"Sex Stories" Lily

Sex Stories Lily
Its July 4th week-end and as always its Chris & Nicki’s annual backyard bash. All of our friends are here. The pool is being used, people are eating, drinking and laughing. As I am talking to some of my buddies by the grill I notice a gorgeous brunette wearing a plain white tank top and jean cutoff shorts come out of the house and onto the patio. My eyes follow as she looks around unsure of where to go. I excuse myself from the boys and walk over to her. Each step I take she becomes more and more beautiful. 

Her tank top is stretched tightly around her large full breasts and her ass is perfectly shaped. Her legs are perfectly tanned and very long. After introducing myself I learn her name is Lily and that she is one of Nicki’s old friends from high school little s****r who is going to the local college playing on a soccer scholarship. Somehow Nicki found out about this and decided to invite Lily to the party. As we chit chatted I kept stealing glances at her tits, legs and ass and my cock began to stir under my khaki shorts. Bad time to not be wearing anything underneath. As my cock got harder I noticed she took a peek at it. Are eyes met for a brief moment until she shyly looked away. I was about to excuse myself from the embarrassment but as I turned to say good-bye she gently grabbed my arm and told me that she notice no one was in the garage and if I wanted to go with her. Of course I did go. As soon as we closed the door to the garage we were on each other. (Sex Stories)

Our lips met with passionate f***e exploring every inch of each others mouth with our hot tongues. My hands immediately went to her firm ass and squeezed the life out of them. Lily’s hands starting right for my now rigid dick. As soon as she pulled my pants down to my ankles her hand was pumping my cock. Our lips never separated for an instant. I wanted this girl so bad. I stopped our kiss and turned her around. She put her hands on the hood of my car as I reached around and began to message her heaving breasts. I could feel the hard nipples through her thin tank top. My hands moved down her athletic tight belly to the button on her shorts. After expertly undoing the button I yanked her tight fitting cutoff’s right off. Lily was wearing a black lacy thong and I quickly lined up my rock hard dick and started to grind into her ass. (Erotic Stories)

Lily turned her head back and we kissed again. As our lips entwined I felt her hand move down between my dick and her ass. She pulled her thong panties to the side and lifted her left leg onto the car bumper. This allowed my to slip my cock right into her hot wet pussy. I immediately pushed my long hard dick all the way inside of her. She let out a grunt scream and I slowly drew my cock out of her. I felt every inch of her pussy as my cock slides out. I heard Lily sigh as it came out of her wanting pussy only to cry again when I thrusted once again into her. This is how I fucked her. Slamming my hard long cock into her tight wet pussy and slowly pulling out only to give it to her once more. 

Lily starts to beg for it harder and that’s what I do. After a minute of fucking her pussy I feel my ball begin to stir. I’m going to blow any second. I take once last hard thrust into her gaping hole and leave my full dick all the way stuffed into her pussy as I release load after load of my hot cum into her filled pussy. The cum has nowhere to go so it coats my pulsing cock. As Lily feels my juices flowing into her pussy it clamps down on me and she cries out with a joy as she cums on my dick. I slowly pull my cum drenched cock out of her dripping pussy once her orgasm subsides and pull my shorts back up as Lily is doing the same with hers. I don’t know what to say at this point and Lily realizes this and tells me I better get back to my party before I’m missed.

As I close the door to the garage Nicki walks right into me. She is wearing an extremely sexy black bathing suit, my favorite, and is dripping wet. She tells me she is going to get changed into some dry clothes. My cum drenched cock has not had a chance fully shrink from just fucking the life out of a hot college girl just a few feet away in the garage and now I’m looking at my sexy wife dripping wet. She sees the outline of my partially erect penis, smiles and invites me up to our room with her. Once we are in the bedroom she sits on the end of the bed. I walk over to her and undo my shorts. 

My cock is springing back to life with the prospects of Nicki sucking my freshly fucked cock. I take hold of myself and guide it to Nicki’s wide awaiting mouth. She stretches her tongue out as I move it to her lips. As the tip of her tongue gets its first taste of my cock she instantly knows something is up as she can taste the tangy cum and pussy juice combo from my now hard member. There is an instant hesitation as Nicki’s brain processes what her taste buds are telling her and her eyes quickly lock into mine. The next instant her mouth completely engulfs my whole cock as only she can do. Her head is bobbing up and down the length of my cock as she is tasting Lily and mine combined juices. I feel another orgasm coming and tell Nicki to get ready and take it. She groans her approval and steps up the pace of her blow job until I climax into her mouth. She gulps down the remainder of my creamy spunk and begins to lick up and down my cock. Without stopping she asks who was it. I told her it was Lily. Nicki then told me that perhaps they may invite 'little' Lily over for dinner in the near future…

…Our bags are packed and we are ready to go but instead of heading out to the airport to see our f****y for Thanksgiving we are sitting in the living room watching the news. Of course a once in 100 year snow storm has landed smack on top of us. As the snow accumulates by the hour our prospects of getting on the plane diminish. The news eventually tells us that the airports are closed. Nicki and I decide to brave the storm and head to the grocery store and make it back with a turkey and all the fixings. There was a message on our phone when we got back from one of Nicki’s old friends asking if her little s****r Lily could perhaps come over for Thanksgiving because she missed her flight home from college due to the snow and had nowhere to go. As we listened to the message our eyes locked onto each other. We have been trying to figure out a way to get Lily over ever since the party on the 4th of July. This was perfect. Nicki called Lily and invited her for Thanksgiving dinner but since the snow was getting worse we felt that she should come over today and stay the night, which she agreed. My job was to go and pick her up at school. 

