"Sex Stories" The Full Photo Shoot

Sex Stories The Full Photo Shoot
The theft was reported at around nine fifteen, when someone investigated the cause of the draught in the stockroom. Lord Gallagher, the owner of the museum, was informed some ten minutes later and was not amused, although his notorious temper was itself tempered by the small scale of the crime. The most perplexed amongst his staff was the buyer, who had successfully bid on the painting at auction only the previous week. The painting itself had only just been delivered, and indeed had not even been opened, and yet the warehouse supervisor was absolutely adamant that that was only thing missing.

When questioned by police, the buyer remembered that despite the relative obscurity of the painting (combined with the fact that on a technical level, the painting wasn’t even that good) there was another bidder who had seemed indecently keen to get hold of the drawing, who constantly referred to a mobile phone before raising his bid. As fierce as the bidding had been, it had stopped very suddenly, and the buyer had been left unopposed in the bidding.(Sex Stories)

The buyer, Lisa, was telling the story (with embellishments) to her colleague Tara in the canteen over lunch. Tara White, a tall and leggy 24-year old with dark blonde hair and a Masters degree, was some sort of PA to Lord Gallagher and Lisa was sure that anything she said would get back to Lord Gallagher one way or another – if she didn’t say anything to her boss directly, then she’d tell his daughter Eve, who was Tara’s best friend. Lisa was sure to say how fierce the bidding had been, and he she knew that there was just ‘something special’ about that painting and that was why it had been stolen. (In fact, the truth was somewhat different. Lisa had had a long, liquid lunch with a buyer from another museum and had simply fallen asl**p in the afternoon session, and woke up with three lots left to bid on. She’d not wanted to go back to work empty-handed).

Eve feigned a polite level of interest, but her keen mind was already running through the various scenarios for such a selective crime. There was obviously something special about the painting, although she doubted whether the buyer had actually seen that for herself. Someone definitely had though. She’d taken her degree in the history of art, specialising on the Renaissance period, and she’d never heard of this fellow Vigie-St.Amorry. Maybe it was a place name and his own name was something different – as in, Rene from Vigie-St.Amorry, although she could not recall hearing of such a place. Back in her office, she pulled up a shot of it from an Internet database. It wasn’t a masterpiece, in truth it was a rather charmless and poorly constructed piece, more befitting of work done by a pupil rather than a master.

The phone buzzed, and she snatched it up with an impatient ‘Yes?’ as though annoyed to be pulled away from her thoughts. The frown turned to a smile when she recognised Eve’s voice.

“Hey you, how’s work?” came the chirpy voice from the other end of the phone.

“Hey you, how’s slobbing around all day spending Daddy’s money?” Both girls laughed.

“Well Tara, today I had lunch with Simon, you know the dark haired one from that boy band, what’s their name-”

“You didn’t-”

“I bl**dy well did!”

“Oh you cow! He’s gorgeous. How did you get to meet him?”

“The normal way, his agent rang mine, blah blah blah. And do you know something?”

“More than you can possibly imagine.”

“He’s as thick as bl**dy pig shit!” They laughed again. Tara marvelled at her friend’s comments – ‘the normal way – his agent rang mine’ – as though that was how everyone got fixed up. She knew Eve tried to live down the ‘Daddy’s little rich girl’ tag, but most of the time she failed quite dismally, especially whenever she opened her mouth, which was often. It would help if she weren’t an in-demand photo model with a reputation for being a bit of a spoilt madam, the modelling being something Tara was sure she only did to wind up her father. Physically Eve was the opposite of Tara – natural brunette with a lusty sheen, five and a half feet tall, proud cheekbones and bee-stung lips. In spite of it all, they were true friends and loved each other dearly. “So what are you up to today then, honey?”

“Haven’t you heard? There’s been a break in here at the museum. A new painting has been stolen.”

“That accounts for Daddy’s bad mood I suppose. Was it one of the good ones, or those awful new ones where they can’t colour inside the lines?”

“Well, that’s the funny thing. It’s quite an unknown painting really, I’m not even sure why we wanted it, let alone anyone else. I’ve never even heard of the painter.”

