"Sex Stories" The Interview

Sex Stories The Interview
Leah was desperate for a job and had been applying all over for everything from sales to PA. After countless rejections, she opened her email to find an invite to an interview for a PA to a Director vacancy; one she had applied for but a week earlier.

She opened it and took the details then replied to confirm her attendance. On the day of the interview and keen to impress, Leah dressed powerfully in her best suit which accentuated her ample bosom from the silky smooth lines of her long slender neck. Her hair freshly washed, flowed down her back and her pencil skirt hugged her tight bum. On looking in the mirror, Leah was as excited as she was nervous but she was dressed to kill. She prayed it was a man interviewing her.(Sex Stories)

On arrival at the address, Leah was confused. She had been taken by the taxi to a warehouse type building on the edge of town. She asked the driver to confirm the address, which he did. She got out and the driver left. Leah looked nervously up at the giant building then noticed the entrance door to the left. Leah shook herself down and approached, her heels noisily clicking against the hard paved courtyard. There was not a soul in sight.

As she drew closer, she read the sign above the door ‘interviews for PA’ and confidently entered. As she entered, she caught a glimpse of a corridor before everything went dark. Leah froze then felt suffocation as a hood descended over her head. Leah let out a muffled gasp before her mouth under the hood was clamped with a strong hand. Her sense of sound and smell heightened to compensate; the noise from her heels banging the floor echoed and the scent was a male fragrance. Leah was terrified as her body was lifted effortlessly and carried for what seemed ages before she was placed in a chair.(Erotic Stories)

To scared to speak, her bosom heaved as she tried to breathe through the dirty hood. Although scared, Leah was strangely excited. The man who picked her up and carried her didn’t do so with pain in mind – he was firm but gentle. There was more to this. Her mind was racing then she felt her arms and legs get pulled to the chair and tied to the legs and arms. Leah felt vulnerable as her legs were parted, she was already moist. She was worried that whoever was tying her legs would spot her wet panties.

Bound tight but not in pain Leah calmed her breathing while there was a break. Was this an interview she thought or was I here for someone’s amusment? Desperate for answers, Leah listened intently but there was no sound. Then she heard a door open and close and several pairs of footsteps draw close then stop behind her. Leah’s heart began to beat quickly; she could smell both male and female scent and sensed they were close.

Then suddenly someone grabbed the hood and removed it. Leah squinted at first adjusting to the light. As her sight adjusted she saw she was sat in front of a plate glass window with the main warehouse space beyond it. It was dark save for one lit spot in the centre about 20 feet from her under which there was a table with 3 people sat naked behind it; 2 men and a woman.

Looking round, Leah could see the outline of three people in the shadows behind her; 2 women and a man. The man was tall, slender and wore glasses. The girls that flanked him were not much shorter and also slender. Leah finally spoke and asked where she was. The man’s deep voice repled that she had applied for a job with the company and this was her interview. With that, he came from the shadows, his appreance striking in a smart wool suit, crisp white shirt and stunning deep red silk tie. He smiled as he came forward and Leah found herself smiling back briefly until she returned to the reality of her position dawned.

The man stroked her her hair and with his hands faced her forwards again to see the girl sat on the desk, legs parted with one of the men between her legs. She was clearly in ecstacy and the watching strangely excited Leah; she hadn’t realised the man behind her had let her head go. She was transfixed watching the man eat her pussy. The man bowed to Leah’s ear and asked if she would like sound. Leah said nothing and just nodded. Leah’s pussy became wetter and her breathing short as the sound of the woman’s moans filled her ears.

The other guy got up from behind the table, his thick cock fully erect. Leah stared at it, licking her lips as he approached the girl. He stood on the table and rammed his cock down her throat. Leah could see it disappear into her mouth, the muffled moans and groans from the trio coming through the speakers. Leah fidgeted in her chair; her pussy was soaked. Seeing his big cock disappear in her mouth and the other eat the girl out, Leah was jealous of her attention, moaning in part pleasure and frustration.

The man stood behind her bowed again and softly spoken began to describe sexual activity in her ear. As he did, her senses were in overload as he stroked her hair and told her of things she was going to experience. As he talked about her being licked by a girl while she watched another, it happened. Unware that one of the girls stood behind had made her way in front and between Leah’s legs. Leah groaned loudly as her hot breath approached her soaked pussy. She gently pushed her wet panties to one side and plunged her tongue into leah’s pussy.

Leah jerked her head back as she came over the girl’s face; juice squirting out of her. Leah stared at the other girl being pleasured by the two men as she was being licked and dirty-talked. The man behind her started to describe a warm cock in her hand and with that, he released an arm and wrapped her hand around his meat. It was warm to hold, throbbing hard and moist in her hand as she stroked it. 

Looking on at the other group, the guy licking the girl stood and they lay her flat on the table. As he turned, she saw his massive erection – god it must have been at least 10 inches. Then she witnessed him impale her on his cock – spitroasted with the other guy. Leah kept cumming, perpetual orgasm as her sight, sound, touch, smell senses were overloaded with physical and visual hedonism.

