"Sex Stories" Light Of Moon

Sex Stories Light Of Moon
You lean back in your desk chair with a smile on your face, listening to my voice on the phone held to your ear.

"Don't work too hard, Darling." I say the words in a teasing voice, knowing you will. "I'll be waiting for you when you get home."

"Is that a promise?" You ask me quietly.

"You know it is." I sit in silence knowing you are thinking about what my promise might hold for you.

"I'm counting on it, Baby. Leave the light on for me." You hang up the phone softly as your mind wonders what I could be up to. The phone rings again and you get back to work.

I smile as I hang up the phone and start making preparations for the night ahead. I know that you might be late, because it happens often. It is part of your job. Some women might resent that it takes you away from me so often, but I know that what you do is part of what makes you the man that I love. I also know that you always make it up to me so sweetly whenever something interferes with our plans. I look around the bedroom to make certain that everything is perfect for my surprise, then head for the bathroom to take a nice, long, hot shower.(Porn Stories)

I reach in and turn on the water in the shower then start to slowly undress in front of the mirrored wall in the bathroom. As I uncover each part of my body, I run my hands over it, wondering if it is good enough, beautiful enough for you. When I am fully naked I stand and look at myself and hope that I am everything that you ever want or need. I vow to myself to always give everything I am to keep our relationship fresh and exciting. I waited a long time for you to come into my life, and I never want to think about what it would be like without you in it. I slowly pile my hair on top of my head and pin it in place to keep it from getting wet in the shower. Looking in the mirror again I give myself an encouraging smile, then turn and step into the shower.

I stand under the hot spray and let it ease the tension in my shoulders as I think back on my day. I felt I had accomplished a lot with my work today. I couldn't wait to show you the new drawing I had finished. It was, in my opinion, by far the best landscape I had done in a long time, the beautiful hues of the pastels capturing the light of the setting sun over the mountains. I wanted to see the expression on your face when you saw the land you love captured by my artistic hand.

My mind drifts away to another expression I saw on your face just this morning. My hands slide over my wet skin as I remember the passion in your eyes as our two bodies became one. The strength in your body always excites me beyond belief. The way you love me is unlike anything I have ever known in my life before, so intense, so uninhibited. I pick up a bath puff and slowly work some vanilla scented gel into it, then start soaping up my body. As my hands work over my skin I think of how your hands feel on me, and feel the heat start rising deep within. I rub the puff in circles over my breasts and belly, remembering the feel of your hot tongue on them this morning. My hands drift downward and I soap up my calves and thighs.

I rinse out the puff and hang it up then squirt a little more gel on my hands. The lather slowly builds as I rub them together. I slide them down the front of my body again and slowly between my thighs. My fingers slip into the folds of my sex, remembering how thoroughly you explored there. My clit rises from beneath its hiding place in anticipation. I consider exploring my hunger further, but decide to let it build until you come home. I rinse myself off thoroughly then turn off the water and step out of the shower.

I rub my warm, moist skin with the soft towel, enjoying the friction it creates over my sensitized flesh. I finish drying myself then sit down on the commode to apply vanilla scented lotion to my legs. When I finish with my legs I stand in front of the mirror again as I smooth the lotion over my upper body, rubbing it in slowly. As I finish I look at the small clock on the vanity and see that it is almost time for you to arrive home. I spray a fine mist of perfume in the valley between my breasts, inhaling the erotic scent and smiling at the thought of you tracing the scent with your warm breath and hot tongue. I take down my hair and run a brush through it, letting the soft curls fall freely around my shoulders. I look in the mirror one last time and smile at the soft glow on my skin, hoping that you will enjoy my efforts to make it inviting.

I walk into the bedroom and light the candles I placed around the room, creating a soft glow in the dark corners. In front of the large window sits a new boudoir chair, upholstered in a soft, midnight blue chenille fabric. The full moon is shining in through the window onto the chair. I see your headlights bounce across the snow as you near the house and quickly seat myself in the chair. I lean back and d**** my left knee over the arm of the chair, my hair falling softly around me. The moon highlights the contrast between the soft fabric and my pale skin. I wait breathlessly for you to find me there.

As you pull up to the house you see that it is dark and you assume I have already gone to bed. You come into the house and pull off your jacket as you walk to the kitchen to fix yourself something to drink. The rest of your night at work had been crazy and you were ready to relax. With a glass of juice in your hand you walk to the bedroom to look in on me. As your reach the door you notice the soft glow coming from beneath it. You open it slowly and stand there as your eyes adjust to the dimness of the room. Your gaze is immediately drawn to the window where the moonlight is spilling in on me seated in the chair.

You stand there quietly and simply look at me. I rise and walk over to you, coming to a stop with my nipples grazing your chest. I hear you inhale deeply as my scent reaches you, your chest expanding and pressing against my nipples firmly. I take the glass from your hand and set it on a table next to the door then take your hand and pull you fully into the room, closing the door behind you. I turn to you and raise my lips to yours kissing you softly.

"Hello Darling," I say quietly. "I'm glad you're home."

"So am I," you whisper against my lips as you kiss me again.

I unbuckle your holster and set it on the table. Taking your hand again I lead you to the chair. I turn you to face me and slowly unbutton your shirt, standing as close as I can and still be able to move my hands between our bodies. You watch me quietly as I pull your shirt out of your pants and slide it off of your shoulders and down your arms. I drop the shirt next to the chair for now, as I focus on removing your vest. The Velcro sounds loud in the room as I pull the straps fee and pull the vest away from your body. It, too, drops to the floor with your shirt.

