"Sex Stories" Fixed Up

Sex Stories Fixed Up
It was nearly noon, “time to think about lunch,” I thought to myself as I looked up from my computer screen for the first time in an hour. As my focus went from close-up to distance I was shocked to see Stacey part her legs, and this time she was NOT wearing panties. Her silky smooth pussy, fully shaved, seemed to glisten in the half-light under her short skirt and between her parted legs. I gulped and thought, “I need to look away, it would not be good to get caught shooting this beaver!”

But my gaze was fixed and I don’t think anything could have pried my eyes off that beautiful site. Her clit peeked out of the folds of skin begging for attention and at the moment this thought crossed my mind I saw her hand appear under the table and her fingertips sought out that glistening slit. She paused for a second with her middle finger tip on top of that cute little button, and then it slid down and disappeared inside her pussy!(XXX Stories)

“Whew, I need to catch my breath,” I thought as I watched that finger go deep into her puffy little snatch. I felt my cock harden in my pants, aching for attention at the erotic site that was playing out in front of me.

As a reader to this event you must be thinking you are stepping into the middle of something, so I will take a moment to bring you up to speed on what was playing out in front of me. I work for a medium sized insurance settlement agency, we have the top three floors on a 10-story building and for the most part this is a pretty modest workplace, although casual dress is encouraged. Business has been slow and top management decided that it was time to renovate the 9th floor.

In an effort to keep customer service up where it should be some VP decided that we could double up the workstations on the 8th floor where I worked. One Monday morning there was a loud commotion as the maintenance people began setting up folding tables in the normally wide aisles between the rows of desks. I knew they had proposed this but had no idea what to expect, but within a couple hours a long row of tables was strung down the middle of the aisle in front of me and the IT guys were stringing cables and power as others set up the work stations.

Stacey, a very thin apricot blond, would be taking up position right across from me according to the large paper sign taped to the front of the table. This table barely fit between the two large posts that ran down the center of the large room. These posts were about 3-foot square provided the only privacy that she would expect during the time the renovation would take. Most of the people moving down from the 9th floor had private office spaces and Stacy was the only one in her row that had some expectations of privacy to each side.

I knew Stacy and trust me, her very wide eyed innocent appearance had been the motivation for many jerk off sessions once I got home. Now when I say I know her I should explain that I have worked with her professionally on a couple settlements and have seen her in the elevator on a weekly basis. She knows my name but we have not socialized or ever exchanged a social word in the 8-years I have worked here.

Stacey had an arm full of papers and files as she made her way to the table. She was walking down the new aisle between my desk and her table and as she got near my desk she said, “looks like we’ll be neighbors for a while.” Stacey always dressed nicely, casual, but very crisp and stylish. Today she had on a cute little short skirt, a soft fuzzy sweater, and low heels that made her slim legs so shapely.

She did not wait for a comment from me as I looked up from my work. She turned to face her table and nearly lost the bundle of work she carried. As she tried to maintain control she bent at the waist to put it down on the table and her short floral skirt crept up showing her creamy cheeks with a bright red thong string up her backside. I looked down at my desk trying to maintain my composure.

Typically in a day at work my mind may wonder to some smutty scene buried in my imagination and I have one of those many sexual thoughts that surveys tell us most guys have. But to have this slender woman show me her butt nearly had me blowing a load in my pants. The entire event lasted for about 4 seconds, but it would burn in my mind forever! As she regained her balance and stood up she casually tugged on the skirt and found a passage between the next set of tables and took her seat.

She seemed not to care that her butt was in plain site, and there is no way that she could not have know how much she showed off. I had put my head down while trying to peek over the computer screen to see her move into place. She did not make eye contact and was in no way flustered by what just happened. I tried to get my mind back on business but my cock ached and I could not help sneaking a peek her way from time to time.

Realizing that my mind had been on lunch I checked my desk clock and at that point I must have gasped as I noticed that the little round clock lined up perfectly with Stacey’s crossed legs clearly visible under the table. She was on the phone typing madly on her computer but there was a casual air to her pose as her shoe dangled off her toe. Her toenails were neatly trimmed and painted to match her nails that flew across the keyboard.