“And you’ve got a brain the size of a planet when it comes to these things, I know. Sounds terribly interesting, I’m sure we’ll get to hear about it over dinner tonight, assuming Daddy comes home. Fancy doing something later, maybe we could go out?”

“I’m not sure Eve, your favourite bars always charge a tenner for a single vodka.”

“That’s the idea honey, keeps the riff-raff out. Have you got any better ideas?”

“Well, I was going to stay here and work late actually, there’s something about this painting that doesn’t quite make sense.”

“Okay, well you work late and I’ll come over to your place for around six.”

“You know, six o’clock is not actually working late.”

“Oh, it is. Look, I’ve said the ‘w’ word so many times I think I’ve got a grey hair coming. Are you sure you won’t come out?”

“Well, I want to look-”

“I know, I know, you want to look for this painting. Tell you what, why don’t I help?”

“Erm, help? It’s been stolen Eve, it’s not lost. It didn’t fall behind the sofa or anything.”

“Ooh look, sarcasm. Well, don’t the police have any suspects or anything?”

“No, but I do. The girl who bid on it, Lisa, was telling me that someone was terribly keen to beat her to that painting at the auction, but then all of a sudden stopped bidding. Even tried to buy the painting of her when the auction finished. I was just wondering if that person decided to get hold of the painting by more nefarious means.”

“By having sex with a corpse?”

There was a pause while Tara worked out what her friend meant. “No Eve, not by having sex with a corpse. That’s n*********a, something else altogether. Nefarious, it means-”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s very interesting. So who was this mystery bidder?”

“Well, I called the auction house and got a list of all the other people who were at that auction. There’s only one I don’t know or who isn’t connected to an organisation I know in some way. There’s a name, Nathan Silberman. He bought one other piece and gave a billing address in New York.”

“Ooh, I haven’t been to New York in ages.”

“You were there last month!”

“That’s what I mean. Let’s go look for it! We’ll find this guy, this silverfish-”


“- and ask him outright what he’s done with Daddy’s horrid painting!”

“I don’t think we can just walk in and ask him outright. He may not have it.”

“You’re right, we need to be more tricky, more sneaky… we could break in and search for it! I can get in anywhere.”

“Yes, we all know you’re only a size six, thank you…”

“No, I’m serious! We’ll go get that painting back and Daddy might get me a new car, and you can get a pay rise and everybody’s happy.”

“No! I can’t just wander of from work like that.”

“Hmmm… I know! That French chap with the underwear, the designer fellow that keeps bothering me, what’s his name?”

“Maxime, Maxime Bossis.”

“That’s the one. He keeps ringing my agent wanting me to model some new scanties for him. I’ll tell Daddy that I’m going to NY to wear some posh knickers for a Frenchman to take pictures of, and he’ll tell me to take you to ‘keep an eye on me’ like he always does…”

“He never says that….”

“He does honey, I listen at the door of his office. He’ll tell you to be my chaperone, and then we get to go to New York together! It’ll be fun, it’s ages since we’ve had a girly trip away.”

“I don’t know…”

“I do, my mind’s quite made up, I’ll get Marie to set it up now with Maxime.”

“You’re going to do the modelling? I thought that was just a cover.”

“Heavens, no, Maxime does the best knickers. Tiny little things! He always lets me keep them afterwards, so let’s go let the Frenchman get his jollies and we’ll see if we can find this painting. What do you say?”

As normal, it didn’t really matter what Tara said once Eve had her mind made up, which would be why just a few hours later she found herself waiting at Gatwick for the Virgin Airlines flight to New York.

The flight took seven and a half hours and they arrived at JFK at six the next morning. The photo shoot was scheduled for the next day, something Tara suspected Eve had arranged so they could spend the day shopping, catching up with Eve’s many New York friends, and generally just gadding about. They checked into their Broadway hotel and were shown to adjoining suites. After a nap to catch up, they took lunch with Maxime, the French designer and his assistant Marie, to discuss their plans for the shoot the next day.

