"Sex Stories" First online hookup

Sex Stories First online hookup
As I log on to my social network of choice, I put down my bottle of cola for a moment to input the password. As the page loads up I taste the sugary drink. In the corner of the screen there is 1 new friend request. "Maria" 20. 

I remember working with Maria a few years before that, she was about 3 years younger then me but she was pretty open about what she wanted, even when she was 15. I accept, thinking to myself "worth a shot now".

A few moments later an IM bubble pops up " hey stranger, how you doing ? :)". Great I responded. Over the next hour or so we exchanged stories about what we did now and what we have done since we last worked together. She had started college after a year out and I was in my 3rd year. The convo stops abruptly "Hey I've got to go, Ill be talking to you soon ;)". Sure, see ya soon ...(Sex Stories)

Later that night I get a text message "hey, hope you dont mind i got your contact number off the site ! ;)". Sweet ... 

A few txts later, things are getting very suggestive. We arrange to meet up for a few drinks later that week. Getting a good feeling about this I thought to myself.

Later on that week, sitting at the bar stirring my drink - a hand slips into my back pocket. I grab it, at first thinking someone is trying to take my wallet. There she is, cheeky smile, dolled up to the nines. A hug, a kiss and off to a more comfortable seat to spend the next few hours chatting, flirting and drinking. (Erotic Stories)

As we laugh the night away the bell for last call rings. I order one more round before she butts in and orders 2 tequilas aswell. " I shouldnt, I've got work in the morning" knowing perfectly well that wouldnt stop us downing them. 

After those hideous shots, I grab my coat and offer to walk her home. In a flash she is up, ready to go, her hand once again in my back pocket. Drinks had their fullaffect as she squeezed and held my ass cheek nearly all the way home. 

As we get there she stops and frankly says "you have a condom yes?". My heart skips a beat, this is too easy ... "ahh ... yea sure". "GREAT !" she says with one of those smiles you NEVER get sick of seeing :P. As we kiss outside her house, stumbling into the living area she pushes me onto the couch. as I lay there i see her popping off her bra to show a nice pair of melons just for me. She comes closer and turns around, bending over slightly to peel away her thong. Im getting as hard as a rock as I grab her by the hips and bury my face between those cheeks. As she wiggles I grab the thong with my teeth and gently pull it out of her tight ass and down her sweet thighs. Ready for lift off.

I sit back again and remove my shirt, she turns to kiss me, before going down on me inch by inch - scratching me playfully with her nails as she does. One button, Two buttons, Three ... All that is seperating my bulging cock from her glossy plump lips are my tight armani boxers. Great choice i thought. She pulls my briefs down and my 90% erect cock flips out

As she sucks my dick slowly, she quickly attempts to deep throat it. A little help from my hand on the back of her head helped, before a huge gasp for breath as she clutched my cock as if i was gonna take it away from her. I open my wallet and take out a condom. Her eyes light up as she grabs it off me, and rolls it down my cock like a sex ed pro. 

She stands up, turns around and squats down so my cock is pressed against her clit. As she bobs the head nearly goes in each time before i take over and grab her by the hips. As she takes my cock deep the moaning and the rocking are like ecstasy. I throw my head back in nirvana as I enjoy every moment. When i open my eyes again she has her middle finger almost knuckle deep in her asshole. I feel like a guy whos hit the jackpot !

As an anal virgin, my experience in that department was limited to online porno vids and mags. As she pressed in and out my dick getting harder by the second she suddenly stands up. I sit up on the edge of the couch as she faces me getting on her knees. I guide her mouth to my cock as she swallows it all on all fours. I reach back and slip my middle finger up her ass. She moans deeply, urging me to go on. I manoeuvre my index finger next to my middle and press them both in. Her ass is as hot as hell and im loving it. She gasps for air again and says "I Never do this, but your cock would fit in there yea ?" as she sheepishly looks up at me. Never i thought to myself as i say "lets find out". 

I throw her onto her back onto the couch. She grabs her thighs and pulls them in and apart. I kneel in, licking her clit as i stroke my cock to make sure the rubber is on tight. she moans as i slip my fingers in again. I pull them out again as she grabs my hand and sucks my fingers like a vacuum. Im about to enter sexual heaven i think to myself. I grab my cock and press up against her brown door. She winces in excitement, as i press in. Further and further, I think to myself surely her ass hole will open up at least !. And just then i feel her tight ring engulf the whole tip of my cock at once. She screams as i flick her clit with my thumb. 

Slowly but surely i push in and out, deeper with everythrust. The screams turn back to moans as her ass loosens up. Its so tight and i know i wont last much longer, i grab her tits and go hell for leather. She cums eventually and just in time. My cock slowly removes itself from her ass as i see her hot gaping ass. I whip off the rubber and cum all over her ass, aiming into her asshole of course. As I dump my huge load all over her, she tastes it with her finger, pushing my cum into her ass. She looks up at me and says "gimme that". She grabs my cock and sucks it dry. Im still semi hard for about 30 minutes after. She goes to shower as i lay there counting my blessings. 60 minutes of chit chat followed by a few drinks = best night of my life ? who knew it could be so easy i thought. 

She comes downstairs, hair wet in a bathrobe. She comes over to me, grabs my cock and looks up at me. "Same time next week?" with that smile that got me earlier on that night. "Absolutely !" inside kicking myself for seeming too eager.

All that week I didnt get a tap done, my boss nearly fired me. All i could think about was how awesome that was! The sessiois became more regular, sometimes twice a day for the next 2 weeks. Then NOTHING. Turns out she was married to some bigwig who was 10 years her senior. He was away in cuba for 3 weeks with his work buddies and she said she had to stay behind. I thought to myself, its only a matter of time before he heads off again - thinking over the possibilites. As I did i noticed a new friend request in the corner of the screen. "Miriam" 22 ..... I would be mad not too