"Sex Stories" Fixed and fucked

Sex Stories Fixed and fucked
It's a beautiful sunny warm summer day, Sandy and Melanie were preparing the morning on your last working day before before the practice for 14 days will be closed for holidays. 

Sandy and Melanie are working in a practice of gynecology and urology, with emphasis and focus: Ambulatory surgery as nurses. You are 22 and 25 years old. 

When we arrived, in practice, we looked forward to the earned Feierabend. Our boss Vivien was dead against us having to go to surgery and wished us a good morning. 

Vivien said to us, remember we are still a major surgery, a woman she is 39 years old must be neutered yet. But otherwise we are today to have a calm day. Please be at 15:00 Clock in the operating room 1 and prepares for a necessary surgery. (Sex Stories)

I also have another request to both of you because you are my most reliable employee, I wanted to ask you, 
if you can go on vacation from time to time in my practice to look after things and to make telephone service. Since I am for 14 days in the Maldives. 

I think most know that the practice is closed for holidays. But it could not all patients are informed. 

I would then give you the keys to the main entrance. 
We thought a long while and finally consented. 

Vivien thanked us and gave us each a key. 
While we all prepared for the OR, Sandy was a great idea, Sandy told me if the practice is closed, we call a patient who has previously angered me forever. 

I asked who made you angry earlier and what he did to you, then? 
Sandy said the man's name is Thilo and 30 years old, according to patient files. 
I asked them point out again, and what he has done to you? 
Sandy says it is still embarrassing to me now, I suffered at age 18 carry a severe bladder problems and had diapers. 

At that time I had for 2 months, Thilo together and he was only making fun of me. Told his friends that I have to wear diapers and always did pee in my pants. 

Sandy says, and indeed that would be an opportunity Thilo time to show it is like to be humiliated, I need you here, but Melanie. 

Without you, my plan does not work. I told Sandy how do you see this before then. Sandy said, I have since had an idea, but you can not say yet. 
I said to Sandy, no problem. Said that I was there when the guy you have so degraded, then takes him right. 
He did not do it otherwise deserves. Fail No matter how your lesson for him is. 

After Vivien us both the sterilization of the 39 year old woman had been successfully completed, we went into the closing time. 
We wanted our doctor Vivien, a nice holiday and are then separated gone home. 
The next morning, Sandy then phoned Melanie asked if she had now time for me. Melanie said, we meet at 8 clock in the medical practice. 
I agreed and was there promptly at 8 clock and even cried at times Thilo. 

The phone rang in Thilo and he finally picked up the phone. 
I said, this is the Community of Practice Vivien and partner, doctor's office for gynecology and urology. 
We ask you to meet today's deadline for the screening examination and please come with a full bladder. 
Thilo said: I have today but no appointment with you. Sandy told you, then they must have missed it, we have therefore written to you separately. 
Thilo said: Well well well will be an error on my part was. 
Excuse me. 
Sandy said they were please at 9:30 in practice. 
Melanie is now finally arrived. 
Sandy said Melanie well that you're here. 

Let's make us even once the bedside in the operating room 2 is finished. Please attach the complete Segufix times already in bed and please do not forget the head and leg fixation. 
Then I get the time even once the sedative injections and 2 boxes diapers. Melanie went to the cupboard and took out the Segufix and fastened it to the bed. 

After everything was ready, it rang the Praxistür. Sandy opened it and said that she come inside. 

Thilo came into practice and there was also a nurse, Melanie and shared with him, great to see you are still able to organize and to carry out the screening. 

I hope they have a full bladder. 
Thilo said: "Yes, I had breakfast at your request, extra good." 
Melanie told him then, then they pull out of times already in the locker room, the doctor calls you on it. 

Sandy moved to the syringe with a heavy sedative and handed them over to Melanie.

Melanie then went into the treatment room and called in the patient. Thilo was stripped completely naked, sat down with a flaccid penis into the treatment room and on the mobile Bare. 

Melanie said, I give him now a construction syringe, it will not do, however painful. Is only a small spades. Thilo gave Melanie his arm and inject him the heavy sedatives. 

It did not take long and the syringe started to work. Thilo slumped on the stretcher. 

He said what is wrong with me, I feel so dizzy. Melanie said, do not worry, it's better soon will go again. These are just the side effects. Thilo and already kicked off and slept. While Thilo lay on the stretcher, Melanie noticed at once that it was wet in your vagina. She asked the question because it's probably because he was so vulnerable and naked lies. 

Since Sandy had had it and said, oh, Melanie did you have him put to sl**p. 

Not bad. She said: "So you bastard, now it's your turn, then touched his cock and pulled down his foreskin. 

The get anything with them anyway, "said Melanie. So let me turn times. Melanie opened your mouth with their plump red lips, took Thilo his thick bulging penis and put her in your mouth and blew him really hard until it stops. 

They already had almost choke, because you almost swallowed his penis and could not get enough of his masculinity. She noticed that his penis is increasingly filled with bl**d. Until his semen cumshot Thilo and Melanie's nectar of dedicated absorbed in your mouth. Sandy said, now it's enough. 

