"Sex Stories" Lesbian Revenge

Sex Stories Lesbian Revenge
I lived alone and I was unemployed. I passed the time in solitude, writing porn stories on the net. I took frequent breaks out on my balcony to catch a smoke. I lived in a dumpy hi-rise apartment in a rundown part of the city. Across from my balcony was a whole building full of people who didn’t bother to draw their shades, day or night. It was like everybody was a closet exhibitionist. One apartment in particular was in my constant sight, at least when I was sitting out on my balcony. I wasn’t a stalker or anything, but I knew what I liked.

The two girls who lived across from me were just gorgeous. One was slender and curvy with long blonde hair, and the other one could pass for her identical twin, except she had jet black hair. They reminded me of Betty and Veronica from the old Archie comic books.

The two of them were out on their balcony most weekends, sunning themselves in their slinky bikinis. It seemed to me that watching them was no crime. I had a pretty good idea that they were lovers, because I caught a glimpse of them kissing or holding hands every once in awhile. I figured I had been watching them for six or seven months now. I even saw them through their open curtains at night, walking around topless, and caressing each other in full view. That was fine with me. I considered lesbianism to be a gift from the gods. Watching those two young hotties was a big turn-on, even if I didn’t stand a chance of scoring with them myself.(Sex Stories)

I was relaxing on my balcony, beer in hand, and I noticed them looking up at me. They waved in my direction. I smiled through my sunglasses, as I took a pull from my cigarette. I could see them talking and giggling, and the blonde got up and went inside. The dark haired girl smiled up at me and waved. I waved back, just like any friendly neighbor would. The blonde came back out, and they both giggled as they looked at the pizza box they were holding in their hands. They held it up to me, and I read the number 706 written on the box with a magic marker. The girls began waving their arms back towards their apartment, and I correctly surmised that they were inviting me over. I held up my beer bottle and pointed to it, and they nodded their heads enthusiastically.(Porn Stories)

I headed over to apartment number 706 with a cooler of beer packed in ice. They already had their door opened, and when I knocked, they answered me from out on the balcony. Soon, we were all laughing and drinking, and having a fine time together. The dark haired girl remarked that they had noticed me watching them while they were their apartment at night. The blonde added that it seemed like I spent a lot of time on my balcony. I just smiled in response, because I had no clue where they were going with their statements. We knocked back several beers as we engaged in small talk. They were funny and full of energy, and I felt more comfortable in their presence with each new beer. I chuckled, and commented that they probably noticed what a stud I was. They readily agreed, and the blonde stood up behind me, and ran her hands all over my hairy chest. This might work out after all, I thought to myself.

When they finally asked me if I wanted to play some games with them, I knew I was in. I nodded my head enthusiastically, and followed them inside. The moment I stepped through the sliding glass door, the blonde drew the curtain closed, then disappeared into another room. The brunette stood in front of me, and put her hand on my half-erect penis, rubbing it through my shorts. 

Soon, the blonde reappeared, and stood behind me, running her hands up and down my hips. I loved all the attention, and who wouldn’t? The girls giggled and made a fuss over me, and I didn’t resist when the blonde guided my hands behind my back, and I could hear the click of handcuffs. This was getting kind of kinky, and I was getting hotter by the minute. That’s when I felt a damp cloth pressing against my face. I tried to identify the distinct aroma that I was breathing in when I felt my knees go weak, and I collapsed onto the floor.

When I finally came around, I was strapped down on their coffee table. My arms were tied beneath the table, and my legs were folded up on top of my body, strapped tightly together. As I regained my focus, I was delighted to see that both girls had stripped off their bikinis, and stood before me naked, with big smiles on their faces. I was also becoming aware that my entire body was itchy and stinging. That’s when I looked down at myself, and saw that they had shaved all the bushy hair off my chest, legs, and apparently my entire exposed body parts. They must have dry shaved me, because I felt like crawling out of my skin.

