"Sex Stories" Emily's TinyCunny

Sex Stories Emily's TinyCunny
Emily finally came over to us that evening in the pub, and after blushing and going red thank Wendy and me for “taking care “ of her a few weeks ago. We all chatted about that night and offered that if she ever wanted to stay over at any time she was more that welcome. Emily asked if she could stay next weekend, Wendy’s eyes opened wide to the thought of having her tight cunny again, but I said that we had a weekend away arrange to friends at Wyn and Bev’s as it was Wyn’s birthday and he was holding a party. Emily looked upset as if we were trying to make an excuse in not having her to stay again.

As the night went on I made a phone call and after coming back from the bar announced that if she liked Emily could come away with us on the weekend and I knew that that would be plenty of chance for Wendy, Emily and me to get together. Wyn and Bev were very open about sex and Wendy and me knew what sort of party it would end up like. Emily would have plenty of cock and pussy there if she fancied it.(XXX Stories)

Wyn and Bev were friends of Wendy’s and I had met them when Wendy and me had got together, Wyn and Wendy had grown up together and I knew that Wyn had taken her for the first time when they were about 16 years old and I never had any problems with them going off and “chatting” for hours alone. Wyn would always comment on Wendy’s tits and body and joke that he wouldn’t mind have a piece of that, and as the years went on it didn’t bother me. Bev wasn’t too happy about that but as they went off on their “chats” Bev began to talk more with me and we enjoyed each others company. We would talk about the fact that we let them go off and maybe one day we would do that to see they reaction would be.

Bev was blonde with a golden athletic body and only on the second time of meeting her and Wyn I had played with her pussy on a New Years Eve. Bev had got so d***k and I had to put her to bed as Wyn and Wendy had disappeared again. As I put Bev into bed and removing her skirt and blouse found her wearing stockings and suspenders and I could resist in touch her prefect hairless mound, Bev groaned as I rubbed her damp knickers and although she was d***k I couldn’t help to slip my hand into them and stroke and touch her clit. My cock got so hard at the thought of me touching Bev as I didn’t really know her that well then, but I couldn’t resist the chance of feeling her wet pussy that night. 

The weekend soon arrived and as we got to the house and the party had already started, after introducing Emily to everybody Wendy and I chatted to Ian and Helen, Ian asked me who Emily was and after telling him about our night together he soon made his way over to her and made himself known to her. By the time most of the party goers had left there was only a handful of people left, Wyn and Wendy had gone for a “chat “
Emily was speaking to Ian while Helen, Bev and me made our way out to the garden and the hot tub which had been used by most of the guests during the evening but now was empty.

Helen hadn’t been to one of Wyn’s parties before and didn’t realize on what would happen for the rest of the night, Helen was a little on the posh side and always commented on Wyn making remarks to Wendy and me doing nothing about , little it she know that that night she would get more than remarks and Ian had hoped that she would join in the fun, so as Bev stripped off and got into the hot tub and me bringing bottles of wine to place around the tub she looked a little uncomfortable of the sight of both of us sitting in the hot tub naked and close together.

Soon Wendy joined us and I could see that Wendy had had a good old “chat” with Wyn as her face was flushed and as she climbed into the hot tub could see traces of cum over her wet glistening pussy lips. Wyn was now with Emily and Ian and I could see them making a move on her, I had told them to take it easy with her as she hadn’t had much cock and her pussy was still very tight, Wyn started to play with Emily’s small tits and soon he was rolling his tongue around them getting them harder with each lick. Ian had dropped to his knees and lifted up Emily’s skirt to expose her white cotton panties and began to lick the damp patch which was now getting larger the more Wyn played with her tits. 

Helen saw what was going on and asked “what the fuck this party was” and Bev told her that we all got on very well and if she want to join us she’d be more than welcome. Helen looked at us all in the hot tub and noticed that Wendy was stroking my cock and moved closer to take look, I stood up for Helen to see my stiff hard cock and pulled her into the hot tub, Helen vest top and white jeans clunged to her wet body showing her erect nipples and as Wendy took my cock in her mouth Bev started ripping at Helen’s top to see her small breasts. I pulled down her jeans and knickers and in one movement Helen’s body was totally exposed for all of us to see.

