"Sex Stories" Identity

Sex Stories Identity
Krista woke from her dream with a gasp. She couldn’t remember the details, but the heat emanating from her body and the moistness between her legs were indication enough that it was another erotic dream. She sat up and threw her legs off the bed angrily. There was no reason to be sitting here horny like this. No reason at all. She was a free woman now, and after a solid two years with no sex she deserved to be royally fucked.

But she knew it wasn’t that easy. She might be separated from her husband now, living in her parent’s guest room, but she was still too painfully shy around men to just go home with one for meaningless sex. No, it looked like she’d just have to satisfy herself once more with her own fingers. She stared out the window wistfully, wondering how she could have allowed herself to get to this point.

Not that she’d ever had men lining up to date her, she reminded herself. Even in high school she’d been a little too plump, a little too nerdy. Now at the age of 29, she felt like she’d missed the boat. Without realizing it, she’d become her own mother, nearly middle aged and round of hips, with the same mousy brown hair and general shape, same overbite and pale skin, same bad eyesight and tiny breasts. Krista tugged at the threadbare gown she’d had to borrow from her mother, wishing it didn’t fit so damn well on her. Tomorrow she’d go back to her house and get some decent night clothes.(Sex Stories)

She stood and reached for the robe at the foot of the bed, another of her mother’s garments. The full length mirror by the wall reflected her image in the dim light, and she wasn’t happy with what she saw. With her hair in curlers, she might as well have been looking at her mother. But at least her mother had a man, and not a bad one at that. Krista smiled as she thought of her Daddy, how just that evening he’d told her she was still a beautiful young woman, somehow knowing she’d needed very much to hear that. It’d been a long time since she felt beautiful. Then again, she’d always been a Daddy’s girl. She pulled the robe closed and left her room.

She needed masturbation, but she needed the comfort of a snack first. The house was quiet. Daddy had fallen asl**p in front of the television again. Krista shut off the television then threw a blanket over her father’s sl**ping form. He was still a handsome man even at sixty, a full head of hair even. Though now most of that hair was gray instead of black. Sure he had a pot belly and didn’t trim his beard neatly, but who couldn’t love such a kind-hearted person? Krista felt very warm as she entered the kitchen, and she wasn’t sure it was entirely the sultry spring air or the glow of affection that heated her. She decided to fry an egg and got the carton from the refrigerator.(Erotic Stories)

Krista considered herself a fairly competent cook, and it was a task she truly enjoyed. She smiled at the memory of cooking pot roast for her father the night before, the way he’d smacked his lips and ate three helpings, the way he kept saying he’d have to kiss the cook. Mom had thought it cute, too. She got out the butter, salt and pepper, then opened the cabinet to look for the small frying pan. Mom kept the pots and pans below the counter, so she had to stoop over and almost stick her head in up to the shoulders in order to root around inside.

She heard the creak of floorboards and a heavy tread. It could only be her father. He was headed to bed, she reckoned. The footsteps paused at the kitchen doorway. Krista moved the large stockpot aside under the counter, only dimly aware that the footsteps were coming closer. Just as she closed her hand around the small frying pan, a heavy hand touched her ass.

She almost jumped and banged her head but caught herself in time. Before she could react to the surprise of being goosed, the hand began to caress her ass in slow circles. Krista froze. She knew whose hand that had to be. She just didn’t want to believe it. Or maybe she felt it was too good to be true. In either case she was still frozen, struggling for the words to tell her father that it was she, his daughter, not his wife, that he was fondling, when the hand left her ass. She sighed and began to back out from beneath the cabinet, but then her father’s hands were on her hips, both sides, gripping tightly, and she heard him groan as he pressed his pelvis against her.

Krista froze again as she felt a throbbing hardness nestle between her ass cheeks. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth, dropping the pan with a soft clatter. “Shh,” she heard her father say. “Don’t make too much noise.”

Oh, my god, thought Krista. He thinks I’m Mom. He’s going to…

To what? She wondered.

He groaned again and ground his cock against her, and despite her slight revulsion Krista found herself grinding back against him. It had been so long since she’d felt the loving touch of a man, just too long. Her father’s hands slid up her sides and came around to the front to cup her small tits in each palm. She realized suddenly just how hard her nipples had become. He pushed against her even harder, and she swore she could feel every vein in his cock. Her husband’s dick had never felt that hard. Never. Nor as large.