Just the thought of Lily’s tight athletic body with those long smooth legs made me hard. Nicki was obviously thinking the same because she came over to me and planted a sloppy wet kiss on my lips. Her warm wet tongue traveled down my neck. She pulled my shirt up over my head and began to lick her way across my chest. She took my nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. Our eyes made contact as she knew that this turned me on. After a moment her tongue began to move down my chest. Nicki untied my belt and pulled down my pants and boxers releasing my throbbing cock which she took into her hand. Nicki was on her knees now and was licking my shaft up and down the length of me which was driving me crazy with pleasure. Her mouth would engulf the head of my cock and she would suck it until it became red and swollen. Her rhythm increased as her one hand pumped my cock and the other began to play with my balls. 

Nicki’s hot wet tongue then began to lick my balls as she continued to pump my cock. She opened her sweet mouth wide and engulfed my balls. As she was sucking on them her one free hand began to massage my butt. Her fingers began to move closer and closer to my ass. I separated my feet some more to give her better access as her delicate finger brushed up against my ass. I gave a groan of approval and told her ‘Give it to me’ which she did as her finger penetrated my ass. The pleasure of getting a hand job while having my balls sucked with a finger in my ass was too much and I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I took my cock from her hand and began to pump it real fast in front of her. Nicki stopped sucking and sat back with her mouth wide open ready to catch my hot shooting cum. ‘Here it comes baby’ I yelled as the pressure was too intense and the release finally came. The first load shot out and hit Nicki on the cheek. The second shot hit her in the mouth and lips. She wanted my cum so bad there was not a third shot because before I knew it Nicki had all of me in her mouth sucking every last drop. Once she let go of me she scooped the cum from her cheek and swallowed it down.

‘You better get going and pick Lily up before the storm gets to bad’ Nicki says dishearteningly. I can tell she has not been fully satisfied. I pulled her up to me and pulled her sweater over her head leaving her with her flower print bra on. I began by kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears. She placed her hand on the back of my head and let out a soft whimper. I moved down to her heaving breast with my tongue tracing the outline of her bra and reached around for the release. Once Nicki’s bra was released her full milky breast were freed and I placed my hands on both tits and massaged them. Nicki’s head snapped back in pleasure as one of my hands found a nipple and gave it a hard pinch and tug while my tongue flicked the other nipple. 

As I sucked on her delicious breasts Nicki began to escape from her pants and had her panties around her ankles in a manner of seconds. Her hand was down on her hot wet pussy fucking it with two of her fingers. She took them out and thrust them in my mouth to suck on. After tasting some of Nicki’s juices I knew that I needed more and started to guide her back to the couch where she sat down and spread her legs in front of me. I wanted to taste her sweet pussy so bad I fell on me knees and attacked her with my mouth. My tongue was everywhere in a blur. Flicking and sucking her clit one second the next sliding my tongue into her opening. Nicki was now moaning with pleasure and she placed her hands by her lips and pulled them apart giving better access. Her pussy was soaking wet and some of it had slipped down to her ass so I used this on my finger and began to probe her ass. ‘Give it to me baby’ was what I heard before slowly plunging my finger deep into her ass. I took this moment to look into her eyes to see the delight I was giving her.

’More’ she cried, so I used my index and middle finger to enter her ass and my thumb went against her clit. As my fingers began to pump away on her ass my cock had started to come alive again. 
’Do you want more?’ I asked ’Yes baby, more’ Nicki replied immediately.

I took out my fingers from her ass and guided my now rigid member up and down her soft wet pussy getting it nice and wet with her juices. I placed the wet tip of my cock against her ass and gently pushed into her stretching her anus to fit me. Once she relaxed I began to thrust my cock into her tight ass. I was holding her legs straight up which opened her ass more for me. I saw her large tits swinging back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts. Nicki looked beautiful as I fucked her ass. She took one of her hands and started feeling her own tit and pinching her nipple while the other moved down to her aching pussy which she began to rub furiously. She plunged two fingers into her pussy and before long she was yelling ‘Oh shit, here it comes baby’ and with that her body tensed up and her legs quivered as she came. Feeling her body quiver with joy sent me off and I pulled out of her ass and unloaded my cum onto her pussy. We were both spent and I collapsed onto her and we spent the next few minutes lightly kissing .

‘Now I can go’ I told Nicki. ‘You better get her back here quickly Chris. I’m not done for tonight’ she replied.

