"Sex Stories" Independence Day

Sex Stories Independence Day
We usually go to our place at the lake each July 4th. My daughter, Julie, turned 12 last February, and she for once was reluctant to go with us when the holiday rolled around again. She wanted to be with her friends instead. I had to admit my little girl was growing up, but I was reluctant to let her go. I pointed out that there would be k**s her age at the lake, like there always was, but she was adamant.

Ironically, it was my wife who came to the rescue. Promising Julie a new swimsuit made her change her mind. What shocked me was the particular suit she wanted. I flimsy, string bikini type that exposed more of her young body than I’d seen in years. Terry, my wife, wasn’t exactly happy with it, but she didn’t want Julie staying behind either. She was terrified that Julie was going to start having sex any day now, and she didn’t want to be a grandmother. To that end, she had started Julie on birth control pills not long after her first period. (Sex Stories)

Looking at my daughter in that swimsuit, I could understand Terry’s caution. Julie was a dreamboat. She was petite, only 4’ tall, with long brown hair that contrasted against her pale skin. Her breasts were large for her age, looking even larger still on her small frame, yet I was sure one of them wouldn’t fill the palm of my hand. And she had legs that wouldn’t quit. So shapely and lovely, and she was only 12! 

We arrived just after lunch time, and Julie wasted no time changing into her suit. I was lucky that Terry was so busy setting up the kitchen. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when Julie came into the den wearing her tiny bikini. She noticed my reaction too. A smile lit up her face as she twirled and modeled for me after, I noticed, she quickly checked to see if her mom was watching. She was young, but that quick action made it apparent to me she was aware of her sexuality. That should have worried me, but I was too busy staring at her delicious body. 

“You’re going to burn,” I told her. She had never had a tan, and she usually covered her body in pants and long sleeves. I was truly shocked that she was so willing to expose so much of herself. 

“I won’t burn,” she assured me, handing me a bottle of lotion. “Because you re gonna put this on me.” It was a task I would have killed for. I squeezed some of the ointment into my hand and started at her delicate shoulders. She shivered as I rubbed her arms, then her back. I assumed because the lotion was cold, but I wanted to believe it was my touch that affected her. (XXX Stories)

I was having trouble keeping my cock soft. It had started to swell as I d admired her, and now that I was running my hand all over her body, it really wanted to jump around. I finished up on her legs, keeping my eyes strictly on task even though I desperately wanted to look up at her crotch. 

She bounced out the door happily, leaving me to surrender to a bad case of the shakes. I couldn’t believe how hot she was! It wasn't the first time I’d had naughty thoughts about my daughter, but I d never experienced this level of desire for her. My instinct was to take Terry to the bedroom and fuck her brains out, to get this out of my system. But I didn’t. Instead, I went out onto the deck, the one that overlooked the lake, and I watched Julie as she mingled with some of the k**s from next door. 

I felt a stab of jealousy as I saw some of the boys staring at my daughter. Julie was eating up the attention, but I thought it was the wrong sort of attention. I had a queasy feeling in my stomach that before this holiday was over, my innocent little girl wouldn’t be a virgin anymore. Little did I know I would be right, but not the way I’d thought. 

I went back inside, unable to face the demon gnawing at my heart. Terry was surprised at the way I threw myself into the festivities after that. I fired up the grill, helped her in the kitchen, handed out sodas to all the k**s Julie brought back with her to the house. She swam, she ran, she played, and every time she came near I devoured her with my eyes. She helped me do it, the little vixen. When she noticed no one was around, she would twirl for me, jutting out her small tits proudly or shaking her tight little ass at me. Then there were the hugs where I got a thrill touching her exposed skin. 

Finally, night fell, and I was able to slip away to relax. Terry parked herself on the lower deck talking with neighbors. I went upstairs to the observation deck, what we d agreed was my private spot. I kept a telescope up here for sky watching, but tonight it was just me and my favorite lounge chair dragged out of the upstairs bedroom. 

No sooner had I sat down, a mixed drink in hand, than I heard footsteps running up the stairs toward me. Julie appeared in the doorway as I looked around, breathless and smiling. “Hey daddy,” she said brightly. “What’cha doing?” 

I couldn’t help but smile broadly at her. “Just trying to relax, Baby,” I told her. “You tired of playing with your friends?” 

“They re not my friends,” she told me. “Besides, they fireworks will be starting soon.” 

I had forgotten about the fireworks. It was one of the main reasons we spent this holiday at the lake. The town across the water always put on a good show. “I thought you d want to watch it with the other k**s,” I said. 

