"Sex Stories" John boy's first time

Sex Stories John boy's first time
She had been driving the Stuts Bearcat she inherited from her father through the Virginia country side for hours, looking for the parcel of ground mentioned in his will. The weather hadn’t turned hot yet but she was uncomfortably aware of the dust building up on her face and working its way into the long motoring dress and crinolines beneath it. She felt herself longing for a dip in some cool rushing stream just to wash it all off. As she turned down yet another dirt road she spied the farm boy walking away from her in his straw hat and dungarees with a switch done up as a fishing pole over his bare shoulder. 

He turned at the sound of the car and his green eyes widened at the sight of such an expensive vehicle on this backwoods road. He seemed even more surprised to see a lady driving the car and stood staring as she pulled up beside him. She turned off the motor so they could hear each other and in the sudden silence asked if he knew where the old Armbruster place was. He nodded then found his voice, “It’s just down this road about half a mile, I was going there to fish in the creek.” Her body felt like squirming at the mention of a creek but she stifled it and said “Well, let me give you a lift and you can show me where it is.” He grinned hugely and came around the car to step up into the passenger side of the wide leather seat. (Adult Stories)

Her estimate of his age dropped to somewhere between 14 and 16 even though he was gangly tall with well defined muscles in his shoulders and arms. He looked at her shyly and said “’Scuse me ma’am, my name is Willy Barlow.” She smiled back and offered “Pleased to meet you Willy, mine is Amanda Armbruster but you can call me Amy.” He blushed, judging her to be somewhere in her twenties and, therefore, an adult. “Pleased ta meet’cha, Amy.” , he said then looked at everything but her as his hands settled in his lap but not before she saw the bulge rising in his overalls. “It’s good to meet you too, Willy”, she said and smiled to herself, starting the car and guiltily enjoyed the effect she was having on this man to be. With a clash of gears and a cloud of dust they continued toward her f****y farm, long unused and all but forgotten. 

Coming around one of many twists in the rutted lane they came upon the old farm house, in need of paint and with a few broken windows but serviceable but what caught her attention was the stand of enormous, old pines standing behind the house and walking right down to the water of the babbling brook she had been imagining just minutes before. She pulled up into the over grown farm yard and killed the engine, the silence assaulting their ears once again to be gradually replaced by birdsong and the chuckling of the brook. They both climbed down from the car and she said “I guess this is where you were headed. There ought to be some good fishing holes down there.” 

He grinned, “Yup, and some great swimming holes too.” She felt her body stir once more at the thought of the cool water washing over her sweaty skin and washing all the grime away. Then another thought made her blush and squirm in a different way as she thought about skinny dipping with this young man with his obvious appreciation for her, so far, respectably clothed body. “Show me where you like to fish?”, she asked, trying to master the sparks she was feeling and the wetness growing between her lips. 

He led her down an almost non-existent path to a grotto at the edge of the pines where they spread cool shade over a pool by the brook. “This here creek is spring fed from up yonder and stays cool all summer but the fish really seem to like this shady spot.” , he told her as he plunked down on a rock and dangled his bare feet in the water and baited his hook. Leaning back against the aged, rough bark of one of the trees she lifted one foot to begin working the hooks and eyes loose on her shoe. In so doing she exposed the other leg up to the knee but studiously avoided Willy’s eyes as they locked on her stockinged leg admonishing herself for teasing the boy. 

The other shoe came off in the same manner, again with an eager audience, then she stood there in stocking feet with a decision to make. Would she give in to the desire that had been building or modestly go around the tree to remove her stockings? In the end her training failed her and she gave into the lust building inside her. Lifting her skirt to the thigh she unsnapped first one stoking, then the other and rolled them sensuously down each leg in full view of Willy’s open mouthed stare. His discomfiture was such that he was no longer even trying to hide the bulge in his overalls and in fact repositioned the throbbing cock beneath to relieve his discomfort. Walking down to the shore she sat close beside him, raising her skirts and crinoline to mid thigh to dangle her feet in the water beside him. 