This was doing my aching cock no good. I noticed it was time to punch out for lunch and I knew I had to get some relief or my cock was going to explode! I grabbed my coat off the back of my chair to hold in front of me, as I knew my erection would show through my thin pants. I am not one of those guys that have a cock to brag about, but when I get hard it sticks straight out and I didn’t need a tent to reveal what was on my mind.

I punched out quickly and hurried to the elevator to ride down to the ground floor. My plan earlier plan was to go to my car for a short nap, but now I wasn’t sure what to do as my cock ached for attention. I stepped into the open elevator door and as I turned around the doors started to close. Suddenly a hand appeared between the closing doors and I recognized the apricot colored nail polish and knew instantly that it was Stacey.

She stepped in, winked at me, and then turned with her back to me. I could smell her perfume, a very subtle sweet smell of flowers it seemed to me, but I was no judge of this sort of thing as my past girlfriends used little of the stuff and I never had a relationship long enough to buy them any. The doors began to close again and a large woman pushed through them forcing everyone to the back of the car. Stacey moved back towards me and I could feel my hand brush against the soft fuzzy sweater in the small of her back. I was still holding my coat over my hard-on and feared that if she moved any closer I’d jab my cock into her ass.

The doors closed and the ride went quickly, my cock throbbing and feeling hot as a poker. The car stopped once on the 5th floor to let off one rider, which caused some jockeying for position to allow the person out. As everyone shifted a bit I felt the tip of my cock push against the soft backside of Stacey and was so embarrassed as I had no where to go to get out of the way.

When the doors closed everyone moved back into position for the shorted ride to the ground floor. Stacey left quickly without a word and I was so relieved as I was sure she’d know it was my cock poking her. I made my way to my car in the parking garage across the street and in the dim light of the ground floor I opened my fly and let my hard cock free of its confines.

This was risky, but I needed to get some relief. I cupped the head of my cock in the palm of my hand and felt slick pre-cum coming out my slit. I rubbed gently smearing the small amount of liquid around and then gave about 4-pumps on my gorged cock and let go a wad of cum that hit the steering wheel. I was shocked I had cum so fast and held my hand over the end to catch the rest of the thick cum in my hand. It was so slippery and warm I wanted to rub it all over the head of my cock but thought better of it.

I cleaned up with a stray napkin lying on the seat and got things back in place before leaning the seat back to try and clear my mind. I closed my eyes and all I could see was the creamy rounded cheeks of Stacey’s butt and that satin thong string peeking out between the crack of her ass. I had to get my mind off this or I would be hard all over. I must have drifted off to sl**p as soon as I had that thought and was roused by my cell phone that I had set as an alarm before leaving the building.

It was hard going back to work, I had a project with a deadline and I could not get in this condition again. I made my way back to my desk and was relieved to see Stacey had left a little sign on her table saying, “back at 4:00 PM”. This meant I had 3-hours to get some work done and I buried my head in my computer with no further thought of the late morning events.

I was called to my supervisor’s office a little before four so did not see Stacey when she returned to her table. My meeting was short and to the point and as I left she said, “I think they put Stacey across from you, would you drop this folder off for her?” “Egad,” I thought, “all I need is to get close to her now.”

I grabbed the folder and headed back to the central part of the office. I saw Stacey on her phone so thought that made it easier not to get into a discussion of my hard-on poking her in the butt. As I approached her table, arm outstretched with the folder as if I was throwing firewood on a fire, Stacey held her hand over the phone and mouthed, “thank you,” and went back to the phone. I dropped the folder and stepped around my desk to finish up a few things before quitting time.

I was relieved that she did not give me a look or attitude, she seemed just the same as in the morning when she flashed me her butt. I tapped around on a spreadsheet trying to get back into the swing of things, but my gaze was drawn to my clock and at that moment Stacey uncrossed her legs as if my gaze had flipped a switch to make them move. As she moved in her chair her legs parted a bit and I could see the red satin thong from the front side and I felt my pecker harden again.

