay there on her back holding her ankles next to her shoulders and rocked backwards and forward, then suddenly she rolled onto her bum, stood up and climber above Hilary's face and lowered herself onto Hilary's face, all i could hear was a lapping sound as Hilary licked the sauce from Nenas pussy with Nena thrusting her pussy into Hilary's face, Nena suddenly started to shout and scream "lick harder you bitch" she shouted "yes, yes im cummin" she pulled away from Hilary, Hilary's face covered in chocolate and sat on the bed trying to get her breath. Hilary then asked me to come over to her, i walked across with my hard cock pointing straight at her, i climbed onto the bed, i want you to kiss me she said, so i started to kiss her passionatley eating off the chocolate sauce and Nenas pussy juice that was all over her face, once her face was clean i started to move down her body and started to kiss and suck on her very large nipples, then i moved down to her wet pussy, i kissed and sucked on her clit flicking it with the tip of my tongue, Nena was now sucking on Hilary's nipples as well, i pushed my tongue into Hilary's pussy and started to lick her juices out of her, she was moaning loudly again with attention from me and Nena she was quickly cummin again, she shouted out loudly i pushed my tongue hard against her clit and licked whilst pushing a couple of fingers into her pussy, she started to shake violetly pushing her pussy hard against my face, Nena still sucking her nipples "fucking hell i'm cummin, yes, yes, yes, oh my god" her juices ran from her pussy, more than i could lap with my tongue her body still twitching "quick untie me i can't take anymore" she shouted, Nena let her nipple go and untied her, Hilary sat panting "I want you to fuck Nena from behind whilst i play with her clit" Hilary demanded, so Nena got on all fours in the centre of the bed and i moved behind her, Hilary already had her fingers rubbing Nenas pussy and clit, she took hold of my cock and opened Nenas pussy lips, i gave a little push and my first couple of inches was inside Nenas wet pussy, i slowly pushed a little harder into Nena, Hilary had got the small vibrator and was holding the tip against Nenas clit, i quickly pushed a little harder and harder untill most my hard cock was inside her, she was very petite and i was worried i may hurt her, so i only gently pushed into her with long slow pumps, she was very quickly getting wetter and wetter and i was slideing into her more easily, she was breathing very heavy and moaning very loudly "fuck me harder, i'm cummin, harder, harder" i pushed a little harder not wanting to hurt "fuck me good and hard i want all of you in me" she demanded, so doing what i was told i started to ram my hard cock right into her my balls tight up against her with each hard thrust, she was shakeing and twitching, i could feel my balls getting heavy and tight and with one last push she collapsed forward and i shot my thick cream into her pussy "Quick get your cock out of her and let her roll over" demanded Hilary, so i pulled my length out of her, Nena rolled onto her back and lifted her legs almost upto her shoulders, her cum filled pussy faceing the ceiling with little blobs of cum running from her pussy, Hilary quickly burried her face and started licking my cum and Nenas juices from Nenas pussy, i stood watching my cock already getting hard again, she licked at her for a good five minutes, i told them to move higher up the bed a little but to carry on, they moved forward leaving just enough room behind Hilary whos ass was near the edge of the bed, i held my cock in my right hand and guided it into Hilary's wet pussy, with each thrust forward i made, Hilary's tongue push hard against Nenas clit and pussy, Nena was starting to moan and whimper , i kept the same slow rytham for about 10 minutes untill Nena shouted she was cummin, Nena moved away and just left me fucking Hilary's from behind "Andy fuck her hard right in up to your balls" shouted Nena, so i obliged ramming my hard thick cock deep into her, Nena managed to get her fingers to Hilary's clit from the side and started rubbing her, she quickly started to twitch and shake "fucking hell im cummin again, fill me up Andy fuck me hard" i pushed so deep she squeeled out a couple of times, she then pushed back at me and i could wait no longer, my cock twitched and i shot my jets of cream into her deep wet pussy, i pulled my cock out of her and stood at the foot of the bed.