The man behind her remained calm as he spoke of a woman’s soft lips on hers then Leah felt the other girl come towards her. The man gently pulled her head back by her hair and the gorgeous girl came into Leah’s view. Leah moaned as their soft full lips touched. Leah kissed her gently at first then more passionately as she became yet more aroused. The girl between Leah’s legs attacked her pussy with voracious enthusiasm causing leah to yelp and groan as her pussy contracted and waves of pleasure washed like mini tsunami over her body.

Leah’s sight was taken away when the other girl began to kiss her. She had no idea the group in the room had moved from their location. The man behind Leah, released her remaining bonds as the girls continued to pleasure her. He picked up her limp body and laid her flat on the floor. It was cold but Leah didn’t notice; the warmth of the bodies against her, the women’s soft breasts pressing against her made every negative feeling disappear under the siege of warm pleasure.

Leah looked up to see the man bearing down on her as the girls took turns to pleasure her body, removing her clothing. Leah lay naked, her breasts pink from the girls kissing and pussy soaking wet, legs parted ready for him to enter. He lay over her, took her hand wrapping it around his meat then whispered in her ear to put him inside her. Leah eagerly took his cock and slid it effortlessly inside her pussy. Leah came again as his cock filled her up, rolling her eyes as his warm thick meat pushed inside her tight hot wet hole.

He pushed her legs back towards head, instructing the girls to hold one each, while his large hands pushed back on the underside of her thighs lifting her pussy up. He thrust his meat deep causing Leah to gasp in pleasure and left it there for a second so she could feel its pulse against her pussy walls as the bl**d pumped hard through his cock. Then he began to fuck her deep and hard, the girls encouraging him as he lifted then sank into her, his cock soaked in her warm juice. Leah closed her eyes, feeling every thrust of his meat into her and with her feet played with the girls’ warm soft breasts as they each held a leg high.

Leah lay her head on the hard floor, eyes closed, as he pounded her pussy with his rock hard cock. Suddenly her groans were stifled by her mouth filling with another cock. OMG it was the monster from the other room she noticed as her eyes opened wide to see this throbbing member disappear down her throat. Leah gagged repeatedly on him as he pushed it deep in her mouth, tasting his precum and the pussy juice from the other girl.

Her mouth was stretched to the limit as the monster thrust in and out. She looked up at him and sucked hard on it, drinking what he offered her. With every lash of Leah’s rasping tongue against his swollen head, he jerked then suddenly his body stiffened and Leah’s mouth was instantly filled with hot salty seed. There was too much and she choked as each spurt threatened to drown her. She coughed, spraying his sperm over her face and body. The girls instantly moved to lick her clean. The monster withdrew but continued to pulse spurting some more cum over her face.

Leah noticed the man fucking her had a wicked grin on his face as she gulped for air, her face covered in cum. The girls took turns kissing Leah passionately, taking the seed from her face. Leah was in heaven; her whole body in ecstacy from the assault on her senses. The man fucking her run his hands under her ass then picked her up, holding her to him by her butt, pulling her cheeks, thrusting her downward hard onto his cock.

Leah felt a warmth behind her then pressure against her asshole. Before she could turn to look, another cock entered her ass. Leah screamed in part pain, part pleasure as he sank his cock into her. The man facing her grabbed her hair and stared straight into her soul it seemed. She came harder than ever, unable to control her body as it fought to ride the massive orgasm out. They fucked her harder and harder as she came. Leah could utter groans and grunts as both cocks worked in tandem to stretch and fill her holes.

The men locked arms, caging Leah then she felt both bodies go rigid and their cocks swell inside her. She protested briefly then felt her entire bottom half heat up as they both spurted inside her, groaning and thrusting their meat deep. Leah orgasmed again as she felt hot spurts of liquid splash inside her and found herself moving up and down to milk both cocks dry. The man in her ass withdrew, exclaiming in pain; the man in her pussy just kept cumming, Leah thought what a massive load and rested her head on his shoulder milking him until he finished.

He was hyper-ventilating as he withdrew and cum splashed the floor as it exited from Leah’s body. He was shaking but held her up as the girls moved into Leah’s holes to take the cum from her. Leah was in pain from the fucking she’d had, resting limply over the man’s warm sweaty body. He lay her down to let the girls play with her. Leah felt like such a slut as cum oozed from her body but also totally satisfied having cum repeatedly during her ‘interview’.
Licked clean, the man picked her up from the floor, dusted her down and handed her her clothes, perfectly looked after. In the dim light, she finally got to see the men and women who had given her such a wild time. As the monster cock came into the light she recognised him....it was the taxi driver who had dropped her off an hour earlier.

The main guy saw the penny drop on Leah’s face and explained. ‘We are a company and we do have a vacancy for a PA to me. However, as a sex based company we only select the best and our ‘taxi driver’ is an employee. He radios ahead to describe the candidates.’ He moved closer and stroked leah’s hair. ‘Only the best get this type of interview. Had you been let’s say ‘plain’ we would have sat you at the desk out there fully clothed and discussed the job. The job is yours if you want it’.

With that he ushered a speechless Leah to the door, where a real taxi was waiting to take her back to the station. The best interview Leah had ever had was over.