She was in the midst of wondering just how big her father’s cock was when she felt cool air on her ass. He’d flipped up her gown and robe, and since she wasn’t wearing panties he now had a clear view of her pussy. Krista knew she was blushing, ashamed that her father was looking at her that way, at her privates. A moment later her eyes rolled in her head as her father’s fingers delved into her moist slit, parting the lips and tweaking her clit, the thumb entering her wet hole and fucking her a few times.

When her father took his hand away she spoke without thinking, saying “Don’t stop.”

Yes, she wanted it. She wanted her father’s touch, needed it. He chuckled, and he touched her pussy again…but this time it wasn’t his fingers. Krista gasped and tightened her ass cheeks as she felt her father’s hard cock poke at the entrance to her pussy. No matter what, she couldn’t do that, couldn’t let him fuck her, couldn’t have…i****t.

He held onto her hips and pushed forward, and he moaned. It was the moan that did it. The sound of her sweet Daddy’s approval. The sound he made when eating her cooking, only deeper and more meaningful. She relaxed slowly, frightened of what was about to happen and yet wanting it more than she’d ever wanted anything before. And then it was happening. Her father’s cock split her lips and the head lodged at her entrance. He pushed, and the mushroom head stretched her open, popped inside. He sank into her an inch before pulling back, and she pushed her hips back at him, not wanting him to leave her body ever. He leaned into her and drove half his length into her sopping heat, making her gasp loudly. She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her moans as he pulled back and sank in again, this time filling her up, stretching her.

She felt her Daddy’s heavy balls against her clit and knew she’d taken all of him. He was completely inside her. They were joined in i****tuous bliss. He rocked back and began to fuck her, sliding in and out of her using deep, slow, deliberate strokes. Her pussy made a squelching noise as her Daddy fucked her. She tightened the muscles there, milking him, feeling delicious tingles running up and down her spine, like exploding sparks of energy radiating from her cunt. He reached around to hold her tits again, gently pinching the nipples, and fucked her with quick, shallow strokes that made her body jiggle. His balls hit her clit again and again and suddenly she was there, cumming, her body convulsing with exquisite pleasure.

With a loud groan her Daddy joined her. She felt his already thick cock swell even more inside her just before wet heat splashed deep in her womb. She wasn’t on any sort of birth control, and just knowing her own father could, at that moment, be knocking her up sent a fresh wave of orgasm racing through her. That was a first. She’d never been multi-orgasmic before. He groaned again and again as his body shook and his cock delivered its load of illicit sperm into her unprotected womb. It seemed to last forever, and yet it was over too quickly.

“Oh, god Krista,” he groaned. “That was amazing.”

It was hard for Krista to hide her shock. He’d known! “I know, Daddy,” she agreed, not knowing what else to say. He pulled out of her slowly, his cock still mostly hard. A flood of his jizz ran down her leg. He helped her back out from beneath the cabinet and she stood upright before turning into his welcoming embrace. They kissed for the first time then, and for Krista it almost felt like the very first kiss of her life. His hands roamed her body, seeming to take great delight in everything he found.

“I love you, Daddy,” she said in a whisper, smiling broadly, deliriously happy.

“I love you too, little bear,” he replied, using his pet name for her. Krista giggled like a little girl and kissed her father hard, sucking his tongue into her mouth. “I hope we didn’t wake your mother,” he added when she came up for air.

“Me too,” Krista agreed. She reached down and took her father’s cock in her hand. It was still half hard, slimy with their combined juices. She wanted to suck him. She’d seldom sucked her husband, never when he had fluids on him…but Daddy was different. With Daddy she could do anything.

“Want to go to my bed?” she offered.

He shook his head. “Too close to my bedroom,” he said.

Smiling, she said, “How about the couch then? I want you to fuck me again Daddy.”

He groaned. His cock began to stiffen in her hand. Oh, yes, Krista had finally found what she’d been looking for. It was a shame it had taken so long to realize it. Leading her father by his cock, Krista led her new lover toward the living room, and toward a new life she was eager, willing, and desperate to embrace.