"Sex Stories" Hot Young Thing

Sex Stories Hot Young Thing
It was the summer that I just turned 14, and I was bored. We got word that my uncle was recovering from shoulder surgery, and he needed help because he could only use one arm. He lived alone in Texas, and my mom thought it would be good for us both if I spent the summer with him. I flew into Dallas-Fort Worth, and he met me at the airport. God, it was hot there. When we got to his ranch, I was shocked to see that there was no one around for miles. We were truly alone. Uncle Clyde showed me to his guest room, and helped me with my luggage. He still had one good arm, but the other one was in a sling. After he left, I changed into clothes that were more appropriate for the steamy weather.

When Uncle Clyde saw me wearing my skimpy daisy duke shorts and my tiny belly shirt with no bra, I could sense his pleasure. His wide eyes twinkled, and I could tell he was thinking naughty thoughts. (Sex Stories)

I knew my young body was attractive. I was proud of my firm round breasts. They weren't all that big yet, but they had a perky bounce to them, and I loved wearing thin, tight little shirts that showed them off. I have a skinny waist, which accentuated my full, round ass. Wearing my skimpy cutoff shorts felt so sexy, and they didn't cover much. My ass cheeks were clearly exposed, and it was probably obvious that I wasn't wearing panties, or even a thong.

I bopped around Uncle Clyde's kitchen, putting away the dishes I just finished washing for him. I could feel his eyes follow me as I reached high up, stacking his dishes on the top shelf. I didn't mind the attention, and I'm sure he didn't mind watching me. I got all tingly in my crotch, knowing the effect I was having on him.(XXX Stories)

It was so hot, I went to take a cold shower after doing my chores. As I towelled off, I became aware of some noise in the adjoining guest room. I noticed that the heat vent passed through to the other room, and you could easily see into the bathroom through the grating on the vent. Sure enough, Uncle Clyde was in the guest room, watching me dry off. I was feeling frisky, and decided to give him a show, pretending all the while that his secret "window" remained a secret.

I dropped my towel and pretended I was admiring my firm body in the mirror, which hung directly over the "secret window". I began touching my proud breasts, squeezing them and playing with my nipples. Then I ran my hands up and down my body, paying particular attention to my still hairless pussy. I rubbed my clit in circles, and I was getting turned on, knowing my uncle was enjoying every minute of the show. I turned away from the "window", bent over to pick up the towel, and slowly dried off my legs and feet, giving my uncle a nice long look at my smooth, bare ass, all bent over and sticking out at him.

Having such an interested audience watching me, I decided to keep the show going. I stood in front of the heat vent brushing my long blond hair, while my other hand found my pussy. I glided my finger up and down over my slit, tickled my clit, and finally slipped my finger into my hole. It was already hot and wet, which was no surprise. It seemed like it was always wet lately.

When I finished brushing my hair, I playfully flicked my nipples with the bristles, which sent chills right down to my pussy. I let the bristles tickle me all the way down my body, and end up on my crotch. I stroked the brush over my clit, legs spread wide. It felt so good, I turned the hairbrush around, and slid the handle into my eager pussy. It was exhilarating, and the thought of being watched drove my crazy. I pumped the brush handle in and out, faster and faster, until my body spasmed with an orgasm so strong, I had never felt anything like it before.

Not wanting to put on the same sweaty outfit, I wrapped myself in my towel and went back to the guest room to change. There was Uncle Clyde sitting at his desk, doing paperwork. He apologized for the intrusion, but said he needed to get to his files. He got up to go, but I thought I'd tease him a little more as "punishment" for boldly watching my show. I told him to wait a minute, and he could help me pick out a fresh outfit. I opened the dresser drawer and showed him all the clothes I'd brought with me. There were short-shorts and shorter shorts, a couple mini skirts, and belly shirts of all types. Still wrapped in my towel, I began pulling out different bits of clothes so he could help me decide. He stood next to me, looking in the drawer, and then he saw it.

When I moved one of my skirts, a bright pink object fell out the skirt. I had forgotten that I tucked my pink dildo in the skirt to hide it. The toy wasn't always mine. My older s****r left it in the closet when she moved away. But it was mine now, and I used it early and often. Now it lay in the dresser completely exposed , and my little secret was no longer a secret.

