"Sex Stories" Girls in public

Sex Stories Girls in public
On a hot sunny day Sophie got a word from her boss that she and her crew can take off the rest of the day and go home. Her colleagues were going to a huge party and they were going to get by her house anyhow so they offered give her a ride on the way. She hesitated because the car was a small Peugeot 206 with 2 doors and she was in miniskirt with a tiny tanga. Than she thinked what could hurt ... it might be a little exiting to ride in that small car beside 5 other guys. Three of them were sitting in the back, 1-1 in front and I had the choice to sit on the 3 in back witch seem a little too horny or in front on the near drivers lap. So I decided to sit in front. the bumpy road kinda shaken me up and I couldn't skip the idea that the guy's knee was constantly rubbing my pussy. 

I was getting hornyer and hornyer every second ... but I was embarrassed that they would see me. I felt like if we will be driving like 10 more miles I’ll be squirting all over the spot. Lucky me before the point of no return we just arrived. The car stopped and all the guys being gents (or just wanna kiss on cheek a cute girl in miniskirt) wanted to get out to say goodbye. Unfortunately in the struggle to get out from that car I slipped of the lap right into the gear shifter rod. The rod penetrated into my soaking wet pussy and I felt that I was so close to that point so I just wanted to get inside my house to avoid embarrassment and just splash on the floor. As I got out I saw the guy's pant where I just sitted there was a tiny spot of my juice. They all hugged me and cheek kissed me and only than I realized that the guy had noticed it because when he hugged me he snuggled me so hard I thought my boobs will explode and as he was gently stroking my upper back with left hand he did same with right hand on my left butt cheek. (Sex Stories)

Than was the point of no return and with a silent moan also came the body twist with a squirt in the middle of the road that was embarrassing but exiting too as the squirted juice started flowing down my legs to my ankle into my shoes and dripping of my skirt. Ahhh I felt such a slut, and it felt great. I didn't know if I felt lucky or unlucky that nobody noticed it .. and nor the pool that was still growing under me. I said goodbye and rushed into the house. As I entered I wanted to get clean but my s****r came in front of me to welcome me. I was confused a little not knowing what will my s****r think of me. Lucky me I was 23 and she was 22 so we got along great in general … so this action resulted that she started to laugh and than came to me and started kissing me and rubbed my wet pussy. At first I didn’t know what to think but I played along and it felt great. Slowly she started to get a little lower licking my boobs, belly pierce and finally she was heading to the spot. (Erotic Stories)

I hesitated a bit because I just had recently pierced my pussy and didn’t know what would she say but the pleasure was so great that after 1sec oh hesitation I pushed my pussy into her face. She smiled again and started licking my juice. It was the best thing ever happened to me. Than she came up with an insane idea to get a vibe into our pussyes with knickers on so it keeps there and doesn’t fall out and we head out into the center of town and who will came first will loose the game and will probably get punished by public humiliation. At this time I was so horny I only heard that my pussy is going to get vibed so I nod that I am in the game. She took my hand and pulled me into her room. She opened her drawers and took out 2 vibrators that were like 8 inches long and 6 inches wide. I was like no way that is too big ! Than she pushed me over and I fell on the bed. She ripped my soaking wet tanga off and without any warning she penetrated it inside me. I could feel it in my lower stomach it hurt like hell but it was so damn exiting. 

She gave me one of her knickers to put it on. While I was leaning on bed with legs up putting on her panties I saw her getting ready for the game . She pushed down her knickers and I saw that she had an exactly same pierce in the exact same spot. Now I smiled at her and knew what she was smiling about before. The thought that she had pierced pussy too got me even more exited. She got up bed and rubbed her wet pussy to my face and I started licking it like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity but she stopped after a few minutes and got off bed. She slipped the vibrator into her vagina and pulled knickers up she wanted to get out like that but I hesitated so she got an even smaller miniskirt than mine … it was like 4 inches or so. If you know where to look you were able to see her pussy and the vibrator too. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up and told me “Let’s go”. We got to the main door and she asked me “Are you ready ?“ while I answered “Not really …” she replied “GREAT ! Than let’s go !”. We turned on the vibrators to maximum power and head on out to the big world. We walked hand in hand like 50 feet when she started running and pulling me after her. The excitement was great before but running … well that was totally different … as my muscles were trying to push out the enormous vibe the knickers were pushing it back … it felt like someone was fucking me from behind while I was running. After a mile or so we got in the center of town. 

Than we both needed a little “break” so we stopped at an open fast food restaurant to get a little liquid because the play was getting us dry inside. I didn’t realized but my s*s was getting close to the point of no return and as the waitress came to get our orders she was starting to moan. I ordered a bottle of water than the waitress asked if she wanted one too. She softly yelled “Yesss !!!” the waitress looked a little surprised and I fast replied “It is too hot and she cant take the heat”. As the waitress left I looked under the table and there was a pool already … yes she came and lost the game. 

I was so exited that I forgot that I have a vibe inside me and I jumped up the chair and yelled “YES !!! I’ve WON !!!” and than it suddenly hit me … I started to have orgasms and the thought of everyone watching me because I yelled before for all other reasons was horrible and yet the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life … I squirted like 3-4 times and it just wouldn’t stop. I was having cycled multiple orgasms. It was so intense that on the inside of my legs I could feel that it was flowing down like I had a pipe leak. I was too embarrassed to get it to stop there while everyone was watching me so I stood up and started walking like a d***k bitch and headed to the lady’s room. 

As I entered I wanted to lock the door but someone just pushed the door. It was my s*s. She pushed me against wall and kneels down. Pulled down my panty and slowly pulled out the vibrator. As slowly as she pulled out I felt it again and squashed on her face and boobs. Than she started to fuck me with it. My body was in such heat that I felt that I will collapse in any second so I wanted to asked her to stop but the excitement was too big so I said nothing. After a few minutes I actually collapsed while having the 10th or 15th orgasm that day in only a few hours. Lucky me I regained conscience shortly and there was no need for external involvement. We washed up ourselves and got home like it was any other day. It was the best experience of my life ! I cant wait to try something like it again.