"Sex Stories" First time gay

Sex Stories First time gay
It took me a while to find out I was bisexual. I had always dated girls and loved it but once I  visited an adult book store that changed. It was a nice summer day and all I had on was a loose tank top and loose shorts and sandals. I was walking past this adult book store that I had passed many times but was too young to go in. I was just s*******n at the time and seeing as I had nothing better to do I walked in. 

It was kind of dark inside and I thought the old guy running the counter would throw me out but he didn't even look up. While walking around the store and looking at all the dirty magazines I noticed the entrance to video booths. Not knowing what they were I got curious. There was a sign that said you needed a couple of dollars worth of quarters to enter. So I went to the counter and asked the old guy to change a couple of dollars for me. Again I thought he might have told me that I was too young but he hardly looked up at me and gave me the quarters. I really didn't know what the quarters were for I just got them cause the sign said so.(Porn Stories)

As I went through the curtain I got a big whiff of cum and stale piss. I don't know why but I started to get a boner. I already had a semi boner from looking at all the magazines. It was very dark and the only light was a couple of small low watt bulbs painted green in the far corners of room. I let my eyes get used to the dark and started walking around the room trying to find out what this was all about. I could hear movie projectors running and could see small flickers of light coming from the openings of the curtains that covered the doors to the booths. This was a long time ago and all they had at the time were movie projectors with one movie per booth. The room was bigger than it looked from outside and the booths covered the four walls and there was a cluster of six booths in the center of the room. There were also a few men walking around, I couldn't tell how old they were because of the dark. 

As I was walking around I bumped into one of these guys and felt his hand grab my crouch. I jumped at the feel and moved sideways to get out of his way and bumped into another guy. I got nervous so I stepped into an open booth. 

The booth was small and there was a bench seat against one of the walls. I sat down and could barely make out a small screen in front of me. The booth was small but big enough to stretch your legs.The curtain to the booth covered half of the doorway so there was hardly any light at all in the booth. I figured there was some kind of slot for the quarters so I started to feel around and look for it. Then I heard this guy ask if I needed any help. I whispered yes and that this was my first time in a booth. He reached in front of me and found the quarter slot and dumped in a couple of quarters. The projector came on and there on the screen were two guys fucking. I was surprised as I had never seen two guys together and turned on at the same. The guy standing by me swooned and said "Oh ya fuck him good". I really got nervous now and didn't know if I should leave or even if this guy would let me pass. I could hear this guy starting to breath a little heavier and as I turned to look at him he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. To me it looked big cause it was almost right in my face and I could smell the musk of it. He saw me staring at it said "Suck it". "What?" I said. "Suck it, I know you want too. That's what you came in for isn't it?". Again I told him that this was my first time and that I had never sucked a cock before. I told him that I was just curious about what went on in these kind of places. He told me that I was going to find out what went on and again told me to suck his cock. 

As I stared at his cock another guy showed up and I could hear him ask this guy if he found a good one. He said he was going to find out. He grabbed my head and pulled it towered his cock and I felt it touch my lips. I guess I could have jumped up and pushed my way through this guy and get away but for some reason I really didn't want to. And what I hadn't noticed is that I had a hardon and was rubbing it through my shorts. It's just natural to rub your cock when it's hard, isn't it? So I'm sitting there with a cock touching my lips and this guy telling me to open my mouth. I had reached down and pulled my cock out of shorts through my pant leg and was jacking it and was really turned on. So, I just opened my mouth and the cock slipped in. And you know, it didn't taste bad at all. As a matter of fact it didn't taste much like anything. It was clean tasting so I did my best at something I had never done before and it just seemed natural to start bobbing my head. I guess I just did what I knew felt good. The guy held onto my head and started bucking his hips. He shoved his cock further into my mouth and f***ed me to gag. I tried my best not to but he was too big. My neck started to bother me because of the way my head was turned so I got on my knees and wrapped my hands around his ass. 

The guy let go of my head and reached down and pulled my tank top off me. By now I was so turned on I didn't care what he did. The other guy pushed by the first guy and stepped into the booth and started rubbing my chest and reached down into my shorts and got hold of my cock. I just kept on sucking the best I knew how at the time. The second guy was kneeling next to me rubbing my ass and jacking me off. He started to kiss my neck and and it drove me crazy. I thought I was going to cum right then. Then he started to push my shorts down and told me lift up a little and slipped my shorts off me. 

Now I am completely naked in a public place with two total strangers doing things to me I would never have thought would happen. The first guy starting cumming and I started to gag again and finally swallowed his cum. It tasted a little sour but not really bad. I started shooting my load all over the floor as the second guy jacked me off and rubbed me all over. The first guy took his cock back and put it back in his pants and told me not bad for the first time and left. Here I am kneeling in the open doorway of this booth naked and still with a hardon. I could barely see another guy standing in the hallway a few feet away looking at me and jacking off. For some reason I waved him over but he wouldn't come. He just wanted to jack off in the open. 

The second guy kept rubbing me and now was kissing my chest and sucking my nipples. I had never felt anything that good in my life. He finally stopped and told me to sit on the seat. He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders and started sucking my cock. OMG that was a feeling I had never had before. He started to deep throat me and that was it, I came again and he continued sucking. I started going soft but he kept sucking and rubbing my chest. He grabbed my legs and pulled me forward so my ass was hanging off the edge of the seat and then put his hands under my knees and pushed up to spread my legs. Next thing I know he has his tongue in my ass. I was completely lost by now. Feelings I had never had before had me moaning a little to loud. He told me be quiet but how could I. He closed the curtain and continued with his tonguing. I started jacking my cock since he had let go and before I knew it I was cumming again. Thank god I was only s*******n. Oh to be young again. 

I finally had to tell him to stop. I couldn't take it anymore and my cock was now getting sore and my nuts ached. He let me down and moved forward and started kissing me. Another first. His tongue slipped in mouth and I could taste my cum and smelled my ass. 

He finally got up and left and I slowly put my tank top and shorts on. Trouble was that they were cum soaked from laying on the floor. My hair was all messed up and I was totally flushed. As I walked out of the place the old man behind the counter told me come again. He still didn't look up. I went home and had to sneak in so no one could see what shape I was in. I took a shower and jacked off again thinking of my new adventure and what I was going to do next.

I still love pussy but since then I have sucked many cocks and get fucked whenever I can. 
Hope you like this story, it is true and I have many many more.