Uncle Clyde's eyes lit up like he was looking at a winning lottery ticket. He was dumbfounded. He reached in the drawer and picked it up like it was a delicate sparrow. He held it lovingly in both hands, looked at me, then he held it close to his nose and sniffed it, all the way up and down the whole thing. I was still wet from my great orgasm in the bathroom, but I could feel my juices heating up again.

Finally, Uncle Clyde asked me if it was mine. I told him someone gave it to me. No, my mom didn't know I had it, and neither did anyone else, until now. He seemed to be delighted that he now knew my secret. I told him it was just like me discovering his "secret window". His glee turned into shock and fear in a hurry. He knew he could get into big trouble if I told anyone what he was up to. What to do now? We made a deal.

I would let him watch me play with my dildo through his heat vent, and neither one of us would ever betray our secrets to anyone. This time, he went into the bathroom and watched me sitting on the edge of the guest bed, directly facing the heat vent. I opened up my towel, and threw it back on the bed behind me. I played with my tits, and ran my fingers all over my body, stopping to finger my soaking wet pussy. I put two fingers in, and jerked them quickly, making loud squishing sounds that I'm sure Uncle Clyde could hear. It was even more exciting this time, knowing that my uncle knew I was okay with him watching.

I took my fingers slowly out of my hole, and put them to my mouth. I licked all my juices from both fingers, then reached for my dildo. I scooted my ass off the edge of the bed, and put my feet against the wall to brace myself. My pussy was aiming straight at my uncle's wild eyes, about 12 inches away from the heat vent. Like a pro (I already was, at age 13) I worked my pink friend up, down and around my crotch area, gyrating with energy. I slid that dildo up inside my dripping pussy like I knew what I was doing. Slowly at first, I pushed it all the way in as far as it would go, then I gradually pulled it back out, then back in again. What a rush!

I grabbed my toy with both hands, and increased my stroke, faster and deeper, trying to give the performance of a lifetime. Uncle Clyde was great motivation.

My legs started to get tired, so I rolled over, and knelt on the edge of the bed, with my ass close to the vent. I put baby oil on my hands, and I began to rub it all over my ass, squeezing and kneading my cheeks, and spreading them so Uncle Clyde could have a good look at my smooth asshole. I playfully ran my finger up and down my ass crack, and circled my hole with my finger tip.

That's when I revealed my other secret. I had brought along another hairbrush, one with a long, round, black handle with light grooves on it. I'm sure I surprised my uncle when he saw me teasing my asshole with the handle of a hairbrush. After a few minutes of driving my uncle crazier, I pushed the handle into my asshole, and began pleasuring my aroused ass. Now, for the best part: While I stroked my asshole furiously with the hairbrush, I slipped my pink toy into my pussy, and gave myself a double fuck. I could hear Uncle Clyde gasping in the bathroom as he watched me continuously slam my ass and pussy at the same time. What a show it was. I came hard and loud, and I didn't hold back.

Afterward, I lay back on the bed, totally spent, and fell asl**p. Uncle Clyde stayed in the bathroom for awhile, until he had the strength to stand up and move.

When I awoke, I thought about our experience together, and I smiled, knowing that this could be a long and interesting summer indeed. I discovered I loved to tease men with my beautiful body, and I knew I had Uncle Clyde's full attention.

I awoke feeling great, although it was already stifling outside. I slipped on my flimsy pink miniskirt and a skimpy white halter top that wrapped around and tied in the front above my belly. I had heard the shower shut off in the bathroom, and I caught a glimpse of something white through Uncle Clyde’s “secret” heat vent. He was toweling off in front of the mirror. I suspected he was giving me a show, so I bent over to take a closer look. At first, I could see that his man area was clean shaven. Then I gasped when I noticed his thing: it was huge. It dangled halfway to his knees, and it wasn’t even hard. I got a rush just thinking about how big it must get when it was fully erect. But I had to go down to the barn to tend to the a****ls right now, so I put the thought on the back burner for now.

After yelling goodbye through the bathroom door, I skipped out the back door. Walking along the soft, sandy path was heaven. Feeling the sand between my toes, the warm breeze caressing my bare pussy, and my titties jiggling firmly in their halter “nest” made me feel free and content. Knowing I was the only person within miles was wildly liberating.

