"Sex Stories" Her First Lesbian Lover

Sex Stories Her First Lesbian Lover
Fran and I had been married only a couple of months, but our sex life was very good, we would always chat in bed about our sexual fantasies. The more we talked about it the more Fran got turned on and one day after we had made love she told me that she had been on a girly night out and had touch Andrea’s pussy while they were in the toilet cubical, and said that she would love to have a women some time. 

My cock got hard again at the thought of Fran rubbing Andrea’s pussy and I ask her what it was like and how did it feel.

Fran told me that Andrea was quite d***k and need a hand to pull up her panties, so Fran help her but as she pull them up she couldn’t help herself in touch Andrea’s black hairy slit, I ask her how did Andrea react to being touched and she said that she didn’t like her touching her pussy but said no more about.(XXX Stories)

I then asked Fran if she would like to taste Andrea and what she would like to do to her if she had a chance and if she liked any other women who she would love to take to bed. 

Andrea was due to get married soon and Fran said that there was no chance of her having Andrea but there was one girl she would have in bed with her and that was Anna.

Anna was 22 and a f****y friend of mine, I had known Anna since she was 8 and been a friend with her b*****r and grew up in the same street, as Anna grew up she became a very sexy young lady and to her fathers disgust had topless and modelling pictures done of which Fran had seen and thought that Anna had a very sexy body. 

I had been with Anna a few times when she was 18 and she had a very strong will when it came to sex, she had a female business partner and I knew that they had had been together many times and I even joked that I would be more than willing to join them sometime.

Fran knew that I had been with Anna and said that if I could arrange for her to come over sometime she would be more than willing to have Anna as her first real lesbian encounter, but I would not be able to join them as Fran want pussy and pussy only on this occasion. After a few phone calls and explaining to Anna about Fran’s request Anna said that she would love to have an older lesbian virgin and the plans were set.

Anna turn up at the house dressed in a very tight vest top which made her large breasts look even bigger than normal, a short demin skirt which showed off her golden thighs and when she sat down her blue cotton knickers and the outline of her ginger clad pussy . 

The introductions were done and Fran and Anna sat down on the sofa together while I just stood there watching Fran’s fantasy coming true. Fran had dressed up in a white blouse and grey skirt, and had hold-up grey stockings and new underwear on which I had brought her days early.

Anna made the first move and started to softly kiss Fran on the lips, and slipping her tongue into Fran’s small mouth, Fran responded by tonguing Anna’s mouth and they kissed for what seemed ages. 

Anna move her hand down to the white blouse and slowly inserted her hand into the undone buttons and start to play with Fran’s much smaller breasts gentle caressing her erect nipples though the material, Fran responded by rubbing her hand along Anna’s thighs and reaching to the bottom of her cotton panties and putting her fingers on Anna’s golden love hole. Anna then positioned herself in front of Fran and slowly kissed her bare body as by now all the buttons had been undone and Fran small breasts out of the undone bra.

Anna moved down to the grey skirt which by now had ridden up to expose Fran’s tiny panties and a small damp patch was showing were it had already got wet by just being kissed and her nipples touched by this younger girl.

Anna spread Fran’s legs apart and slowly licked the outside of her panties and pulled them to one side and then licked the wet lips apart to show her glistering pussy, Fran started to squeeze her nipples hard as she like for me to do that or even bite them as hard as I could while making love and Anna lapped up the flowing love juice which by now had trickled out of the virgin damp love hole.

My cock was ready to exploded but I was in a trance with Fran’s face and that the pleasure that Anna was giving her. Fran came in her mouth and Anna drank her as Fran could always squirt loads when she was really aroused, Anna stood up and stripped of all her clothes and her prefect breasts didn’t move a bit as she took off her vest top.

Fran got up from the sofa and removed all her clothes except for her stockings and kneeled in front of Anna’s pussy and started to move her head into the soft ginger mound, Anna open her legs and allowed Fran to get right under her and let her lick the soft pussy of which I know it is. Anna pushed Fran onto the rug and climbed on top of her, with her pussy placed just over Fran mouth and tongue, while moving down to the soaking hole of Fran and began to lick her out once more until she came again and again. 

Anna then sat up and forcing her wet pussy over Fran’s face making her unable to breathe unless she lapped and tongued it. By now I was playing with my hard cock and both girls looked at me wanking but just turn back to each other and continued with they lesbian love making.

After they had finished and returned to the sofa I so much want to shoot my load but Fran started to kiss Anna this time and beckon me forward to them and as I was about to come both women put out they tongues for me to cream over and after I had given them my hot salty cum they finished off kissing and licking my cum from each others faces.

This wasn’t the last time that I would have a chance to fuck Anna, as we had her over many times since this day and we took it in turns with all of us fucking and licking each other, but Anna and Fran spent more time together in bed but when I did have a chance to joint them, there was no better feeling of fucking one of them while they licked each others pussies out and tasted my thick creamy love seed