Emily was now being finger fucked by Ian and as he inserted more fingers into her tight cunt she came in seconds with her warm juices squirting over his face, Wyn pulled Emily from Ian and sat down on a chair and positioned Emily over him as undid his jeans and got out his hard cock, Emily slowly slid down on his shaft and with pleasure and a little pain worked her cunt up and down on his manhood, with her pussy getting wetter with each stroke. Ian began to rub her clit and soon Emily came again and again with juices dripping all over his fingers and Wyn’s cock which was now ready to fill her cunt with his cream. 

Wendy got out of the hot tub to check on “her girl Emily” and upon entering the house saw Wyn fucking Wendy’s “first taste of pussy” hard and bouncing Emily up and down harder and harder as he was about to cum. Wendy got on all fours and lapped at her soaking pussy, licking Wyn’s shaft when Emily was at the top of it and tonguing her clit when the shaft was far up her cunt. Ian moved around the back of Wendy and even with out asking rammed his cock in her already cum filled hole, Wendy didn’t even move her face from the cock and cunt she was eating on and let Ian fuck her while her best friend was taking Emily and she soon knew that she would be tasting both their cum, Wyn lifted Emily up as he shot his load and Wendy sucked the cum spurting out of his cock and just as Wendy had finish drinking him Emily came with a jet of juices which Wendy lapped up .

Helen was now more relaxed in the hot tub and with Bev and me getting more wine down her was starting to loosen up a bit, Bev dived under the water and swam up to me and latched on to my hard cock and began to suck as if it was a snorkel .I moved over to where Helen was sitting and rubbed her legs and spread them so I could take a closer look at her pussy, I had to f***e them open but soon I noticed that she was rubbing her lips and clit and with that Bev was now making a move on her. Bev came up from the hot tub and started to gently kiss Helen’s face and neck and we both knew that we would fuck her and while other four were exchanging cum we would welcome Helen into our exclusive party group as Ian had always want her to join but didn’t know if she was up for it. 

Bev started to kiss Helen’s tits and nipples and I pulled Bev’s golden backside to me and entered her from behind, forcing my cock up her hairless snatch and as I fucked her she dropped her head down further and now was kissing Helen’s flat stomach and working her face to Helen’s pussy. Helen now opened her thighs as wide as she could to allow Bev to work her velvet tongue around her pink love slit and open up her lips to get as much tongue as she could. Bev ate out the wet slit and with me pounding her faster from behind forcing her face more into Helen’s cunt. Helen screamed out as her cunt squirted out her love juices all over Bev’s face and into the hot tub and I pulled my cock out and had it by Helen’s open mouth and streams of warm come hit the back of her throat and she nearly choked on the load I was giving her.

Ian had finally finished fucking Wendy and with more come dribbling out of her now expand love hole she got up and checked out Emily and that if she was all right. Emily was laying on the settee and gently rubbing her damp pussy. Wyn had position himself on his knees and placed his cock by her mouth and with help from Wendy who had now started to tongue Emily’s mouth inserted the come cover manhood in it and with slow movements both Emily and Wendy sucked it clean of his and hers juices. Ian placed his cock for both the girls to suck and Wendy took both cocks in her mouth and then offered them to Emily for her to try. Both girls to laid on the floor head to toe and with that Emily began to seek out Wendy come filled hole and licked Ian's seed out of her pussy and down her inner thighs, Ian wanted Emily’s tight cunny now and laid down behind her and f***ed his cock into her cunt, Wendy help Ian by opening up her lips and pushing his cock up her, Wendy was getting so wet with Emily lapping at her pussy and Ian cock inches from her face banging hard into her young female lovers tiny cunny.

