"Sex Stories" Emily's Christmas

Sex Stories Emily's Christmas
Those of you who have been following my diary know that things haven't been going too well since I split up from my husband. I've had some good times and have learned a few things about life and love, but no guy has lasted more than a few weeks. So I was kind of dreading Christmas. I knew my younger s****r, Melody, was getting close with her new boyfriend as I've found cum stains on her knickers and t-shirts, and so I knew my s****r would be having a good time: in fact in the run up to Christmas they took to shagging like crazy every night in her bedroom, with me f***ed to listen to their every move thru the thin walls of our house. I've even been able to hear her juices as he has fingered her. It got so bad last week that I had to start using ear plugs to drown out their sexy talk and then the moans of joy. 

Anyway, Lucy, my best friend, who works as a nurse at the big hospital here, invited me over for lunch on the big day. I didn't know who was going to be there, and, perhaps out of pity, she seated me next to this good-looking guy from her hospital. He told me he was a urologist, although I wasn't quite sure exactly what that was at first. I've always had these secret desires regarding the medical profession, and me and my husband used to play sexy games with me as a patient and he examining me - measuring my opening (before and after)with a tape measure, drawing it thru my legs to arouse me. And as we sat talking, the naughty thoughts of those days started flooding back into my mind. I wanted it for real with this man and, after a few drinks, started telling him all my sexual problems. Pressing my leg against his and then fingering between his legs to let him know what I really wanted. When he said he might be able to help me and that I should make an appointment, I felt every part of me becoming excited. I could feel my nipples rubbing against my bra, and I brought my knees together with the sheer thrill of it - I could feel I was wet already.(Sex Stories)

So on the 26th I was there at 9 am, asking his receptionist if I could see him. I'd lost almost all control. All I could think about was the examination.(XXX Stories)

I was seen at 10.15 am, with him looking so different in his white coat. Of course, he knew what I really wanted, and so he told the nurse to leave us alone for the "consultation". He told me to go behind the screens and undress for him, and to take everything off except my shoes. I could hardly breathe I was so excited as I came out and stood before him almost naked - my breasts rising and falling as I took deep breaths, almost shaking with sexual excitement. He told me to lie down on the couch, and to lift my legs so that he could start his examination. He rubbed the side of his hand between my legs and then told me to place my legs in the stirrups and then knelt down to first kiss my opening and then slowly lick all the way from my anus up to my clit. I wanted to urinate really badly, and I'd told him that this usually happens when a man is about to penetrate me and used to cause problems between me and my husband. He didn't seem to hear me and just got on with his "examination". He said he would have to take it a "bit further" and started to take off his pants - bringing his cock through the buttons of his coat and inserting it. I was really embarrassed when I urinated as he entered me, but he just kept on going and I soon came again and again as he pushed deeper and deeper inside me. Juice of another kind now running down my legs. I could feel it cooling on my legs as it ran down to my knees and then my ankles. 

When it was all over, he said that I might need some more "treatment" and to come back and see him next week in his private rooms. He said I will need to wear black stockings, suspenders and panties, as this is what the next round of treatment needs, and to not go to the bathroom for at least five hours before the appointment. He says he needs to watch me urinate... I like it and can't wait to see him again.