"Sex Stories" Friends hot Mom

Sex Stories Friends hot Mom
It was in spring, the end of May. I woke up feeling bad with my stomach bothering me. After my mom left for work I decided to stay home. I soon realized that Stevie (freshman, his parents and mine are good friends) was probably wondering where I was because I usually pick him up on the way school. I called up Stevie and told him about my problem and he said it was all right and his mom would take him to school. So, I was home alone. I went into the living room couch and laid down for awhile. After 30 minutes or so the doorbell rang. Wondering who it was I opened the door and saw Mrs. Anderson – Stevie’s mother.

“How are you?” she asked. I said I was having an ache in my stomach.
“Stevie told me you were not feeling well so I decided to come over and see you”
“Oh, you don’t need to do that.” I said.
“Well, lay down and I’ll take your temperature.”
She got a thermometer out of her purse and put it in my mouth and asked:
“Are you alone?” I nodded.

As we waited on my temperature, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. I never really admired Mrs. Anderson out before, but this time I noticed her full red lips, nice dark brown hair, and her big brown beautiful eyes. She pulled the thermometer out, looked at it, and said:
“Hm, you are not OK! Go ahead and take your shirt off and I’ll rub your stomach and give you a massage”(Sex Stories)

We went upstairs and as we stepped up I was getting aroused. I stayed just in my shorts and socks, she started rubbing me gently with her warm palms. Meanwhile, there was a growth starting in my shorts that I hope she didn’t notice. She ran her hand across my chest. As she was doing this, she touched the tip of my erection through my shorts with her forearm. Both of us paused with red faces and she said in a humorous tone:
“Mmmm, it’s really getting big!” Still seeing that I was embarrassed, she leant over and kissed me on the cheek. A few minutes passed and I was extremely hard. She said:
“Oh, my! You are one hard, young man!” Realizing that she was turning me on she said:
“You know, I never really thanked you for giving Stevie a ride to and from high school all year”

With a very sexy and seductive look on her face, she gently slid down my shorts and trunks. Lowering them down she let out a gasp when my cock sprang free. Very stiff and fully erect she said:
“Wow! You are so hard!” Just looking at me and not saying anything, she touched my hard on and said:
“You have a nice cock. It’s a nice young hard cock!” She then giggled and said:
“My husband’s dick doesn’t even get this hard.” Seeing that I was nervous but aroused, she began stroking me and said:
“You are feeling better, hu? My reply was:
“Yes. It feels so good!”(Porn Stories)

She stroked me for only a few minutes. I sat up on the couch and she gave me a kiss on the lips. We started making out and soon our tongues began to touch. She put her tongue into my mouth as she held my face with her hands. She told me that if I wanted to stop, it was OK. At this point, there are numerous ideas running through my mind. She was married. She was a good friend of my parents. And, I have known her for half my life. While we continued to kiss I felt the intense urge and I knew now that I wanted to continue. The possibility of f****y members finding out what happened to me and her did not bother me at all!

Now, making out in my bedroom, I raised her skirt waist high putting my hands on her thighs and ass. After she took off her sweater, wearing just her bra she asked: “Can you help me with that?” With nervous and trembling fingers I tried desperately to undo the hooks of her bra, but couldn’t succeed. In the long run she did it herself. Both now completely naked, we pressed tight against each other! Her large breasts pressed against my chest. We continued kissing! I caressed her nice smooth ass, she was in my hands! It was a very erotic scene there in my bedroom. Mrs. Anderson, the 37 year old married, mother of my friend, with such a sexy body! And me, the 18 year-old high school senior standing there with a hard cock, pointed at her!

We both laid down on my bed, then she grabbed my hand and guided it between her legs. Being the naive teenager I exclaimed:
“Wow, you are wet!”
“You made me wet, sweetie!” she whispered with her legs spread wide open. Admiring her neatly shaved pussy and without any hesitation, I let my finger slide over her moist clit! I massaged her clit very slowly and gentle. Whimpering and moaning and enjoying the sensual thrill, she started moaning and said:
“Eat me, boy, eat my pussy!”

Still feeling overwhelmed by all of this, I stared at her pussy with a hungry gaze.
I started out by smelling her cunt and putting the tip of my nose on her clit! I stared rubbing it in small circular motions. Then I grabbed her clit with my lips and uttered:
“I think I’m in love with your pussy!” She said:
“I think my pussy enjoys your young tongue!”

Her pussy began to thrust against my mouth and she was making sounds moaning and heaving. I licked, sucked, and explored every inch of her delicious pussy I noticed her belly button quivering and shaking very rapidly. I realized that my efforts satisfied and met her wild desires.