The shoot would take place at an extremely seedy hotel in the Bronx, all dirty walls and bedraggled furnishings. As far as anyone could make out, this was to highlight the contrast the difference between the exclusive and outrageously expensive lingerie – the cost of one particular bra would be enough to hire the room they would be shooting in for an entire month – and the squalid surroundings. Tara had many misgivings about the location, the reasoning behind the location, and so on, but instead took to privately wondering why posh women would see these fancies knickers in a Bronx flea-pit and suddenly decide their life’s work was to own a pair. Worlds apart, a thought that often occurred when she was with any acquaintance of Eve’s.

Maxime was fawning over Eve, as many men did. The ice-blue eyes could give off a stare that would split obsidian, and she could be as bitchy and sarcastic as the loudest queen, but when she wanted to she could be so charming, so affable and approachable that she’d been known to illicit serious proposals of marriage inside fifteen minutes. The real Eve lay somewhere between those two – fun-loving, friendly and generous, definitely sensuous, but accustomed to getting her own way and pouting when there were obstacles to that.

His big plan for the shoot was to pair Eve with another girl and have them shot in this sleazy dive, done up to look as cheap as possible, as though they were two call-girls you’d hired for the hour. They’d hired Geoff Thorn, an arrogant young Londoner, to do the shoot. Thorn was known for many controversial pieces of work, his photography, his paintings, his rants about left-wing politics… he was pretty much rent-a-soapbox. It seemed that he never tired of hearing his own voice and was definitely from the school that any publicity was good publicity. Tara could see the ads now, before they were even shot. Not only were they going to be billboard ads in the States, they would be given away in a special supplement in the forthcoming edition of the UK’s top selling lad mag. This was always something that Tara found bizarre – how many pairs of $500 knickers would they sell through a men’s magazine?

The other girl was a controversial US rapper by the name of Sabrina. Half Spanish and half Brazilian, she had the looks and body of a supermodel, the intelligence of a politician and the mouth of a marine. If half the rumours about her were true, then she re-defined the term wild c***d. Eve owned one of her CDs: it was in the glove compartment of her car right at that moment. Known partly for her pragmatic, real-life raps over languid, Blue Note inspired jazzy rhythms, she was also much in demand as a model with a tall, slim figure and seemingly endless legs, and cascading loose jet-black curls. Her delicious caramel coloured complexion had lent itself to some stunning photosets, and, if the urban myths were to be believed, some amateur hard-core pornography in the days before she was famous.

They met early next morning to take advantage of the wan, early morning sunlight. The room itself was dirty, with bedraggled curtains of an indeterminate colour and age. The sun struggled to find a way through, casting long shadows in the rest of the room. There was no carpet and the floorboards were coarse and stained. The few rugs were similarly disgusting, and there was a smell in the air as though the windows had not been opened in some time. The wallpaper was completely missing from most parts of the wall, and what little remained was a hideous seventies design in beige and brown. Disturbingly, there were three bullet holes in the wall opposite the door, and there were bullets still in two of them.

There was a bag of underwear in some seriously sleazy styles and colours, which delighted both girls. Thorn (as he insisted on being called) was overjoyed to see that the girls were both up for it, and neither showed any false modesty, peeling off in front of him almost immediately to start trying the undies on. The lingerie was mostly lace with either silk or PVC, with stylings borrowed heavily from bondage paraphernalia – studs, little loops of chain, collars, and so on. They’d both insisted on doing their own make-up, which meant that there was just the three of them in the hotel room in Queens that morning. The make-up was cheap and trampy, smudged black and enticingly over-the-top reds. Eve had gone for the slightly more feminine lingerie in dark blue silk with exquisite black lace, while Sabrina’s set was black PVC with white lace. Both girls wore stockings; Eve’s attached to a suspender belt, whilst Sabrina’s were fishnet hold-ups.

They started with some very tame shots, the girls sat in their lingerie with their backs to the wall, staring out of the window, purposely looking bored and disinterested. A few more of them appearing to fasten and unfasten each other’s bras or suspender belts. Then, in a moment when Thorn was changing the roll of film in his camera, Sabrina leaned in close to Eve’s ear.

“Wanna know what I did this morning?” She whispered in her honeyed, Latino drawl.