“Nah,” she said. She brushed past me to look over the railing, looking down to see what she could see. “I can’t see Mom,” she pointed out. 

“She’s on the lower deck,” I said. It was an unintended effect of the upper deck’s positioning that almost no one on the ground could see me when I was up here. It wasn't built for looking down, after all. 

“Can I watch from up here with you?” 


“The fireworks,” she clarified. “I want to watch them with you.” 

I gave her a slow, appraising look, taking longer than I d meant to, longer than I should have, taking in her delectable little body in her string bikini. Being up here alone was not a good idea. 

She must have sensed what my answer was going to be. She put on her best pouty expression. “Pleeeease?” she begged. I couldn’t say no when she said that. I pulled out my last ace card. 

“Go ask your mother,” I sighed in defeat. 

Julie gave me a tight hug, and I managed to keep my hands off of her. She ran back downstairs. I was sure Terry would want to keep Julie downstairs, thinking she was preserving my alone time. So I was a bit surprised when Julie came running back up the steps to me. 

And dismayed. 

There was only one chair, and only one place she wanted to sit anyway. She gave me a kiss on my cheek then settled her little ass right on my lap. She leaned back, putting her back against my chest, and my arms naturally went around her. She snuggled tightly against me. I could smell her hair, her clean little girl smell, my precious little angel. Yet I was feeling her wonderful body in my arms, and I wasn't thinking of her as a little girl right then. 

There was no way I could stop my cock from hardening. She had to feel it, and I knew she wasn't naïve. She had to know she was turning me on. I couldn't believe I was feeling this way. My hands seemed to have a life of their own, caressing Julie s soft tummy, her sides, reaching down to her thighs, stroking her arms. Julie didn’t protest. In fact, she did some caressing of her own, stroking my arms in turn. 

There were plenty of fireworks to watch as we waited for the main show. Julie stretched her arms above her head, stretching. “I love you, Daddy,” she told me, and she put her arms around my neck, playfully running her fingers through my hair. The net effect was that her body was totally open to my touch now, and I was loosing my mind. I was loosing the battle with my self control. 

I could hear my wife s voice raised in laughter down below us. I caressed my daughter s young body, my cock throbbing under her ass. Her legs quivered a bit, rubbing against mine. She hugged my neck from behind, pulling my face into her hair. I kissed her head, moved over to her ear and planted a tiny kiss there. Julie purred and tilted her head, giving me better access. 

I suckled her earlobe, something a father definitely does not do to his twelve year old daughter. I paused, waiting for her reaction. All she did was squirm a bit, grinding her ass onto my hardness. 

I was dizzy with lust. What I was doing was wrong and dangerous. Did I really want to cross this line? My mouth touched her neck, planting wet kisses there, and Julie sighed contentedly. My hands grazed her breasts, lightly touching them in passing, up to stroke her shoulders, then over her chest again. I kissed her soft shoulders, intoxicated by the taste of her p*****n skin. I wanted to grab her hips and thrust up, grind my crotch into her. 

My hands came back to her tits. I gently pushed my fingers against the bottom seam. This, I knew, was the real test. Everything else could just be passed off by both of us as innocent play, but if I tried to touch her tits and she rebuffed me, it would be more than embarrassing. Her skin was supple, yielding to the pressure of my fingers. I passed the seam, passed over into forbidden territory. My fingers touched the bottom of my daughter s tits and moved up, prodding her soft globes. 

Julie moved, and I froze. I expected her to push me away, to shout at me, call me a pervert and run to her mother. Instead, she sat up on my lap, forcing me to pull my hands away. She reached around behind her, to her back, grasped the strings of her bikini, and pulled. The knot came away easily, leaving only the strings around her neck holding her bikini top to her body. 

Then she lay back against me again. She returned her hands to the back of my head. Just like that, Julie had given me open invitation to m***** her. I was trembling as my hands touched her tummy. I could tell she was nervous too. I couldn’t stop though. My hands reached the bottom of her bikini top again, and this time the barrier was loose. I slipped easily inside, and in an instant my hands were cupping my daughter’s small tits. 

I nearly creamed myself right then. Julie moaned softly as I kneaded her soft globes. I rubbed my thumbs over her stiff nipples, my first indication that my daughter was aroused. I pinched them lightly, rolling the hard nubbin between my thumb and forefinger, then squeezing each tit, easily fitting each inside my hands, just as I had expected. 

