"Sex Stories" Helping Mrs Schwarz

Sex Stories Helping Mrs Schwarz
On his way home from high school, he saw her pull in to their drive way, and his heart began to beat faster. At the entrance to the Schwarz’s secluded home, he stopped, half hidden behind a conifer. She had parked in front of the garage. He watched her from behind as she began unloading the shopping, the grey pencil skirt rising up over her long legs as she bent into the trunk. 

"Can I help you Mrs Schwarz?” he called.

She straightened and turned to face him. Her crisp white blouse showed the pattern of her bra, pressed against it by her full breasts. She flicked a strand of long, dark hair away from her face, and smiled.

“You’re a friend of Jason’s, aren’t you? Same class?” 

“That’s right,” he approached her, his heart pounding. Being close to this woman excited him. He stood by the car, as close as he dared get. He was heady, transfixed by her sensuality. (Sex Stories)

“Here – could you take these, please?” She gestured to two bags on the ground and her hand brushed against the waist band of his trousers. He felt his cock harden. He picked up the bags. She leant into the trunk again for the remaining bag, then stepped backwards, her rear nestling against his trousers. He caught his breath and stood still for a moment, his cock swelling. He longed to reach down and touch her. She turned and smiled. (Porn Stories)

“This way.” She walked ahead of him to the house. “I’m afraid Jason’s not here. He’s at football training.” They left the bags in the kitchen. He accepted her offer of a soft drink, and stepped into the sitting room. He was admiring the magnificent view when he heard a voice close behind him, almost in his ear.

“You seem lost in thought.” He turned. She was standing very close to him, a coke in each hand, open and vulnerable. Looking into her large, dark eyes, he felt rather than saw her chest rising and falling, as if she, too, were fighting to control herself.

She smiled.

“Please – sit down.” She gestured to a low coffee table.

She sat down on a low sofa opposite him. As she bent forward, he glimpsed her white bra with the fine lace detail against her tanned skin, and her full cleavage. She commented on the weather, they talked, and he found himself quite at ease. It wasn’t like this talking to other mothers, or to the girls at school, either. She seemed perfectly relaxed in his company. But he couldn’t help his cock from staying rock hard. 

She finished her drink and stood. 

“You know, I’m all hot after that shopping. I think I’ll go freshen up. She sashayed out of the room, calling over her shoulder: “Make yourself comfortable.”

Make himself comfortable? With a cock like a pistol in his pants? He drank half his coke, got up, walked around, looked at the view, came back to the table and drank the other half. What was he doing here? What was she doing?

Then she came back.

She was wearing a white silk robe. Now barefoot, she was transformed from suburban housewife into something far more exotic, more voluptuous. More dangerous.

She held his eye all the way from the door to the table, pinning him down. He leant back in the sofa, as if he could already feel her on him, as he wanted to feel her on him, pressing him down with her full breasts, straddling him with those long, tanned legs. She stopped on the other side of the table, and leaned forward, her hands on her knees. He could see right into her robe, right to the edge of the tan line on her breasts, almost to her nipples. 

“That’s better. I feel much more comfortable now.” She spoke in a lower tone, almost a purr. “But you seem a little uncomfortable yourself.”

He looked down. Sat back in the sofa, he had allowed his cock to spring forward, forcing its way against the front of his pants like a tent pole. He looked back up at her, and his eyes fell again to her breasts. She knelt on the coffee table. 

“There’s no need to keep staring,” she said. “You can touch, too.” She took his hand, and placed it between her breasts. His breath shortened as he touched the soft skin of her breasts, the excitement making his heart pound. He lifted his other hand and placed it, too, on her breasts, as he tenderly felt their soft flesh, stroking them with a circular motion ending with one hand on each nipple. 

She gasped as his fingers found each nipple, and arched her back, so that her robe fell open, her breasts bared. Then she reached out with one hand and grabbed him by the back of the neck, pulling him to her, thrusting him down into her cleavage.