“I had myself a fucking huge orgasm with my favourite vibrator thinking about this shoot. It’s been soooo loooong since I did anything really fucked up! I was thinking that we could really get nasty, make these shots so freaking horny that he can’t use them for anything except wanking, and we get to keep the stuff after! Whaddya say?”

Eve swallowed. She’d heard about this girl, had heard all the stories about the stuff she was supposedly into, and the temper tantrums when she didn’t get her own way. She paused briefly, smiled, then nodded. A grin broke out on Sabrina’s face and a devilish glint came into her eyes. She leaned in again and whispered.

“Here, I got a little something for you…” one arm snaked around Eve’s waist, puling her in close, while one heavily manicured fingernail traced a line over Eve’s taut, flat belly, between her breasts and finally right up to her lips. Looking deep into Sabrina’s eyes and trying desperately not to feel like a virgin by comparison, Eve took the finger into her mouth and sucked on it deep, as though giving the best BJ of her life.

“Yeah, that’s good, that’s real good,” Sabrina intoned in her deep, husky drawl, “you taste that? That’s the finger that I used on my clit to bring me off this morning, and I ain’t washed it since!”

Thorn was back, snapping his fingers to get their attention. He started to whine on about how he wanted the next set of poses to be, but Sabrina snapped at him to be quiet, saying that Eve and her had got it all worked out, and all he had to do was keep taking pictures.

Eve kept sucking the finger anyway, as Sabrina showed no signs of wanting her to stop. She closed her eyes and made like she was sucking on a huge cock, and in response Sabrina grabbed a handful of Eve’s ass, digging the nails in too much and causing Eve to jump. Sabrina removed her finger and started to tease Eve’s nipples, roughly, but making them very hard. Eve had had other women before and was absolutely no stranger to other women’s bodies, but there was something about this strong, wilful girl that caused her to feel very shy and timid before he, and she hoped desperately that it didn’t show.

Sabrina leaned in for a kiss, and from the off there was electricity between them that set Eve’s pulse hammering. Sabrina’s tongue f***ed its way into Eve’s mouth, meeting very little resistance. They pulled each other closer, Eve craning upwards to meet the much taller girl. Sabrina’s hands were wandering all over Eve’s body, while the English girl felt she was almost powerless to do anything in return. A hand found the flimsy material covering the crotch of Eve’s knickers, started rubbing the soft, downy mound underneath. Eve was already aroused just through being in the presence of this girl, and now she found herself starting to get really wet.

In the background Thorn was screaming at them to ‘stop fucking around, we’re here to do a fucking shoot!’ as though it were the most important thing on earth. Eve sensed instinctively that this was annoying Sabrina, and sure enough seconds later Sabrina broke off their kiss and went to confront the wailing photographer. Grabbing his balls, she spoke softly to him without breaking eye contact.

“I told you once, all you have to do is keep pointing the camera and pressing the little button on it. Eve and I are gonna have a little fun, you’re gonna take the pictures, everyone’s gonna have a really good fucking time, you got that? You happy with that?” she asked, twisting his balls slightly to make her point a little more forcibly. Thorn nodded. “That’s good, that’s real good. Now then, Eve honey, would you do me a little favour? Will you get me the little back leather bag I brought with me? I think I left it in the car, but the cars are over there.”

Eve’s flinched as though she were not expecting to be spoken to. She came to abruptly, stammering a little in her response. “Your bag? Umm, in your car? That’s, uh, that’s outside.”

“That’s right honey, the car’s outside, that’s where I always keep it. Now would you be a doll and go fetch it?” She did as she was told, nipping nimbly down the rickety wooden stairs despite the six inch spiked heels she was wearing. Checking there was no-one about, she darted outside, retrieved the bag in question, then ran back upstairs. She found Thorn sat on the floor leaning against the wall, with Sabrina d****d over his left shoulder, whispering into his ear. She had her right hand over the bulge in his trousers.

“Oh thanks honey! Thorn and I, we’ve been having this little chat, and he sees it our way now, and he wants to have a little fun too! Now let’s have a look what we’ve got in here that will help us get in the mood…” she delved into the bag and produced a bottle of tequila, of which she took three deep slugs. She passed it to Thorn, who took a similar deep draught. Eve politely declined. Sabrina shrugged and said, “Okay then, let’s see what else we’ve got in here!” She pulled out an entangled mess of straps and plastic, which she spent a moment unravelling before beckoning Eve over.