Nena was quickly between Hilary's legs and was licking my cum and Hilary's juices from her pussy, i once again stood watching two of the dirtiest and sexiest ladies i have ever known licking my cum from the others pussy, i moved back and sat in the chair and watched them for a few minutes whilst my cock got hard. My cock was now back to full fitness and standing proud, Hilary and Nena still on the bed but now kissing each others boobs and laughing and trying to bite each others nipples, they looked at me and then at each other, giggled again and Hilary told me to lie on the bed, so this i did, she got the pieces of material and tied my wrist to the posts at the top of the bed, Nena put the pillows behind my head and there i laid, arms out wide and my cock pointing to the ceiling almost, then Nena laid with her head against my groin and Hilary climbed on top of her into a 69 position, they both had a vibrator in their hands, Hilary the smaller one and Nena the larger, all i could see was Hilary's lovely wet pussy and this black vibrator been pumped in and out and every few seconds Nena licking the juices from it, from the noise been made i reckon the same was been done to Nenas pussy, i laid there for a good 15 minutes watching this happen not 6 inches from my cock and i could do nothing, my stiff cock leaking it's pre cum and running down my shaft, i felt like my balls would explode soon. The girls then turned around and swapped ends, i asked if somebody could pay attention to my cock, they giggled to each other and started licking each others pussys again and pushing these buzzing pieces of plastiv into each other, my cock was now at explodeing point, i started to pull at the wrist ties but that just tightened them, then the girls climbed of each other, Hilary climbed above my face and lowered her wet pussy into my face "lick my pussy Andy and maybe we will do something with your cock," i poked my tongue out and everytime i got the tip on her pussy she lifted away from me, she then took the vibrator and slowly inserted into her wet pussy, slowly pulling it out and letting me lick her juices off it, little droplets of her pussy juice dripping onto my upper chest and neck. I looked at Nena who was stood at the side of the bed and pleaded with her to do something with my cock, her and Hilary looked at each other and then both kneeled either side of my groin area, Hilary reached forward with her head and kissed my knob and started to lick my pre-cum from the top, she then moved back and Nena did the same thing, then Hilary took one of my balls and softly sucked on it, i thought i was going to explode, Nena took my knob in her mouth and sucked hard on it flicking the tip with her tongue, i could feel my cum starting to move "Ladies i will not last much longer" i muttered, they looked at each other and Hilary got the small vibrator and put it just under the base off my cock, within seconds i knew i was cummin big time, Nena laid her head next to my cock and opened her mouth waiting for my cum, i didn't let her down, a large squirt of my thick cum shot from my cock going a foot above her face and landed on her nose and mouth and then a second and third load doing the same thing, it was the most intensive cum i have ever had, Hilary was still holding the vibrator in place at the base of my cock, small blobs of my cum still dripping from my cock some 5 minutes later with Nena laid there with a face covered in my thick cream, still holding the vibrator Hilary and Nena then kissed each other my cum sticking to both their faces, i could feel my cock starting to get excited again, the girls both noticed this and started both licking my shaft untill i was hard again, then Hilary held my shaft with one hand and lowered herself onto me but faceing away from me, she still had the vibrator and again pressed it aginst the base of my cock, then Nena came and sat on my chest and with her legs wide apart started to fuck herself with the other vibrator right in front of my eyes and only inches from my mouth, Hilary was soon rideing my whole thick length for all she was worth, rubbing my balls with her hand and vibrator, i knew i would soon be cummin again whilst in front of me was Nenas very wet pussy with juices running onto my chest as she pushed the vibrator in and out of her pussy, she slowed down and held the tip against her clit, looking right at me and moaning loudly she started on a long and big orgasm that seemed to last 10 minutes her whole body shakeing right in front of me, i suddenly found i could hold back no longer and Hilary took a full load of my cum deep into her pussy, my head flopped back, my arms still stretched out, Hilary climbed off my rapidly going limp cock and Nena climbed off my chest leaving a large sticky patch behind her of pussy juice, "can somebody please untie me" i muttered, Hilary laughed "No your our sex slave and we wont let you go untill tomorrow morning" i laughed at her and told her to do what she was asked or i will refuse to perform for you in future, Hilary slowly untied me, her and Nena went to the bathroom and left me laid there i was knackered and covered in juice, i slowly got to my feet and headed down the hall to the bathroom, opened the door to see the two girls rubbing each others pussies with a soapy sponge, i stood watching for a couple of minutes before they realised i was there " theres room for you Andy" said Hilary, i got in the shower between them and they both started washing me with a soap and sponge, we all climbed from the shower and started to get dry "I hope your planning on working in Wootton for a while andy we have been looking for a suitable male to fuck us both on our play nights" asked Hilary, i looked at her and smiled back "The pays crap but i like these perks", that's ok then she replied.

