"Sex Stories" Helping my girlfriend get some release

Sex Stories Helping my girlfriend get some release
To start with I will give you some background on my girlfriend and myself. She is 21, about 5’2’’, 115, with blonde-brown hair just past her shoulders, gorgeous hazel eyes, a round little ass and a slender waist. I’m more than a foot taller than her, and I think that’s enough on me for now.

Anyway, it had been almost a week since we had even fooled around and I had been jacking off regularly while she was busy with work 24/7. Finally tonight she finished work for the night around 11:00, deciding to screw her artificial deadline and walked into the living room in just a pair of tight pink boyshorts and a t-shirt. As I tried to hide my erection from reading stories on xhamster in my baggy sweatpants, she pulled off her shirt announcing “I’m going to take a shower and then go to bed- want to join me?” Staring at her dirty smile and matching pink bra holstering her gorgeous C-cups, I couldn’t help but oblige, and followed her into our bathroom, shedding clothes as I went.(Adult Stories)

She turned on the shower, scalding hot like she likes it, and we both got in. We washed and conditioned our hair, and then both soaped up together as we often do in the shower, and hugged each other close, washing each other off as she got me thoroughly turned on. Emerging from the shower clean and drying off, we headed to the bed and collapsed, pulling the covers over us. “Want to watch TV?” she asked. I rolled over to face her and kissed her. She moaned quietly as she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply, throwing her slender leg around me and pulling me closer to her. Breaking our kiss I fell back onto the bed beside her as she took off her glasses and put them on the night stand- “I guess we’re not watching TV!” I thought.

I lay beside her on my side, her on her back. I rubbed her stomach gently and began to move my hand up her chest to between her breasts, and slid my hand across her nipples, feeling them harden under my palm. She arched her back and started to breath heavily, and complained that her legs were sore. I gladly agreed to rub them for her, and massaged her calves and up to her thighs, letting my hands linger on her inner thighs, resting my hand on her shaved pussy lips. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to taste her clean pussy, I went down on her under the covers, using both hands to grope her breasts and tweak her nipples as I gently licked and sucked her sensitive clit, enjoying her sweet taste. 

After about a minute or so of me going down on her, I came up to face her and before I could say anything she disappeared beneath the sheets, and tossed them aside, taking my stiff dick in her mouth and sucking it harder and in longer bursts than usual. “Ohhhh, how did you get so good at that?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I like it,” she said with a smile, fixing her hair back in a ponytail and licking my seven inch circumcised cock all of the way from the base to the tip. Finally, after what felt like several minutes, she laid down beside me, and I began to gently finger her- her hole and little clit still wet with my saliva and her juices. As she lay on her back with my right arm underneath her, reaching around to grab her right breast, I fingered her with my left hand, which is more dexterous from playing guitar.

This went on for a while: I rubbed her clit in little circles, keeping it wet by sticking my finger inside her and curling it up to rub her G spot. She writhed and spread her legs wide, arching her back once again, as I sucked her nipple closest to me, my left hand still fondling her swollen clit, and I moved my right hand down underneath her ass, cupping her little ass before sliding it under her and slipping two fingers from my right hand inside her tight wet pussy. 

As I finger-fucked her and rubbed her clit, she exclaimed “Ohhhh, I’m going to cum!” With this she gyrated her hips against my fingers, rubbing her g-spot on my knuckles as she ground her clit on my other hand. Her pussy squeezed tight around my fingers and she squirted hard all over the bed, finally relaxing in a heap. After a few seconds of catching her breath, she rolled over and said “aren’t you going to fuck me?” 

“Of course I am… but first… kiss me like you want my dick inside you,” I said uncharacteristically and unsure of how she would react. All went as hoped and she grabbed my head, sticking her tongue into my mouth and sucking mine until I was almost out of breath. I grabbed a condom, put it on and got on top of her between her, sliding my cock deep into her. We fucked like this for a bit, not used to using condoms since we were both virgins when we met and only doing so because she missed a pill. Finally, she told me I could take off the condom and just pull out, so I did, and feeling her skin on skin for the first time in a week was heaven. I slipped in and out of her wet pussy, sucking and kissing her neck and shoulder while I pushed my dick deep into her vagina as she let out a yelp with every thrust. 

Soon, I pulled out and laid on my back next to her as she kissed me passionately and rubbed my balls while I jerked my cock and shot a huge load all over both of us. Without even cleaning up, she then bent over next to me, ass in the air, and told me she was close again, asking me to rub her off. I slid my hand up between her legs, enjoying the angle and being able to run my fingertips along the length of her slit, and cup the whole thing in my hand. I rubbed her clit and rubbed the entrance to her swollen hole until she squirted again, spraying her cum past the edge of the bed.

About an hour ago she fell asl**p naked laying on top of me- and as long as it was since we had time to do anything like this, it was totally worth it. Let me know what you think and please leave comments! This is my first post after reading many and I would love to hear from you all. Maybe if people like this one I will post some more stories- I have a lot of experiences like this, including some pretty amazing ones.