I looked back at my screen and did not dare look up the rest of the day. I saw movement as Stacey got up from her desk and looked up as she said, “see you tomorrow Phil,” and like this morning moved away not waiting for my answer. I looked at my clock, no pretty legs to frame it this time, and noticed it was past quitting time so I logged off the system and headed for home. I knew I’d be jerking off again and I had a front, back, and leg view to get me over the top tonight.

I stepped out of the elevator on Tuesday morning and could see down the row of tables that Stacey was busy on the phone and as I stepped around my desk I noticed she was wearing a sheer fabric top with some sort of camisole to guard her modesty. It was such a pretty mint green color, and her strawberry blond hair lay softly on her shoulders contrasting the light pastel fabric color. I noticed the top had a plunging neckline and I could see the small cleavage peeking over the top of the neckline.

Stacey had small breasts that always had the same shape, smooth and rounded. I had the feeling that she way a foam-lined bra as I made every woman’s breasts a study. When a woman has larger breasts change shape based on the bra they wear, but in this case Stacey must have had one style of bra as they never changed shape.

My mind was a mess, I had jerked off twice last night, spewing cum all over my chest the first time. I had to concentrate on my job, there were too many chiefs setting at tables during this renovation period, I did not need them noticing my gawking at the sex pot setting across from me. As I logged onto the system I was greeted with a reminder that our team was having a short meeting this morning in our supervisor’s office.

I had enough time to grab my folder and coffee and headed to the meeting. I had a presentation to make on the progress of our settlement so needed my focus and setting there looking at Stacey would not have helped. Like yesterday, as I left the meeting my supervisor said, “I hate to make you and errand boy, but Stacey will need this folder, can you drop it off?” It wasn’t a question, I was down towards the bottom of the food chain and took the question as an order.

“You bet” I said as I headed back to my desk. As I approached Stacey’s table she looked up and smiled as she said, “good morning Phil, it looks like I owe you again for your help.” I tried not to look like I was going to drop and run so I got close to the table when a co-worker said, “Stacey, did you return that call yet?” Stacey had her hand out as if to take the folder from me as she turned her head to nod at her assistant.

As she turned at the waist she leaned a little forward and her top gapped open and I had a perfect view of her breast and nipple as the bra gapped open as well. As I suspected, it was a foam lined bra, like a soft little cup that did nothing to hold her boobs up, rather it gave her more shape than she’d have without it. Her nipple was very prominent, it was as big as a pencil eraser and it seemed to be pointing right at me. Stacey was not paying any attention to me as she reached out for the folder and I had to move it to where her hand was.

My view down her top lasted but a few seconds, but like the creamy butt shot, it would burn in my brain forever. The erect prominent nipple, dark as the walnut top of her table, set against the pinky-blush of her breast and was the most erotic thing I could imagine. As soon as her fingers closed on the folder I let go and realized at that second that she had not fully gripped it.

Feeling it leaving her fingers she reached with the other hand to catch it and this brought her other breast into view as they both peeked up at me. “Woops, guess my mind wasn’t on business,” Stacey gasped as she grabbed the falling folder and sat back in her chair. I blushed a bit as she seemed to catch me staring at her tits, but she didn’t seem offended as she spun around to drop the folder on a small side table that had appeared overnight beside the post on her right.

I was trembling as I reached my desk, I don’t know why my cock was not poking out in front of me, but as I sat down I remember thinking, “this is going to be another tough day.” I tried to concentrate between phone calls and other interruptions and the view across the aisle was pleasant, but not overly erotic. I must confess, Stacey was erotic in my mind regardless of what she was doing, but at least there were no beaver shots, thong shots, or nipple slips so I could get some work done.

After lunch I nearly had my project completed and as I looked up I saw Stacey looking directly at me over the top of her computer monitor. I smiled but she seemed a million miles away as she did not respond to my smile. I was not offended nor did I put some sinister meaning to the lack of a returned smile. I glanced down at my clock and at that moment realized what was going on with Stacey.