It wasn’t much of a ranch anymore. Uncle Clyde sold off most of his a****ls after his accident, so all I had to do was feed a few goats and sheep, throw some corn down for the chickens, and feed and brush Romeo, my uncle’s pet pony. When I entered the barn, the first thing I noticed was the huge tropical fish tank in the middle of the barn floor. It was mesmerizing to watch all the colorful fish swimming around. There must have been hundreds of them. Uncle Clyde claimed the fish tank helped to keep the barn a****ls calm, and I could see why. 

After I fed all the critters, I began brushing the pony. Romeo was gentle and playful. When I was brushing his side, he pinned me to his stall wall, and seemed to laugh about it. As I moved to his head, he would lick at my boobs, nibbling a little. I kept pushing his nose away, but it was actually turning me on. Since no one was about to show up at the barn, I untied my top, and let it fall to the ground. Romeo bobbed his head up and down in approval. He licked my nipples until they were standing erect, and I found myself touching my wet pussy. 

By now, I was breathing heavy, and I needed a break. I knelt down by the pony and brushed his belly. I couldn’t help looking at Romeo’s cock, and I was surprised how big it was, considering he was just a pony.

Always curious, I reached out and touched it gently with my fingertips. His shaft was silky smooth, and soon I was wrapping my whole hand around his meat, stroking it slowly up and down, adding pressure as I went. Romeo whinnied in approval, and it emboldened me even more. Some warm liquid started seeping out of his hole, and I wondered what it must taste like. Since I was in complete privacy, I reached my head under his belly, and licked the top of his cock while I kept pumping it with my hand. It didn’t taste bad, so I started licking all around his slick cockhead. I was so excited, and so was Romeo. I opened my mouth and put my lips around his juicy head, and could barely fit it into my mouth. I stretched and strained my mouth until I could take 4 or 5 inches of him, and I bobbed my head furiously. The pony began to jerk and twitch, and my mouth started to fill up with his jizz. I was determined to swallow his whole load, and I kept sucking and gulping down load after load of hot horse cum. I couldn’t believe how much he had. I couldn’t keep up with him, and I gagged. A flood of juice poured out my nose and the sides of my mouth, but I kept sucking him until his spasms subsided. Romeo was so grateful, I thought I heard him purring. I licked his cock clean, and crawled out from underneath him.

When I bent over to pick up my shirt, Romeo ran his tongue right up my exposed ass crack. Startled, I didn’t move. He did it again, and I realized how horny I was, even though I was exhausted from sucking him off. I reached back, flung my pink skirt back, and spread my ass cheeks for him. He licked my asshole fast and furious. I was on fire. I bent over and put my hands on the dirt floor, exposing my dripping pussy to him. Romeo started licking my juices, lapping at my clit, and I was in ecstasy. I knew I had to find something to fuck in a hurry. As I scurried around the barn looking for a suitable plaything, I noticed another smaller fish tank in the corner. It was filled with dark green water, unlike the beautiful crystal clear water in the tropical fish tank. You couldn’t even see what was in that dark water. It was kind of creepy.

But, I was on a mission, and I moved on, finally finding a brand new shovel with a smooth, shiny handle. I took the shovel and pushed the blade into the ground, and tilted the handle towards the pony. I faced away from him, and slowly worked the handle into my well-lubricated pussy, a little at a time. 

As I began riding it, I could feel Romeo’s tongue licking at my ass crack again. I reached back and spread my ass wide, and he proceeded to dig into my ass hole with his hot tongue. I rode that shovel handle faster and faster, bouncing up and down, like a jockey racing a horse. My pussy seemed like it spewed out as much cum as Romeo did. Waves of electric spasms rushed through my body as I kept pumping my eager pussy, and Romeo kept licking my ass hole. 

After I climbed down from the shovel handle, I collapsed on the barn floor for several minutes, exhausted, but peaceful. My curiousness sure paid off this time, and I vowed to keep this new discovery a secret until the day I died. I cleaned up the shovel and put it back, watched the fish for a few minutes, put my shirt back on, and headed back to the house. It was time to make breakfast for Uncle Clyde.

As I ran up to my room to change, I heard my uncle say he had something to show me after breakfast. As I popped on my black super-mini and a baby blue belly shirt, I noticed something on my pillow: three spanking new toys for my erotic pleasure. It wasn’t difficult to figure out who put them there.