“Choose one then honey, let’s see what sort of gal you are!” She laughed, wickedly. Eve frowned, trying to work out what she was being offered. Sabrina laughed again. “They’re dildos honey! You choose one, you put it on me, then Mr. Thorn here gets to take pics while I fuck you with it! So which one do you want? You got your little one, that’s about six inches, your bigger one, that’s about eight, then the one that I call the horse! Look, it must be twelve inches!” Eve selected the smallest one. “Well that’s okay, it just means I can ram it in all the harder! Well, we haven’t got all day, let’s get started. Mr. Thorn, why don’t you get that camera rolling again?”

Sabrina stood in the middle of the room, holding the dildo out to Eve. They heard the camera start to whirr and click in the background. Sabrina motioned to Eve to put it on, and as Eve reached round to fasten the waist strap, Sabrina slapped her hand.

“That’s not how you do it. You gotta take these panties off first. Go slow, so Mr. Thorn can take some nice pictures.” Eve went down on one knee, and, sensing a great shot, Sabrina put her stilettoed foot on Eve’s knee. After a few snaps in a classic subservient pose, Sabrina put her foot down and Eve began to work the flimsy knickers down Sabrina’s legs. They were damp at the crotch, and Eve could not help but catch the strong scent from Sabrina’s vagina. She caught herself breathing it in, and a split-second later so did Sabrina. Sabrina took hold of Eve’s hair and pulled her head towards the source of the sticky, sweet scent. “Don’t be shy Eve, let’s see if you can lick as well as you sniff!”

Shy and timid at first, Eve’s darting tongue movements earned her a swift rebuke in the form of a yank on her hair. Sabrina opened her legs further so Eve could gain better access, and to appease her new mistress so moved in straight away, lapping hungrily but without finesse at Sabrina’s lips, her hole and her clit. She could hear Sabrina start to moan, and then snap at the photographer to move in closer and make sure he was getting it all. Eve tried to establish some sort of rhythm, but before long Sabrina was groaning and grinding against Eve’s face, which made it difficult.

She heard Sabrina issuing further orders: “Eve, you’ve got to play up for the cameras a little more. Do you think that while you’re eating me out, you could perhaps frig yourself off or something?” Eve winced at the other girl’s coarse language but did as she was ordered, snaking a hand down and inside her panties to make contact with her own clitoris, which by this time was fully extended. Growing into her role, she stopped masturbating momentarily to draw the gusset of her panties to one side and make sure the camera could see everything. The juices from Sabrina’s pussy were starting to run down Eve’s chin and from the noises she was making, Sabrina seemed to be having a very good time. Emboldened, Eve used her free hand to start rubbing Sabrina’s butt cheeks, which seemed to go down very well.

Eve drew back her heard for breath, but not wishing to incur Sabrina’s wrath she used her free hand to start masturbating Sabrina. Eve hit the magic spot straight away and fell into a fast rhythm, working both Sabrina’s clitoris and her own at the same time. Sabrina’s head slumped forwards and she moaned several times, as Thorn snapped away busily with his camera from every angle. Eve felt she was regaining something of an even footing after being at a definite disadvantage for most of the encounter so far, and as she felt the first throes of her orgasm creeping up on her she allowed herself a tiny smile.

Seconds later, Sabrina threw her head and screamed that she was coming, and not to stop, allied with a stream of foreign curses. Thorn cropped his shot and got closer to Sabrina’s face, trying to catch the moment of ecstasy. Eve was tempted to slow down a little so she could catch up, but before she knew it she felt her legs buckling and new her own orgasm was upon her. Both girls came almost at the same time and, laughing, collapsed on top of each other in a heap when their legs could no longer take it.

