"Sex Stories" Helping Hand

Sex Stories Helping Hand
Some of the simplest pleasures can be from enjoying your own self-pleasure yes that is masturbation. When sharing of that pleasure with another is possible well the gratification can be spectacular. Some of us have used our words to share this pleasure through IM or more lengthy exchanges via email. We all hope the person on the receiving end is actually performing the act and derives some pleasure from our words. 

I don't know how long we have exchanged erotic chats and emails, long enough that we have become friends that have discussions about other things. We have shared with each other tales of the good and the bad discussing things trivial like all friends do, these are some of great pleasures of now being friends. Life is funny sometimes though, we have discussed the ideas of how we might have a chance to meet and if we did, what those times would be like. The miles between us are far enough to make it difficult and yet close enough to make it plausible. By chance I would be driving right through town on trip that puts my destination about 70 miles past where my friend lives. The chance to actually meet her becomes clear, yet will it be too late? We have been busy and our times to write have been sporadic. I write the email, knowing there is a slim chance that it will be read in the time I need to make arrangements to stop. To my surprise as the window of chance to see a reply draws near, an IM flashes on my screen... (Porn Stories)

"I'd love to meet you"

We discuss and agree on a plan and a strategy so that it will be convenient for us both to meet.

The drive is full of the thoughts of what could be, yet knowing that what we both have talked about and wanted may not be possible today but to see each other still can not be passed up. 

We meet at the coffee shop, both of us smiling happy to see each other. A hug and touch of hands is exchanged. Sitting down in the corner in comfortable chairs, like old friends catching up, telling stories, touching and smiling at each other. I wonder if I should ask or will she ask first about what is no doubt on both our minds. Eventually the discussion is turned to PLAYTIME. We both are excited and we have some frank discussions, she is my friend and I know that she has recently given her heart to another and though it was powerful, but yet short lived as the relationship, I know she is still smarting from it. We discuss this and come to an agreement that it must be experienced between us, yet we both know that we want to, today will not be that time. More conversation and the time flies by, and yet knowing we must part makes it harder. 

We walk to my car; my mind is reeling with the thoughts of what might be, or what should be between us. Standing next to the car we kiss, and share each other, holding the other close. The kisses shared and exchanged are tender and deep. Whispering in her ear, I share my thoughts of what I have wanted to do and that is to have taste of her, to feel the pleasure of her and enjoy her. She replies to me with more kisses and touching, she whispers back to me to touch her inside of her shorts so that I can at least have a taste of her. Friends know each other and she knows I wish to taste her sweet musk, yet this will not be the day for what I crave, she offers a chance for me to get a sample of her. My hand moves to her shorts they are loose enough that I can slide up her thigh slide across her panties feeling her hotness and knowing she is also excited from our short exchange. My finger slides against her and moves the panties, the first touch of her lips feeling of her dampness of her desires are apparent, sliding my finger across her moistness, and up to her hardening clitoris, discovering her knob and then sliding back down my finger discovers her moist center, it accommodates my finger eagerly. We kiss between our moans and knowing my finger will carry her taste back to my mouth, I feel the wetness covering my finger. 

I pull my hand out of her shorts, and look at my glistening finger as she watches me and my finger, I take it in my mouth instantly tasting the sweet musk of her, my own cock throbs in reflex of her in my mouth I lick and suck it clean. We kiss some more and whisper to her ear that I wish I was licking her more now and feeling her cum from my attention. She giggles and replies at this rate she will be cumming standing right here, if we keep this up. 

I tell her that I would be happy to do just that, make her cum. I tell her I can surely offer the chance for her to cum before I leave. I tell we should go and sit in my car and for her to get in the passenger seat. I tell her I will make her cum and with only a moment of thought she moves to the other side of the car. After taking the time for the adjustments of the seats we are now comfortable. 

Kissing again, but wasting little time, my hand moves to slide between her legs. Her legs part to allow my hand access to the center of both our attention. Sliding under the shorts and sliding her panties to the side I feel her smooth lips of her pussy. My fingers caressing them, as I part them to open them and slide inside her very hot and wet pussy as we continue to kiss. Our moans of pleasure are mixing between our mouths and between our breaths. Her hand reaching across to me, brushing my hard cock in my shorts, she is struggling under her own pleasure; I can feel her building quickly. Softly saying to her " This is for you relax." Moving to kiss her she relaxes, closing her eyes, dropping into the pleasure consuming her, by my simple touch. My hand and fingers, are touching her, arousing her and exploring her and my movements all-reacting to the responses of her body to my touch. My finger, rubs against her hardening clitoris, concentrating there as we both begin to feel the edge for the first rush approaching. My encouraging words, of "Yes, Yes that is it let it happen, this is for you. Cum for me. I feel her body shake and climax as my fingers probe her body feeling the juices really flowing from her now. Opening her love canal with several fingers, her juices flowing, and body shaking in climaxes. Watching her face, tells me she is lost in the pleasure, enjoying my touch just as surely she would enjoy it as if she was pleasing herself. 

Letting her climax subside, I removed my wet fingers, and licking clean two of them. I share with her the taste of her own Juices; from one of the fingers I have not licked myself. We or is it only me is completely lost in giving her as much pleasure as I can in these few blissful moments. My fingers, continue rubbing, touching, massaging and probing her pussy, bringing her to several climaxes big and small. Some of the erotic pleasure are certainly from the very public display here in the parking lot, people seeing us in the car together would certainly be able to see this was more then a couple kissing in the car, and in fact we are certainly have been seen by two people parked next to us. She does not react as I might think she would as they approach, she certainly knows if they are looking at us, I am certain they are, as she is looking directly at them and I am busy with my hand in her neither regions and she laughs, but does not have me stop, as the edge builds again between her thighs. I cannot say how many times she has climaxed, but I know she is not satisfied completely but certainly was a nice beginning. We know we must part, as my time is well past, but I know I have done something for her that is not spectacular but at least different then her other playmates, she is a woman that has mostly given pleasure to others. But today she has received pleasure, purely for her, allowing her to have a few pleasurable moments from a man that offered a helping hand. 

We kiss and part, looking forward to our next chance to satisfy each other. As I drive continuing on to my destination, I have wonderful thoughts of my own pleasure received from giving her some masturbation pleasure, is this mutual masturbation, maybe not in the truest since of the words, but will always be what I think it was. The drive is another 1.5 to 2 hours for me, but to ease with the boredom of the remainder of the drive, I have my friend with me. She is there at once, when I take my left hand and brush my fingers under my nose, the sweet musk of her remains and we are together again in my mind. As I write this now I can still smell her, yes this is being written, has to be written before I sl**p this very night. I have enjoyed writing this and satisfying my need to share it with her and with you, I will now go enjoy my own self before I sl**p.