"Sex Stories" The Grateful Old Man & the Eager Young Girl

Sex Stories The Grateful Old Man & the Eager Young Girl
The stunned old goat watched his little friend devour her bologna sandwich and slurp down the rest of her drink. He got aroused all over again, knowing that only he knew the disgusting secret of her “Special Lunch”. As he helped Cherie put her panties back on, the phone rang. He cursed under his breath about the “damn stairs”, as the energetic c***d ran to the door and up the steps. “I’ll get it!” she yelled over her shoulder, as the kitchen door slammed behind her. She came back down to the basement, breathless, and handed him the still ringing telephone.

“Hello?” he spoke. “Mr. Brooks, this is Cherie’s mother. I’m terribly sorry to have to call you, but I’m in a real bind. My poor mother has taken a turn for the worst, and her doctors are transferring her to City General, so she can get the proper treatment there. I know you are probably at your wit’s end already with my daughter, but would you please mind her for a few more hours, sir?” his neighbor asked pleadingly.(Adult Stories)

Mr. Brooks groaned into the phone, trying as hard as he could to act disgruntled and put out by the woman’s neediness. Cherie smiled as he shot her a quick glance, his eyes twinkling with mischief. “That will be fine; I’ll do what I can for you. I’m sure we can manage for a while longer,” he opined. “One more thing, Mr. Brooks, and I am so sorry to have to ask: Cherie hasn’t had her bath today, would you be a dear and help her to get one?” the woman asked. Another audible grunt of inconvenience came out of the man’s mouth, as he begrudgingly agreed to her request.

“Thank you so much, sir, I realize that I am quite deeply in your debt now, and I’ll have to figure out some way to pay you back,” she responded. “Don’t worry about me, just go and take care of your sick mother,” Mr. Brooks reassured her. He hung up, and turned to Cherie, surprised that she had already disrobed completely.

“I heard,” she said, before the old man even had a chance to open his mouth. “I’d love for you to help me get my bath, but first, I think you have to help me get a little dirtier!” she declared, her eyes dancing and her smile broadening. With that, she deliberately reached out and traced his ever hardening manhood over top of his shorts. “Young lady, where did you learn so much about this sort of thing?” he asked uncomfortably, afraid to utter any words that had to do with sex. “It’s a secret, but I’ll tell you…I watched my mom and her boyfriend once,” the tiny dynamo explained. “I saw them doing things through the keyhole in mommy’s bedroom door…okay, I watched more than once,” she confessed, coming clean with her story.

“At first, I was scared, ‘cause I thought he was hurting her,” she went on, “but after they got done thrashing around on the bed, mommy kissed him and hugged him for a long time. So, I figured it must have been fun. I’ve been dying to find out for myself how it feels, and now, here we are!” she declared excitedly. By now, she had his cock fully stiff in her inquisitive hands, milking it gently, as she looked up to him with those innocent blue eyes of hers.

“I want you to put it in my hole,” she stated. “I need to know what it feels like!” The old man couldn’t believe his ears, but he also couldn’t help but agree with her logic. Nevertheless, he frowned at her, and admonished: “Young lady, don’t you think you are a little young to be experimenting with your body? And what makes you think I am the right person to help you?” Cherie looked down, and rocked back and forth uncomfortably on her feet. “Because you’re old, and you know all about that stuff,” she explained, as she climbed back up on his workbench, “plus, I know you wouldn’t hurt me, even if you are a grouch!”

As the little girl lay on her back, squirming into a comfortable position, she held her legs tight against her naked chest. The old man pulled a stool close to her smooth virginal pussy, and sat down, his face just inches from her shiny labia. This puzzled the horny imp. “How are you going to put your thing in me if you are sitting down?” she hardly finished her question before his tongue began lapping at her tiny slit. “Ooooohhhh! That feels sooooo good!” she reacted with glee. “Mmmmmmmmmmm! Mr. Brooks! Keep doing that! Lick my hot little pussy!” she implored, wiggling frantically under his now darting tongue. “OH YES! That’s IT!” she went on.

In no time at all, her tiny body shuddered and shook uncontrollably, as the old man held onto her firm ass cheeks and licked her spasming cunt to a frothing orgasm. As she began to calm down some, he pushed her folded legs back further, exposing her brown eye to his probing tongue. He circled her hot spot with the tip of his masterful tongue, as she wiggled her hips involuntarily. He shot his stiff tongue in and out of her forbidden entrance, then gripped her hips tightly as he planted his whole face onto her ass, and sucked it with wild abandon. The little girl’s legs shot straight toward the ceiling, and her head thrashed from side to side, as she groaned loudly with pleasure.

