"Sex Stories" God, he was HUGE!!!

Sex Stories God, he was HUGE!!!
I had a HUGE cock last night!!! My boyfriend and I were at a bar, and this really hot guy a couple stools down kept checking me out. We made eye contact and I smiled a couple times at him and also let my BF in on what was happening (he gets SO turned on when I pick up guys). 

So I moved over next to him at the bar, to order a drink, and I happened to look down. He had on a really light, thin, pair of slacks, kinda tight, just right, you know? Nice thin fabric? And he was commando...(Sex Stories)

And he had a hard-on down his pants leg that was 12 INCHES LONG and as thick as my wrist!!! I about fainted and fell over in his lap. It was actually THROBBING against the fabric of his pants, it was so hard! I was staring at it. Mouth open. It was halfway down his leg!

Then I looked up at him, and he was just smiling so sweet at me, and checking me out up and down, lol. So... I sat there and chatted him up a bit. 

All the while I was staring at his cock while he flexed it for me and made it strain and relax, strain and relax, with just his cock muscles... just flexing it for me to see. WOW. He was so fucking hard, I could see the veins down the sides, though his thin pants. I could see the head clearly. And it was the size of a small apple! After a while, he was dipping pre-cum!!! I could SEE it wetting his slacks, lol. (Adult Stories)

I was absolutely sticky, I was so fucking wet!!!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I invited him out to my car for a "breath of air and to chat". Just so happens, we had parked in a rather dark corner. The very minute he closed the car door, he unzipped his pants and worked them down until that dick could get loose. It sprang up so hard, and it slapped his belly with such a heavy sound, I came right then.

It was HUGE!!! And it was hard as a fucking rock, dripping so much pre-cum, all I had to do was slide my hand around that big head a few times and he was slick as could be. I worked my hand down the shaft just admiring him and wetting his shaft with his load of pre-cum and stroking him. I could no way get my hand around it all, it was so thick, and I licked up and down and around and over the head, just feeling how thick and hard he was. Soon, his entire throbbing shaft was glistening, even his balls.

He was getting even harder and I could tell his balls were tightening, so I began licking the head, then up and down that thick veined shaft. And then up over the head again. Then, I started to slide my lips around that head, and opened wide to work him into my mouth. I could only take a couple inches, so my hand stroked the shaft, and I licked and sucked that big head, which just got more and more purple and hard.

In just a few minutes, he was tensing his butt and arching up, and his thick tube began to pulse, and he shot a HUGE load in my mouth. I could feel his cock throb with each shot. I could feel it rushing up that thick tube on the underside and then explode, hot in my mouth. He shot 10 times! I counted!!! I was drinking his cum so fast, I was swallowing every drop, like a thick drink.

Then, when he was done, we got out of the car, I went back into the bar and he drove away with a happy smile! :)

Mmmmmmm, that's just my idea of a nice cocktail!