"Sex Stories" In the Hot Tub

Sex Stories In the Hot Tub
After a little small talk I noticed Paige's hand in Vince's lap. It seemed she was rubbing his cock though his shorts. I elbowed Kevin's ribs and gave him a questioning look. He whispered in my ear, "I'll explain later."

When I first met my husband's really good friend Austin it was a pleasant shock. Kevin and I had only been married about a year when we were invited to visit his friend, Austin and his wife Paige. I didn't know what to expect. We're in our twenties and Kevin told me Austin was thirty three and Paige twenty nine but they didn't look or act like "old" people.

I laughed and said "That's not old." But secretly thought we'd have little in common because of the age difference.(Sex Stories)

My husband's name is Kevin and he's the love of my life, long blond unruly surfer hair, some ink and a heart the size of Texas.

When we arrived and knocked on their door and the guy that answered immediately put Kevin in a bear hug. I stood there for a few awkward seconds as they embraced. Then Paige appeared behind them and said, "Come on in. Those two love each other so much, it’s the closest thing I've seen to a Bromance."

I laughed because they were busy saying how good it was to see each other. Everyone went inside. Introductions were made and Kevin was right. Austin was roguish good looking.  The sides of his head were closely shaved but the hair on top of his head was longer and slicked back. Also he sported a goatee and the creases in the corner of his eyes were always smiling even if his mouth wasn't.(XXX Stories)

He was so hot. I couldn’t explain my reaction. My palms got clammy, my heart raced, I felt heat between my legs. Nobody had ever had that direct or instantaneous effect on me before.

The next morning after a rather long night of indulging in adult beverages and catching up, Paige invited us to brunch at her favorite breakfast restaurant.

Austin had to work and had already left by the time we were up.

Once we arrived at the restaurant and got seated a strapping, good looking young man approached the table and sat down next to Paige. She put her arm around this dark haired guy and kissed him, then introduced us. "Guys this is Vincent. He's a friend of mine."

What the hell was going on I thought. Yeah this dude was good looking but damn, what would Austin think? How awkward was this meal going to be? I have to tell you, there were lots of thoughts going through my head and none were pleasant.

After a little small talk I noticed Paige's hand in Vince's lap. It seemed she was rubbing his cock though his shorts. I elbowed Kevin's ribs and gave him a questioning look. He whispered in my ear, "I'll explain later."

He’d better I thought, because anyone could tell Paige had now slipped her hand inside Vince's shorts and was stroking his hard cock. I could see her arm moving in a covert but none the less noticeable up and down movement. The whole time having a normal conversation like nothing was going on.

Vince was kinda shy during brunch and said little. I didn't know how to react and couldn't wait to get done and leave. At the end of the meal as we walked out, Paige said, "Vince is going to give me a ride home. Can you guys take my Jeep? I'll meet you back at the house."

"Sure," Kevin said taking the keys.

Vince had parked his small car near the front, while Paige's Jeep was farther out. As we drove by Vince's car we could see his head was rolled back, eyes closed. Once got nearer to them we could see the back of Paige's head bobbing up and down in his lap.

I averted my eyes and couldn't believe it. "You need to explain." I told Kevin.

He sighed and said, "Austin and Paige are a bit different."

"Ya Think?" I replied.

"They're not exactly swingers but neither one is exactly faithful either,” he said.

"So does that mean Austin knows what’s going on?" I asked.

"Probably, but not necessarily,” he answered.

"Well, that's just fucked up," I said crossing my arms in a huff.

"You'll have to ask Austin about it. He explains it so much better than I do," Kevin sighed.

Later that day Paige received a call that her eighteen year old cousin was in a minor car wreck. While he wasn't injured, alcohol was involved so she felt like she needed to go handle the situation. She left before Austin got home from work.

By the time Austin arrived home we’d been enjoying ourselves for a couple of hours. We’d removed the hot tub cover and were having excellent margaritas in the bubbles. Austin showered and joined us shortly.

He was in really good shape. His stomach was flat and his arms bulged with muscle.

I found myself staring at him as he climbed in opposite of us. Normally, one might think we were already naked, but I wasn't comfortable enough yet and after what I’d seen, wasn't sure I ever would be.

We drank, chatted and enjoyed reliving of old stories I hadn't heard. Almost all the stories ended with Austin sounding like that guy in that Vegas movie asking Kevin, "But did you die?"

By the third margarita I had a nice buzz going.

Austin reached under the water and pulled his shorts off and ceremoniously dropped them on the bank.  I was red faced for a second but then Kevin pulled his off too.

"Well, I'm not taking my suit off," I told them.

"Aww... I'm devastated," Austin said and they both laughed.

A few minutes later Kevin reached for my hand under the water and placed it on his cock. It was only half hard, so I stroked it few times then let go. But when he put my hand back on it I held it until he got rock hard in my grip.

"Ask him about brunch," Kevin told me.