It was obvious Willy was at a loss for words so she suggested “I’ll bet this pool makes a good swimming hole too, doesn’t it?” He dragged his stare from her legs to her face swallowing several times before he could croak “Yup.” With a teasing smile she shrugged out of her jacket, being sure to push her breasts forward as she did, then reached up to begin undoing her high collared blouse. Willy’s eyes positively bulged as she began casually stripping before him, his bl**d pounding in his ears and cock throbbing painfully. Her blouse revealed a silk chamois below, then she rose to unbutton her skirt and shimmy it down into a pool at her feet standing in the chamois, bra and panties to let him look. The chamois was next and then she pouted “Aren’t you going to swim with me, Willy?” He was on his feet so quickly he almost fell over and shucked his overalls to stand blushing in his boxers. That is when Amy decided she wanted it all. 

The bra came off leaving her firm breasts exposed to the breeze and the naked lust in his eyes. She rubbed her breasts saying “That old bra is too tight. It always feels so much better when they are free.”, as she lifted her breasts in each hand and kneaded them gently. The panties were almost an afterthought, stripped and discarded negligently just before she dove into the water but not before his eyes locked on the curly vee between her legs. Amy turned, breasts floating slightly in the water before her as she surfaced and called to Willy “Ya can’t skinny dip unless you’re in your skin.” 

His boxers flew over his shoulder a second later to reveal a proud pole jutting out above his curl covered sack just before he dove in to rise beside her. They grinned at each other like a couple of k**s until his eyes fell to her breasts once more. Softly Amy said “You can touch them, I wouldn’t mind, in fact I would like it.” He timidly reached out to touch one and drew his hand back in surprise “They’re so warm!” he blurted, then blushed again. Gently she took his hand and placed it on her breast once more “Of course they are Willy, they’re part of me and you will find out I am warm all over.” He gulped and toyed with the hard nipple at which Amy groaned and pressed into his hand. His look of surprise and wonder almost made her laugh but she just smiled and put his other rough hand on her other breast. Groaning as he twisted at her nipple then telling him “Slow down Mister, it only takes a little bit to turn me on.” 

His grip loosened and he began caressing her breasts as he had seen her do before, taking time to play with those fascinating nipples, so much larger than his own. When Amy tweaked one of his nipples and he yelped, feeling an electric shock jumping through his body that seemed to concentrate in his cock causing it to spasm. The yelp was followed by a groan from Willy as Amy drew him against her and kissed him, open mouthed and torrid. Willy could feel her breasts mash against him, the nipples like hot coals as her hands wove through his hair pushing his lips to her hungry mouth. His cock bumped against her belly and he tried to squirm back but she locked one leg behind his to keep him close. Realizing he was experiencing a kiss like no other he had ever known, he opened his lips to be immediately invaded by her tongue, probing for his. 

Clumsily he responded trying to keep up as she turned her head to the side probing ever deeper. His hands finally lit on her shoulders then, just as slowly, his arms enveloped her until he was crushing her to him, deeply involved in the delight of this new kind of kiss, so intimate he felt like he was flying. When she broke the kiss she pushed back just enough to take one of his hands again and bring it to her swollen clit, showing him how to rub, quick yet gentle, almost like tickling as her breath gasped at each touch. When she released his hand it was to take his cock in her grip and begin skinning it in a loose grip, making sure to rub the head closest to his body with each stroke. 