Her legs were parted, not just a bit to like yesterday when I got a peek at a red satin triangle between her legs. Her slender legs we parted wide enough to give me a full view of her pussy, that was clad in pink satin panties today. Her hand was lying on the edge of her skirt as if she had been playing with herself. “Was that my horny mind?” I thought.

As I stared at the site in front of me I could swear that I saw her slit traced by what had to be very thin nylon or silk panties. There was a bit of shine to the panties that seemed to enhance the slit and it looked like a little bump near the top of the slit. “YIKES, I am looking too closely” I thought as the details played back in my mind. My stare was unbroken and then I saw her middle finger move down a bit and I could swear she played the fingertip over that little bump.

“My GOSH” I thought, “She is masturbating right in front of me.” My cock was fully erect and as I shifted to make room for it my gaze was broken and I had the feeling I was being watched. I glanced up to see Stacey staring at me, this time she was not a million miles away. She had a pen in her hand and she slipped the rounded tip of it between her lips for a moment and then pulled it out and smiled at me as if to say, “love to suck your cock, why not come over here and lets get it on.”

I was uncomfortable with my thoughts and had a sheepish smile to return to her as I turned to open a drawer digging around for a file. I had no right to think such thoughts, Stacey had not said a word or made any overt act to give me such thoughts. I needed to concentrate or I was going to blow a load right on the spot.

Well you can rest assured that the rest of the week I was tortured daily to a panty display between those pinkish thighs, and as much as I tried not to stare it was impossible to look away. I was jerking off morning, noon, and night, trying to get a grip on my sexual arousal. But each jerk off made me bolder. I wanted to approach her to ask her out, but I knew if she agreed I’d do something stupid and then work would be pure hell.

On Wednesday Stacey appeared to be wearing white cotton panties and she spread her legs far enough for me to notice that they were trimmed in thin pink lace. My first view of these panties occurred as soon as she arrived at her desk. She sat down quickly and spread her legs wide open as she set her brief case on the floor beside her chair. She had a fuller skirt on today and as she placed the bag on the floor she reached under the table to pull the skirt under her and flipped it up higher showing me her crotch as well as the waistband of what was a skimpy little bikini front, “this has to be a thong” I thought as I noticed the fabric disappear between the back side of her pussy.

By the middle of the afternoon I was dying for another peek between her legs. And right on cue at about 2:00 PM she got that far away look in her face and parted her legs. I could swear that her panties were wet as they looked darker than they did in the morning and I again noticed the outline of her slit and again that little nub at the top of the slit. She did not touch her crotch today but began to move her legs open and closed, then crossed her legs hiding my view.

But the erotic scene only got better at this point. She began to swing her foot and I knew she was pleasuring herself as the movement shortened between swings and got faster. Then it stopped and I looked at her face and saw it flushed. Her complexion, like the color of her hair, had that pinkish tint and the flushed looked was very pronounced, not like a blush, but I knew she had brought herself to the top of the hill and I wondered how wet her panties would be now.

As I thought this I noticed her blink her eyes a couple times, then she looked right into my eyes and smiled that seductive, “cum get it big boy” look as I thought of it. I was hard again, harder than the other days. I seemed to have a perpetual hard-on this week and just knew that I was going to explode with a couple strokes tonight. Stacey was smiling at me as if she knew what I was thinking, and I could swear that she was mocking me with her hand.

She had formed her hand as if she was stroking a cock and made a couple jerks, then she slid that hand under the table, begging me to watch. She seemed to give that jerk-off motion two more times, then parted her legs and pulled her skirt all the way up to show me the large wet spot in her cotton panties. She dropped her hand to her crotch, rubbed it all over the wet fabric, and then raised it above the table and licked each finger.

I thought I was dreaming, this was beyond any fantasy I could dream up, yet I had no way to evaluate what I was seeing. Women do not come onto me. I am just a plain young man, not fat, but not some hunk either. Yet Stacey seemed to be showing me wildly erotic scenes and how should I read these?

