"Sex Stories" Helen Loves Jamacia

Sex Stories Helen Loves Jamacia
The wife and I decided to go to the sunny island of Jamaica for our 25th Wedding anniversary. When we arrived all the people were so welcoming, we sat at the bar drinking Rum and talking to a few of the Jamaican guys, who were all obsessed by Helen and her body. She wasn’t helping herself wearing only a yellow and black bikini, which looked awesome on her. Her 32 d tits fitted in the bra perfectly. 

One guy Ramon asked if he could take Helen to see his Boat, which was strange, we had only just met these people and already they’re offering to take us places. Me being half d***k I said it was up to her, as I wanted to stay at the bar. Helen wanted to go and I don’t blame her, Ramon was a very good-looking black guy and I knew Helen fancied him. Off they both went walking down on to the sand heading for Ramon’s boat.(Erotic Stories)

I carried on talking to the other guys and getting d***k. Almost a hour and half passed and Helen still wasn’t back, I was now a bit worried, “Don’t worry my friend”, said the bartender, our friend Ramon takes care of all his white women, he normally lasts up to 3 hours they all laughed. I then clicked Ramon must have been taking Helen to his boat to have sex with already and it was only our first day. When we booked the holiday we were told the Jamaican guys were always trying to have sex especially with English wives but this must have been a record already my swinging wife was getting some black dick.

Finally 3 hours later Helen returned arm in arm with Ramon, she had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face, she was smoking her cigarette, as she sat by me, wow that boat was incredible she beamed to me, I noticed Ramon standing behind Helen, he had his hand on her ass. She had red marks on her skin were Ramon obviously man handled her. It also looked like there was a cum stain on Helen’s yellow bikini pants. Ramon smiled at me with a cheeky grin as if to say iv just fucked your wife. Soon Helen asked if we could leave so she could grab a shower. 

Back in the room I asked Helen about the boat, she looked at me and said you might need to sit down. She then told me Ramon did have sex with her and it was the best sex she has had in a long time, Helen told me Ramon had cum deep in her at least 6 times during that 3 hour period. She knew id get mad as iv always said she must make her lovers wear a condom and this black guy had not and just cum deep in my wife 6 times. Helen removed her bikini pants and showed me the state of her pussy. It was red and looked sore, she still had cum dribbling from her clit.

We hugged on the bed and I started to play with her wet cum covered lips. Soon I had my cock inside her wet walls. It felt so big Ramon had stretched my wife. How big was he I asked her, well at least 9 inches honey she grinned. I was distraught, my cock felt so small in my wife’s pussy. I couldn’t fuck her, she just couldn’t feel anything and I only have a 6-inch cock. I pulled out angrily and headed back to the bar.

Ramon was sat there, so bruda ya found out then he smiled, yes I answered, she was a good slut he laughed, she sucked my cock dry and swallowed all of dit right down her throat man, I felt so small I had never been humiliated by a guy before. Yo bruda shes probably carrying me baby right as we speak he laughed again, then it hit me, maybe Ramon was right, maybe there sperm was making a baby. Ramon then came closer to me here you go he handed me some money, now while your sluts here on holiday I fuck her when I want, in front of who I want, and whoever else wants a piece of that pussy. He didn’t smile, he was being serious, and you go tell your wife I own her now.

I didn’t no what to do, being swingers the sex with random guys didn’t bother me but maybe Ramon was going to turn Helen into a black cock slut and her pussy would be destroyed forever.

I got into the room; Helen was looking hot, red lipstick, short black mini dress, high-heeled shoes. Before I spoke she sighed, so I guess Ramon’s spoke to you, what I snapped, yes Ramon told me he wanted me to be his fuck slut all holiday and us being swingers I though you wouldn’t mind. My head was all over the place; Helen had arranged and planned all this with Ramon while they were in the boat. There was nothing I could do, I just had to let Ramon and Helen be lovers, think of it as a anniversary present to me Helen said, what’s my anniversary present I sighed, you’ll find out soon enough honey. She kissed me and then headed out the door, im going to the bar meet us there she said shutting the door.

I sat down on the edge of the bed my head in my hands, what have I done I was thinking. I soon got ready and headed down to the bar were Ramon was sat with Helen and also 3 other black guys were there.

When I got by them Ramon introduced the guys to me, Shelton, Dwayne and Linvoy. All big muscled men, they looked more like security. We all sat at the bar getting d***k again, Helen was all over Ramon right in front of me, Your bitch likes black dick Shelton giggled, I grinned back. He was right it looked like Helen had become addicted to black dick. The night soon ended and Helen turned around to me, so you ready for your anniversary present honey. I was shitting it, I didn’t no what to expect. Well follow us to the room Helen grinned at me.

I entered the room, There in front of me was Shelton, Dwayne and Linvoy all standing naked with smiles on there face, there cocks were fucking huge like tree trunks. This is your present baby my d***k wife said smiling. Im going to get gangbanged while you watch me be a real slut. Ramon came in naked and slapped Helen’s ass, come on bitch you got dicks to suck, they all laughed. 

Ramon placed me on a chair; now watch how real men fuck your wife he smiled. Helen was on her knee’s already sucking Shelton’s black tool, she was wanking Dwayne and Linvoy’s cock with her other hands. She was still clothed until Ramon got behind her and pulled off her mini dress, what the fuck I gasped, Helen wasn’t wearing no bra or panties, she was now naked apart from her high heels. You see your wife’s a slut Ramon laughed. Helen was sucking Shelton’s cock real good; she never sucked my cock like that. Her hands looked tiny whilst she wanked their big dicks. Get on the bed Ramon ordered Helen, she did as ordered then Ramon got behind her in doggy and started fucking Helen’s ass. What a sight it was seeing my wife wanking two guys off, sucking another while getting done doggy. Ramon was man handling her slapping her ass real hard, thrusting his cock really deep in her. He was cupping her tits and really squeezing them hard. I could hear the slurping coming from Helen’s mouth as she sucked on Shelton’s cock. The popping sounds as her mouth was full of saliva and cum. Shelton held her head and almost began face fucking her, making Helen gag. Ramon was still pounding that ass real deep. You like seeing your wife being a slut Ramon asked you fucking like it bruda, I grinned yes I said quietly.

They fucked Helen hard for a good 2 hours all taking it turns fucking her ass and getting their cocks sucked. Finally they all got Helen to go in the shower, all four men got in wih her and made her kneel on the shower floor. They started wanking there cocks and were going to give her a shower in cum. Finally they erupted making a right mess of Helen’s face, you could hardly see her, she was completely covered in cum. They all started taking pictures on their phones; this is going on the net Ramon laughed.

After a while they left the room leaving Helen to shower. When she came out she didn’t acknowledge me hardly, all she said was so did you like your present baby. I didn’t reply. For the rest of the holiday Ramon never fucked Helen again, in fact she didn’t get no more black cock whilst in Jamaica. She did however say it was the best holiday she had ever been on.