Sabrina was the first one upright. “Okay then, now that we’re all warmed up, let’s really have some fun! Thorn honey, are you getting all this? Are you getting good pics there, baby?” Dumbstruck, and for once thankfully lost for words, he could only nod as he frantically groped in his bag for more roles of film. Sabrina picked up the pile of strap-ons that they had been discussing before, and shook the eight-inch dildo free. “I know you picked the other one, but I like this one the best. Thorn baby, will you strap me into this while Eve takes a breather?” The photographer did as bidden, and moments later Sabrina was strutting around, admiring her new appendage and waggling it everywhere comically. Thorn snapped away and she played up for the camera, making lewd facial expression and pretending to masturbate the pretend plastic penis. She taunted the prostrate Eve with it.

“Eve-ee, oh Eve-ee! Come see what Sabrina’s got for you to play with!” She knelt down by the side of Eve’s head so that the dildo was very close to her mouth. Taking the cue, Eve propped herself up on one elbow and took the plastic member into her mouth, making exaggerated motions and slurping noises. Sabrina was cooing over her performance, and pretty soon rewarded Eve been reaching down and starting to masturbate the English girl, using two fingers on an already aroused clitoris. Soon she’d used her fingers to part Eve’s pussy lips, and was slowly working two fingers in and out in a corkscrew motion.

When Sabrina had had enough of the teasing, she gently pushed Eve back onto the dirty wooden floorboards and slowly peeled off the delicate lace lingerie. She drew it to her nose and breathed deeply, making eyes at Thorn’s camera. She threw them to one side, then positioned herself squarely between Eve’s opened legs, staring directly at her hot, wet vagina. Eve was u*********sly wiling the other girl take get a move on, to use the dildo on her, to open her up and thrust deep within her.

Deliberately going slowly so that Thorn could get the best shots, Sabrina moved into position so that the tip of the dildo was resting against Eve’s labia. Eve was biting her lip in an effort to control her frustration, but after an age Sabrina stopped posing for the camera and began to look after Eve’s needs. Slowly, so as not to hurt more than any vindictive desire to tease, she edged the plastic cock into Eve’s vagina. The plastic was still warm and wet from Eve’s fellatio, and it slipped in without resistance, and both girls let out a sigh when they felt all eight inches go in up to the hilt. Sabrina made herself more comfortable, and by now they were in the classic missionary position. While Eve’s body became accustomed to the intrusion, they exchanged long and deep kisses, their tongues revolving around in each other’s mouths.

Little by little, Sabrina began to withdraw and thrust, making each successive thrust longer than the last, holding back just a touch longer before thrusting in and withdrawing again. The lips of Eve’s labia clung to the plastic on each thrust. In minutes, they were up to a normal speed for sex, Eve’s eyes closed and her cheek resting on the floor as she concentrated on the sensations from her sex. Sabrina was transfixed, watching the expressions on Eve’s face earnestly, as Thorn clambered around them, trying to get the best angles without spoiling their endeavours. Eve was by now only vaguely aware that they were being constantly photographed. She scratched her nails down Sabrina’s back, which went practically unnoticed. She locked her calves around Sabrina’s and soon moved her legs up so they were wrapped around Sabrina’s waist.

Stopping suddenly, Sabrina leaned back. One by one she took hold of Eve’s ankles and hoisted them up so Eve was practically bent double, Sabrina leaning on the back of her thighs. Eve was pressed into a small bundle, unable to move or complain, with her head practically between her own legs as the dildo was rammed even further home. Sabrina was drooling, she looked to have something akin to bl**dlust in her eyes as she started to pound home the fake cock. Eve was loving every moment and could not remember being fucked so mercilessly. She started to moan, then scream, and instinctively she managed to squirm a hand through the forest of limbs to seek out her clitoris and bring on a second, and much fiercer, orgasm.

When the bl**drush had finished, Eve realised that Sabrina was no longer inside her, and was talking to Thorn, who looked sceptical. Sabrina looked insistent, and eventually Thorn seemed to accede to whatever demands were being made of him. Sabrina knelt down beside Eve and offered her a swig of tequila while she outlined her thoughts.