There was a bit of commotion down the aisle and this seemed to break the spell for both of us and I ended my day by rushing out, coat in from of me, and this time taking the stairs down a couple flights to avoid any elevator trips that were too close quarters in my aroused state.

Thursday started off just like Wednesday. Another panty show as Stacey sat down. The panties today were white, but definitely NOT cotton. There were nearly sheer and I could clearly see her slit through the fabric but couldn’t see the bump that I had noticed before. I wanted desperately to see more but a guy simply doesn’t walk across the aisle and ask this cute vixen to spread her legs and let me see her cunt!

As I slipped out for lunch I decided to set on a park bench in front of the building to eat an apple that I brought with me. It was a warm sunny late fall day so it felt good to set in the warm sun and feel the cool crisp air all around. I was lost in the thoughts of the erotic scenes over the past days and did not notice what was going on around me. I felt something brush my leg and looked over to see Stacey had sat right down beside me. Her leg had brushed mine as she sat down and to her left was another office working squeezing into the small space left.

I nearly jumped out of my skin as I tried to move over to make room. Stacey dropped her hand on my knee saying, “you’re good, we have plenty of room.” Her hand lingered on my knee for a few seconds as she pointed down the street to the left saying, “Karen, isn’t that car just like yours.”

As Karen looked away Stacey pulled her hand up my leg and lifted it off before getting to my crotch. “That was an overt act” I thought to myself. “No one does that if they are not looking for a response,” I concluded in my erotic hyper state. But now was no time to be making a move, but I was positive she wanted to get together and I wanted it as bad as she did.

That was the end of the touching but my mind was filled with the warmth of thinking this little minx was hitting on me. Karen got up first headed back to work and crossed in front of me. Stacey followed her and as she stepped to my right she touched my shoulder and said, “Gonna CUM”. Now I know that is not how to spell the word, but just the way she said it made it sound so erotic and I just knew what she meant.

Like other times, she moved off without waiting for me to answer and I was left to struggle with another raging hard-on to cover up and no way to get relief before going back to work. I had to move quickly to get punched in and sat down to finish up the afternoon. My crucial project was completed yesterday and I was just completing some odd cases that needed not much more than a rubber stamp and pass onto others.

By the middle of the afternoon my cock was at full attention again. I was like a trained a****l; show him the treat often enough and they begin to know when to start jumping through the hoops. I glanced over the top of my monitor and noticed Stacey typing madly on her keyboard and decided there would be no show this afternoon as she was far too busy.

But I was wrong, just like the other days she started to stare right at me without really seeming to notice me. Then her legs parted and her hand found that spot where the nub should be, and then she started to trace around that spot. As she moved her hand away for a moment I noticed the bump that had been missing this morning, and then her hand went back to work on that spot. She moved her fingers quickly and then pressed tightly against it without moving. I looked up; again the flushed look as she looked directly at me and smiled again.

I gulped hard and tried to pry my eyes away, not wanting to break the spell, but also knowing that this was getting me deeper under her spell. Then my computer beeped and announced e-mail. I glanced down at the screen and was shocked to see e-mail from Stacey. I glanced back at here and she mouthed, “Open it.”

Then she stood up, adjusted her skirt, grabbed her coat, and walked down the aisle. She was wearing heels today and her butt bobbed back and forth making the skirt sway from side to side as she headed for the elevators.

I glanced at the clock and realized that we had been having mind sex, my new term created this week, for almost an hour. I had an hour to go and my cock ached again. I hesitated a moment with opening the e-mail. Our company has a very strict policy on e-mail use and anything in this e-mail would bi visible to the IT boys that use a key word search looking for violators of the company policy.

I opened the e-mail and was relieved to notice that it was nothing overtly erotic. It did, on the other hand, intrigue me. She wrote, “I just love my job here, don’t you? Hope everything comes out okay for you at home. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”

I knew instantly she was taunting me and yet in such a subtle way that unless a person had been setting at my desk the last 4-days they’d pick up no hidden messages. I went home with a messed up thought process. I wanted to ask Stacey out, yet my luck with woman did not have a good track record. I had been dating Sue, another co-worker, up until a couple months ago, but that had ended badly and I was not ready for another rejection. Sue worked as an executive secretary on the 10th floor and our relationship was pretty hot the first couple months.