I had to go farther. I had to push this to the limit. Leaving one hand inside her bra, I stroked my other hand down, over her tummy, and over the material of her bikini bottoms. My touch was light, exploratory, grazing what I knew was her pussy. Her virgin, p*****n pussy. 

Julie moaned again, sucking in her breath in her effort to be quiet. Yes, she knew this was a dangerous game we were playing. She knew it was wrong. And she wanted it just as much as I did. 

I brought my hand back up and ran it down inside her bikini. Suddenly, my fingers were touching her most private spot, stroking her soft pubes and delving down to her flowering pussy. She was wet, her inner lips were swollen and protruding. My little girl was hot, and I wanted to fuck her. 

I WAS going to fuck her. 

The fireworks show began, illuminating us with a burst of gold and red. Julie moaned softly, looking up at the sky. My hand was working insider her bikini, my finger delving into her soft folds. My other hand had pushed aside her bra, exposing her tiny little tits to my hungry gaze. Her little body was so deliciously pale, so wonderfully shaped. I spoke her name, and she twisted her head to look into my eyes. What I saw in her eyes was not the look of innocence that should have been in a twelve year old girl s eyes, it was a look of wanton desire. I kissed her sweet mouth, and Julie kissed me back, pursing her lips and pressing them eagerly against mine. 

That seemed to decide it. As more explosions lit up the night over our heads, I pushed Julie to her feet in front of me. She stood passively as I grabbed her bikini bottoms and slid them down her smooth legs. Her ass, when I saw it, was just as perfect as the rest of her. She stepped demurely out of her suit, flicking the garment aside with a casual kick of her little feet. She looked back at me over her shoulder, mouth slightly parted, her eyes heavy with her desire, and she smiled at me. 

I shoved my shorts down my legs, exposing myself. Her eyes dropped to my hard cock bobbing in the air, and a look of apprehension passed over her features. I felt a moment of hesitation then. Did I really want to go through with this? My shorts were at my ankles as I sat back, trying to decide. Julie decided for me. She stepped backward, wanting to return to my lap. My hands reached for her. I held her waist and helped her slide onto me. Her naked ass was exquisite as it passed over my hard cock, and her legs were so soft and smooth against mine. 

Julie lay back against me again. This time I was gazing at her mostly nude little body when I looked over her shoulder. She spread her legs instinctively, dr****g them over the sides of my own. I knew that if anyone saw us like this, I was a dead man, but I couldn’t stop. And it was apparent that Julie didn’t want me to stop. My cock poked up between her thighs and touched her pussy for the first time. I shuddered. Julie sat forward a notch and reached down to her crotch. I thought I was going to die when I felt her small hand close around my cock. 

She stroked me gently, exploring my shaft. It was like a dream. I could hardly believe this was happening at all. There was my sexy daughter, half naked, stroking my aching cock with her soft hands as brilliant fireworks exploded over our heads. She used my cock to stroke her pussy, rubbing the head along her nearly hairless slit. She sighed, moaned softly, both sounds barely audible above the din of the display. I heard a shrill laugh from downstairs, recognizing my wife’s voice. 

Julie seemed to realize we didn’t have much time. I wondered what she really wanted to do, what was it she had in mind when she started this. Or did she have anything in mind other than spending some quality time with her father? And I had m*****ed her. She made her mind clear soon enough. I felt her pull my cock to her, placing the head against the soft folds, lodging it in her lips. Then she leaned back again, putting the ball in my court so to speak. 

I wrapped my arms around her, caressing her breasts and her tummy as I hunched my hips up, trying to enter her. She put her arms around my neck, surrendering herself to me. Her head turned, and she kissed me. I heard a moan, and I didn’t know if it was her or me. I opened my mouth and put my tongue against her lips. She quickly opened her mouth to me, and we started frenching as we hunched together, trying to fuck. 

I reached down and fondled her pussy. Julie stiffened and moaned louder. “You guys all right up there?” I heard Terry yell up to us. 

I felt a panic. “Yeah, mom!” Julie yelled back. “We’re fine.” 

“Don’t bother your father too much,” Terry called back. 

“I won t.” 

Julie giggled. “You re something else,” I told her. She smiled broadly and kissed me again. “You sure you want to do this?” I asked her when she came up for air. 

She nodded solemnly. I felt a wave of love for her then. She smiled as I leaned in and kissed her again. She didn’t seem to be experienced at tongue kissing but she made up for it with enthusiasm. I leaned her forward as I sat up straighter. Julie s weight shifted forward, and we both froze as we felt my cock slip into her. 