Both Helen and Bev had sat up around the side of the hot tub and Bev was tonguing Helen’s mouth as hard as she could, she want to taste my cum before Helen took it all down her throat, Wyn saw his wife with the new party member and want to have both of them, he climb into the hot tub and immediately began to finger both women while they tongued each others mouths for my last drops of come. I sat next to Bev and pulled her on my cock with her back facing me I pulled up and opened her legs wide, Wyn grabbed Helen and flip her over on all fours and began to fuck her doggy style, Helens head was resting by Bev’s and my legs and I prompted Wyn for him to put her head in between our legs. Helen saw my cock up Bev’s dripping cunt and quickly took no time in tasting Bev’s love juices. 

We then joined the other 3 inside the house they had now gone up to one of the bedrooms for more action. Wendy could see that there was plenty more cock and pussy to have that night and helped Wyn to get Helen back on all fours and fuck Helen even harder by spreading her arse cheeks open for him to enter her more. Ian straddled over the top of Helen’s spread arse cheeks and with Wendy knowing that he was going to enter her tight rose bud of an ass Wendy slipped in her fingers to open her ass up and guided the head of his semi hard cock into her tight rose bud. Emily had never seen somebody being fucked up the ass or having two cocks and the same timebefore.

Bev asked Wendy and me on how we’d fucked Emily and she would like to join us in fucking her again.Emily liked the fact that she seemed to be the main attraction and was more than willing to experience another women.

With Helen's pussy and ass being fucked by Wyn and Ian on the king size bed we all climb on the other side of it and Emily laid down as Bev and Wendy massaged her young body with oils, rubbing it all over her perfect skin, I just looked on as both older women rubbed Emily’s thighs and massaged her cute tiny cunny each taking turns to slip in a well oiled finger and work her cunt once more. I turn Emily over and pulled her bum up to enter her from behind with all the oils her pussy was so easy to enter and with that Bev slipped underneath her and began to lick her pussy while I fuck her for the first time that night. Wendy kneed down next to me and squirted more oils over Emily’s bum and slowly insert and finger into the virgin pink anal passage. Emily squealed as Wendy finger fucked her ass and Bev was eating out her pussy.

I asked Emily would she like me to be the first man to take her virgin ass and with a quiver in her voice said that she would love for me to take her. Wendy knew that I would be gentle with her as I had taken her ass many years ago and even sometimes preferred for my to fuck her there.Bev want to see Emily’s ass being taken for the first time and came the other side of her and both women open her ass cheeks ready for my cock. Wendy kissed my cock before Bev took hold of it and very gently pushed my head into Emily’s pink ring slowly inserting more of my cock into the very tight hole.

I didn’t move and let Wendy and Bev move Emily’s now filled ass onto my shaft, Emily was crying with pain and joy as she was helped to lose her virgin ass, Bev and Wendy started to kiss her back and lick my exposed shaft and lick around her cock filled hole, I wanted to give her all my cock but I didn’t want to hurt our lovely Emily.

I could feel that I was going to come and asked Emily that if she didn’t want a come filled ass I would pull out as I knew that the 2 girls either side of her would love to taste and suck my cock after it being up her ass, but Emily want my come and to feel the hot cream fill her up, The more she moved on my shaft the more I came and as her pink anal passage filled I final pushed my cock all the way into her as my come flowed out of her tiny hole.

Helen could see that I had shot my cum up Emily and wanted to taste it, Wyn and Ian had filled her both holes too and with all the spunk dripping out of fucked pussy’s and arses Bev and Wendy could taste plenty of cum, Helen moved behind Emily and fingered her ass and with come covered fingers offered them to Bev and Wendy to taste, Emily loved it that everybody want to have a bit of her and asked to be fucked into all holes at the same time, she climbed on Wyn’s cock and as entered her ass for the second time and Ian fucking her mouth she experienced something that she never had or may never have again.

Wendy Bev and Helen loved it that their men were fucking this young girl who was now turning into a women and hoped that Emily would always come again to Wyn’s party as they had had so much pleasure that night and hope that we had all given Emily just as much .