"Sex Stories" First Time With My Young Niece

Sex Stories First Time With My Young Niece
Just a short little story this one, but one hopefully you will enjoy and really it acts more as a prelude for future stories of the experiences I have had with my gorgeous nieces.

It was a Saturday evening around 10pm and I was sitting on the sofa, watching a film on the telly. My young niece, who was staying for the weekend, was asl**p beside me. My wife had gone out for the evening with a friend, which was fine with me, as I loved spending time alone with my young niece and my wife was aware of this, so didn’t feel guilty about leaving us alone together.(XXX Stories)

My niece had had a shower earlier and was wearing a little cotton night gown, I had also showered and was in just my dressing gown. As I was watching the film, I was stroking my young niece’s arm, which is something she had always liked and helped her sl**p. The problem was that although I liked to do this, it did sometimes get me a little horny, for which I felt a bit guilty; it was my young niece after all! This was beginning to happen on this particular evening, as I felt her beautiful soft young skin, it started to make my cock awaken. 

I looked down at her and she looked so cute, lying there asl**p in her little night gown and my cock was rapidly getting hard. It was at this point that I thought well she is asl**p, so she wouldn’t know if I just had a play with my cock in front of her. It wasn’t long before I had undone my gown and was stroking my cock, looking at her beautiful face. 

As I got more and more horny, it began to take over and my hand had moved down to her legs, gently stoking them. My cock was now massively hard and she was really turning me on, as I pumped away, I began moving my hand further up her legs, moving her night gown up as I went. I’ve got to see her knickers I thought, as all sense went and was taken over by my huge cock, which was now oozing pre cum.

I gently slipped her night gown up and saw her cute little pink cotton knickers, I just wanted to get right down there and start licking them, which I was too nervous to do, but did move my hand up and start gently stroking them. The feel of that smooth young pussy under that soft cotton was simply heavenly and I was getting ready to shoot my load. 

She started stirring a little and although I was being as gentle as possible, so as not to awaken her, I was so horny, I had to carry on. I decided I wanted to see her tiny little budding breasts and so took the plunge and put my arm round her and moved her into more of a sitting position, with her head on my shoulder, I could have sworn this woke her, but she said nothing and settled back down, I did notice however that her legs were now slightly apart!

I resumed wanking my cock and with my other arm, slipped the straps of her night gown down and eased the material down just enough to expose her little pert breasts. I so wanted to lick and suck them and cover them in my hot spunk. I gently stroked her tiny little nipples and almost shot off as the feeling was so nice.

I couldn’t hold on much longer and moved my hand down to her knickers. All common sense had gone by this point and I slowly eased my fingers in the top of those soft cotton little knickers. The feel of that so soft, totally smooth little pussy was all it took and a stream of spunk shot from my cock, I slipped my fingers further down, feeling her gorgeous little slit and pumped away at my cock until I had got every last drop from it.

Afterwards I adjusted my niece’s night gown and continued watching the film, gently stroking my lovely young niece’s legs and after a while felt my cock getting hard again. As I found my hand moving back towards that sweet young pussy, the door opened and in came my wife, a definite cue to stop. Had my niece awoken while I played with her, I was sure she had, in which case it meant she was ok with her uncle getting off with her. The only way to be sure, would be to try it while she was awake...................