I then asked her about her husband who she said knew she was bi-sexual and had no problem with it, so i asked about her shagging me, he would divorce me tomorrow was her reply so we must not let anybody else know anything about you joining in and must never be seen to be flirting or anything at work After a four hour fucking session i was knackered and left the ladies to finish the bubbly, work was never the same again after that, i stayed at that job for six months but that did also include the christmas party which i will tell you about .

It was the afternoon of the christmas party a week before christmas, as per normal on a Friday a few of us went to the local pub at lunchtime for a meal and a couple of drinks but some had an extra drink or two and when we arrived back at work after an extended lunch hour started to become very silly, Jane was only a young thing of 16, too young to have been drinking but she still had three large glasses of wine in the pub and Denise and her was playing truth or dare in my office, Jane did a truth and was asked who in the company she would like to fuck with, she giggled and replied "Andy", i turned around with raised eye-brows and smiled, Denise then did a dare, she was requested to get her large tits out, so without any delay she lifted up her blouse and pulled her tits from inside her bra, they looked very nice, i was now paying attention to there little game, we was then joined by Debbie and Cathy who had also had a drink too many at lunch, they got me involved in their little game, and i was asked truth or dare, i replied truth, so i was asked who of all the ladies in my room i would like to fuck with, i looked around and said all of you, they all giggled loudly and i was asked could i manage them all at once, i smiled and said not a problem, then it was Cathys turn, she went for a dare, so Denise dared her to have a snog (kiss) with me, she moved towards me and we kissed, our tongues flicking each others, this lasted for a couple of minutes, we parted with the rest of them clapping and cheering, Cathy was a nice looking lady with a gorgeous fit body, but she was the daughter in-law of the boss, the game carried on for about an hour with me haveing a kiss off most of them. I decided i had to get some work done, so i put a stop to the games and did some input on my pc, then the door opened and in walked Cathy, she closed the door dehind her and sat on the table in front of me and asked if i enjoyed the kiss, i smiled at her and said yes, she moved a little closer to me and kissed me on the cheek, i turned to face her and we once again had a long lingering kiss, do you fancy me she then asked and i nodded, do you still have the key to the store room she then asked and again i nodded, i knew then what was going to happen so i handed her the key and told her i would be there in 5 minutes, she ran out the door and along the corridor, i gave it 5 minutes and cashualy took some papers to the store room, i opened the door, the keys on the inside and locked the door after me, suddenly from behind some boxes stood Cathy, she smiled at me and held her hand out, she was holding her knickers in her hand," hurry up Andy i aint got long, i have to be home at 3.30" i looked at my watch and it was 3.10, she only lived a two minute walk away so we didn't have much time, she pulled her skirt up and exposed her pussy to me, i walked towards her and quickly slipped my fingers into her already wet pussy, "Am i nice and wet for you" she asked, very i replied, one handed i unbuttoned my trousers and pulled my cock from my boxers, Cathys hand grabbed my semi-hard shaft and she bent down and kissed the tip, i was now becoming very hard ," hurry up i want you now" she demanded, she sat with her legs wide apart on the table, i pulled her right to the edge and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and my cock slowly pushed its way into her wet pussy, i pulled her off the table and held her under each buttock pulling her pussy harder and harder onto my thick cock, she had great internal muscles and was almost sucking my cock back in every time i pumped in and out, she was breathing hard into my ear and telling me to fuck her hard and fill her with cum, this i was soon doing, with one last push i was deep in her when my cream shot from my cock, squirt after squirt deep in her pussy, she looked at her watch it was 3.28, she sat down on the table and started putting her knickers back back on, up she pulled then, jumped off the table, unlocked the door and ran out the room, her only words been "That was great", i put my cock back in my boxers pulled my trousers back up and went back to my office. 