I was just buzzed enough that I deiced to do it. "Yeah. I need to ask you something,” I said to Austin.

"Go ahead. I'm an open book," he responded.

"We met a young guy named Vincent today. Do you know him?"

Austin grinned a lopsided smile and stood to reach for his cellphone. The bubbles had covered his junk so I hadn't seen him naked yet. His cock wasn’t large and not small but perfectly manscaped and half hard. I would have to describe it as beautiful, which is not something I would normally say about a cock. He dried his hands and grabbed his cellphone and sat down up on the bank. He flipped through it and pulled up a short video clip and said, "Ahh... here it is."

He turned the phone toward me and on the screen was Paige's face and hands as she bobbed up and down on a cock. Then we could hear the guy say, "Oh shit, I'm going to cum..."

I could tell it was Vincent's voice.

Paige sped up. The guy grabbed the back of her head and held her down as he shoved his cock upward, forcing it deep into her throat. In the video you could see his cock pulsing and pumping as Paige swallowed. Just when you thought he might be done Paige lifted her head and one last spurt of cum shot out from his cock.

"Oh, it landed in your hair," the guy said.

Paige leaned back down used her tongue to cleaned the cum that had dribbled down his shaft. She lifted her head off his cock and smiled at the camera he was holding and asked, "Did you like that?"

She wasn't talking to Vincent, she was talking to the viewer, which, although I wasn’t the intended recipient, was me. She was looking right at me with cum dripping from her hair and smeared on her lips. I was both turned on and slightly embarrassed. I didn't realize I’d started stroking Kevin faster as I watched the video. He grabbed my hand and stopped me. "The hot tub will be filled with cum if you do that any harder." He said.

Austin laughed and we all cracked up.

"Pretty Hot wasn't it?" he asked me.

"I can't believe she sent that to you," I said. "Aren't you jealous?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Lord no,” he said.

We got into a deep discussion about open marriages, swinging and life. The kind of discussions one can only have when really drunk or stoned and inhibitions and social niceties are suspended.

"I don't think men or women should be made to feel bad for wanting to experience someone new nor should they be denied their sexuality." he said. "Women especially have been conditioned to repress their sexual desires and yet have a greater capacity for variety than men. A girl can have sex with multiple partner’s one right after the other. Whereas a man needs to recover. I'm in awe of a woman's prowess should she chose to exercise it,” he opined.

"What if your significant other doesn't buy it? What about jealousy?" I asked.

"Like most emotions there's a root cause. Jealousy for example is based upon insecurity of the person who is jealous. For example, one only minds that his or her significant other might enjoy sex with another if they are worried about losing him or her,” he said though I disagreed. "That said, however does not devalue an emotion. We are all at different points along the journey of life,” he finished saying. "I enjoy seeing my girl experience new people. It turns me on. In fact it’s just about my only rule. I either get a picture, a video or to watch in person."

"I'd lose my shit if Sharon sent me a video like that," Kevin said.

"Like I said, we're all at different places. Doesn't mean we aren't worthy of love,” he responded.

"Holy crap.  That’s some highbrow bullshit,” I told him.

"Will it help you to understand me more if I told you what I feel the meaning of life is?" He asked.

"Oh, that would be priceless,” I said.

"To love and be loved. Simple as that,” he said.

I couldn't argue. I guess that made sense.

We delved into a period of silence until Austin said, "Well, I'm going to hit the hay. You kids have fun."

He got up and his cock was three fourths flaccid. With water dripping off his body I felt the heat again between my legs. Austin grabbed a towel and his suit, dried off and sauntered across the deck to the back door.

"He left his phone. You think he's got more videos on there?" Kevin asked as he lurched across the hot tub for it.

I started to call Austin name and tell him he forgot his phone but then thought I'd like to see more. "Probably. I wonder if it's locked," I whispered.

It wasn't locked and when we opened the Gallery, there were hundreds of photos and videos. I got to see Austin's cock in its full glory and several more videos of Paige with Vincent and a couple of other men.

Finally Kevin picked a video to watch and we hunkered over the tiny screen and watched Paige get absolutely pounded by a young Hispanic guy with a monstrous uncut cock. He had a hand full of hair and was jerking her head back with every thrust as he pumped into her from behind.

As soon as Kevin set that phone down I attacked him, shedding my bikini with a couple of quick pulls of the tie strings. His cock was hard as concrete from watching that video. I stoked him a couple of times then climbed on my knees and impaled myself on his shaft. As I humped up and down on his hard cock, I had a thought. "Have YOU ever fucked Paige?" I asked knowing he was friends with them long before he met and married me.

"No, but one night while partying she stroked my cock a couple of times. Said she couldn't fuck me because she thought of me as a little brother. But I damn sure would have if she’d have let me," he told me.

I heard the back door open and Austin came sauntering back toward the phone. He saw me over Kevin's lap and said, "Don't let me interrupt. Just forgot my phone."