Putting both her hands on the top of my head, she was trying to f***e me to eat her harder and put my tongue against her red hot clit. Inhaling her sweet flesh aroma and sliding my tongue deep inside her vagina, I licked and sucked her with all my vehemence! I wanted to blow her mind and make her go faint! With her hips shuddering around my head and her moaning becoming loud, I could see the rise of her orgasm through her body. In a loud passionate explosion she arched her back and yelled:
“I’m cumming! God, feels so good! Don’t stop eating me!”

When her orgasm reached its peak, and my lips and mouth swallowed her juices, she started filling my mouth with her sweet fluids! Then she smiled and asked:
“Sweetie, you have a gift. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?” I just grinned and said:
“I don’t know! I just do!”

Mrs. Anderson with a sluttish look on her face sat up and told me to lie on my back. With my dick still very hard she started to give me another hand job. This time the hand job lasted for 4-5 minutes. Then she said she was going to put it into her mouth. Just before she opened her mouth she said:
“You are lucky young man, because I don’t even give my husband blowjobs anymore!” The second I felt her warm wet mouth with my cock, a shiver ran up my spine, making my shaft even harder! She slowly took the head of my cock in her mouth, with her lips sliding down it and her tongue running down my shaft. Her right hand massaged my balls and her left caressing my stomach. I was holding her head by hair. She paused and asked:
“Feel good?” I don’t even answer her, I just smiled and let out a satisfying gasp.

A couple times I moved her head guiding her mouth onto my cock so that she continued sucking without missing a thing of my cock. At first I thought she didn’t have any experience because she doesn’t give her husband head anymore, but she wasn’t. She sucked me like a pro. Her blow job skills were ultimate! She made it more intense by poking her ass in the air, standing on her fours in front of me. She was rubbing my balls while sucking my dick at the same time! Feeling the wetness of her saliva and the warmness of her mouth was making such a pleasure that I had not ever had! I shivered and twitched not wanting to have an orgasm because I wanted to fuck her. So, I pulled my dick out of her mouth, helped her up and told her to get on my bed.

Mrs. Anderson, crawling on all fours reached up and put both her hands on top of the head boards, spread her legs, and prepared herself to be fucked doggie style. With my heart beating soundly, I placed my hands on her hips and slowly ran them across her smooth ass. Her pussy felt so amazing when my cock began penetrating into it! Being so nervous I began slowly, and she said:
“Oh, honey, go faster! Fuck me faster!” As I increased my speed, she started to moan and squirm and begged me to fuck her harder. Slamming my hips harder and increasing my speed, I thrust my cock deeper and deeper inside her we cunt! She was so deep and wide, I think her pussy could fit 2 cocks of my size at he same time! Fucking her rapidly caused wet squelching noises! Wanting to see her, I took my dick out and turned her over so we could fuck missionary. It was a real turn on for me watching her moan like a whore while we fucked. She then raised her legs, putting them on my shoulders. When I was about to continue, she told me:
“Could you give me a favor. Honey?”
“Yes, m’am!”
“Could you stop calling me Mrs. Anderson, and call me just mom?” Before she let me answer, she said:
“I know you have a mom and she’s a wonderful woman, but calling me your mom means so much to me!”
So, in a hesitant and humble tone I uttered irresolutely: “Mom!” She instantly leant forward and hugged me tightly, then kissed me and said:
“It feels so good hearing you call me mom!”

I continued to drive my cock deep inside her, sweat was now dripping down the sides of my face. I enjoyed every moment of this. Her moist overheated pussy and her sweet and sensitive moans were turning me on! She wrapped her legs around my ass, locking me tight until I made her orgasm. I was soon also ready for shot! I pulled my cock out and prepared it to fire! My first shot of cum was a real bomb! It splashed all over her neck. Then, my second and third shots went between her tits, onto her belly, dripping down the outside of her pussy. This old slut played with my cum making traces on her belly with two fingers, the she said:
“My God! You smothered mommy with your cum”

When I was about to jump in the shower I asked her if she wanted to join me. She then asked”
“Isn’t your mother coming home from work soon?” I said that we had some time. But she said that she would better shower at home. I gave her a towel to wipe up all my cum that was on her. While she was toweling herself I asked her about her husband. She said:
“I love my husband and we have sex almost every night. Being married now for over 16 years I always wondered how it would be like to have sex with another man, younger than me. You just became the first one who turned me on. I also thought you were a cute boy I have ever seen.” I turned red and asked:
“Mom, can I stay home sometime soon and play with you again?!” She said:
“Of course, honey, we have a lot to do!”