My attention was quickly diverted, when I felt the first sting of the belt on my naked ass. My body jumped in surprise, as I felt several more whacks following the first one. The brunette saw the questioning look in my eyes, and assured me that they were going to take care of me. For some reason, her comment didn’t reassure me even a little bit, especially when she reached down and shoved her finger deep into my dry asshole with one swift plunge. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt, but she showed no mercy, digging into my rectum and wiggling her finger f***efully.

Meanwhile, the blonde was lighting a pink candle over my bound body. I thought this was no time for romantic lighting, and I was right. She proceeded to drip candle wax all over my raw chest, down my stomach, then managed to find my erect cock under my folded legs. She dripped a generous amount of hot pink wax directly on my burning cock and my newly shaved pubic area. I howled in pain, only to receive several sharp slaps to my face, and an admonition to shut the fuck up. When the candle burned down to the end, the blonde straddled my head, and sat right down on my mouth. She pressed her pussy down hard on my face, telling me to suck her nasty cunt. I could hardly refuse, but I lost all concentration when I felt new activity around my ass. The brunette had abruptly pulled her finger out of my ass, and busied herself greasing up a huge black dildo. I assumed she was using petroleum jelly, but I panicked when I realized it was that hot cream you rub onto sore muscles.

I jerked and twisted, trying to get away from her wicked advances, but the blonde trumped me by pinching my nipples really hard, and reaching between my legs to squeeze my balls. Her moves worked, and I winced as I could feel my ass hole being filled up with the stiff plastic dildo. The brunette was not interested in the slow and easy method of insertion. She just twisted the fake cock from side to side, pushing it deeper into my rectum with each twisting motion. 

I couldn’t help but let out an anguished shriek, and I was rewarded by more face slapping from the blonde. She followed it up by placing a foot on either side of my head, balancing her body on the coffee table. She squatted down over my mouth once again, only this time her sweaty ass hole touched my nose. She settled her weight down on my face and commanded that I clean her ass hole out with my tongue.

As the brunette worked my ass over, the heat of the muscle rub increased, and my insides were on fire. She used her other hand to reach between my legs, and she stroked my throbbing cock like she was intent on bringing me to orgasm. I was getting into it, and feeling my cum beginning to well up inside my balls. Then she just stopped. Stopped! That was the cruelest thing to do, I thought.

I kept tongue-fucking the blonde’s ass, although I swear she was really trying to suffocate me. She was fingering her clit wildly, and I could taste her pre-cum running down her inner thighs, mixing with her ass juices. The combination wasn’t particularly appealing, but I didn’t have much choice. Soon enough, she was pressing her oozing pussy lips full on my mouth, and I heard her order me to swallow it all, as gushes of hot cum pumped into my mouth and down my throat. I gulped down a whole river of her sticky goo, almost choking on it, and struggled to catch my breath.

Meanwhile, the brunette yanked the black intruder from my abused ass. She unstrapped my folded legs, pulled them down to the floor, and strapped each leg to its corresponding table leg. Stretching my legs out felt so good, but not for long. As I finished eating her girlfriend’s slick pussy, I felt a sharp sting on my now completely exposed hard-on. The brunette proceeded to whack my cock and balls rapidly with a thin stick. The mix of pleasure and pain was intoxicating, and I could feel my cock pulsating and jumping with each swat of the stick.
The blonde, finished with my mouth, leaned over my wax encrusted chest, and took my excited cock into her hot mouth. She sucked me like a pro, and I wondered how a lesbian ever learned to blow a cock so well. Just as I was feeling my orgasm well up inside my loins once again, she spit my cock out, and stepped off the table. I was right on the verge of shooting my load, and I was pissed off.

As irony would have it, the brunette then straddled my face, stooped low over me, and told me to open my mouth wide. I was expecting another pussy juice facial, but instead, she started to piss into my mouth. Surprised, I sputtered and choked on her hot piss offering. Seeing this, the blonde whacked my still erect cock back and forth with her hand until she had my full attention.

