"Sex Stories" House peeping!!

Sex Stories House peeping!!
I like going for a walk at night! Some of the houses in the area are student houses. The cheapskate landlords not only convert the front room on the ground floor into a bedroom, they skimp on the blinds. I noticed the light on in one such room, the window blind a good 6" too short at either side. I took a closer look. A slim sexy blond 20yr old student was getting ready for bed, she was just cleaning off her makeup.

She then started to remove her trousers and panties in one go. Her shaved minge came into view as I spied through the gap in the blind. Her hairless vulva and pink labia lips were fully exposed to my gaze. She pulled on her pyjama bottoms hiding her previously exposed genital area. She removed her top revealing her white bra, reaching behind she unhooked it revealing her small titties. She walked around her room for a while allowing me a good view of her pert breasts, pink areola and soft nipples from all angles.(Sex Stories)

Alas, all good things must come to an end. She pulled on her pyjama top covering her naked upper body and climbed into bed, unaware that her entire naked body had sexually gratified her secret voyeur!

Another time I spied on a couple in their early 40s. They had not closed their curtains fully in their downstairs bedroom. She came into the room first, fully clothed, wearing a baggy jumper and jeans. She was rather plump and had permed hair. I watched as she undressed in full view of the window, unaware that I was spying through the gap in the curtains. She first of all stripped to her rather grey unsexy underwear and wandered around the room for a while sorting things. She then removed her bra exposing her large but saggy breasts with large dark pink areola and bullet like nipples. Taking off her unflattering pants I was greeted with the view of a thick black bush of pubic hair which covered her entire pubic area. She stood in front of a mirror looking at her naked body, pulling in her fat belly and lifting her drooping breasts, giving me a good side view of her naked body. She turned toward the window and started to scratch her pussy to relieve an apparent itch!(Porn Stories)

Her husband entered in his robe casting it aside almost straight away. He was a big guy in all ways. She started to rub his naked body taking his cock in her hands until it stood erect. He pushed her onto her back on the bed, her bare legs up in the air and open wide. Her tits were now overhanging the side of her body. He tried to penetrate her vagina but appeared to have problems with her thick bush. He manually parted her pubic hair having first licked his fingers to lubricate her. This time his stiff cock slid into her tight pussy, she squealed with delight.

I had a good side on view of them fucking, her legs waving in the air, her belly and tits wobbling in rhythm with his thrusts. This continued for what seemed an age, she was screaming and shrieking throughout. Suddenly he started to moan, she stopped shrieking. He quickly withdrew his massive stiff cock, immediately he started to ejaculate, his spunk flying into the air before hitting her in the face, covering her fleshy tits and big belly. I thought he would never stop. She appeared quite taken aback and was now very quiet, she seemed embarrassed. He reached for the tissues giving her a handful to clean herself. She first wiped the cum from her face, then mopped her tits and belly, whilst he cleaned his now flaccid cock.

It was all over (literally!) What would she think if she knew? Her most intimate and highly embarrassing moment observed in detail by a stranger!

I had been spying on a young student couple for a while. The curtains in the bay window of the downstairs bedroom did not quite fit leaving a gap at either side. The window was hidden by a high hedge, and was just right for voyeurism. I would watch them perform most nights. They would undress each other and have fiery sex on the bed for hours; they always left the light on. She had long blond hair and large firm tits, when on her back they didn’t droop at all!! Although on all fours they used to swing gently. He was small in stature but had a huge cock. One night he had her on the edge of the bed legs in the air pounding her hairy pussy. I had a great view of his stiff cock rhythmically penetrating her wet vagina. Suddenly I became aware of someone; I thought I had been busted. He put his finger on his mouth and smiled at me. He took up position at the other side of the window and watched as well. They put on a great show that night every position and every sexual act was covered. The night culminated with him masturbating over her belly & tits. We never spoke but watched them for many more nights, their performance never disappointing us. One night I arrived to see the hedge had been trimmed, exposing the window and making further voyeurism impossible. I reckoned we had been busted. A view weeks later I took a taxi and who should be driving but my fellow voyeur. We spoke for the first time. He told me he had the couple in his cab shortly after the hedge had been trimmed. They told him they had been burgled and the landlord had cut the hedge to prevent further break-ins. We shared information about voyeur locations. I never saw him again.

It's definitely being in the right place at the right time. I have had no luck for months. However a new couple have moved into the downstairs flat next door. I noticed they don't close their blinds probably because of the high wall outside. They don't appear to be aware that I can see into their room from my bathroom window! I open it about 20cm and leave the light off. Their room is fully lit so I have a great view. Nothing much happened for about a week - they just watched TV, changed in their bathroom (out of view) and went to bed. I had almost given up on them but had a look last night. Again on the bed watching TV - was about to give up when the woman (in her 30s) took off her black panties and snuggled up with her man. She was on her side giving me a great view of her naked ass!! A few minutes later her man starts to touch her vulva slowly fingering! Suddenly they both strip off and she starts riding him like someone possessed! I have an excellent view of his stiff cock penetrating her vagina as she rides him - her big titties swaying!! Then she is on her back for a while legs in the air - tits wobbling - with him fucking her hard! Next they do doggy style followed by 69 - I notice her shaved cunt! Finally a reverse cowgirl until he pushes her off and finally masturbates onto her melons!! Watched her mopping up - another good view of tits & cunt! Was worth the wait. Don't give up!!

Used to spy on a neighbour I knew well through gap in her living room curtains. She was a petite blond 45 yo and lived alone, used to sit watching TV facing the window with no pants on always fiddling with her cunt! Sometimes with feet together but knees open. Her vulva was shaved but her mound was hairy - dark brown so not natural blond after all!! One hot summer evening she was sat naked - lovely slightly saggy breasts on show - fiddling with fanny as usual. She seemed to be getting more excited than usual. She then got on all fours breasts hanging down arse towards the window and started fingering her cunt from between her legs - I had a great rear view of her swollen pussy being wanked. After a few minutes she let out a scream and went stiff for a moment before collapsing to the floor!!
A few years ago I used to spy on a couple in a nearby flat. The set up was ideal - ground floor bedroom window well hidden by shrubs and very dark. Used to stand outside window about 11pm and wait for light to go on. Curtains never shut properly so always got a good view. The girl was in her late 20's - Irish - very attractive but well built, not fat though. Always same routine - trousers/skirt off first followed by tights & knickers all in one go! Wipe pussy with knickers then have a good scratch of very dark hairy minge. Then top off, bra only remaining, wandering around a bit till bra off. Lift up both large (?DD) breasts & rub underneath - large areola & prominent nipples on display. Walks around naked in front of mirror looking at body from all angles. Pulls in slightly round belly - plays with tits - examines size of arse!! When husband comes in lies naked on bed. He gets undressed - semi erect - lies beside wife. She plays with his cock - he fingers her pussy!! Never any oral. She puts condom on his stiff cock then opens her legs wide - he climbs on top and fucks her on her back. Once finished light off. Watched them for 6 months till they moved out - always same routine except once when she went on top and rode him till he came - how those dangling titties swayed!!