"Sex Stories" The First Taste

Sex Stories The First Taste
We had been kissing for almost an hour when I suddenly pulled away, my mind made up. “I want to ask you a favor,” I said, my cheeks burning. He pressed his mouth into my neck, but I moved away and took his face in my hands. I tried to form the words, but my lips were trembling, and my face had begun to tingle with bl**d. He ran his thumb over my left cheek and then absentmindedly put it in his mouth.

“You’re blushing like a schoolgirl,” he whispered matter of factly, and I bit my lower lip and sighed, looking into his eyes.

“It’s a strange request,” I said and pointedly looked away from him, but he found my eyes again and smiled.

“You’re making me a bit nervous – I’ve never seen you act so coy,” he said. I smiled and looked at my hands, wondering whether he would think me an insufferable tease, or even a pervert. I stifled a giggle at the irony, and then looked back at him. (Erotic Stories)

“Kiss me,” I whispered, and he pulled me to him and pressed his warm, moist lips on the corner of my mouth. I put my arms around his broad shoulders and gently squeezed the back of his neck as he took slow sips at me, then I felt his tongue sliding past my parted lips and eagerly probe for mine. His body seemed hard and soft at the same time…I could feel him struggling every second for self control, something he had very rarely had to do before me. I felt selfish for wanting him to do what I had in mind, but on the other hand, I couldn’t resist the urge to taste him a second longer, even if it was just a taste. I pulled away and put my hand on his pounding chest, my mouth right beneath his ear. He remained still, and I moved my hand from his chest to his abdomen, then anxiously pulled at his worn t-shirt and put the flat of my palm on his naked stomach. I played around with the top button of his beltless jeans, then my fingertips began to knead on the warm flesh just beneath, searching for the elastic of his underwear. 

“What are you doing?” he said breathlessly, but I shushed him and pulled my hand from his waist and moved it to right above his knee and squeezed lightly. His legs opened like a book, and I moved my hand up his muscular thighs and rested it at the fork of his legs, so close to his groin that if I pressed down I would’ve been able to feel his femoral pulsing underneath my fingers. He sighed and rolled his hips toward my hand, and I had to concentrate to resist the temptation to just ham handedly grab at him like a teenager. 

“I want you to…” I started, and he turned to me, his eyes half mast.

“You want me to what?” he said, and put his hand over mine, pressing it to him. His sweet breath stirred the curls at my temples.

“I want to watch,” I said, and closed my eyes, afraid to see his reaction. He leaned into me and put his lips on my neck again.

“You want to watch what? Porn?” he said and laughed softly into my skin. 

“No...” I said. He looked at me, one eyebrow raised, his eyes dancing. I licked my swollen lips and sighed again. “...I want to watch you.” His smile faded and he leaned back into the sofa. I curled and uncurled my naked toes anxiously, wondering whether he would understand exactly what I meant without further explanation. I turned my burning face toward his, and his eyes were focused on the little flesh cup at the base of my throat. He licked his lips and looked into my eyes, and I knew he understood. I leaned into his chest, pressing my breasts against him, and raked my fingers through his hair.

“I not only want to watch you do it, but I want to taste you when you finish,” I whispered, and kissed him eagerly. I trembled with nerves and desire, and wondered whether he would dismiss me - think me gross, or a freak. He disentangled himself from my embrace and stood up. I looked up at him, lousy with lust. He turned toward his bedroom and took a few steps, but then turned to me again.

“I’ll do whatever you ask of me, I’ve proved that, but can I ask something of you?” he said gently. I nodded slowly, and he walked into his bedroom. He came out with a small tube in his hand, then sat back down beside me and gathered me into his arms again.

“There’s no reason to be so shy, I do it all the time, and I’m damn good at it,” he said. I smiled and pulled the tube from his hand, popped the top and smelled it - it didn't smell like anything. I squeezed the smallest dot of the lube onto a finger and rubbed it in with my thumb, then looked up at him.

“What do you want from me?” I asked archly, feeling my fingertips begin to tingle. He took the tube from me and smiled.

“If I’m going to show me mine, you have to show me yours,” he said. My eyes opened wide and I felt the prickly fingers of frustration tugging at my insides, but he laughed and shook his head.

“It’s not what you think – I want to see your tits. Your jugs. Your breasts…” he said, and nuzzled his face into my chest and groaned. “I won’t touch them, but I want you to touch them for me.” 

“Okay,” I said, and he pulled his face from my chest. I slid to the floor and faced him, then pulled off my tanktop and threw it on the sofa. I was about to unhook my pink lace bra when he leaned over and grabbed my arm gently.