One dildo was pink and rather thin, but it was every bit of two feet long. I didn’t quite understand why. The second one was bigger and very lifelike, and it had a suction cup on one end. This one had possibilities. The third toy was super big, black and stiff. It had a built-in hand grip at one end. I couldn’t imagine being able to do anything with it. I guess my uncle was talking about the toys when he said he had something to show me.

Things were even quieter than usual at breakfast, although I felt like Uncle Clyde was studying me intently, with a knowing twinkle in his eyes. After I cleaned up the dishes, I thanked my uncle for his gifts, and he just smiled. I asked him if that was what he wanted to show me after breakfast. He shook his head and walked towards the living room, motioning for me to follow him. He already had another chair sitting next to his computer chair, and I sat down next to him. He explained to me that he had a video he wanted me to watch, and I was to stay and see the whole thing.

When the video started, I knew immediately what I was seeing. Clear as day, an image of a young girl appeared, brushing a pony…Romeo. It was all there on film, me throwing my shirt off, getting my nipples licked, playing with the pony’s cock, sucking him, and of course, the buckets of horse cum that exploded out of my mouth and nose. I squirmed around in my seat, but neither one of us took our eyes off the screen. The “climax”, if you will, was watching myself humping that shovel handle while I held my ass cheeks apart for Romeo’s tongue.

After it was over, I was more fascinated than embarrassed. After all, my uncle had already seen me naked, fucking myself. I was a young girl, learning about the things of the world, and I didn’t feel guilty about it. Uncle Clyde finally spoke up. 

He explained that he had installed security cameras in the barn years ago, so he could look in on the a****ls without going all the way out to the barn. Oh well, this was just another secret between me and my uncle, and I actually felt closer to him, like you would with a close confidante. He chuckled, and mumbled something about me being a wild pony myself, and maybe I needed to be tamed a little. I laughed because he was laughing, but I wondered what he meant by “tamed”. 

Up to this point, Uncle Clyde sure seemed interested in my awakening sexuality. It was obvious he derived pleasure from watching me, but he made no attempt to talk me into anything, nor had he touched me at all.

I was relieved that my uncle took my barn video so calmly. And I felt even better when he invited me to go down to the barn and help feed his tropical fish. I really loved his fish, and I couldn’t wait to help him.

As we walked along the path together, I was a little chatterbox. I thanked Uncle Clyde again for the presents, but I was a little confused: I asked him why the pink one was so long, why the lifelike dildo had a suction cup on one end, and how could anyone use the big black one? He just smiled, and said maybe we’d check them out together after dinner. We moseyed along the path, kicking up sand and enjoying the utter isolation from the rest of the world. We stopped at the footbridge, and Uncle Clyde walked down to the edge of the stream. He looked up and saw me leaning against the railing, exposing my tight smooth pussy in clear view under my short skirt. I got a rush wondering what was going through his mind. He turned to the stream, and picked up a handful of round rocks, inspecting each one carefully. Then he put a bunch in his pocket, and we resumed our walk.

In the barn, we both stood in front of the fish tank, admiring all the beautiful varieties of fish. Uncle Clyde even had names for some of them. After awhile, he motioned me toward a tire tube that came from an old farm truck. He had it rigged with ropes that led up to a pulley attached to the roof beam. He pulled the rope so the tire seat was about two feet above the floor, and told me to sit down. I swung back and forth on my tire swing, and watched as my uncle pulled down a large bowl from the cupboard. He filled it most of the way with dry fish food. Then he brought the hose over, and poured water into the food bowl, and mixed it up with a big ladle. 

He set the bowl aside, and turned to a small bowl. He spooned some kind of sticky stuff into the bowl, then he added several drops of some kind of liquid, stirring it all up with a spoon. When I asked him what the concoction was, he told me it was petroleum jelly with a few drops of liquid menthol. He claimed it attracted the fish.

Uncle Clyde walked over in front of me, and showed me a pair of wrist cuffs, clipped together in the middle. I instinctively put my hands out, and he secured my wrists together. He raised my arms, clipped the cuffs to a ring, and hoisted the rope up the pulley until my arms were fully stretched out. Then he raised the tire tube up so my head was just above his. Then he completely shocked me.

