"Sex Stories" Hospital orderly

Sex Stories Hospital orderly
I seriously love hairy men as well as men with uncut cocks. Both get me hard and randy, and I love to orally pleasure them even more than any other type of man. This incident, I believe, is the root of my fascination of, desire for, and never-ending quest of hairy or uncut men. 

I was 17 years old and in the hospital with pneumonia, although recovering nicely. Probably in the last 2-3 days of my stay, I was restless at night, and so awake when the evening orderly came into the room to change waters, etc. Don't really remember what casual whispers (I was in a ward with three others in the room - all asl**p), but somehow he got us talking about sex. Had I had it, had I ever played around with a boyhood friend, had I ever sucked a cock? - all questions getting me hotter and hotter.(Sex Stories)

While very excited (and very hard - I think he could see it through the sheet), I was a little reluctant to tell him that my buddy and I had been "fucking" since 3rd grade. (Well, sucking really, and that really got going in Junior High.) Anyway, I told him no, but that I had always wanted to. He was standing with his crotch rubbing against my arm and he told me that he was a very good teacher - did I want lessons? Without trying to seem too eager (I was afraid I would scare him away if I admitted how I was lusting for him), I just nodded and smiled.

I remember him as very handsome; probably in his mid-20's, although that seemed very adult and manly to me. He started by telling me that to arouse a man, I needed to rub his chest and touch a man's nipples. He lifted up his white smock and I saw a very hairy chest - lot's of black curls everywhere. I'd never seen a hairy man like this before and I almost shot when he took my hand and put it on his chest! I loved the feeling of the thick mat of hair on his hot chest as I ran my fingers through it! (To this day, I think I have my hair fetish from this experience!) He then unzipped his pants, undid his belt, and opened them up so I could see his shorts, but he didn't drop them lower. He slowly pushed my hand down his hairy chest (I didn't really want to leave it) to his furry stomach, and then he lowered it to cover his huge erection showing through his briefs.(Erotic Stories)

Again, while my buddy and I had done lots of JO sessions and some suckoffs, I'd never seen a man's hard cock before (my buddy Chris was a year younger than me), and I did grab hold of it hard through his shorts. He told me to slow down, we had lot's of time and he then lifted the elastic down under his balls so I could see his cock. Again I saw something I'd never seen before - he was uncut. I was fascinated and told him I'd never seen skin over a cock before, and he started to show me how the skin could be pumped back and forth over the head. I think he asked me if I wanted to try, but I know my hand was wrapped around that cock in an instant, and I felt how exciting it was to slip the skin back and forth over his cockhead. I remember his cock was really leaking by that time and the 'drool' was on my fingers. (This may also explain my love of uncut cocks, since I had no choice in the matter and am cut, myself!)

He asked me if I had ever sucked a cock before and again I was afraid to admit it, even though my hand was on his cock!! So he said, "Here's what it tastes like" and he lifted my fingers up to my mouth. My lips just opened and I licked his precum! I didn't even think about it, I just wanted it. I loved it, of course. He moved closer up the side of my bed so that his cock was right next to my face and he asked if I wanted to try and lick his cock.I told him I did, and he smiled. Then, suddenly, a nurse's voice came over the intercom in my room and called his name (Marco! I still remember! I think he must have been Italian), and he had to respond. He quickly closed his pants, but told me that he was on duty the next night, and asked if I'd like another lesson then. I said I sure did, and that I couldn't wait. (I wanted to suck his cock right then and was disappointed that I had played coy and had not immediately sucked it when he pulled it out!) He quickly left the room to go to his next duty, and I reached under the sheet and touched my cock - it actually seem to explode I was so excited, hot, turned on, whatever you can call it. This was the most exciting moment of my life and I just shot! 

I was so excited by my encounter with the hairy, uncut Marco, the hospital orderly, that it took forever to fall asl**p. Of course I kept thinking about his hairy chest, that thick and long hog of an uncut cock, and how his precum tasted on my own finger! I kicked myself for being so nervous about being honest with my prior cocksucking experience with my boyhood friend though. Why did I not just pull his cock into my moth when he offered, like I wanted to do? Why was I being coy or shy or closeted when he clearly knew I was excited, that I was willing, and when he himself was so willing?!! 

The next day, I thought a lot about Marco, and what I wanted to do with him when he returned for the midnight shift. I was in a perpetual state of erection the whole day, and had to hide it during the various nursing and doctor rounds, not to mention when my f****y came for visiting hours! I was also feeling much better, and knew that I might be released the next day. My chance with Marco might be limited to that night only!

The prior night, Marco had noticed I had a paperback novel of one of Harold Robbins sexy books, and he had remarked that there were a lot of hot episodes in that particular book (“The Ambassadors”); especially a good blow job scene. During the day and early evening of waiting for Marco’s shift, I scanned the entire book for all the good parts, and what do you know??!! In the middle, where I had not yet read, I found a page with handwriting on the page. It said something like, “This is the part I was telling you about. What do you think about trying this?” Indeed, it was a scene where a woman gave a blow job to the South American hunk featured in the story. He had many of Marco’s traits (hairy chest, slight accent, very manly), and I was very excited about this discovery! Obviously Marco had come back into my room that night, after being summoned away so prematurely from our sex party. He had taken the time to find the part and write me the note! That meant I knew he would return.

Despite my excitement, being sick in the hospital and having medications means you get sl**py, and I did fall asl**p after visiting hours were over for the evening So it was with a start, and with excitement, that I realized a hand was gently shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes, saw it was very dark with only a little light coming into the room from the hallway, and sure enough, there was Marco! He had already drawn the curtain around my bed. He was giving me a sly grin, and asked how I was feeling. I told him that I had been excited all day, waiting for our next lesson. Then his grin turned to an expression I had not seen before (but have a lot since!); it was a sexy leer. That look that says “I’m gonna feed you my big tubesteak, sucker”. He started to rub his crotch, and told me to pick up the lesson where we had left off.