“Hold on,” he said, and stood up. He struggled with his fly with trembling fingers for a couple seconds, but I reached up and took his hand in mine.

“Let me do it,” I whispered, temporarily surprised at his nervousness. He had been with many women, and done things far more kinky than this…I pulled deftly at the brass buttons of his fly and then pulled down his jeans. He was wearing black cotton underwear, and I smiled and whistled. 

“Nice underoos,” I said, and he actually blushed. I ran my fingers underneath the legbands of his underwear and felt his silky hair tickle my fingertips. He seemed nervous, and I leaned in and kissed his happy trail, rubbing my swollen lips on the soft skin.

“Don’t be nervous, my beauty, I’ve felt you before,” I whispered into his lower stomach. I leaned back and pulled down the straps of my bra, and one of my hard, brown nipples peeked out of the lace. I squeezed it and sighed, my eyes never leaving his. He nodded slowly, and I reached up and pulled his underwear down past his knees, then leaned in again and kissed his stomach. He sat down, his legs spread open slightly, and I knelt in front of him, so close that he could feel the warmth of my breath on him. I kissed one of his bony knees and smiled up at him, but his face was serious, and his hands were fists at his side. I looked down at my breasts, then squeezed both of them firmly at the bottom and licked my lips, and the other nipple peeked out. I reached back to unhook my bra again, but he shook his head quickly.

“Leave it on, just pull it down a little - please,” he said, and I saw one of his hands traveling between his legs and beginning to pull softly at himself. I moved one of my hands to my mouth and moistened my thumb, then brought it back to one of my nipples and rubbed it softly, feeling it hardening again. I looked at him looking at me and felt my cheeks burning almost painfully, and finally, my eyes dropped to his cock. His still trembling hand was wrapped around his semi hard shaft and was stroking right beneath the head. He wasn’t very long, but he was thick, and the glossy little slit at the head of his cock seemed to wink at me as he stroked himself and sighed. I felt myself become liquid and the very top of my thighs became slippery, and my clit began to throb softly. He took his hand away and squeezed some of the contents of the tube into his right hand and then rubbed it deliberately on his shaft, and his cock shone dully in the dim light from the faux Tiffany lamp on the sidetable. I leaned in so close that one of my nipples nearly grazed his ballsac and reached underneath his shirt and felt for one of his nipples, but he pulled my arm out gently with his other hand and made me sit on my haunches.

“Watch,” he said, and leaned back into the sofa. He stroked his dick with one hand, and his other hand moved to cup, then squeeze his balls. I leaned up again and pulled down my bra and held my breasts in my hands, not taking my eyes off of him, and squeezed my nipples hard enough to make myself gasp. He sighed and squeezed at the tip of his cock.

“Yeah, just like that,” he whispered, and I reached up and pulled off the hairclip that held up my long brown hair, and it tumbled haphazardly on my tits and tickled his thighs. He continued to stroke at himself, and I saw the first drop of precum gathering at the head of his cock, but he wiped it away with his slick palm before I had to fight the temptation to lick it off. I rubbed at my fat tits slowly and licked at the saliva gathering at the corners of my hungry mouth, looking at his fist sliding eagerly over his rock hard dick. One of my nipples began to tingle pleasantly as I rubbed it, and I realized why he used that lube instead of spit and giggled. I grabbed the tube and squeezed some onto my fingertips and rubbed it onto my erect nipples. I heard him moaning softly and looked up and saw him lick his top lip, his eyes glued to my glossy tits as I continued to rub my tingling nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

I leaned in again, wanting a closer look, and he squeezed slowly, moving from the base up to the tip, and precum dripped freely off of his cock and onto my naked knee. I reached down and gathered the warm liquid on my fingers and rubbed it onto one of my nipples, my eyes on his face. He let go of his cock and pulled his t-shirt off quickly, and I surged forward and put my burning lips on one of his nipples, licking at it eagerly, then moved down to his tight stomach. His throbbing dick pressed against my breasts, and I felt his thigh muscles squeezing on my ribcage, trying to keep me there. I sucked avidly at the warm flesh of his stomach, and when I felt his cock slide between my breasts, I pressed my arms to my sides and began to move up and down slowly. He looked up to the ceiling and sighed, and his hands dropped to my shoulders, making them tingle lightly. I continued to move up and down, savoring the feel of his cock against the skin over my sternum, and moved my hands up to further squeeze my breasts together. There was a small voice in the back of my head screeching that I was making him break the vow that I had asked him to make, but I didn’t care anymore…I threw my head back and moaned in abandon, but I felt his hands tugging at me, then pushing me away gently.