It was just the head, but it was momentous. It was another line we’d crossed, the last line. Julie put her legs inside mine now, placing her feet on the deck. That made her slide down some, pulled by gravity, and we both gasped as my cock slid into her another inch. Julie’s hands clutched at my thighs for support, then her nails dug into me as my cock had definitely torn through the barrier of her hymen. 

My little girl had been a virgin! Oh my god, I had taken my own daughter s cherry! Julie grunted as she tried to get a better position. She was on her tiptoes now. I helped as much as I could, holding up a lot of her waist with my hands on her slender hips. Gently, Julie began to lower herself. 

My cock popped through the last shreds of her hymen suddenly. Julie sucked in her breath but remained silent. Shuddering, she let herself go down, my cock splitting her small pussy, driving deeply into her body. Then I was fully inside her. My cock was completely inside my twelve year old daughter s little cunt. I was fucking my little girl. 

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back to me. Julie melted into my embrace, letting me sweep her back off her feet and onto my lap. I held her hips and thrust into her, having to push my cock into her tightness. She grunted at the first few thrusts, then began to move with me, enjoying our wicked union. Her little pussy felt like heaven. She was so hot, so wet, and yet so tight that the walls of her tunnel massaged my prick with every thrust. I don’t know how I held out as long as I did. 

We kissed, our tongues battling with each other as my left hand fondled her small tits, rubbing her stiff nipples with my thumb. My other hand was on her pussy, rubbing her clit and providing leverage so that I could keep fucking her. Never in my life would I have thought I would ever fuck a girl so young, and here I was doing it, fucking my own daughter. 

“I love you, Julie,” I told her, pushing my cock as deeply into her as I could get it. 

“I love you too, Daddy,” she whimpered back at me. I thinking I m gonna I m gonna cum, Daddy.” 

“Yes, Baby Girl,” I told her, hugging her to my body. “Cum, Baby. Cum for Daddy.” I shuddered as I thrust into her sweet little body again. She began to tremble and shake. Something exploded brightly over our heads, perfectly timed to mask her sudden cry. Julie began to orgasm. Her pussy pulsated around my invading cock, and she churned her hips, trying to bounce on me. I couldn’t hold back once I knew I d made my baby cum, and I let the pleasure overwhelm me. 

Hot cum exploded from my dick, shooting into my daughter s quivering, half naked body. It was an orgasm unlike any I’d ever had before. I held my daughter tightly, trying to get more of my cock inside her as sparks danced before my eyes and my cum filled her tiny passage. 

“Are you cumming, Daddy?” she whimpered, still awash with her own pleasure. 

“Yes,” I managed to grunt. “Yes, baby. You made Daddy feel so good.” 

“You’re cumming inside me,” she said. “That’s so cool.” I thrust into her one last time, delivering a final blast of jism, and Julie shuddered again, as though a minor orgasm rocked her. 

Then we were still. We were panting, a bit sweaty, and my sticky cock was still buried deep inside my p*****n daughter’s freshly fucked, no longer virgin pussy. We kissed softly as we basked in the afterglow of our union. My hands caressed her small body. I knew then that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life without being able to repeat this. She quickly let me know she felt the same. 

“Daddy?” she asked. “Don’t feel bad, okay?” 

I was puzzled. “Okay,” I agreed. 

She shook her head and told me, “No. I mean about fu…” She hesitated to use the naughty word, and took a deep breath before gathering her courage. “About fucking me, Daddy. I wanted it to happen. You didn’t m***** me. Okay?” 

“Oh. Thank you,” I said. “You know I love you, right?” 

“Of course. I love you too. You re the best Daddy in the world.” She hugged me as best she could while facing away from me. My cock had softened by then, and she slid off my lap, letting my organ exit her body. She felt her crotch, her back still to me. “It didn’t hurt like they said it would. Loosing it.” 

“I’m glad to hear that.” 

“It won hurt at all next time, right?” 

My heart skipped a beat. There would be a next time! “I’ll do my best,” I told her. 

She smiled at me, turning to face me. I got my first good view of her nude form, and it took my breath away. I didn’t think I was into little girls, but my little Julie inspired me to the height of perverted lust. She retrieved her bikini bottoms and put them back on. I hastily pulled up my shorts, then I retied her top for her. Then she snuggled back onto my lap. We kissed deep and long as the last of the fireworks exploded, then the sky was dark again. But I knew she would light up the rest of my life.