He was in ecstasy as he felt her breasts around his face. Then he pulled back, and caressed her left breast with his hands, while his tongue darted across the nipple. He could feel it harden as it swelled under his tongue. He fell on it, sucking until it engorged, and the flesh around it stood out, as if straining to get into his mouth. He licked his fingers to play with her right nipple while he continued to suck on the left one, to the sound of her increasing groans.

“Oh, yes, suck me, suck me,” she cried.

He lowered his teeth until they touched her nipple. He felt her stiffened and her breath shorten. He sunk his teeth into the nipple, she cried out, and grabbed him by the back of the head and pulling herself towards him.

He pulled himself back, and at the same time she slipped away from him, falling into the sofa opposite, fixing him with a wild gaze.

“You certainly know what you’re doing, young man.” She slumped back into the sofa, her bathrobe loose around her shoulders. 

Without a word, he climbed over the coffee table and knelt in front of her. Understanding, she opened her legs, as he put his head between them. He licked first the inside of her thighs, then higher and higher until he lifted the bathrobe to reveal her pussy. Her lips were wet, standing full and proud, waiting to pull him in. As his tongue touched her lips, she put her fingers into his hair, pressing her fingers into his scalp with increasing urgency. 

She smelt fantastic. A combination of soap, and a musky, sensual scent that was part heady perfume and part pure sex. He allowed his tongue to play with the outside of her pussy for some time, and then parted her lips with his hands, and placed the lower part of his tongue right on her clitoris. 

At this, she uttered a low groan. She was sitting back in the sofa now, her head thrashing from side to side as he worked her clitoris. As he tickled it with the tip of his tongue, he inserted his thumb into her pussy, pumping it in and out. Then he nestled his hand under her buttocks, feeling his way closer to her asshole. 

“Oh God,” she cried. “No, not that.” But she edged her thighs wider apart, and he felt the space open up.

“No, no, NO!” She cried, as his finger got closer and closer, and then “God, oh my god, fuck, yes, yes, yes!” as his little finger invaded her asshole, worming its way in, and wriggling in step with his tongue on her clit.

He looked up. She was now playing with her breast with one hand, and the other hand was pulling through the thick dark hair that cascaded over her lovely neck and shoulders. Then she brought the hand down and grabbed his hair, rocking his head from side to side and thrusting it onto her mound to increase the f***e on her clit.

She began to moan in a low tone, and to thrash about on the sofa, clapping his head between her thighs, as he substituted his middle finger into her asshole. 

“Yes, yes, do it!” She screamed, as she drove to a fierce climax. In the end she pushed him away, groaned, and rolled over onto her front on the sofa, her head buried in a cushion. The robe had ridden up and lay across her waist, showing off the tan lines on her tight butt. Her pussy was just visible underneath, the lips still full, a dark, angry purple. He put his hand on her ass.

“No,” she murmured. But something about her voice encouraged him. He place his other hand on her butt check. “No, no, mmmmm,” she murmured into the cushion. Then more moanings as he parted her buttocks and lowered his tongue to her asshole. He rimmed it, delicately skirting the dark flesh around the pinkness of the hole itself. She groaned again, and he fumbled at his pants, pulling them down, and freeing his cock. Pushing her ass up, she reached behind herself and spread her buttocks wide. He took them in his hands, and slipped his cock into her pussy.

“Uhhhh,” she groaned, as he ground his cock in and out of her pussy, slowly increasing the frequency. She moaned encouragement to him as he pushed and pushed until he was driving his manhood into her wildly, his taut thighs slapping against her firm buttocks with each thrust. She reached back and grabbed first his hands, and then, at the very last moment, his thighs, pulling him into her as he came, gasping, yelping, as he ground his crotch against her ass, crying in pleasure as she tightened her muscles to squeeze every last drop out of him.

He collapsed forward, dr****g himself over her, as she lay prone on the sofa, exhausted.

For a while, neither of them spoke. Then she stirred. He looked down. A smile was playing on her lips.

“You know, Jason is always at football training this day of the week. Hhm, it could be a long, lovely semester.”