Then she started to worry that the fact that I was on the low rung of the corporate ladder might not reflect well on her if the executives found out. So it was like we had to sneak around to be together and when I mentioned it she got pissed off and made a huge scene in the lobby of our building. She made it sound like I was hitting on her and she didn’t approve, it was ugly and I did not want to have the same issues again.

I jerked off a couple times when I got home, but the excitement of the public display by Stacey had dimmed a bit and I wanted more than my hand and a picture in my mind. By morning I was a wreck, her e-mail played over and over in my mind. Did she want me to approach her? Maybe she knew Sue and was trying to make my life miserable. Maybe this was a test by the HR people; my mind was full of every angle, except that perhaps she just wanted to see me. I guess my self-esteem was not back to normal at this point.

I arrived at work and Stacey was not at her table as she had been the last several mornings. The top of the table looked like it was cleaned off so now I worried that my daily diversion was gone and any hope of trying to get close to her would be gone. I got busy with my duties and got lost in a new settlement since it looked like it was going to be a boring day across the aisle. I had really built this up as the day that I’d make my approach.

The morning dragged on and no Stacey, I was so upset that I had let a perfect opportunity pass, so I buried myself in my work until lunchtime. I left the building with no desire to do anything, so I slumped down on the bench we’d shared to try to clear my mind. I guess I was hoping that she’d be there but my hour passed with no one near me.

I was pretty gloomy by now so went right back to work and ignored everything around me trying to finish up this project before quitting time. It was Friday and instead of what might have been a hot date, I was going home to my thoughts of Stacey and her sexy shows. The office is always noisy on Friday’s as everyone cleans up projects for the week and gets ready for a weekend. But I was not in the mood for the usual jokes and chat.

As I worked on filling out some paper reports I was alerted to e-mail and glanced up from the pile of papers to see that it was e-mail from Stacey. I glanced up over the monitor and there she was! Stacey had slipped in without notice and was setting at her table, hands on the keyboard and smiling warmly at me. I opened the e-mail, she wrote, “Miss me?”

I looked over the monitor, smiled, and shook my head yes. Another e-mail beeped at me, and I looked down, Stacey again. I opened it to read, “Ready?” I looked over at her and she had her middle fingertip in her mouth. She pulled it out, pointed it towards the table and my eyes followed it like a trained dog. It was at this point that she parted her legs, revealing that she was not wearing panties, and let that moistened finger rub the nub of her clit, then buried it inside her.

I felt flushed, I know my face must be red; I wanted her so badly. My cock was hard as a rock so there was no way I was going to stand up. I could not take my eyes off her hand, as she worked her finger in and out of her pussy. I swear I could smell her across the aisle, but knew it was just my mind. I wanted to grab my cock but had to maintain some control. Stacey stopped moving her hand under the table and I broke my stare long enough to look at her face. She was staring directly into my eyes and with her free hand made the jerk off sign she’d made before.

I was shocked, she was taunting me and she had to know she had me aroused. I glanced down again and as I did she slowly slid her finger out of her pussy, I could see the wetness as she closed her legs, and then crossed them hiding her sex from my view. Then she began rocking her lower leg again and as I looked up at her had that far away look. She was masturbating again, she would cum and I would be her all sexed up and no way to relive myself.

I was so distracted that I had not noticed the time, it was nearly quitting time and others were cleaning up their desks in preparation to leave. I looked back at Stacey just as she started to cum. Her foot stopped moving, she uncrossed her legs and her hand went right to her pussy, holding it tightly until the sensation eased, or at least that is what I told myself.

My heart was pounding in my chest; I thought I’d have a heart attack or something if this did not stop. I wanted more, yet I feared we’d get caught in this display and both loose our jobs even though I was just a casual observer. Stacey pulled her hand away and I followed it as she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and like before she licked them clean.