The same is awake, the d**g loses its effect. In addition, he is quietly noticed by all that we do with it. Just think what he did to me. 

Sandy and Melanie Thilo then pushed into the operating room 2 and put him on the bed. 

They fixed his head, fixed his shoulder with Segufix-shoulder belts, thighs, arms, and then even the feet. After they had completed the fixation, Sandy moved to the Thilo a diaper. 
As Melanie said already so slow that the patient awoke from his anesthesia. 

Sandy said Thilo how are you anyhow so. Since Thilo noted that this is his ex-girlfriend. Thilo wanted to get up and then realized that he can not even stand up. Thilo said, what are you doing here with me, I want to get out. 
Why do you have fixed me here. Please make me go. 

What is it doing there, I've got a diaper on. No, please do not. Please do not. Does that make me get rid of, have I not got nothing done. Fearing Thilo pees in his diaper. 
Thilo then began to scream. Sandy said, "you'll scream too, according to catch. No problem, we'll get under control. " 

Melanie procured a mouth gag and fixed those too. 

Sandy said so, now you can scream, nobody will hear you. Thilo his diaper painted her more and more yellow. 

Melanie said, what is the Thilo, just say you've wet the thee. You do not suppose peed in the diaper. Sandy opened his diaper, opened it up to his navel and the other diaper side down to the testicle and noted that the diaper was completely soaked. Sandy said now you finally know how it is times when you need to pee in the diaper, because you can not hold it. 

Thilo Something was going to say, they elicited the gag a little and said Thilo, makes me go, please, please, please. Then I can go up their own pee. Melanie and Sandy again tightened the gag. Sandy took a razor and shaved his penis. 

Subsequently, the two Thilo his penis, his testicles and buttocks CREATE thick with baby cream and drew a dry diaper on him. 

Melanie fed Thilo then. After Thilo was fed, the two nurses were once home. Thilo could not even run away, he was so fixated on the surgical bed, even if he had tried to defend himself. He did not come off. 

After Melanie and Sandy had slept well the night you went to the doctor's office to look after your patients. 

Thilo screamed like a stuck pig, had to be gag probably have to get rid of somehow. He shouted, making me go last, vainly tried to come out of his bondage. After the gag was in any case already solved, Sandy fed their patients. 

Subsequently withdrew from the two nurses, they were naked and stood in front Thilo. 

Thilo screamed, what are you making. Please do not. I will not. I will not forget it all. But Melanie and Sandy just said it does not matter what you want. It will make what we want. 

Thilo was still wet from the night's full, full of pissed diaper. Melanie said to Thilo, if you continue to cry, you'll go again only made in 14 days. But Thilo continued to scream. Sandy had enough of his crying, and sat down naked with your wet vagina Thilo on his mouth and shouted at him. 

She screamed: Lick my vagina, or Melanie is now equal to anal penetration. Fearing he peed in his diaper and his great business he could no longer hold. Thilo licked Sandy's vagina. 

She pushed with your hands your lips on one side, put her vagina just go directly to Thilo his mouth and peed. 

His mouth was full of pee, his face and upper body also filled with her pee. Thilo then continue screaming like a stuck pig, which the nurses found themselves f***ed to put the gag back on to. They saw that his diaper was completely soaked and stroked over his diaper. 

They felt abgeschlafften his penis into the diaper and kneaded his balls right through strongly. Sandy said, you look Thilo, you've again made in the diaper. 

So unfortunately you need a little more to stay here. Are you can prove to us that you'll stay dry. Melanie and Sandy took the diaper tape carefully and noted that he has not wet the only, but has also done his big business in the diaper. They pulled his diaper again and kneaded to punish his penis into the diaper through so correct. 

Melanie said, "we have purely pee still tolerated, but that's going nowhere. She got a mega dildo out of the closet and pushed him in. The dildo in his butt smeared until it stops. Thilo crying and begging, stop please, please, please listen to. 

But Melanie continued. Sandy went to the hospital bed where Thilo was fixed, and parted your lips, took his hard penis and put it into your vagina. 

You fucking penis through the smudged really, while Melanie is now slamming your finger in his butt. You said you will now finally be dry, otherwise you will not get rid of come here. After Sandy had fucked him through, Melanie sat down on his penis and peed off. My pee ran down his penis, the testes along the Po, in his soaked diaper. It was really warm on his penis. Thilo screamed, finally stop, please. 

Melanie and Sandy took his hard penis in her mouth and blow through Thilo really hard, after all, he spurted from which semen was dripping from his mouth both your lips. Thilo his penis from schlaffte and Thilo hoped they let him now for the first time in peace. What then was the case. Sandy took a fresh diaper, and wiped his penis, his testicles and, finally, the Po. Sandy CREATE a being intimate and laid Thilo into the fresh diaper. 

They fed Thilo and said that we come back tomorrow and hope that you were good.