"Sex Stories" It happened one night

Sex Stories It happened one night
We've spent a few good hours together, a quick bite to eat and then some drinks, sheltering in the bar, sitting close, constantly touching, kissing, we giggle and tease each other, its extended foreplay every time we spend an evening or an afternoon together, happy, detached from the real world, together in our own little bubble of now, and we're determined to make the most of every minute.

But the music is getting too loud in here, we've both d***k enough, and it’s been a long time since we needed alcohol to open up and be honest. It’s as intuitive as it can be now, but the atmosphere in the bar is starting to intrude, we decide to move on, relocate to somewhere less busy, somewhere where we can play without distraction, again, we clasp hands and step out of the back door into the closed walled deserted square that the bar backs onto.

Outside it's fresh and a little chilly, but not uncomfortable, it’s pretty quiet out here, and we pause for a moment, face to face, time for a decision, where now, home to mine, not enough time before you have to return to your world, back to the car to just sit and be together, too cramped, not yet.. So its another bar, we've still got an hour or so left, so clasping hands we start across the square towards the other, quieter end of town.(Sex Stories)

But I have other ideas, steering you towards the corner of this square, where there is little lighting, and no chance of anyone walking through our space, I pull you into the darkness.

You dont resist, you dont really understand my motive... yet.. and the destination scares you a little, its not exactly welcoming, you can hardly see what’s in this corner, but its safe with me, and its also discrete, so you dont break step, and move with me into the gloom..

There we kiss hungrily, my hands slip around to hold your head, holding your hair back, exposing your neck, I kiss gently around the area, enjoying the smell of your perfume and feeling the heat of your skin against my lips. We kiss again, tongues dancing and flicking, I push my tongue into your mouth, provoking your sharp teeth, and you aim a bite at my lip, which I just dodge as you snap at me, tempting me, I close in again, you bite again, gentler this time, so I surrender and let you work on my mouth, I'm starting to get excited now by your touch and you know how to push my buttons, I let out a soft moan and you grin, the kind of grin you like from me, wolfish and predatory, in control and demonstrating it, my hands move down to your backside and I squeeze you, pulling myself closer in, our bodies now pressed against each other, we could go on like this happily, but tonight I’m in the mood for surprises, and more, its time to push things a bit, see how far you can go, and how far I can take you.(Porn Stories)

My hand moves between us, cupping your crotch and even through your jeans I can feel the heat, hot and wet is your favourite descriptive and I’m in little doubt that all that pre-emptive foreplay has been working its magic on you, you're going to be unable, and probably unwilling to resist more.

You grind yourself against my palm, and a green light goes on, I glance back and to the side, no one around, no one to disturb, so I make my move, my hand rises to the top of your jeans, and flick, they're undone and the zip is down, its cramped but I can get my hand in there, your eyes widen, a little resistance, and I see you begin to worry, here, now, surely not, we couldn’t, we shouldn’t.. but then my fingers find your wetness and slide across your swollen cunt and the distraction of the feeling is too much, your eyes half close, sensation is all that matters here and now, fuck the consequences

To reinf***e that I whisper hungrily in your ear.. "I want you".. My fingers are now probing, trying to get further inside you, brushing your clit, you feel yourself getting wetter and the want building in you. But still you're not quite ready, you're going to take some persuading, not a problem I think to myself, I want a little resistance still, I want the surprise...

"How?" you question, but I'm already moving you, turning you to face the wall, I press you against its cold surface and you flinch, but as you feel me tugging your jeans and underwear downwards, over your hips and towards your knees you see the permutations and possibilities and realise the time is right, and the time is now...

I'm pressed up hard behind you now, and my jeans and zipper are pressing against your bare bottom, the demin against your delicate skin feels rough, but my hand reaches round your waist and takes its place back on your cunt, better access now, I can move better, faster and firmer, "Too rough!" you chide, and I remember I'm not stroking my hard cock, I’m supposed to be gently exploring you, you're more sensitive, more swollen, a lighter touch is required and I don't complain as your hand joins mine, clasping your fingers over mine, you begin to move my hand, where I go for tight strokes, your movements are more general, they cover more area, with your guidance we're extracting more pleasure from you then I could alone, I welcome the help...

"Taste" I whisper and meekly you move my hand aside and push your fingers into your wetness, you slide them in and out a little, enjoying the feeling of your fingers filling you, but remember what I'm asking for, you remove your hand and bring it up to face level, turning your head, I hungrily suck on your moist fingers, the taste drives me wild, prompting an urge to bury my face into your pussy and just lick and lick.. but I want you to share, so tilting your head to the side, I lean over your shoulder and bring your hand to your mouth, and we kiss around your fingers, sharing the taste, your tongue reaches around and over, this makes you feel good, but perhaps a little strange, off balance, and prompting something slightly inhibited, something we're working on, something I'm going to test this evening..

Your hand comes down again and I move mine aside, giving you free access to yourself, and you moan, a little whimper I love as your fingers again contact your clit, now.. Now you're ready..

I drop to my knees, and lift one of your legs, so you can step out of your jeans, and you think this is why I’m down there, now I can spread your legs, now I can have you, but I’m not done, no, I’m just getting started, I shuffle you back a few steps and you are now lower against the wall, bent a little at the waist, you drop your head a little, but your hand doesn’t stop moving, working away, faster now, you need me, nothing is going to stop you having me, greedy for penetration you raise your arse a little, and I see my moment..

