"Sex Stories" In a Dark Parking lot

Sex Stories In a Dark Parking lot
The girl came out of the bar with a black guy and seemed to hug him goodnight. But instead of stopping there, he pulled her back to him and kissed her. I didn’t see her pull away, instead she returned the kiss and reached up around his neck and kissed him harder. I thought she looked familiar but wasn’t sure, so I let it pass that they were more than just friends. 

They kissed for about 5 minutes till someone came out of the bar and broke apart abruptly. I think they were doing something neither of them wanted anyone to know about. They talked for a minute and both got into separate cars. The drove to the other side of the huge parking lot where the lights weren’t on and parked next to each other. They got out of the cars, I did sort of happen to walk over close enough to see and hear them. But anyway, he held out his arms to her and she almost flew over to him. (Sex Stories)

They embraced and started kissing again. This time however it was very passionate and very hot. Their hands were all over each others bodies. He moved his hand up her t-shirt to feel her breasts and she moved back to let him pull it up. He did so and almost ripped it in half. He unhooked her bra and somehow got it off without taking her shirt off. He leaned down a bit. He was taller than her and anyway , he started massaging and squeezing her huge breasts. From what I could see she had to be a DD or even an E . Lucky guy, anyhow he started playing with her nipples with his tongue. This was one of the times I was glad to be dressed in all black. I wasn’t 10’ away as they got hot and heavy with each other. She finally stopped him and pushed him back and said “I want to taste you.” She pushed him back down into the front seat of his car and squatted down between his legs and unzipped his pants. She reached inside and pulled out a cock that was huge and semi hard. Her hand didn’t go all the way around it and it had to be almost 10 “ long. (Porn Stories)

She leaned her head down and put the tip of it into her mouth and I heard him moan, and she did too. She sucked on it for a little while and said “you taste so good baby “ He didn’t seem able to speak, his head was back and she was stroking him and sucking the head of his cock. He finally reached around with his right hand and grabbed her by her pony tail and started making her suck him deeper and deeper. I don’t know that she minded but I could hear her gagging once in a while, but every time she did, he made her slide his huge cock deeper into her throat. I wondered if she was into gagging or something, the way she started working her hand up and down harder and faster the more he f***ed himself into her mouth. She never objected and if anything she tried harder to make him disappear into that little mouth of hers. I watched in awe of the fact that she could put that much cock into her mouth and still breath. She had to be really turned on, because they both seemed to lose track of the fact that they were in public. 

Granted it was an empty parking lot, but I could have been 50’ away and still heard them. I could smell the alcohol from where I was and the herb too. She was still working him when I heard him tell her he was about to cum. He pulled her away and said that he wanted to get her off first, she said not this time. This is for you, you can make me cum later. He objected and tried to make her stop, but she had a firm grip on his cock and kept stroking him, when she put her mouth back around his thick shaft, he gave up and leaned back and let her suck him. Suddenly he groaned and let loose. I moved to the other side of the car and looked in through the passenger window and saw that he was Cumming in her mouth and it was obvious that she was trying to swallow. She wasn’t doing a very good job of it, either that or he was flooding her mouth with too much. 

There was cum dribbling out of her mouth to the point that it looked like she was trying to swallow a quart of milk and forgot to close her lips(and her lips were very closed on his shaft at this point) she choked only once and sprayed cum on both him and all over herself. She tried to wipe her face but only smeared it all over her chin and cheeks. He finished Cumming by her stroking his cock, and when he got control of himself, he sat up and then stood up and got out of his car and pushed her against her car and leaned into her and said Damn Beckah, I want to fuck you.......NOW. 

She told him no, not now , not here or like this. He asked her what was wrong. She told him she didn’t want to fuck him in a parking lot. Like some teenager. She wanted a room and a bed or at least a room to give herself up to him. She really wanted to feel him inside her, but not here like this. He told her he owed her a big one. She said , yeah you do and I want that big one again, but next time I want it inside me. He agreed and said next payday weekend he’d take her to a hotel to ride all night or till she couldn't walk anymore. She smiled at him and said “It’s a deal, but you better make sure I can’t walk right, and he better not pass any rumors about what she’d just done to anyone they work with.” He agreed and she let go of his cock and even put it back in his pants for him. He had to help her zip himself up and she put her bra back on right and pulled her shirt down again. I was in complete awe that she had just done what I’d just seen. They looked like they’d planned and done this a million times before. I had to wonder how she was going to explain to her husband the glaze on her cheeks and chin. Either way they Kissed deeply one more time and promised to do this again another day and got into their cars and drove away.

Oh did I forget to mention that she’s my wife? Woops! well now you know what I saw and heard and what transpired that night. She came home and went to the bathroom right away , so you know. She washed her face and came back in to talk to me.......I knew why , but she didn't know that I knew....and if she reads this she’ll know too........Far as I’m concerned it was too cool. Maybe sometime we can both make her scream......