"Sex Stories" I Made My Daughter's Friend Eat My Cum

Sex Stories I Made My Daughter's Friend Eat My Cum
They had been friends for a few months and the first time I saw my daughters friend I wanted to fuck her, she was very pretty, an amazing little early teen body on her and she always dressed in clothes that accentuated that body.

I tried my usual tactics, trying to make her laugh and sitting next to her when they were in the lounge, but she was one stuck up little tart and would even get up and move when I did sit next to her. Whether she knew I wanted to fuck her and felt a bit disgusted at the thought, I don’t know, but I guess I did make it quite obvious.(Porn Stories)

Whenever she would stay over, if they went out, I used to go into my daughter’s room, rummage through her friends bag and get her knickers and bras out. If she had already changed, her dirty underwear would be in the bag, which was even better and I would have a lovely wank, lying on my daughters bed and licking her friends pussy juice from her knickers. I even used to leave just a little spunk in her clean knickers, whether she ever noticed, I have no idea.

It was during one of these wanks that the idea came to me. As I laid on my daughters bed, eagerly licking her friends knickers, smelling and tasting her gorgeous young cunt, I was thinking “my god you horny little bitch, I want you sucking my cock and swallowing my sticky spunk”..... Then the idea just formed in my head “oh yea” I thought “you fucking horny stuck up little cow, you will fucking eat my cum” With that, I wrapped her knickers round my cock and shot off into them, putting them back in her bag thinking “you can wash my spunk out of them you dirty bitch”

A little later in the day, I prepared dinner, ready for when the girls got home. When they did arrive home, I said to my daughter “I’ve cooked your favourite darling” and went into the kitchen to finish it off.

Once we had finished the main meal, I said “now girls I’ve done a trifle for dessert, which took me ages, so I want you eating it all up” with that, I went back to the kitchen to get the trifle. I put the trifle in separate dishes and then got the cream from the fridge, which I hadn’t put on the trifle previously for a reason! I put the cream on the trifles, all bar one, the special one for my daughter’s friend. You have guessed it, I intended to cum in her cream and then sit and watch her spoon it into her delicious little mouth, knowing she was actually eating my cum. Now you may think this is disgusting and of course you are right, but at the end of the day, it was only spunk, of which no doubt, the horny little bitch would eat plenty of in her lifetime.

I took the bowl with the last of the cream in it and whipped out my cock and started giving it a good wank. Thinking about what was about to happen, it didn’t take long before I was ready to shoot. I position my cock over the bowl and shot a nice wad of lovely thick spunk into it, I was just going to shoot a little into the cream, but once I was cumming, I just thought “mmm give her all of it, the dirty bitch” and shot three or four wads of spunk into the cream, luckily I had saved quite a bit of real cream, to disguise the taste.

I served up the desserts, making sure to get them the right way round, I didn’t want my own daughter eating my cum!! We all started eating and it was then I thought “oh fuck, what if she does taste it and spit it out or something” but it was too late now.

As I ate my dessert, I looked straight at her and watched the first spoon full go into her mouth, she did look down at her trifle, but didn’t say anything and after swallowing the first mouth full, took another “oh yes you horny bitch, you have just eaten my spunk” I was thinking, as I continued to look straight at her. She did look at me a few times, quickly turning away, probably thinking “that pervert is always staring at me” 

Spoon after spoon of trifle slipped down her beautiful young throat, laden with my sticky cum. My cock was seriously hard as I watched her. The really gorgeous part was when she licked her lips, “if only she knew that she is eating me spunk” I kept thinking.

When we had all finished, I started clearing the dishes away and picking up my daughters friends dish, I said “so did you like the trifle Natasha” she replied with a simple “yes thank you” I continued “was my cream ok for you, I made sure it was nice and thick for you” she looked at me in that condescending way of hers and replied “yes fine thanks” “oh good” I said “I made sure you got a little extra” and went to the kitchen, smiling.