"Sex Stories" Incident on Avon Road

Sex Stories Incident on Avon Road
It was snowing all day and I really didnt want to drive in this nasty weather. My car was already over due for an oil change and it was already acting strange on my way home from work. 

From the distance I see a Midas, but the heavy traffic was preventing me from go any further. The snow soon turned heavier and I already knew this was not a good sign. I looked at my gas gage a noticed that I could use a little gas too so this really wasnt a good sign. 

It wasnt until I saw about three emergency paramedic trucks roaring by my Explorer and honking that this was more than just a traffic jam. (Adult Stories)

"Fuck....I'm gonna be here all night." I say to myself.

I turn off my ignition and turn up my music and laid back, knowing there was no possible way for me to get off this two lane road. I look to my left and notice the guy next to me looking pissed off with the situation. 

He was pretty hot... actually he was really sexy. I kept my staring until he looked back at me and I quickly looked back at the windshield. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was still watching me, I hope I didn't piss him off even more. 

I turned my head just a little and notice he was signaling something at me. I looked over and saw that he was waving at me and mouthing something. I rolled my wind down and he rolled his down. 

"Hey man, do you have a window scrapper? I left mine at home." He asked. 

I reached in the back of my car and pulled out mine and waved it at him. 

He smiled and shouted, "Thanks man!"

"No problem!" I shouted back over the loud engines surrounding us. 

He got out of his car and I gave him my scrapper and I watched him wipe down his car. I couldn't check out his full package because of his big heavy coat, but his face was just enough to get me hard in my jeans. 

When he finished he handed it back to me and said "Thanks again man. I hope we don't stay on this road for too long. I got places to go and people to see." 

"I have to stop at the gas station, but I don't think i'll be able to with this mess. Fortunately for me I dont have anywhere else to go but home after I get gas." I said. 

"Lucky you. Well good luck and I hope this shit clears up soon." The man said. 

I nodded back and watched him get back in his car. I laid back in my seat, occasionally trying my best to look around the big semi in front of me but all I could see was lights flashing and circling around the area. There really must have been a very serious accident up front. 

I think an hour went by, and the snowfall was not letting up. The roads weren't even clear anymore, and slowly my anxiousness and boredom got the best of me. I took a few more glances at the guy and he looked really upset. I figured maybe I should talk to him a little and calm him down some.

I waved him down and he rolled his window. I shout "Hey, I don't think we'll be going anywhere anytime soon, do you wanna just hangout and talk for a while." 

He looked like he was going to decline my offer but then he shook his head yeah. He got out of his car and stood by the passenger seat. 

"You can come in and sit its warmer in here then outside." I say. 

When he closed the door, he says " Thanks for inviting me in. It was getting kinda lonely in there by myself." 

"No problem, I was too. I'm assuming there's a major accident up there by the intersection so that's why were not moving." 

"Yeah I can see a little up front... didnt look too good." He said sounding disappointed. 

Noticing how depressed he looked I decided to change the subject. 

"So do you live far from here?" 

"About ten minutes away. I just moved here from Houston about a month ago." 

"Wow Houston? You moved from hot, humid and beautiful Houston to cold, wet, and dreary Detroit?" I laughed a little and saw him smile. 

"Well its more of a job thing. My wife and I moved up here because her job transfer here." 

My smile melted when he said that he was taken. Thats when I noticed the ring on his finger. 

"I didnt want to move, because thats where all my f****y and job were and I love Houston. But I guess we gotta do what we gotta do right?" he finished. 

I shook my head in agreement. I was about to ask him another question when he blurted out, "Actually I was on my way back from a job interview.... actually the second job interview and it didnt go over too well.... To be honest this whole day has been pretty fucked up."

"Ohh, I'm sorry man. I guess this traffic tops it off then. I know it all too well." I say shaking my head. 

"No being horny as hell tops it off and then stuck in this mess." he said. 

My ears perked up hearing that completely unexpected statement. I didnt know if I should make my move on him or wonder if this dude was up to something...

He reclined back in his seat and kinda stared up to the roof and sighing. It was like this guy was really inviting me to do something or say something to him. 

Questions started churning in my head but when I finally fished one out to ask I noticed from the corner of my eyes his hand slowly reaching down in his pants. 

"Yeah I'm interested..."

I turned and looked at him waiting for him to finish his sentence but he didn't.

"Interested in what?" I asked. 

"I saw you staring at me through the window." He said. "I bet you were wondering if I was interested or not.... Well I am." 

I kept staring at his face, trying my best not to sink in his open invitation.... 

"The guy is so hot... suck his cock" -- My guilty conscience was saying --- "you'll be a fool to say no" -- it said again.

"The man is married!" My good conscience said. "His wife loves him and you don't even know his first name!" it said again. 

All of those were valid points but.... I was single, and I havent gotten dick in so long and this dude was just too fine to pass over.... I guess guilty side wins again...

I reach over and place my hand on thigh and begin to rub on them. We stared at each other for a moment... his eyes sucking my soul in. 