He slid his fingers underneath my belly shirt, and pulled the shirt up and over my head. My heart skipped a beat, and I could feel myself blushing. Even though my uncle had already seen me naked, it was either through the heat vent, or it was on video. This time, his face was less than two feet away from my exposed tits. It was a reality shock, and it was delicious.

I recovered enough to ask him how I was going to be able to help him feed the fish in this position? He told me to wait and see, and he hoisted my seat up higher. Now, his head was inches from my vulnerable ass, which was hanging down well below the tire tube. He stayed under me for a long time, studying the subject in front of him intently. I believe I could hear him sniffing at my crotch.

He walked back over to the cupboard, stirred the fish food again, and came back to me carrying the small bowl. He walked underneath me, and I couldn’t see what he was doing because the tire tube blocked my view. Next, I jumped in reaction to feeling my uncle’s finger swirling his concoction around my pussy, then my ass. It felt good, nice and warm, so I relaxed a bit. Uncle Clyde said nothing as he scooped up a large gob of sticky stuff and slid it into my pussy hole. He massaged the whole inside of it, then he crammed more of the stuff deep inside me. I shuddered in delight. Another gob was shoved up my rectum, and he massaged my ass hole deeply with his finger. Then he added another dose up my ass. For good measure, he used two fingers, and now he was rapidly shoving one up each hole, double finger-fucking me harder and deeper, until I almost passed out.

When I looked around, Uncle Clyde was pulling another thing out of the cupboard. It looked like a giant syringe, with a large plunger at one end, but no needle at the other end. I watched him grease the tube up with his menthol mixture. Then, he stuck the tube into the big bowl, and began drawing the thick paste up the tube. I still didn’t get it yet, but soon I’d be getting it.

Uncle Clyde walked back underneath me. He was like a mechanic, working on a car that’s up on a lift. By now, the menthol stuff was really beginning to heat up. My insides were on fire. I felt some pressure, as I finally put it all together. He was filling my pussy hole with fish food! I was only half right. He went away and came back again. I felt his finger sliding up my ass. He twirled it around inside my hole for awhile, heating up the menthol before he pushed the big syringe deep in my ass. I could feel my rectum filling up as he slowly and deliberately pushed the plunger to the hilt. What a feeling.

He lowered me down some, so now my titties were even with his eye level. Again, he walked away and came back, this time carrying a piece of old, coarse rope in his hand. Without a word, he started binding my boobs with the rough rope. He wrapped them every which way until they were standing straight out, red and tight. My nipples were pointed and throbbing. I squirmed a little, and Uncle Clyde slapped each tit several times, back and forth. A little pain surged through my body, but so did pure electric pleasure. I guess my uncle took pity on me, because he leaned in and caressed my strained breasts with both hands. He ran his thumbs over my swollen nipples, and I could feel pussy juice and fish food running down my ass cheeks. Then he took each tit in his mouth, and gentle kissed and sucked and nibbled on my nipples. I was gasping for air by then, and my uncle backed off.

He raised me up again, and swung the tire tube directly over the fish tank. Then he slowly lowered me down until the tube rested on top of the tank, and my ass was totally immersed in water. My uncle grabbed a chair and sat in front of the tank. The water in the tank was warm and clear, and it was like he was watching live TV. 

In no time, the fish started swarming around my ass and pussy, as the fish food began to trickle out of both of my holes. I was more than a little scared, but I didn’t move. My uncle had warned me not to splash around, because it would shock the fish. I couldn’t believe this is what my uncle meant when he asked me to “help” him feed the fish!

By now, fish of all kinds were swarming around my packed holes in a feeding frenzy. They were nibbling on everything, and my clit was pounding with the excitement caused by the biting little fish. I was amazed that I was really getting into the experience. It felt so good, and I’m sure there was plenty of my pussy juice in the water by now. One by one, the fish drifted away, finally filled up. Uncle Clyde then got up, and I thought he was going to get me down from my perch.

Instead, he walked over to his other fish tank, that scary one that you couldn’t see into. He lifted the lid, and thrust a net into the tank, vigorously twisting and turning the handle, until he seemed to have what he was after. As he walked towards me, I could see what looked like a bunch of small snakes, only they were writhing, and wiggling all over the place. They are baby eels, my uncle explained. No, they’re not the electric kind, and they won’t hurt me, he said…but they are very hungry, he noted, as he moved his chair even closer to the tank.