The clock soon got to 5.00pm and time to pack up for the day except we was going out after work, we had a meal booked in a indian in a small town called Barrow about 5 miles away for 6.00pm, some went home and got changed and a few of us went to Barrow after work and found a bar, we arrived at the bar at 5.15, there was me, Jane, Denise and Debbie, so i went to the bar and got some drinks for us all, me on fruit juice because i would be driving home later, after a couple of drinks the mood was very light hearted and we made our way for the meal, once inside we made our order and awaited our food. Jane sat opposite me and we chatted across the table, i asked her was she been serious earlier when she said she would like to sl**p with me, she went a crimson colour and nodded her head, she was very shy and only 16 but the drink had made her say what she wanted , the meal arrived and was eaten within the hour, we then left and made our way to a large pub/club which opened at 7.00pm, there was music playing, a dance floor and some pool tables, we all got some drinks and sat around a large table, i then asked if anybody wanted a game of pool, there was three takers, Jane, Denise and Debbie, so the four of us went and played some pool. Jane was already getting d***k again, and was getting more and more giggly along with Denise, they both teased and flirted with me and about a hour later i took Jane up on her tease and flirt and grabbed her and we kissed in front of everybody, she was a little embarassed by this, and dashed off to the toilet, Denise followed her, i looked at Debbie and laughed and told her she was asking for it, Debbie looked at me and said she thought that's what she was after, i told Debbie i thought Jane was too young and i wouldn't shag her, to my surprise Debbie then asked if i would shag her, i was very shocked at this, Debbie was a very nice girl, lovely ginger hair but her mother was sat at the table watching so there would be no way we could get some time on our own if i wanted to, i asked Debbie how we should escape her mother, she smiled and said leave it to me. Debbie went and sat down with her mun and Hilary and Nena, so i carried on playing pool with Denise and Jane who had returned from the toilet, Jane was a little upset at what had happened so i apologised to her and told her to forget everybody else, Debbie then came back over and said to go with her outside but to follow in a couple of minutes, so i waited a couple of minutes and made the excuse i needed some fresh air and went outside, Stood next to my car was Debbie, hurry up she shouted to me, so i ran across the dark car park to my car and opened the doors, she climbed in and said drive, so i pulled out the car park and she instructed me where to go.

We got out of the town into the countryside within minutes, "pull over in that gate way" so i pulled over, she jumped out and opened the gate and i drove in and waited for her to shut the gate, she jumped back in the car and told me to park behind the edge row so nobody could see us. Once parked Debbie quickly got out and jumped into the back seat, i switched on the interior light and got into the back, Debbie was like a girl possesed, she quickly had her knickers off and her silver couloured blouse open and her tits out, her skirt pulled right up to the top of her thighs "Hurry up Andy we can only be 10 or 15 minutes, i told mum i had left my money home and i was borrowing her car to go and get it" i started to reply but she had my cock in her hand in no time, my trouseres had been undone and my cock pulled from my boxers, she quickly sucked on my knob and licked with vigour and speed i was quickly hard, i managed to find her pussy in all this movement, she was already slightly wet, i slipped a finger between her pussy lips and the juices just ran from her, she lifted up from my cock and slowly lowered herself on me as i sat in the seat, i sucked hard on her nipples as she started to move up and down my hard shaft with her very wet pussy, she was so wet i could feel her juices running onto my balls, she held me tight around the neck and started on small little movements, "fucking hell i'm cummin" she moaned into my ear, she suddenly twitched and sank deep onto my shaft, for a little petite thing she took my whole thick cock very easily, she stood up off my cock which was covered in her juices, and picked my legs up and put them on the seat, i was laid flat acroos the back seat, she climbed onto me and started sucking my hard wet cock, her pussy was in front of me, i reaced out and slipped two fingers into her wet hole whilst rubbing her clit hard,, within a couple of minutes i was getting my chest area covered in her juices as she started to cum again, she was wanking and sucking my cock so quickly i could hold back no longer i muttered to her i was about to cum, she moved from my cock still holding it in one hand and half stood and then landed with my cock ramming deep into her very wet pussy " i want your cream she shouted at me", she was now taking my full cock deep into her, i then started to twitch and my cum shot deep into her wet pussy, she dropped forward and we kissed with my cock still inside her "hurry up Andy we must get back" we both quickly got dressed and back into the front of the car, and drove the short drive back, walked into the pub and both went to the toilet to clean ourselves up, i had pussy juice all over my boxers and a cock covered in Debbies juices, Debbie must have had my cum running from her pussy, we both went back to the table 5 minutes apart and nobody suspected a thing, the rest of the night was spent dancing in a group and me declineing the offer to fuck a very d***k Jane. I left that job a few weeks later, mainly due to Hilary and Nena haveing a problem with me due to the fact her sexploits had got back to her husband and he had stopped her bi activities, i later found out that Nena when d***k had told a friend and the gossip had got out, I kept in touch with Debbie and she came and stayed with me a few times during the cummin months. The job was crap but the collegues all nymphs!