"Sex Stories" Finally she opened up

Sex Stories Finally she opened up
For years I have wanted to attend an adult party but my wife wasn't hearing that. I had found a group nearby that met at a local hotel and blocked rooms off for their private entertainment but also had a area where the group could meet and get to know one another. I emailed the leaders and over time became familiar with them on line.

I had mentioned it to my wife a few times and she continued to be reluctant about it. Finally after me bringing it up enough times she agreed and stated she wasn't going to have sex with anyone else and would attend only because of me.

Not really knowing what to wear or do we were invited to a weekend party and dressed casual yet really nice. I noticed she took extra time in the shower and with the makeup. She looked great for 50 years old, 36C's were sagging some but her stomach was flat and toned, she was wearing a Blue Bra and Blue bikini panties, nice figure forming jeans, white button up top which showed the blue bra underneath. We left for the hotel and just had some casual talk along the way. Both of us were nervous.(XXX Stories)

When we arrived we were met by the organizers and informed of the rules, especially that "no" meant "no". This seemingly reassured my wife because her demeanor changed. We entered and it was like a community room and had about 30 couples in it. People immediately came up to us and introduced themselves just like a neighborhood get together.
I saw a couple who looked familiar and my wife said "That is Jane and Tom, who would have thought they'd be here". They saw us and was a bit embarrassed but approached and said "we are so glad you came". We didn't know you liked this type of get together". My wife said "it is our 1st time and i really don't know what to do or say". Jane said "Just enjoy yourself and remember nothing is expected of you okay?". My wife sort of relaxed and the activities began. There were mixed drinks which everyone dove into, snacks, tables, a dance floor, DJ, a lot of mixing, talking and the lights dimmed a lot.

We talked with Jane, Tom and a lot of couples that came over to talk and joke. You would never know it was a swingers party until the organizers announced that " it is time to party". Couples began to dance to the slow sexy music that was played. My wife and I danced and she held me tightly as i casually stroked her ass as we danced and she would move into my crotch area and grind a bit. She by then had quite a few drinks in her and was really having a good time.

A couple danced beside us and the man asked if we could switch dance partners. I agreed and he and my wife began to dance as his wife molded into me and asked me questions about us and how we came about attending the party, then she just flat kissed me and her tongue invaded my mouth to explore my tongue. As out kiss broke I glanced at my wife and she and the guy were also kissing. He had his hands on her ass pulling her into him and she was grinding herself into his obvious erection. The song ended and they said they hoped to see us later on. We sat and she asked me if it was alright what she did and I said "heck yeah, we are here to have fun". She smiled and drank another drink.

This routine continued for 3 hours, drinking, dancing, musical chair game, different games which was sexual in nature but not overt too much. It was just people having adult fun and relaxing together. My wife was pretty well loose and relaxed from the alcohol by then and had kissed and been felted up by who knows how many men by then and had also massaged and felt many erections during the dancing. She was all over me between songs and during the at the table times. We kissed each other a lot, felt each other up a lot and was really enjoying the sexual energy.

The party time ended and the announcement was made that the couples could return to the floor of the hotel that had been blocked off and to their respective rooms. We started to leave but Jane and Tom suggested we come to their room to freshen up and see what action was going on. My wife and I agreed and went with them. At their room Jane began to change clothes to a more provocative attire but my wife sated she didn’t have anything else so Jane took her to the bathroom. When they returned I didn’t notice any change in my wife until the room light behind her showed her breasts and erect nipples behind the white top, I said “wow you look good” and she whispered that she had removed her panties also. Tom spoke up and said “whew look at those great big nipples” My wife blushed but said nothing.
We then went to another room, knocked and walked in to find a man and woman on a bed in a 69 position, she was on top and sucking his cock and her pussy grinding into his tongue. We were taken back by his but I noticed my wife staring at them. Jane eased us out of the room and down to a door that stated “Hot tub area”. We walked in to find a huge hot tub with about 8 couples in it. Some had underwear on or were nude. One man said “Hey why not join us” , Jane said “maybe later” and we walked to a room and knocked, someone yelled to come in and more couples were sitting around and in stages of undress, some kissing, some touching. We went in and sat down on one of the beds and got a drink. The talk turned to sexual and one man asked my wife if her breasts were as tasty as they looked. I spoke up and said “you betcha ass”. Everyone laughed and he said “why not show us?”…Everyone urged her on and with the atmosphere and drinks she said “well okay” stood up and unbuttoned her top to let it fall on the floor. Everyman man was salivating at her erect hard nipples and nice 50 year old breasts. The girls voiced their approval also when the man said “You definitely have suckable nipples” and leaned over to place his mouth on one and sucked it causing her to intake and moan a bit. 