She scolded me for not doing what her friend told me to do, and she put her hands to my face. She put two of her fingers into my nostrils, and yanked my head back. When my mouth opened involuntarily, she put the thumb of her other hand on my bottom teeth, and held my mouth open wide. She warned me to not even think of trying to bite her, and the brunette resumed her position over me.

Her piss rushed out of her, filling my mouth quickly. I was reminded again to swallow, and I drank what seemed like gallons of secondhand beer from her pee hole. When she finally emptied her bladder, she stepped off of my face, and the blonde eagerly took over. Only she didn’t stoop low over my head. She stood upright, straddling the table. She stood over me for quite awhile, and my attention was again diverted to my anal area. The brunette was hard at work, jamming her fingers into my burning rectum.

The blonde caught me by surprise when I felt the first stream of her hot urine hit me in the face. There was no command to open my mouth this time, so I didn’t. Instead, she let loose all over my face, her sticky piss drenching me, running across my forehead into my thick head of hair, and down my chin and around my neck. More beer piss, I thought. Now, the idea of getting d***k with the neighbors didn’t seem all that appealing to me.

I didn’t have time to dwell on the irony, because I could feel a cold metal object sliding into my ass. It wasn’t too horrible until the brunette began turning the little wheel on the side of the speculum, spreading my sphincter muscle wider and wider with each turn. She waited a bit, then, opened me up even more. The blonde finished using me for her toilet, and f***ed me to lick her piss stained pussy clean. She went into the kitchen, and returned shortly with a turkey baster filled with some sort of liquid. As she slipped the end between the jaws of the speculum, I could smell a familiar odor: vinegar! She squeezed the bulb, and the liquid shot deep into my rectum, and I almost passed out when I immediately felt the stinging liquid fill me up. I writhed in agony, as the two girls giggled, and took turns spitting into the speculum. I didn’t really feel their saliva, but I guess they were making a statement. They certainly seemed proud of themselves.

I was relieved when they took the speculum out of my ass, and I figured they must be almost done with their humiliation. I was wrong once again. The blonde reached between my legs and grabbed my clean-shaven balls in her hand, and squeezed them viciously, as she took my cock into her mouth again. Apparently it was just another diversionary tactic, because the brunette presented her lubed up hand, and began to work it into my stretched out ass hole. As my cock pounded, virtually begging for release, I felt a sharp pain in my rectum, as the brunette succeeded in jamming her whole fist up my ass.

Her friend abruptly stopped sucking me off, fascinated at the sight of an entire arm sticking out of my ass. I was rather amazed too, having never even considered that such a thing was anatomically possible. The brunette was emboldened by her triumph over my unwilling ass, and she made a fist inside my rectal canal, and started to reach in deeper, slowly drawing her arm out slightly, then, she plunged it back in with all her might. She kept increasing her tempo, and soon she was ramming my ass up to her elbow. All the while, the blonde kept slapping my cock back and forth. I had finally reached my limit, and I actually welcomed the damp cloth covering my face, sending me into La-La Land once again.

I awoke groggily to the sound of a rather large diesel engine, and the hiss of air brakes that seemed very close to me. I opened my eyes, squinting at the bright light of the sun above me. I couldn’t figure out where I was, but it smelled terrible, like putrid garbage.

Just then, I felt a jolt, as the diesel engine whined loudly in my ears. It felt like I was being lifted up slowly. I jumped up just in time to wave my arms frantically at the sanitation truck driver, who was in the process of dumping me into his truck, along with all the other rancid garbage in the dumpster that I occupied. The driver stopped the ascent of the metal bin, and lowered me back to the ground. As I climbed out, I gave him a thumbs-up sign, and he just laughed and shook his head. I figured he got a kick out of some naked guy running into the apartment building and through the elevator door.

I realized what made him laugh when I got to my place and looked in the mirror. It was bad enough the front of my body was covered in pink wax, but my forehead told it all: In bright red lipstick I read the word STUD quite clearly, even though it was spelled backward in the mirror.