I knew not to hold back this time, not to play the shy and innocent one. I wanted that cock; it was all I had thought about all day. I eagerly reached to his crotch and immediately unzipped his fly, finding him without underwear and already getting hard! I opened his pants all the way, and wasted no time pulling out his cock! He chuckled and said he could see I was an eager student (little did he know HOW eager), and told me to jack the skin very slowly. I was fascinated by the heft, the feel, the heat, the weight of a man’s cock! I was entranced by it all. My friend Chris’s cock, while a little bigger than mine, was nothing compared to Marco’s slab. And his foreskin really fascinated me; I wanted to play with it and stuck my finger inside the skin when I pulled it fully forward over his head. He told me to pull out my finger and suck it. When I did, I had the most erotic experience of my young life; not only did I taste his precum, but there was also that manly smell and flavor of the uncircumcised man who had not washed his cockhead in the past few hours. Not cheesy (as I was later to learn with a careless or dirty man), but manly, funky, musky, masculine. What I now search for as an adult!

I loved the taste, I loved the smell, and he could tell. “Why don’t you give it a nice taste” he whispered, as he moved closer to the bed, to my head. I didn’t even think; I just put his cock to my lips and slowly sucked it into my mouth like a wide fat noodle. I’m sure I must have slurped and made a noise, as he chuckled again, and commented once more on my eagerness. Now that I had his cock in my mouth, I dropped all pretense and started to suck for real. He told me how good it was, how I was a fast learner, but not to forget the rest of him. “Don’t just suck my cock, suck all of me. Eat me. Make all of me feel good.”

He took one hand and put it on his balls, then took the other, and placed my hand under his white intern’s smock to feel that wonderful hairy chest. He was really hairy all over, and I could feel his curly pubes on my forehead, his wiry hairs on his balls, but best of all I could tangle my fingers in his thick chest hair. It was really like a mat. I remember how good he smelled – no perfume, no deodorant, just man. A scent of sex, of what I suppose must be pheromones. Meanwhile, I was also in full lust and ecstasy from the taste of him. His cock, his precum, his manly juices that had dried and remained under his foreskin. It was so exciting that I could not stop myself. Without touching myself, I shot! I know it hit his bare leg because he commented on the heat and I guess speed of the shot of my cum. But he had yet to shoot, and I was determined to taste him fully.

He then decided it was time to get down to business. Who knew how much time we had, as he was on duty and supposedly doing his routine. He could have been called again like the prior evening! So, he took my head in his hands, and pulled me out of bed, to a sitting position. Then he stood between my legs, his cock still in my mouth, his hands pulling my head to his stomach. Then, with strength, lust, and greed he just started to face fuck me. I guess he knew I could take him all, and indeed I was having no problems swallowing his cock as it plunged in and out of my mouth and throat. I knew to keep feeling up his balls, and my other hand dropped down from his chest to his ass. I felt his round, muscular and hairy ass cheeks clench and unclench as fucked my face. Soon, he started a low, controlled moan, and he warned me to pull off if I didn’t want his load in my mouth. There was no way I was going to miss his load though, and my hands pulled his ass closer to my head. He knew then that I wanted it!

Suddenly, after his frantic pumpings, he almost froze. I felt how his balls traveled up in his sack, to hide under his thighs, and his scrotum tightened into a ball. Then I felt it first! A jet that shot right into the middle of my throat, almost making me need to cough. I was determined not to lose contact with his cock for even one second, so I swallowed both the urge to cough as well as his cum! Then he continued to shoot, this time not quite so hard and far, and my mouth was filled with his thick cum! It was hot, it was salty but sour, it was manjuice that was nectar to my own lust. I continued to suck hard and swallow deeply as he ended his ejaculations. Then, I was sucking a thick, warm, semi-soft prick that continued to drool cum strings, while he just breathed heavily. He pulled back a bit so that I could only have his cock head in my mouth and he told me to clean out his head, under his skin. The foreskin had naturally covered most of his head, so I just pulled it over completely, and my tongue traveled under the skin to lick and clean out his cock head. (I was later to learn the term ‘docking”; which I instinctively was doing to him now). He told me that it was the best he had ever had, I guessed he meant blow job, but he might have meant my docking and cleaning his head.

He then had to get back to work (much as I would have liked to have him stay for another round!), and he quickly pulled up his pants, tucking away that very precious package that I will always remember. (Could it have been as good in reality as in my memory? It must have!) He kind of rubbed my head with affection, told me he would check me out later, and left.

I laid back to try and sl**p (of course, that was a long way away as I relived the evening again in great detail), and I could smell him on my face, my nose. I lifted my hands and smelled him on my fingers too! I actually beat off one more time; was this the 3rd of 4th time in the last 24 hours? The rest of the memory is now wiped away by time. I know that I was released from the hospital the next afternoon. I did not see Marco again. But once home, and settled to rest and further recover, I did pick up my book. Over the next day or so it took to finish, I thought of him every time the here of the novel was mentioned. I was delighted in reading to discover another place where Marco had written me a note; obviously while I slept the second evening. It said “This student gets an A+ and a thanks from the teacher”! I have often thought of this early experience. I beat off to it, and variations as well, for years. To this day I have no idea if Marco was gay, or just horny. Was he a p*******e (I was 17 and in my mind quite grown up) or a pedagogue? It didn’t matter, as we both had a wonderful time, and I have a wonderful memory. I can only hope that Marco does too!

That is still my most treasured sex memory, I think. Why not write me with your hottest sex experience?