With that, he dumped the whole net full of baby eels into the tropical fish tank. They swam around feverishly, rushing past my open holes, giving me goose bumps. I started fidgeting, and my uncle told me to just lie still and relax and see what happened.

There were six eels swarming around me, and they finally figured out that my body held their food supply. One pushed against my pussy lips, and knocked some food out. Immediately, all six of them were vying for the same few crumbs. Then, little by little they figured out that they could charge at the food sources, and get more. Not long after that, I could feel their little heads penetrating my holes, a little deeper each time. Soon, they were brazenly crawling six inches up my rectum and pussy, and I could feel their little heads inside me, anxiously chewing their food. I could feel the beginnings of a wild orgasm coming over me. Again and again, they would enter me, jostling for position with each other. Sometimes I could feel 3 or 4 of them at a time inside my pussy, all pushing and shoving each other around, squirming and struggling to eat. They would slide themselves out, swim around, and then plunge themselves back into my pussy. The other eels tried their luck eating the food in my asshole. They nibbled and nosed around it so much, that my asshole finally relented, and opened up enough for them to slip up my rectum and gobble down some food. It felt like two eels were taking turns with my asshole, and they kept working their way in deeper to reach more food, which, by now was way up there. Finally, one of them slithered all the way into my ass and disappeared completely. His partner must have figured it was his turn, and he followed the first eel all the way into my ass.

My ass muscle must have sensed the double intrusion, and instinctively shut tight. Nothing was about to go in or out. I could feel both of them wriggling around in my ass, frantically trying to get out. They were squirming and wrestling inside me, and I barely hung on for dear life. Meanwhile, the other four eels were still working on the fish food in my pussy, and they weren’t exactly taking turns or being polite.

My pussy was being worked over by a bunch of live dildos on steroids, and my ass was jerking wildly. I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I start cumming in spastic waves, my pussy juices pumping heavily into the fish tank, as the eels show no signs of letting up. Pretty soon, my orgasms were bursting out every minute or so, and I had a hard time sitting still in the water. Uncle Clyde’s eyes were glued to the action, and I was surprised his head didn’t pop off. I had no doubt that his security cameras were working overtime.

When my body went limp, Uncle Clyde pulled the tire tube up, and swung it back over the floor. He slid four of the eels slowly out of my pussy, and put them back in their tank. He looked around for the other two, and finally noticed my asshole trembling. He slipped two fingers into my rectum, and pulled one eel out by the tail, then the other eel. It was over, and I was spent. Still, my uncle didn’t lower me down just yet.

I looked over, and watched him drag the hose over towards me. In his other hand, he held a bottle of dish soap with a long nozzle, and what looked like a long bottle brush. Apparently, it was cleanup time. He twisted the old hose nozzle, and set it on spray. He reached up and penetrated my oozing pussy with the nozzle, working it in and out, as the rest of the fish food poured out. The water was cold, but refreshing. He followed that by pushing the nozzle up my ass hole, cleaning it out the same way. Then, he took the dish soap bottle, and squirted a generous amount up both my holes. Then came the bottle brush. As he worked it into my soapy pussy, I was relieved to discover that the bristles were softer than they looked. He reamed my pussy in and out several times, then he did the same to my ass hole. I was getting hot all over again, receiving all this loving attention to my (no longer) private parts. One more wash out with the hose, and he was done. Or so I thought. He still didn’t lower me to the floor. He rolled the hose up and cleaned up all his gadgets, slowly and methodically. The only thing he didn’t put away was the small bowl of menthol-laced petroleum jelly. Soon, I knew why.

