"Sex Stories" Innocent Little Girl Eats My Nasty Spunk

Sex Stories Innocent Little Girl Eats My Nasty Spunk
It was after my success at getting my daughters friend to eat my cum (see previous story) that I thought about the fact that I could get other girls to do the same, but I did also think that it could become a bit of a habit and probably wasn’t a good idea to keep doing it. This thought however, went straight out of the window at the first opportunity to repeat my little trick. 

It was on a weekend and I was at home with my wife and one of her friends was coming round. I had met this friend before and I did rather fancy her, but basically there was no chance I would ever get to fuck her. (Sex Stories)

When she turned up she had her little daughter with her, whom I had not met before. She caught my eye straight away, as she was the prettiest little thing I think I’ve ever seen. Unbelievably cute and wearing a very sweet little flower print dress, white ankle socks, the type with the lovely frill round the top and shiny black shoes, with a little strap and silver buckle. Her perfect youthful complexion and big blue eyes just added to the beautiful little vision that she was.

It was around lunchtime and my wife said she would make a bite to eat, which she did, making some delicious sandwiches. As we were eating our lunch, I was constantly looking at the little girl and I have to admit, getting somewhat turned on by her, how could I not, as she really was the sweetest little “girly” girl in the world. My cock was very hard, as I imagined all the things I wanted to do to her. It was then that the idea came to me, “oh no, I couldn’t” I thought to myself “she is just too sweet and innocent, it wouldn’t be right” I knew full well however, that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself, I had to see this vision of perfect sweet innocence swallowing my hot, thick and sticky spunk.

As I sat there looking at her, thinking about how I would just love to stand in front of her and wank my big fat cock right in her pretty little face and empty a huge load of cum in her perfect girly mouth, all over those sweet lips and those tiny first teeth, as she looked up with those big blue eyes, I came up with the perfect food to carry my cum down her throat.

I asked her if she would like some ice cream, to which she nodded enthusiastically, giving me a beautiful big smile. I asked if anyone else wanted any, unfortunately they didn’t! I went promptly off to the kitchen, trying to disguise the bulge my rock hard cock was making. 

Once in the kitchen, I started thinking that it wasn’t right and I shouldn’t, but I just thought of her and knew I had to do it. I got the ice cream from the fridge and put some in a bowl, I thought I had better mix it round a little so that I could get it to absorb my cum, so I chopped it up into small sections and whipped my hard cock out. As I wanked it, I was thinking “mmm my little sweetie, do you want some of this, you going to taste my nasty spunk with your cute little tongue” As I came, I put my cock over the bowl and let the first load shoot over the ice cream, I then quickly diverted my cock to a waiting towel, as I thought I had better not give her too much for her first taste. I then mixed up the ice cream and spunk, making the mixture nice and soft for her.

I went back into the lounge and gave her the ice cream, which she took with another big smile. I sat back down to watch and she immediately put a spoon of the mixture in her gorgeous little mouth. It was that dreaded moment, when she might taste my cum and refuse to eat it, but no, she swallowed it and put another spoonful in her mouth. 

My cock was getting hard again, as I watched this beautiful, sweet, innocent little girl eating my cum. Her mummy said “is that nice darling” to which her daughter nodded and her mum rubbed the top of her daughters head, not knowing that her lovely little daughter was currently eating her friend’s husband’s thick nasty spunk. 

When she had finished, I took her bowl and said to her mum “blimey she certainly likes eating that don’t she, she will always want me to give it to her when she comes” Her mummy replied “yes, you will have a little fan now you have given her that, have to make sure you keep plenty in for her” I smiled and went off to the kitchen thinking “I will keep plenty in for her, plenty of spunk in my balls, ready for her eat”