I spun around and sat so my body was camouflaged by the bubbles. "No problem."

"If you guys are going to play, mind if I watch?" he asked.

"We need another drink if that's going to happen," Kevin told him.

"I'll be right back,” he said as he left to get us another drink. He returned with a tray that held three shots and three margaritas. He set the tray down, handed both of us a shot glass and a margarita. "To something new." We toasted and slammed the shots.

I chased it with a sip of my other drink. As I took another sip he shed the towel around his waist and climbed back in.

After a minute of silence I started to feel that shot. "What the hell was in that shot?” I slurred.

"Social lubricant," he smiled.

I felt Kevin's hand on my thigh. When he slid his hand on up, I let him slip a finger between my soft lips and in my pussy. He started slow but was soon plunging his finger in and out of me. Before I knew it my stomach quivered and my pussy contracted in a gushing orgasm. I closed my eyes and let it wash over me. When I opened them, Austin was smiling and did a silent little golf clap. "Very nice. Felt naughty and more intense to do that in front of me, didn't it?" he asked.

"Yes." I mumbled, barely audible.

"Damn babe, if you don't mind him watching, my cock is about to explode. You can get back on it if you want."

I shrugged my shoulders and lifted my ass up off the bench hot tub seat.  While facing away from Kevin, lowered myself onto his cock reverse cowgirl style. I leaned forward so he could get deeper, which brought me to my knees, my face was only about fifteen inches or so from Austin's face.

My hands grabbed Austin's knees to steady myself as Kevin started pumping upward into me. I felt my ass being lifted with each thrust. I leaned up and back into Kevin, which lifted my breasts out of the water. I looked at Austin to see if he was watching and our eyes locked.

I rubbed a nipple with each hand as I was being bounced up and down.

Kevin's head was hidden behind my back so he couldn't see Austin curl his finger motioning me to come closer. I leaned forward and placed my hands on the tops of Austin's thighs. He slid a little lower and my hands were now inches from his cock. I couldn't and didn't want to control myself.

Under the cover of the bubbles I reached for Austin's hard as steel cock.

I’d never before had two cocks near me at the same time.

I started stroking Austin as Kevin continued to pound my pussy.

Austin put his hands behind his head and relaxed as I worked him.

I could feel Kevin getting closer. He was pumping me faster and harder.

Without causing me to lose my grip on Austin's cock, Kevin released gush after gush of cum into me.

As soon as he relaxed and slid out I turned around and kissed him, which put my ass very near Austin's cock. As I was kissing my husband when I felt strange hands on my hips guiding me back.

"Is this Okay?" I asked Kevin.

"Is what Okay?" he asked.

It was obvious he was lost in his own pleasure and had no idea how close I was to taking another man inside me. I leaned up and reached back over my shoulder and ran my hand through Austin's hair but kept my eyes on Kevin. "This. Is this Okay?" I asked but just as I did so, it was too late. Austin was inside me.

"Oh babe. That's not fair. Paige is never going to let me nail her," He whined.

When he entered me, I felt the full length of Austin's cock. As his balls rested on my clit and I closed my eyes.

"Anybody babe, just tell me who you want to fuck. You can have any of my friends. Just let me please fuck Austin," I moaned as I shifted my body up and then rode his shaft back down. My hands were on his knees. "You can even have Linda. I know you want her I see how you look at her when she comes over," I said.

Austin's cock was fully erect and hard as steel as his hands held my hips with a solid purpose. I slid up and impaled myself on him again.

"Fuck, you might as well finish since he's already fucking you," Kevin huffed. "But I’m so going to Fuck Linda in front of you."

"Anything babe. Anything," I moaned, lost in Austin's cock.  I didn’t mind promising him Linda’s pussy. It would be easy to deliver. Unknown to Kevin she smoked crack and would do almost anything for a rock.

I started to hump up and down with vigor. I felt the veins of his cock, I felt the head as it passed through my walls, I could feel my orgasm building. I squeezed his knees with my hands as they started to shake side to side. My shoulders shook, my stomach quivered. The contractions in my pussy felt as if it were trying to pull Austin's cock into my womb. Then my pussy exploded cum all over his cock and into the hot tub.

As soon as I did I felt Austin rise up and with a quick thrust, pump load after load deep inside me. With each pump his hips jerked upward with force, causing his balls to rub my clit. In turn this caused my orgasm to roll again, and again and again, every time he hit it.

I didn't stop cumming until he was spent and stopped.

I was light headed from the booze, orgasms and having two cocks pump cum inside me. I felt naughty and awesome and on a physical orgasmic high I had never had before.

I eased off Austin's softening cock and leaned over and kissed my husband. "Thank You babe. Thank You.”

When Paige came back I found out that she liked pussy almost as much as she liked cock and that she didn’t consider me like a sister. But that’s like how I got Linda naked in our bed with Kevin and me, another story.