“Oh, Mr. Brooks, I’ve never felt anything like that…I’m going again...hold me tight!” she warned, as yet another violent orgasm washed over her twitching young form. When her jerking body subsided, the old man stood up, and helped the perspiring little charge to her feet. “Come on, young lady, let’s get you into the bathtub,” he ordered, as he held her sun dress over her head, allowing her to wiggle into it. He wadded up her soiled panties and put them in his pocket, without explanation.

The unlikely couple walked hand in hand over to the neighbor’s house. Mr. Brooks drew her bath, as Cherie undressed in front of him, showing not a hint of modesty. “That licking felt so good, sir, but when are you going to…Fuck me?” she asked, hesitating before using the F*** word in front of him. “Let’s concentrate on getting you cleaned up before your mother gets home,” he answered, acting unfazed by her language. As the old man washed her hair, Cherie was busy with the bar of soap under the water, between her stretched open legs. “I’m going to get real clean down here, so you can give me a good fucking after my bath!” she announced enthusiastically. “Okay, now let’s get you rinsed off,” he responded. He helped the girl to her feet and used the hand-held shower hose to remove the suds from her tender little body. When he got to her private parts, she grabbed the shower head with both hands, and let the water cascade over her clitoris, giggling and laughing the whole time.

“Okay, let’s do it!” Cherie announced, as she dropped her towel and ran down the hall to her room. “Come on, Mr. Brooks, I know you want to!” she yelled over her shoulder. He followed awkwardly behind, like a teenager anticipating his first real kiss. She sat on her bed, and tugged at his shorts, as he stood facing her. She released his erect penis, and marveled at his offering, as it bobbed free in front of her face. “Wow, sir, I can’t wait to feel it inside of me!” she exclaimed, as she stroked it firmly between her thin fingers. “You know, it might hurt at first,” the old man warned. “I doubt that it will. I’ve had other things in there, and I don’t have a cherry anymore, so don’t worry. Now, please quit stalling and fuck me!” she ordered impatiently.

The old man knelt down on the floor and caressed her inner thighs. He reached her aroused pussy, which was already glistening with her love juice. The young girl grabbed both his hands, and pulled the old coot towards her. “I don’t need anything but your hard cock in me,” she admonished him sternly; as she pulled her legs back as far as they would go. She guided his helmet to her tiny opening, and pushed forward against it, as he eased his cock head inside her parted lips. It slid into her juicy canal without much resistance, although it was a tight fit. “Oh, Mr. Brooks, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she confessed, “and it feels just as good as I thought it would!”

Encouraged, the man started fucking the little girl in earnest, increasing his stroke until he was deep inside her. She moaned as she bucked harder against his thighs. She wrapped her skinny legs around his back and dug her heels in his sides, holding on for dear life as the revitalized old man fucked her vigorously. “Harder, sir, fuck me harder, I’m getting ready to explode!” she announced. The idea must have triggered his brain, and he was caught by surprise by his intense, uncontrollable eruption deep inside her womb. “YES! YES! Fill me up with your hot cream!” the girl shouted excitedly…….

“Cherie! What are you doing to that poor man?” came the voice from beyond the open bedroom door. The old man was completely taken by surprise, as he jumped back away from the little girl that he just finished fucking wantonly and without mercy. As he frantically looked around for something to cover himself up with, Cherie’s mother continued: “Oh, I’m so sorry, Mr. Brooks! Cherie, you should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of our nice neighbor that way!” she admonished.

No question, the stunned old man was confused as he listened to the banter between his young lover and her mother. “It’s okay, mom, Mr. Brooks doesn’t mind,” the small girl explained, “I didn’t f***e him, honest! And he made me feel real GOOD!” “Well dear, as long as you didn’t make Mr. Brooks feel BAD, I guess it is okay then,” her mother decided. The old man just nodded in disbelief, struggling to cover his genitals with his two hands. Mother and daughter both looked at him, and laughed out loud, breaking any leftover tension in the room.

“I brought home your favorite Chinese take-out, honey, so get your pajamas on, and meet us in the kitchen,” the mother instructed. “Mr. Brooks, I hope you’re hungry. Please stay for dinner. I have some special dessert in mind for you too.”