I felt up to the growing bulge in his pants and he smiled at me. 

"Is it okay if I----" "Go right ahead man. My day is shot.... this could only make it better." he said.

He was right. No more talking, time for sucking....

I unzipped his jeans and felt around for the grand prize. When I did I squeezed it in my hand feeling the warmth radiating off of him. 

I unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out from his boxers and stared jerked him off.

"Wow dude you have a nice cock." I say staring at the big fat veins going up the thick shaft. The perfect dick for a very experienced cocksucker. 

"Go on dude, make my day!" he said. 

I leaned my chair back enough to get to his dick and immediately sucked his head in my mouth. 

He tasted so good in my mouth. This was exactly what I needed. I heard him sigh and a few moans came from his throat when I started trying my best to deepthroat him. My mouth salivated at the flavor and the hot manly smells the came from his pubes. 

"Whoa man, this is fucking great." He said. 

Hearing that opened my senses and only made me want to please him more. I pulled out his balls and squeezed and pulled on them. Then he put his hand on my head.

"Sooo goood... Damn." he said. 

I moaned and hummed on his dick, doing tongue tricks, and trying forcing myself to gag on his cock. With everything I did his moans got louder.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!... I dont wanna shoot yet!" he said. 

I pulled off of him and said why. 

"Can I fuck you? I never messed around with a dude before." He said. 

"I guess, if that's what you really want." I say. 

"Hell yeah man I wanna try this and see if its better then pussy like people been telling me." he said getting up taking off his jacket. 

Well he was definitely in for a surprise. Not only was I known for good head, my best friend raved about my ass to other friends and pimped me out a few times....... Good Times.

I tried my best to strip in my Explorer without hitting my self on the ceiling since I was kinda tall. When we had most of our clothes off, I go in the back seat in put the chairs down to make more room. 

"Lay down." I say. I figured riding him was the best way to know the difference. My ass was like a mini mouth and it loved sucking cock. 

I crawled over his nice body and straddled him, applying spit on his dick from my hand. I pointed his dick up to my ass and sat down on him. I closed my eyes and felt the pain surging through my backside. His cock was really one of the thickest I had taken up my ass. 

When his head popped in the rest of the way only got harder because it got thicker down to the base. 

"Oh fuck man! That's so fucking tight!" He shouted. 

"Your so fucking big!" I say. 

My hot, tight little hole stretched opened to accommodate the new size entering and it was really a lot of meat to handle. 

"Whoa! You took it all man! Not even my wife can take it all! Holy shit!" He said in excitement. 

I was glad he was liking but I still needed to get use to this size. 

I slowly bounced up and down his dick trying my best to get use to his massive girth and I kept my eyes on his expressions. 

Priceless was all I could think of watching him. 

Finally my ass pains were going away and slowly his dick became an aphrodisiac for me. 

"Fuck yeah man, fuck me! Ride that cock good man!" He said.

His encouraging words only made my ass do its job, sucking and pulling on his cock with every thrust up. We both watched the action happening, I couldnt believe my tight little ass was taking this thick cock inside and Im sure he was thinking the same thing. 

I looked up seeing the windows all fogged up and the car bounced a little. I know the person in the car behind me was probably wondering whats up, but I could care less at the moment. 

"Get on your knees." He said wanting to switch positions. 

When I did he slowly slipped his cock back in me and rode my ass beautiful. I moaned for him, which he really seemed to like. His pounding on my ass got louder and rougher as the skin slapping up against skin got louder. 

The whole car filled up with heat and I was sweating in no time. This dude knew how to fuck, thats for damn sure. 

I really wanted to see his expressions so I told him I wanted to be on my back when he came. He agreed and we turned over. 

The sweat dripped off his body onto mine and I watched his muscles flex as he pumped into me and I held onto his arms and worked my hole on his dick. I did my best to turn out this "straight" guy and maybe get him to come back for more. 

His grunts were such a turn on, I came on my stomach without even touching myself. That's when my ass clamped down him hard making it the last straw for him. 

Unexpectedly, he pulled out of me and moved over to my head, jerking off over my face. 

"Open up and swallow!" He demanded. 

When I did, his load filled my mouth in seconds. I had to take a few gulps... there was so much. It was so hot like soup, the appropriate serving for a cold winter afternoon. 

When he stopped. He slumped back up against the wall of the car trying to catch his breath. 

"So... how was you first time with a guy?" I ask after licking my lips of the last of cum. 

"Not what I imagined.... you swallowed.... my wife never does that..." He said out of breath. 

"Man, there's a lot we haven't done yet. If we hook up again sometime, I wouldn't mind showing you what else I can do." I say. 

"Dude, that would be fucking awesome. But I gotta make up an excuse for the wife." He said. 

"Im sure you'll figure something out, remember that "job" you got?" I say hoping he caught my drift. 

"Alright." He said with a smirk catching the hint. "Right your info down so we can hook up."

I wrote my number and name on sheet of tissue paper and gave it to him after he dressed. 

He was about to exit when I remember one thing,

"Hey... what's your name?"