"Sex Stories" Hot Saturday Morning

Sex Stories Hot Saturday Morning
I live with my boyfriend and my girlfriend. Don and I got first got together in college and it was a few years later that we found Jen. She does not like women, but she does like men who like men and women. 

Friday night is almost always for Monkey Love, so Saturday morning is kind of slow starting. I was cuddled up to Dons back with one leg thrown over his hip. I was in that half waking state to when I felt a pair of hands spreading my ass cheeks. Then there was the delicious feeling of a tongue circling my asshole. I knew it was Jen back from her early morning run and looking for some fun. (Adult Stories)

I arched my back to push into her tongue and she responded by spearing it deep in side. As she wiggled her tongue inside me my cock started to get hard, it was pressed right in along crack of Dons ass. I started humping forward and back, dry humping him as Jen gave me a world class rim job wake up. Don rolled over to see if this was just a morning hard on or if I was serious. When he saw Jen’s face buried in my ass, he threw me a naughty smile and switched around so he could suck my cock. This left me staring at his hard cock as well. 

I grabbed it and slid it into my mouth with a hum of delight. Don’s cock is about 7 inches long and really thick. It fills my mount (and other places) really full. I took the whole thing in my mouth, my lips touching the soft shaved skin at the base of it. I ran my tongue in circles around and around this hot thick meat. There is nothing better than having you mouth filled with dick early in morning. Jen, having loosened my asshole decided to slide one, then two fingers in and out, fucking my pucker. When took both out and replaced them with her thumb she was in just the right position to rub on my prostate. Between Don’s lips and tongue around my cock and Jen playing a drum solo on my prostate there was no holding back. I arched my back and jetted four or five jets of cum Don’s waiting mouth. 

I let Don’s cock fall out of my mouth and collapsed on my back on the bed. Jen pulled her thumb out of my ass. She and Don leaned over my and kissed, swapping my cum back and forth between them. A little dropped on my chest so I scooped it up with my finger and licked it off. The yeasty taste of fresh cum is hard to beat. Another drop fell on my chest, so I scooped it up and rubbed it on Jen’s big nipples. She does not have very wide hips, but she has the most perfectly globular tits with big pink nipples that stick up at an angel. Don seeing what I left him leaned down to suck my cum off each one. 

I reached up and slid two fingers in Jen’s sopping wet pussy. She rocked forward and back as Don sucked her nipples, griping my fingers with her tight pussy. I reached over with my other hand to and stroked Don’s cock. As Jen rocked back and forth my thumb slid first into the crack of her ass, then up her asshole. I could feel my fingers through the thin walls of her asshole and pussy. I am sure one of the reasons Jen lives with two men is her love of being double penetrated. 

Don started moaning like he was going to cum, and so Jen hopped off my fingers and lay back with her legs and pussy spread wide. She said “Don’t cum yet, I want you to fuck me!” Don was more than happy to oblige! Soon he was going to town on our girlfriend and she was cumming so hard the muscles of her flat stomach were rippling. I moved up to their heads and put my then hard cock in both their faces. They were kind enough to suck it as they fucked. If you have never had a man’s and woman’s lips on your cock at the same time, you have not lived, yet. Soon Don and Jen were cuming together . 

After Don pulled out, went down on Jens shaved, dripping pussy. The combination of Don’s cum and Jen’s pussy juices is my idea of the Breakfast of Champions! Since my face was in her pussy, that left my ass in the air. One of the best things about Don is his amazingly quick recovery time. Before I knew it, he had his thick meat knocking at my backdoor. Don knows I love to be teased so after he got the head in, he started pushing just about an inch in, then pulling back so just the tip was keeping my asshole open. 

I was rock hard form this teasing when he slid it firmly into my waiting ass. I have been fucked and fucking Don for 10 years, but it still a thrill when that cock stretches my ass open and I feel his firm stomach pressing my ass cheeks. Don started fucking my ass, flexing his hips to one side or the other to stretch me even wider. Jen started cuming in my face as I pushed my tongue deep in her to get the last of Don’s cum out of her pussy. 

When she recovered she slid underneath and started deep throating my rock hard cock. With Jen in position, Don grabbed a hold of my hips to give himself some better leverage. I put my face down to eat Jens hot pussy and Don started hammering me with his thick cock. The three of us worked each other over about ten minutes and finally when I let out a high pitched scream and my ass clenched around Don’s cock, we all came at the same time. Three hot spurts of Don’s cum splashed inside me. Even though Jen has used her strap-on’s to fuck me, there is nothing like having a man shoot off in your asshole. I collapsed on top of Jen. As Don’s cum dripped out of my open asshole, he licked it in long strokes. I rolled off Jen and we all cuddled up to fall into a sex c***. 

Happy Saturday! I have the best life!