"Sex Stories" Girl fixed men 14 day on Bed

Sex Stories Girl fixed men 14 day on Bed
I am a 28 years old woman and my name is Sandy. Today I woke up the morning. It was a beautiful day. Not just because the weather here in Germany was pretty sunny. 

It probably also for the fact that I have birthday and there will be a great party tonight. I went into the kitchen and made me breakfast. Drink a cup of coffee, then went to my job. 
Finally it was time the evening has begun and the first guests had arrived. Under there came an old friend whom I have not seen for several years, his name is Thilo and is 30 years old. 

When all the guests were there, the celebration was going on properly. The mood was good and we have a lot to drink. The music was loud and everyone had fun. Slowly it was dark outside and the night came on. (XXX Stories)

Most of my invited guests were already d***k and passed so slowly. Having had to go on an all guests, I noticed there was still that of Thilo. I noticed that he was pretty d***k and did not get a lot more from his surroundings. 

As all the guests had left, closed the door precaution and hid the key because I did not know whether Thilo might run in his d***ken state on the road and will eventually hurt by their recklessness, or the like. 

I went to Thilo and told him that he could sl**p in my bed until you have rested. I then slept on the living room couch. 

As he himself could not stand up, I said: "Thilo You can not remain here, the soil is too cold, not that you'll catch cold. Come, I'll help with common character and put him in my bed and covered her and told him, sl**p well. See you tomorrow. 

I closed the bedroom door and walked into the living room, cleaned the apartment. After 2 hours had passed, it was already 3:30 in the evening and party all traces were removed, I thought to myself: Perhaps it's better if I can see again after Thilo. Before I go to sl**p. 

So I went back to him, his blanket lay on the floor and Thilo stood at the window and wanted to climb out. I said what are you doing anything and he chanted to himself. I do not understand him. I think he really did not know where he is currently located. 

I said Thilo that we here in the 5th Floor, you can climb here not get out. You're not at your home. But he understood me and was not in volume. Thilo said I should let him go. I noticed that his pants were wet. I went to bed and noticed that had wet the Thilo themselves. A huge puddle of pee was in my bed. I shouted at him and said you have peed in my bed, what is the das Thilo just said I was not that I was not that. I said to him, clearly who it was because, as someone else has slept in it. Thilo said only: Sure thou Perhaps you've peed in bed and now I get the blame. 

I was boiling with rage, until he lies d***k on the floor, then I put him to sl**p in my bed, so he can sl**p off his d***k, then I get randomly with how Thilo from the 5th Climbing and wants to stick to you, he still pees in my bed, and denies everything in his d***ken state. 

I was so mad and I thought, well if he wants to climb out the window and can not walk independently on the toilet, I will probably now have to come to tougher sanctions, and then went into the kitchen and took care of sl**ping pills, which I myself once by a doctor had been prescribed. I took it and went back into the bedroom where Thilo stood again at the stupid window. I still got a glass of water and said to him, here are 3 headache pills, so that tomorrow you will not wake up with headaches. Thilo took it and gulped it down with a glass of water. I moved into the new bed and asked him to now put to bed. Reluctantly Thilo lay down in bed and muttered to himself, I feel so different all at once. 

What was inside the glass. I told him, do not worry, it will be all right. As Thilo then became increasingly drowsy, I took the Segufix of my work out of the closet and attached it to the bed. The complete program, I was there, the fixation of bone fixation to the head, arm, foot, shoulder and step. When I had fixed everything, Thilo was pretty sl**py, I said to him: "I'll show and prove that you have already made the bed. 

So I put him on the side of the bed, where it was attached Segufix Him took off all clothes until he was completely naked and Thilo fixed on the head, shoulders, arms, step, thighs and feet. 

Thilo woke up suddenly and said what are you doing with me. I said, I do it only for your safety. I shaved his genital area and put it in a diaper. And then went to bed. 

Am to 17 clock again come in the bedroom and noticed that Thilo was already awake. He tried to tear himself away and to scream. I said it would not make sense anyway, here you will not hear because the gag is well fixed in your mouth and away you come here either. 
This has been quite different in the clinic where I work sampled. 

I immediately noticed that his diaper was wet and said, oh Thilo you could not keep still. Your diaper is full of pee, so I can make you not go. I will be able to make you just go where you stay dry 30 hours at a stretch. 

So you had last night but peed in my bed. So I can you really do not go. I tried to open his diaper, tried to pull them from his body, but Thilo tried to defend himself, trying with all his might to squeeze his thigh, so I do not come to the diaper. 

But it brought Thilo nothing. I opened the diaper and fasteners, turned up the diaper filled up to their bellies and then pulled them out from under his butt. 

He tried to continue to defend against. His penis was full of urine, so I took the cream and baby wipes, and made him clean. When I pulled down his foreskin around the penis clean completely, I just thought that it is not enough Thilo punish only with fixation. He can not fight anyway. When I clean his testicles did it, I went back the second time his foreskin and put my lips right on the tip of his penis and then slowly pushed his cock into my mouth until I had merely to the testicle in his mouth. Thilo tried to scream, but did not go there, due to the gag. 

I licked over his balls, blew his penis and saw that made me really horny. I undressed and sat on him, stuck his hard cock in my pussy and looked him in the process of how powerless he really is. When I finally received his semen in her mouth, I CREATE Thilo Penates cream and put him with a dildo in his ass and penetrated him with it. Then I picked up a diaper and wrapped Him and said to him, if you promise to remain calm and not cry, you'll now get something to eat. Thilo nodded and I took him from the gag, pulled out of the kitchen and what food to feed him. Thilo turned red in the face, he probably feels ashamed. But he would have to consider earlier. 

Thilo asked Sandy how to spend the 30 hours dry, if I'm not allowed to use the toilet. Make me please Come on, please, please. I would also say none of them was. As Sandy said only, you will also say that no one thing, otherwise you will be here the next few weeks are still attached. 

Sandy, Thilo put the gag back on and left the room. 

In the night I heard despite gag Thilo scream and went to look around for him if the gag was perhaps too loose. When I realized that this firmly and securely stuck in my mouth, I touched his diaper to check that this is probably wet. Right away I noticed nothing, and kneaded by the diaper, I could feel his penis abgeschlafft in the diaper was. But something had to be, because Thilo still lamented. When I lifted the diaper, I found that made it big in the diaper. I said to Thilo, you see, it is not even better, now you have you full of shit too. I got the wet wipes and the household gods of cream. Opened the diaper and noticed that he had to eingesaut to the navel. Thilo blushed. I was but who cares. I wiped the mess it had spread from the penis, scrotum and buttocks away. And dressed him in a new diaper and then went to sl**p.