He walked under me once again. He began to massage me down there again with a thick smear of the mixture, and my pussy and ass crack started warming up again. He explained that the mixture acted as an antiseptic, and he didn’t want me to get sick from the fish bites. This made sense, until he picked up a wad of the jelly on his finger, and pushed it into my ass hole. He took another gob, and pushed more of it up my ass, which was now ablaze and twitching. He worked a finger into each hole, and rammed them in and out repeatedly, intensely watching my reactions. He kept jamming and jamming his fingers in and out, and finally, he got what he was looking for: I began writhing and jerking uncontrollably in my seat, my legs shooting straight out, then flailing around wildly. I began bucking up and down against his invading fingers, and then, whoosh, my pussy was contracting and my ass was quivering out of control, and my juices just poured out, pumping hot cum all over his face, and down his arm. It was a great encore of an otherwise spectacular show. He stood underneath me, his face just six inches from my tender young pussy, and watched up close as I jerked and bucked, and exploded with orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, my body calmed down, and my head slumped over in exhaustion. But Uncle Clyde wasn’t quite finished yet. He walked away, saying he had one more present for me. He came back with some type of fake horse tail, attached to a rather large butt plug. He referred to me as “Dee, the Pony Girl”, as he rubbed menthol lube all over the plug. (My real name is Debbie, but everyone calls me Dee). Standing under me once again, he teased my ass with it, running it around in circles on my ass hole. I had to strain some, but he managed to work it into my rectum until only the tail part was visible. Finally, he lowered me down and removed the itchy rope wrapped around my abused tits. He began rubbing them and fondling them until some of the rope marks disappeared. Then he released my arms, and they fell limply into my lap. I curled up in the tire tube and fell asl**p, my pussy still burning hot from the menthol, and my ass plugged well, with a horse tail proudly flowing out of it. 

When I woke up, I looked around, trying to remember where I was. It was still light outside, but I could tell dinner was going to be late tonight. My pussy was still hot, and my ass was packed with that horse tail butt plug, burning my rectum like hot coals.

Uncle Clyde was busy with barn chores when he saw me sit up. My clothes were nowhere to be found. “Pony Girl” finally woke up, I heard him say. He walked over and told me it was time to get back to the house, but I wasn’t going to walk, I was going to prance back, just like the pony girl I was. He made me get down on all fours, and motioned for me to follow him out the barn door. As I crawled past him, he grabbed a riding crop off the wall as he was closing the door. As I made my way up the sandy path, my uncle watched me from behind, occasionally slapping my ass cheeks with the riding crop. It stung a little at first, but it wasn’t painful. He was in his glory, as he watched me prance, buck naked, my sweet young ass swaying back and forth, with the horse tail swinging in time with my movements. 

He gave me a couple swats on my pussy, which caused me to jump a little bit. He scolded me for getting out of cadence, whatever that was. As I made my way farther up the path, he placed the riding crop against my clit, and held it there. My crawling motion caused my clit to rub up against the leather tip of the crop, and I could feel myself getting aroused again. 

I must have gotten distracted, because I finally heard him berate me for veering off the path. He made me stop and raise my body up straight, and I sat back on my legs. He told me to clasp my hands behind my back, and keep them there. My firm tits jutted out proudly, and he stopped momentarily for a good look at them. It looked like he was drooling a little.

Then, without warning, he brought the riding crop around from behind his back, and started slapping my breasts with it. I reared back, but I kept my hands locked behind me. He slapped each side of one breast, then he turned to the other one. He stung the bottoms of them, then the tops, saving his best swings for my nipples. Now, my tits were on fire too. They got red in a hurry, and he finally stopped stinging them. My nipples stood up straight and true, and I was even more turned on. I could feel the juices trickling down my thighs. Off we went again, and I continued to feel the sting of leather on my ass cheeks and my pussy lips.

We reached the footbridge, which was about the halfway point, when my uncle demanded that I stop once again. He discovered that his riding crop was all wet from slapping my aroused pussy. This wouldn’t do, he told me, and we’d have to rectify the situation. He told me to put my head down on my folded arms, and to stick my ass high up in the air. Then, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a handful of smooth rocks that he had collected earlier from the stream. One by one, he pushed the stones deep inside my pussy with his fingers….five, six, eight of them at least. He rubbed my clit with his thumb, making more of my girl juice come out. Then he picked up a handful of sand from the path, held it under my pussy, and started packing it into my pussy with his other hand. I was feeling itchy right away, but the sensation of having my pussy packed with sand was overwhelming. He repeated this until he had five handfuls of sand packed tightly in my pussy. The wetness seemed to have stopped, at least for now.

