"Sex Stories" Happy Birthday

Sex Stories Happy Birthday
For an entire year I was on the road with the band called The Rex Boys. I was Tico Rex, the drummer, along with Mickey and Vinnie Rex on guitars, and last but not least our fearless leader and frontman, Jackie Rex. We were a small time metal band that suddenly grew after the success of our first CD. Then came our big tour that went from here to Melbourne. The fans worshipped us. 

Especially the ladies. Groupies were coming and going literally tending to our needs. We had blondes, redheads, asians, you name it. Anything wearing a skirt was getting banged by us. We were four guys that loved getting laid and party all night. After the tour ended it was time to take a break and we deserved it. Touring the planet can take a lot out of anyone I don't care who you are. So, I had a few drinks with the boys and called it a night, and we went back to doing whatever the hell we were doing. I gathered my bags and drum kit and took a cab all the way home. It was getting late and could use the rest. I wanted to sl**p for days after that trip. I stepped out of the cab and headed back to my apartment. On my door was a sign that read, "Rent Due." My landlord always giving me the heads up when it came to the rent. He'll be paid in the morning. (Erotic Stories)

I wasn't planning on waking him up. He's very cranky when his beauty sl**p is rudely interrupted. I entered my apartment and just dropped my bags on the floor. And then I noticed something. My place had the smell of incense. Someone was here. I just hoped it wasn't my b*****r using my place banging some girl while I was away. Then on the way to the bedroom were candles lined up in a row towards my door. The light in my room was also shining. I clenched my right fist ready to knock out whoever was in there. I carefully opened the door and discovered I was not alone. "It's about time", she said. I thought I was imagining it. 

There was this african hottie laying on the bed wearing nothing but a white teddy. She had braided hair and the right strap of her teddy was off her shoulder. I didn't know who she was or where she came from but I was enjoying what I was seeing. "He said you'd be late", she said. "Who did? And who are you?" "You can call me Cher, baby. And your b*****r told me to treat you nicely on your birthday." My birthday wasn't until the following day. Cher handed me a card. A naughty little birthday card with a girl sunbathing. I recognized my b*****r's handwriting telling me happy birthday and have fun. Below it was the location of the Big Ts strip club, which was where my b*****r happened to own and run and where the card came from. So he sends a stripper for my birthday. The bastard. 

One thing for certain he had good taste in women. And this hottie was no exception. "Well", said Cher, "are you going to...open up your present or stand there all night?" "It's not really my birthday yet", I said, "not for another hour." "You sure you want to wait another hour?" Cher began carressing those smooth brown legs of hers and stroking her pussy. Who was I k**ding? I wasn't going to wait another hour. "Hell with it", I said. I practically jumped right on top of her pinning her down on the bed. Our lips met and our tongues danced. It was the best french kiss I ever had. Then I kissed and sucked hard on her smooth neck. Her throat was also smooth to the touch and Cher moaned with delight. I slowly started to remove her teddy and made my move on her precious titties. I kissed, licked, and sucked each one I could almost eat them. "Oh, that's good", said Cher, "hmmmmmmm, you like my titties? Huh?" "Oh yeah", I said, "your titties are good." "You like sucking my titties? Huh? Hmmmmmmmm. You love my titties." "I love your titties. Your titties taste good." "You love them? You keep sucking those titties. Hmmmmmmm. Suck my beautiful titties." Her teddy was completely off and I tossed it aside. 

I began rubbing that smooth shaven pussy and dipped my tongue deep inside. Our erotic exchange continued to grow hot and heavy and my cock was already set for action. "Ooooh", she said, "ooooh, fuck. Suck that pussy. You love that pussy." "I love your pussy." "It tastes good? My pussy taste good?" "Your pussy tastes good. You have a beautiful pussy." "I have a beautiful pussy. Aaaaaa, my pussy feels good. Oh, shit. Oh shit. Eat my pussy. Eat my beautiful pussy." I licked and slurped that piece of pink flesh making Cher breathe heavily and scream a bit. I went at it keeping my tongue on the target, and what a sweet target it was. I could munch on that shit all night long. Now it was her turn to have some fun with my cock. 

She licked and sucked like a pro. I've had plenty of blowjobs throughout the tour but this was becoming the best one yet. "Suck my cock", I said, "suck my hard cock. Oh, yeah, just like that. Suck my big cock." She sucked it so good I was about ready to scream myself. What this girl could do was incredible. Her oral performance was lasting as long as mine. Once the sucking and licking ended I was on my back with Cher riding me hard. "Oh, fuck", she said, "you like that? You like being fucked?" "Oh, yeah", I said, "oh shit." "You like that? You like fucking me on your birthday? Huh? You like fucking me? Is that it?" It sounded like she was enjoying it more than me. 

She kept on riding me my bed started to rattle. It was time now to make some noise as I pinned Cher on her back and plunged my big cock inside that beautiful pussy. The penetration was great and intense and I saw it in her eyes. Not only was she moaning she was now growling like a wild a****l. "Fuck that pussy", she cried, "oh, fucking fuck that pussy. You fuck that pussy. Keep doing it. Aaaaaaaaa! Ooooooooh! Oh, shove it in. Shove it in deep. Shove that big cock down my pussy." Cher had a handful of my ass with her manicured nails digging deep. I didn't let that bother me. "You like that?", I asked, "you like my dick in your pussy?" "I love your dick in my pussy. Aaaaaaah! Oh, It's so big. It's so deep. Ooooh, fuck! Oh, it's so big! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh, fuck me. Fuck me more. Fuck me like a whore. Aaaaaaah! Fuck me more. 

You fuck that pussy. I said fuck that pussy. Leave that big cock in there. Oh, leave it in there. Go deeper." "You love that big cock?" "I fucking love that big cock. Big cock in my pussy." "You like that? You want me to keep going?" "Keep fucking me. Don't stop. I'll kill you if you stop. Oooh, my fucking pussy is wet." She cummed on me and laughed at my face. "What are you laughing at?", I asked, "I'm not done with you. Turn around and let me fuck that ass." Cher did just that and my dick went deep inside that fine ass of hers. It was my turn to do the riding and I was doing it nice and hard, and she enjoyed every minute of it. When I was done fucking her brains out it was past midnight and my birthday had officially begun, and not a moment too soon. Later on I would thank my b*****r personally for this wonderful gift. It was a great homecoming and a memorable birthday. What else could a guy have?