Each time her soft hand brushed the lip of his cock head it was as if she were touching a raw nerve, almost painful but in a way that left him wanting more as the feeling of joy swelled in him. He came in seconds, eyes going glassy and shouting incomprehensibly as his cock spasmed in her hand and his cum sank to the bed of the pool in long trails. She released him as his cock began to shrink but reached lower to fondle and scratch at his sack as his lungs worked like a bellows and his knees got wobbly. They stood in the cool water as he recovered and began teasing her clit once more having forgotten everything in his moment of ecstasy. Her own need grew at the sight and sound of his first orgasm and the renewed stimulation between her legs. She kissed him again, writhing her body against his, her hungry lips trying to devour him and felt his cock respond to bump her lips as it rose. Breaking away she led him from the water up onto the soft carpet of pine needles bedding the cathedral formed by the ancient trees. 

Turning and kissing him once more she said breathily “Willy, I need you to get down on your knees and do something for me.” He obliged willingly wondering what new pleasure she would show him. Taking his head in her hands she looked into his upturned eyes and said “I need for you to tickle my clit with your tongue the way you were tickling it with your fingers.” At his look of confusion she parted the curly hair, pushing her hips forward to expose her swollen nub. As she pushed his head forward he got the idea and extended his tongue to lick at her. Groaning once more she pulled his mouth harder against her and he quickly understood that he should kiss her nether lips the same way he had been kissing her mouth. Amy purred as her hips started undulating against his licking tongue and nipping teeth. Between her gasping breaths she told him “Oh yes! … Willy … That’s sooo good! Now … wrap your … hand around … your cock…like I did …and move it … up and down.” Blushing once more at her use of a naughty word he gripped his cock and began jacking it as she had, quickly finding out what felt good. 

He could feel the joy growing in him once more but a little slower than before as he tried to concentrate on pleasing this gorgeous young woman pushing herself into his thirsty mouth. When Amy’s body stiffened he thought he had done something wrong but then as she shivered and cried out he realized that she was experiencing the joy he had felt and his own bubble of ecstasy exploded within him, his cock jerking and spraying her bare feet with hot, sticky cum. Amy was lost in her own orgasm, everything concentrated down to the rippling spasms in her pussy as ultimate pleasure coursed through every nerve in her body. Slowly she sank to her knees and kissed Willy’s wet face tenderly, loving what this boy had just given her, her mind already wanting more. She pushed him over on his side, lying down facing him her head cradled on his arm as she continued to bestow soft kisses to his face and lips. “You did that very well Willy” she said and was rewarded with a brilliant smile “but now it’s my turn” she said with an evil grin. 

Willy could only watch as she reversed herself to suck his flaccid cock into her warm mouth. Her hand reaching behind this sack to scratch an itch he hadn’t even known he had on the blank area between balls and anus. As only a young man can, his cock responded to her tongue dragging along the surface of his cock closest to his body as she bobbed her head slowly. After a moment he realized that her pussy was only inches from his face and moved his head forward to begin kissing her again. When Amy had his cock sufficiently hard she began bobbing faster stopping when he came close and telling him “If you take your time you are probably going to be better able to satisfy your girl. Just remember she needs more than you do to cum.” She worked him slowly, stretching out the pleasure to show him that there was something in it for the man as well if he took his time. 

Willy had never slowed down on his attention to her dripping pussy and she was already feeling the first tremors of her impending orgasm when she pushed him on his back, reversed herself once more and straddled him to grab his hot staff and lower herself onto it, letting it fill her completely. Trembling she took his hand once more setting his fingers tickling her clit again as she began rising and plunging down hard on his impaling cock. His back arched as he came filling her to overflowing and the look of pleasure on his face drove Amy over the edge of a shattering orgasm wracking her whole body with shock after shock like lightening striking over and over again as she milked and squeezed the last drops of cum from his body. Amy collapsed on his hard body, their skins slippery with sweat as they cooled and his cock retracted from her with a wet plop. They lay together, exhausted for several minutes before Amy pushed up on his chest after bestowing yet another tender, lingering kiss and rolled off Willy to stand and head back to the brook to wash herself. Willy followed and joined her in the cool water, holding her and kissing her softly as they bathed each other. As they dressed she knew that she would be spending much more time on the f****y farm.