“Just watch,” he whispered, and he began stroking his cock again, but this time, his hand moved faster. I put one of my hands on his thigh, and his muscles tensed and loosened quicker and quicker as he got closer to orgasm… my other hand moved down and underneath my skirt and began to rub at the soaking wet cloth of my panties, then eagerly reached inside and squeezed one of the naked lips of my cunt. He leaned forward, his back straight, and began to moan the sweetest, most delicious little moans, and I finally rubbed the pad of my middle finger over my hot, wet clit. My other hand moved from his thigh and pulled my skirt up and my panties down, showing him the shining wet lips of my cunt. He looked almost pained as he stroked eagerly at himself, and I popped up and finished pulling off my underwear and sat down on the coffee table and spread my legs. He moved to the edge of the sofa, his rhythm steady as he looked at my pussy. I leaned back and then spread myself open with one hand, sticking two fingers into my tightening cunt and showing him the deep glistening rose. I was turned on by the fact that he’d never touched me like I was touching myself because I’d asked him not to…and how every night I’d stroke my clit eagerly thinking of his mouth on me, or his cock stretching the slick, hot folds of my pussy while he whispered the dirtiest things in my ear… I looked at his quivering cock as I began to finger fuck myself slowly, and then looked at his face and smiled. His broad forehead was glistening with sweat, and his mouth was slack, his eyes focused on my cunt. I bucked forward into my curved fingers and he groaned and licked his lips.

“I’d give my left nut to taste your pussy,” he said, and I giggled and moaned as I stuck my fingers inside myself past the knuckle and tickled my g-spot. My cunt squirted juice onto the table and he leaned forward even more and bowed his head for a closer look. I rubbed on my erect clit and penetrated myself again, opening myself up to his intense gaze. I tickled my g spot again and juice dripped past my fingers.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he whispered, and his other hand caressed my upper thigh, and pulled my legs wider apart.

“This is nothing,” I moaned, and fingered myself faster, my eyes on him. His gaze was tangible and deliberate as hands on my skin, and as it traveled from my tight, sweaty belly to my tits and then to my parted lips I felt the first wave of my impending orgasm make my cunt tighten almost painfully around my fingers. I pulled my fingers from my pussy so I wouldn't cum, leaned forward and shoved them into his mouth, rubbing them against his lips. His tongue darted out to lick the sweetness off his lips, his eyes never leaving my cunt. 

"Don't stop, I'm almost there," he whispered, and began to fuck myself again, rubbing at my clit with my thumb so eagerly I nearly slid off the table on my own juices. I was so aroused I was beginning to smell my own musk... I looked up and I could see the wings of his nostrils trembling with my scent, and his cock looked so delicious I had to fight the urge to just sit on it and cum.

“You tasted me, when am I going to taste you?” I said. He looked into my eyes and I moaned and bit my lower lip. He leaned back and I leaned forward and put my wet hand on one of his thighs, bowing my head so close I could now smell his musk. I licked my lips and one of my nipples grazed the warm slippery head of his cock.

“Now,” I whispered, and rubbed my swollen lips against one of his tense thighs and looked at him. I pressed my other pussy stained hand in his mouth sloppily, licked one of his pink little nipples, and then moved my face near him again.

“Cum for me, baby” I said, and kissed his other thigh, and licked the fingers that were squeezing at his ballsac, my mouth watering at the thought of finally tasting him. He began to stroke at himself deliberately, moving his hand slowly on his shaft, and moaning raggedly. My breasts were pressed against his trembling thighs and my eyes were half mast with lust.

“...yes yes yes,” I whispered soothingly at him, my eyes not leaving his cock. His thighs squeezed against my ribcage and I saw the first healthy spurt of pearly liquid shoot out of his dick onto his hand, and before he could stroke himself off I grabbed his hand and began licking hungrily at it, moaning and beginning to rub myself off again. 

“I’m not done yet,” he sighed, and I thought fuck it and wrapped one of my hands around his dick and began jerking quickly, my lips on the tip of his cock. He groaned and bucked, and started shooting hot cum into my mouth, and then I let go of his cock and just moved my lips firmly on his jerking shaft, sucking every last bit of sweetness out of him. When he finished I leaned back with my eyes closed and licked slowly at my lips, my fingers pushing the little bit of cum that had dribbled onto my chin back into my mouth. 

“Mmmm,” I moaned in the back of my throat - he truly was sweeter than I had imagined him. I felt his hands on my face, and I opened my eyes. His face was flushed and he was shaking his head with genuine awe.

“That was hot,” he said, his eyes wide, and I leaned up into his chest and squeezed his balls gently. He shivered and bucked into my hand, his eyes closing slowly.

“That was nothing,” I whispered into his neck and grabbed his hand and began to move it toward my naked cunt.