Still down on my knees, I move closer, I'm too high to get to your pussy, but your arse is right in my face, where I want it, so I stroke and kiss your cheeks, my tongue moves towards you and I feel a distinct shiver, you're not cold, I cant see your face, but I know your eyes are wide open now, mouth open with shock, I wouldn’t surely? but I dont give you time to fight or even think further, my tongue has snaked down your arse crack, and my stroking has been replaced with a firm parting of your cheeks. Your mind is probably freewheeling at this point, too much sensation, to much input, and probably too much fear, but I wont be denied and I wont deny you what I know you want, you gasp as my mouth pushes in, and my tongue touches your arse, pushing and scr****g against your delicate hole, you almost lose it then, almost turn and wriggle away from my invasion, but its too late, you feel the warmth of my tongue probing you and you can’t fight how intense it feels, even if its bad, and wrong, its sooooo good. Your hand moves faster on your cunt, and you feel a little light headed from the dual sensations..

I know this is what you like, and want, and the reaction makes me stiffen even more inside my own jeans, I can feel my cock throbbing and twitching with a life of its own, craving release, craving to be inside you.

So I do the best I can, I'm a novice at this, but I'm enthusiastic, and I can feel the tension in you building, so I reach underneath you, between your legs and under my chin and slowly push two fingers into your cunt.. The heat is phenomenal, and my cold hand makes you shudder, but you need the extra feeling, it doesn’t take long, my fingers and tongue move as best they can, and you feel your orgasm building, unstoppable now, rushing through you, you stiffen, a long drawn out half sigh, I stop licking and push my tongue as far into your tight arsehole as I can, its not much, but its enough, and I feel your cunt clamp around my fingers and begin to undulate, your waves of pleasure bringing a smile to my face.

I can’t wait for you to regain yourself, so I rise to my feet, I'm going to have to satisfy my own urges now, I can't fight it any more, you've taken your pleasure and I need mine, need you, there's little thought process now, you're still in a daze and I’m fighting to get my trousers down over my hard jutting cock, I push you further forward, dropping a little on my haunches to get to your hot cunt, but you look back at me over your shoulder, and say quietly.. "Do it..", "Do it now, I want you in my arse".. I almost come there and then, into my own hand, which is grasping my cock, my cock which is dripping with pre-cum, hard and wet itself, as I'm trying to aim it into you, but I relax, let the feeling subside and press forward, the tip of my prick nudges your arse and you brace yourself,

"Slowly" you murmur, but I'm aware of the limitations, so I dont rush, I want this to last and I dont want you to regret your decision, so slowly I ease forward, but apprehension and tension is inevitable, you're as relaxed as you can be after coming, but my saliva on your arse is making the job easier and slowly, I feel myself entering, I let out a small exhalation, stop where I am, let you come back onto me, I'm in but I'm not going to move until you're ready..

It's tight as hell, and hotter than your pussy if that’s possible, but between the slickness of my cock and the spit from my hungry mouth its not hard for you to take me, and you do, you relax and welcome me into you, only a little more, but enough that the head of my cock is now engulfed and trapped, though in no way unpleasant, its still a strange feeling, and we both need a moment to prepare for anything further..

You begin to touch yourself again, I envy you, doubtful you'll come again, but still sensitive and able to distract away from the raw sensation of entry to make it pleasant for you, I cant know if its as enjoyable as the touch of my mouth on your arse had been, but your body language seems content enough.. "Move now, just a bit", you instruct.. I push forward, barely at all, but it’s heavenly, a few millimetres of movement and it begins to feel natural, and good, so fucking good.. "That’s good" you sigh, and I'm able to relax more, so I move a little further, still gentle, still slowly, but working a slow rhythm now, getting a pace going for me to enjoy, and I cant deny it, far too good to not enjoy, worth waiting for.

I'm in enough now to get a proper thrust going, and you begin to move against me, pulling apart them pushing together again, I know this will be too much, and I suspect you do too, this is going to have to be quick, its not the time or place to savour or to delay, but to just make the most of this experience, a marathon session it is not.. So I hold onto your sides and let the movement before automatic, let the sensations flood me, no blocking, no resistance, just the relentless feeling of thrusting in and pulling out, slow and relentless, and I feel the tightening of my balls, no doubt you can feel me stiffening too as you raise you head and try to look back at me over your shoulder.

I cant see more than the side of your face, but your mouth is parted, your lips shining and moist and I can hear your breathing quickening, you push further back onto my hardness and its too much, too good, the sight and the feeling burn an impression into my mind I wont forget, but that will become apparent later, for now all I can feel is my own orgasm.

My brain, my spine and my cock all become one, everything whites out and my world becomes the tip of my cock, I have to be careful not to plunge too far in, and I'm able to exert enough control to stop just as I feel the come as it spurts from within me to within you..

I almost yell out, not really important, there’s no-one around, right now, I dont think either of us would be aware if there was a crowd formed. And as I spasm its enough to tip you over the edge, nothing compared to your first orgasm, but the heat and slickness filling you makes you shudder and come hard enough that your legs buckle, luckily my hands are still on your hips and I'm holding you tight enough to keep us both upright, and then its over, back in the real world, I withdraw, and we grab for ankles and clothes together..

Grabbing my hand, we make our exit, we need to get out of here, laughing and grinning at each other we make our escape, off home now, but it will always be a night to remember.

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Nice story...got me thinking of my boo.