One woman said “this is going to be a good night”. Jane stood and said “I can’t let her have all the fun” and stood to remove her top and her smaller breasts came into view. She came to me and said “feel them” I reached and cupped her breasts and ran my fingers over and around her nipples. She leaned more into my hand and was enjoying this very much. Other women and men began to disrobe more. 

I watched as the man unsnapped my wives jeans and roll them down to show she wore no panties which he stated “well someone is ready for a good time”. He put her to where she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He stood and asked her to disrobe him, she hesitantly started and as his cock was visible she reached to stroke his erection. He guided her to her knees and she automatically let her mouth be guided to his cock. She licked it around the shaft and head and opened her mouth slowly pulled it inside her mouth, her eyes closed as she began sucking his cock. The group stopped to watch but was also stroking one another. Jane was sucking my cock as I watched my wife giving a stranger head. He held her head and face fucked her, pulling his cock almost out of her mouth then slowly pushing it in further. She would gag at times but didn’t stop. Her hands were massaging his balls as she sucked him. Another man came to them and stood beside them, she stopped and faced his erection also and took turns sucking him and the other man. Couples were making out, sucking, eating pussy all together. Me I was on my back as Jane topped me and was fucking me for all she was worth.

One man pulled my wife away from the guys and laid her upper body on the edge of the bed and her knees on the floor. He kneeled down and pushed his cock in her pussy, she was bucking her pussy into him, Tom knelt on the bed and was in front of her face allowing her to suck his cock at the same time. She moaned loudly and I knew she was cumming, the man in her pussy exclaimed that he was cumming also as did Tom. She was swallowing Tom’s cum as her pussy was filled. She collapsed on the bed and looked at me as if the say “Is this ok?. I smiled as I came into Jane. 

Everyone was cumming, moaning fucking whatever. The group was a pile of naked bodies some nice and some not so nice looking but still faceable. I heard a woman ask my wife if she could suck the cum from her pussy, my wife didn’t say anything as the woman pushed her to the floor and began to eat her pussy, my wives hips were moving up and down as her eyes closed and she was moaning again. Another man got behind the woman and began to fuck her as she ate my wife’s pussy. Jane and I cuddled and watched, another man got on the floor beside my wife and was sucking her nipples and massaging her breasts. This went on for a few minutes and he knelt beside her head to place his cock at her mouth. She eagerly began sucking his cock, Some how the woman ended on the floor and my wife straddling her face and leaning forward to still suck the man’s cock. Another man came behind her and had a hand full of lube and began to slide his finger on my wife’s asshole making her twitch and push backwards to it. 

He slowly entered her ass and was finger fucking her while she was being eaten and sucking a cock. I was amazed this was my wife and yet glad. The man stopped his finger fucking and placed his 10” cock at her ass and pushed it in her. She went from the cock in her mouth to utter loudly “Ohhhh my god, fuck me with that cock, fuck my ass, ohhhhhh yeah”. This made the man she was sucking explode his cum on her face and lips. My wife came in the woman’s mouth and was fucking the cock in her ass like a hellion. The man in her ass exclaimed he was cumming and emptied his load deep inside her ass and all collapsed in a pile. My wives asshole was leaking cum as she laid on the floor.

This went on for a couple hours, everyone seemed to be fucking everyone, I had Jane’s ass which was a new experience to her but I think watching my wife she got jealous. I fucked and was sucked by a few more women, my wife was literally fucked by many of the men, pussy, ass and mouth. We decided late in the evening we were exhausted and upon leaving the group members asked if we had fun, my wife said “See you next month”