“Hey baby, you okay? Thought we’d leave you there to catch your breath for a moment. Don’t get up, you’re okay for a moment. I was thinking that to round the morning’s shooting off, we’d have some shots of a different kind of shooting, whaddya think?” It was Eve’s turn to look sceptical now, but Sabrina pressed on. “I want some really horny, filthy pictures to end the set with, and I also think that we should give Thorn a little treat for being such a patient and professional photographer. I think that’s only fair, and he doesn’t mind!”

“This is what we’re gonna do. I’m going to kneel in front of Thorn, naked, while he shoots downwards looking at me. You’re going to stand behind him and toss him off, so that he comes all over my tits. He’s gonna take loads of pics of all this! Then when we’re done, you’re gonna lick all his cum off me and, I don’t know, we’ll kiss and fool around a little while we’re both covered in it. Okay? Then let’s get ready!” Clearly the plan was not a suggestion, more an order. Unwilling to argue with the taller girl, and wearing much the same nervous expression as each other, Thorn and Eve assumed their positions, Thorn with the camera at the ready, and Eve behind him. Sabrina stripped out of bra, leaving on just her hold-ups, and knelt down in front of his crotch and started to undo his jeans. Eve thought she was spinning the moment out, delaying it to tease him. Soon though, an expectant erection was released, and both girls mentally noted that it was a good size, should they ever come across him privately.

Thorn started shooting, the first pics of Sabrina’s eager smile, then Eve’s hand in the foreground as it started to work on his erection. Eve rubbed slowly at first, making sure to rub the full length of his shaft and pay plenty of attention to the head of his penis. When Sabrina saw that there was a little skin-on-skin friction, she gently withdrew Eve’s hand and took Thorn’s erection into her mouth, running her tongue up and down to give some extra lubrication. When she was done, she replaced Eve’s hand back around the shaft.

Eve could already tell how aroused Thorn was; he’d have to be dead and in a tin not to have been turned on by what he’d already witnessed. Eve was something of an expert at handjobs, having administered more than her fair share, and within a few minutes of expert manipulation there were already bubbles of pre-cum forming at the end of his smooth, circumcised erection. The girls heard the motor drive on the camera whirring as he altered between close-ups, the end of his cock with Sabrina’s transfixed gaze below it, and wide-angle views which took in the crafty hand that Sabrina was using to masturbate herself with. Eve realised at this point she was the one with the power: she could decide when he was going to come, and she was sure that Sabrina was trying her hardest to time her orgasm with the ejaculation of his sperm on her chest.

Eve pressed her body up against his, and could feel his laboured, almost spasmodic breathing. She put her other arm around him, holding onto his hips, pulling him back into her. Sabrina was starting to play with her nipples, and Thorn was taking shots with her in focus, and the end of his cock as a blurred image at the front of the frame. She hardly blinked, preferring to pay close attention to Eve’s hand and the bobbing, ready to burst erection in front of her.

When Eve felt that he was ready (which was actually when she felt her arm starting to ache), she applied more pressure and concentrated on a steady rhythm rather than a sensuous massage of his shaft. Within minutes, he blurted out, “I’m coming, oh shit I’m coming!” and he did exactly that. She squealed in delight as his hot sperm landed on her chest, her face, and in her hair. She licked a long rivulet of it as it dripped over her top lip, and as the last of it dribbled from the slit of his cock, she took it in his mouth and hungrily gobbled it down. “You got all that on film, yeah?” she asked anxiously. When he nodded to indicate he had, she practically pushed him out of the way and grabbed Eve.

Sabrina pulled Eve down so that they were both kneeling, then pushed Eve’s head down into her cleavage, with a hissed instruction not to swallow it all. She barked out a quick ‘hey!’ when she saw that Thorn has momentarily stopped snapping to watch. Eve lapped away in exaggerated fashion, making sure she got the sweet, tangy liquid all around her mouth and face. Thorn got in close, making sure he had shots of his spunk on her tongue and lips. Sabrina pushed Eve away and started to massage what remained into her chest, licking some off her hand. She took a large wad of it on the fingertips of her right hand and started using it as lubricant to masturbate with, rubbing the sticky stuff all over her clitoris and pussy lips. When she’d had enough of that, she drew Eve closed again and they kissed passionately, tongues fighting over the last remnants of come on each other’s faces.