I run my hands over the soft shirt you were wearing beneath the vest, grazing your nipples with my nails. I slide my hands beneath the hem and run them up your chest, sliding my fingers through the curling hairs. Your skin is so warm to my touch. I find so much pleasure in just touching you. You raise your arms above your head and I pull the shirt off. As it joins the growing pile on the floor my lips find your bare skin. I nuzzle into the hair on your chest and rain soft kisses there. My lips find a nipple and I flick my tongue over it. You make a sound of enjoyment and I continue across your belly, trailing my tongue ever downward.

I kneel in front of you and unbutton your pants, sliding my fingers in the waistband. I pull gently and the zipper slides down slowly. I nuzzle against the soft fabric beneath as I feel your hands in my hair. I reach with both hands and pull everything down slowly, watching in the moonlight as your beautiful cock is exposed to my view. I give it a soft kiss and smile as it jumps beneath my lips. I push against you gently.

"Sit down, Darling." I tell you softly.

When you are seated I slide your pants up and unlace your boots, pulling them off. Then I pull your pants the rest of the way off, your socks coming off with them. They too join the pile next to the chair. I sit back and look at you resting in our new chair. It is the perfect size, well built and large enough for you to be comfortable in. The construction of it is perfect for my plans. I run my hands over your calves then concentrate on softly massaging them. I work my way slowly up your legs, rubbing gently in circles and kneading the tightness out of your muscles. As I reach higher on your thighs my administrations turn more to caresses than anything else. I lean forward onto my knees again and press my body between your legs. My lips find the warm skin of your thighs as I begin kissing and trailing my tongue over them.

My hair drifts around me as I move up and nuzzle my face against the hot, smooth skin of your cock. I slide my lips back and forth along the base in soft, sweet kisses. My tongue flicks out in short strokes from side to side and I move up your shaft to the head. I slide up your body slowly, pressing my breasts against your cock. Your hardness feels so good against them. I kiss a nipple then nibble it gently, enjoying the feeling of it hardening under my tongue. Then I slide up a little higher and look into your eyes for a moment before meeting your lips in a hot, deep, passionate kiss. You reach between us and cup my heavy breasts, thumbs flicking over my nipples. Slowly I move back down your body, kissing every inch as I drift down to your cock. I circle the head with my tongue, ever so slowly, wetting it thoroughly.

Your hips tighten involuntarily and you moan softly. I close my lips over the head and suck gently, sliding slowly up and down. I gradually take you deeper in my mouth, taking my sweet time and wetting every inch of you. My hands slide up your legs and I cup your balls gently in them, massaging them carefully, then I slide my hands to your hips to steady myself as I increase the intensity of my strokes. Your hands are in my hair again, helping me find your rhythm. I keep my strokes steady for a few minutes until you tell me to stop. I lovingly stroke my mouth over you a few more times then slowly let you slide out of my mouth, kissing the head softly as it parts from my lips. You are so hard right now, my attentions leaving you glistening wet in the moonlight.

I look up at you and find you watching me intently. You take my arms and pull me up from between your legs. I gasp as your lips close around one of my nipples and you suck at it hungrily. Your arms close around my body and pull me hard against you, your hard cock pressing against my legs. I arch my back in pleasure as you move to the other nipple. You slide one of your hands between my thighs and slowly up to the apex where you find me hot and wet in my excitement. I pull away from you slightly and look into your eyes again.

"Do you want me, Darling?" I ask you, my heavy breathing making the words come out low and soft.

"Oh, yes, Baby." Your words make my heat rise even more and you feel my excitement in a surge of wetness under your fingertips.

I swing my leg up over the arm of the chair as you slide a finger into my wetness. I tremble beneath your hand as you thumb my clit while you stroke your finger in and out slowly. I lean down and kiss you again, our tongues mating hotly. You pull my hips forward and rub the head of your cock on my clit, sliding it up and down over my wet vulva and back to my clit. I grab the back of the chair and bring my other leg around the side and slowly sink down on your hot, hard cock. I arch my back and take you deep as we both moan in the exquisite pleasure. Your lips close over a nipple again as I work myself up and down on your cock, your hands holding my hips tightly. We find the perfect rhythm between us, and our passion flares hot as you thrust in and out of me while I use the chair to maintain my balance over you.

"Oh, God you feel so good, Darling." I struggle to speak, my breathing ragged now. "I can't last much longer."

"That's good, Baby," you tell me, "I want you to cum for me."

You let go of my hip with one hand and reach down between us. I jerk as your fingers find my clit. You feel my walls tightening down on you as the pressure builds deep inside me. I lean down and kiss you one more time as I impale myself hard on your cock and rub against your hand. I gasp and arch back as the spasms rips through me.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Darling!" I call out to you. "Now!"

"Oh, God, Baby!" You shout to me.

You grab my hips tight and pull me down hard as you explode deep inside me, my orgasm making it impossible for you to hold back any longer. I feel you throbbing your release within me, while I pulse around you. We move slowly against each other prolonging the feelings as long as we can. You sink back in the chair and pull me close against you as our breathing slows. You stroke your hands over my hair and down my back. All tension is gone from my body as you hold me.

"So do you like the new chair?" I ask you in a whisper.

I feel you shake with laughter as I am still lying against you.

"Oh, yes, Baby. I LOVE the new chair!" You tell me before you give me a soft, sweet kiss.