Taking advantage of my position, he grabbed my horse tail, and slowly pulled the butt plug out of my ass, and dropped it in the sand. He rolled it around so the sand would cover it evenly. He pulled the rest of his river rocks out of his pocket, and pushed them, one by one, up my rectum. Six times he plunged his finger up my ass, pushing stones in each time. Then he picked up the sand-covered butt plug, and shoved it back into my ass. Now, I was itching and feeling bloated, and I had a difficult time “prancing” up the pathway.

We finally got to the house, and he made me prance into the living room and sit up on my folded legs. I waited while he went to his desk and pulled a pair of handcuffs from his drawer. He put a wooden chair in front of me and sat down. As he fiddled with the cuffs, he wondered out loud that, seeing as I obviously enjoyed tasting horse cum, maybe I’d like to compare it to a man’s cum. I got a rush, knowing immediately where he was going with his inquiry. I smiled shyly, and had a hard time curbing my enthusiasm. Uncle Clyde explained that truly good cocksuckers only use their mouths. They don’t cheat by using their hands, as well. For training purposes, he would handcuff my hands behind my back, so I wouldn’t be tempted to cheat. I tingled with anticipation, and sure enough, the sand dam in my pussy broke, and my girl juices flowed out onto my legs underneath me.

Uncle Clyde stood up and pulled off his shorts, and sat back down. Holy crap, I couldn’t believe how much bigger his cock was now, compared to how it looked after his shower this morning. He held it out with both hands, and moved the chair closer to me. He told me just what to do. I started gently licking around the head, then down his muscular shaft, up and down and all around. He lifted his cock meat up and showed me the little line right under his head. As ordered, I began licking the little line with my hot tongue. I worked my tongue around and around his cockhead, then back underneath to his hot spot. Then he told me to just keep my mouth open, and to stick out my tongue and leave it out.

He pulled my head a little closer, and placed the head of his cock ever so gently on my tongue. He started moving his body up and back, slowly running his cock over my tongue. His eyes seemed to glaze over somewhat, and I couldn’t believe my luck: Two different cocks in my mouth in one day.

Now Uncle Clyde told me to wrap my hot teen lips around the head of his cock. I thought he was going to go out of his mind right then and there. He took my head in his hands, and motioned for me to start moving it up and back, sliding my lips along his cock shaft. I began to get a rhythm going, and he sat back in the chair with his eyes closed. Soon, I was taking a good deal of his shaft in my mouth, and I could feel his cock head hitting the back of my throat. I moved my head faster, and he let out a low moan. I could already taste some of his cock juice on my tongue. I could tell he was getting antsy sitting in his chair, and suddenly, he stood up and grabbed two fistfuls of my long blonde hair, and pulled me even closer. He held my head still and tight, and he started to slam my mouth deep and furious, with his hot cock. He pounded my mouth hard for what seemed like forever, and I was so turned on, I thought I’d die. He quickened his pace even more until, finally he yelled for me to start swallowing. As he erupted into my eager mouth, I gulped and gulped as he pumped wave after wave of man jizz down my throat.

He finally let go of my head, and he slumped back into his chair, eyes closed, and breathing heavily. I leaned forward, and managed to work my tongue under his slippery cock head, and slip it back into my mouth. I sucked him tenderly, then I bathed his entire sticky cock with my tongue.

He was nice and clean, but I left a mess of wet sticky sand on the living room floor. It was good in a way, because it reminded him that he packed my holes but good, and I would need his help to clear them. He took off the handcuffs, and then he led me outside onto the front lawn. He told me to stand up and face away from him, then to bend over and put my hands flat on the grass, with my legs spread apart. He slipped two fingers up inside my pussy, and began pulling out gobs of sand, while he reached around inside for the stones. Eventually he found all eight of the stones he’d packed into my pussy, but not before he brought me to orgasm once again. He seemed pleased with himself, watching me cum all down my legs.

Mercifully, he eased the pony plug slowly out of my ass next. He dug around in my asshole with one finger, twirling it around looking for more stones. He pulled out a bunch of sand before he could coax the six stones out, but he finally got them all. I’m pretty sure he ended up cleaning the stones and saving them as keepsakes.

When I stood up, he told me to go take a shower while he fixed us dinner. He also instructed me to come to the table wearing my sheer red nightie with the matching panties, and to bring down my three new toys. On second thought, he told me, forget the matching panties. End