My phoned buzzed at me, it was like a shot was fired as I came back to the reality of the work place. It was a co-worker needing a final figure on my form so she could wrap up her work as well. I gave it to her after sum fumbling for the right sheet of paper. By the time I had completed the call it was quitting time and I had missed anything that remained of the sex show across the aisle.

I looked up and Stacey was gone! Just like that, she must have slipped out quickly. Now I was worried, were all these women in this together? Had Sue set them up to drive me insane? I had a hard on that throbbed for attention and now I had to get out of the building without giving my excitement away. It was a wild Friday afternoon departure with everyone headed out at the same time.

I decided to take the stairs like I did the other day. If I could get into the stair well I’d have time to get down a few floors and let the hard-on subside before getting in the elevator. I grabbed my coat, hit the time card machine and bolted for the stair door. I ducked through the door and once in the stairwell leaned against the wall trying to compose myself.

My heart was pounding wildly, my cock ached, and I had to get my mind right or I’d probably fall on the stairs. I grabbed the rail behind me with both hands not concerned with the raging hard-on at that moment and closed my eyes and tried to breath slowly, and then I felt a presence, I had heard nothing, but it seemed like I wasn’t alone.

I opened my eyes and there was Stacey, standing right in front of me, dangerously close. My cock was sticking straight out and as I formed a thought of what to do she stepped right up against me. She ground her pelvis into my hard on, I could feel it touch her and the she seemed to hump against me. I felt her pelvis rise and my cock, still in my pants, slipped between her legs.

I was speechless, I worried that someone would enter the stairwell and we’d be in trouble. I wanted to stop her, but I couldn’t. I was so horny that I wanted to fuck her right here. I could smell her perfume, it was that light floral smell again, so subtle, so intoxicating. And yes, I could smell her pussy, the odor wafted up from her steamy cunt and I was totally out of control. I had never had such an erotic thing happen to me and didn’t have a clue what to do next.

I didn’t need to form a plan, before I knew it Stacey had unzipped my pants, fished around and had my bare cock in her hand. She stroked it a couple times, then lifted her skirt and mounted my cock like before. I felt the head of my cock touch her shaved pussy mound, she moved around a bit and it slid into her wet slit.

As I said, I was out of control at that point and instinct took over. My hands went to her butt and I pulled her closer as I bent at the knees a bit to position my cock where I had wanted it from the moment she showed me her bare butt on Monday. I felt the tip of my cock at the opening I desired and was ready to shove it in when she pulled away.

“You are going to need to wait for that big boy,” she mocked in false anger, “we need to be a little careful here.”

My cock felt cold from her wetness and now in the open air. I knew I had oozed some pre-cum and now I wanted to cum. She knew it and was not doing this to tease me, as I was about to find out. I felt her hand close around my cock and she started to pump it furiously, leaning in against me. I knew I wouldn’t last long with all the pent up frustration, and on the 5th or 6th pump I felt my balls tighten and she must have felt my cock swell as she stepped aside still holding my cock.

I grunted and she aimed my cock at the door to the office and I shot a stream of white slimy cum all over the door. She held on as I shot wad after wad, and when I was done she rubbed me gently and I felt her work my cock back into my pants. “We’d better get out of here, we made a hell of a mess on that door.”

I looked over and saw the slimy streams of cum streaking down the door headed for the shiny tile floor below it. I turned back and looked into her eyes, they were pretty blue, something I had not noticed before. Stacey had that flushed look like in the office, yet I knew she had not cum with just the touch of my cock. There was a gentle look in her face, yet I knew she was in charge of the moment, and quite honestly, she could have demanded I throw myself down the stairs and I would have done so to please her.

Stacey moved towards me and I felt her lips brush mine. She smelled of flowers and sex, and I could smell my messy cum as well. We kissed, gently at first, then her lips parted and I felt her tongue touch my lips. I let her slide it into my mouth and then I was lost in lust again. I wanted her, all of her. I had to get her naked and make passionate love to her.