It took longer then expected but I finally arrived at Lily’s dorm room. As I knocked on the door my heart began to race. She opened the door and gave me a big hug. 
’Thanks for taking me in. I did not want to be alone for Thanksgiving’ she said. 
‘No problem, Nicki and I are thrilled to have you over’ I replied.

Now Lily had gone back to her bed to get her bags so this was my first instance to get a look at her. She was just as I remembered. Her long dark hair was pulled into a pony and she was wearing a baggy gray hoody with tight fitting jeans. Looking at her ass brought back memories of summer. I walked over to her bed to see what she was doing just as she stuffed the last of her things in her bag. I only caught a quick glimpse but I’m sure that I saw a some type of red silky lingerie.

To my disappointment the ride home was uneventful. We talked about benign things to past the time and finally made it back to the house. Nicki was waiting expectantly for us and gave Lily a big hug that lasted longer then normal. I can tell that Nicki was excited and just wanted to rip Lily’s clothes off right there and have her way with her. Seeing these two beautiful girls holding each other was a sight and it took a lot of control for me not to go rip their clothes off right there also. ‘Oh, little Lily were so glad you will be with us. Let me show you were you will be sl**ping’ My wife took Lily’s hand and led her up he stairs to the guest room. 

A few minutes later they still had not come down so I decided to see if everything was alright. When I got to the door of the bedroom I saw it was slightly ajar. I was able to just see the bed through the gap but my eyes were not looking at the bed. My eyes were looking at Lily on top of my wife as they laid on the bed with their lips locked. No reason for me to interrupt a good time so I stood in the doorway and watched unnoticed. 

Lily’s back was to me and I saw her sit up on her knees between my wife and lift her hoody over her head. She was wearing a black laced bra. I could see the anticipation on Nicki’s face looking up at Lily’s tits waiting for the bra to come off. Lily unhooked the bra and threw it to the floor. Nicki’s hands began to massage Lily’s perky breast for all it was worth. Lily was still sitting up and began to grind herself against my wife. She lowered her body so Nicki could suck on a Lily’s pink nipple. Suddenly Nicki flipped over Lily so she was on her back and I could see Nicki’s tongue work around the outer parts of Lily’s hard nipples. Lily had her head back with her eyes clothes obviously enjoying herself. Nicki then stopped and began to unbutton Lily’s jeans. 

The tight fitting jeans to some work to get around her cute bottom but with a little help from Lily they were off. My wife then removed Lily’s black thong. Nicki ran her hands up and down Lily’s muscular thighs and legs as Lily’s looked on. Nicki was going to take her time and do this right. As her hands got to her feet Nicki lifted her right leg and began to suck on her toes. Lily was a little ticklish but was also moaning in approval as Nicki took her big toe into her mouth and sucked on it. Nicki then began to lick the length of her foot to the ankle. Then seductively moved down to her inner thigh all the while keeping her eyes locked onto Lily who was begging for Nicki to get there. 

My wife took both of Lily’s legs and pushed them up into her chest exposing her glistening pussy for my wife, and me to see. Lily took hold of her own legs to allow Nicki to lightly taste the young girls womanhood. With slow long licks, like a k** with an ice cream cone, Nicki’s hot tongue traveled the length of her opening while just stopping at her waiting clit. After a few of these licks Lily cried ‘Oh god, yes Nicki! HARDER!’. Nicki then took her finger and plunged it deep into Lily. Using her finger she fucked in rapid motion. Her finger was almost a blur. Nicki again lowered her head and started flicking her tongue on Lily clit. Lily closed her eyes and cried out ‘HARDER’. So Nicki started using two fingers up Lily and clamped down on her clit with her mouth. ‘YES, OH GOD YES’ Lily began to scream over and over as Nicki never slowed her pace. 

I could see Lily’s swollen wet clit when Nicki came up for air. I really do not know how Lily lasted this long without cumming. I was so enjoying watching my wife fuck this young hottie that I forgot I had to stay back unseen in the doorway. Lily took a quick glance my way as she was screaming for my wife to give her more. Our eyes met and Lily gave me a mischievous smile and then came with a thunderous orgasm on Nicki’s face. Nicki groaned as she lapped up the pouring sweetness from Lily’s hot pussy. I quickly stepped back from the door and made my way downstairs to watch TV. Nicki came down of few minutes later and announced she was going to make some sandwiches for dinner. Upstairs I heard the shower going.

‘What took you so long up there’ I asked looking for a reaction from Nicki. ‘Just catching up some’ Nicki responded. ‘You could have come in you know‘ she also said without missing a beat while walking to the kitchen.

We were all on our best behavior for dinner. Lily had changed into a tight form-fitting black sweater with the same tight jeans. Her hair was combed back and held up by a white headband. Nicki had also changed into jeans with a white button down shirt. Her hair was pulled up and held by a barrette. I also knew she was now wearing a black bra because I could see it through her shirt, not by accident on her part. This was obviously one of Nicki’s sexy pushup bras because her tits were sticking straight out begging to be played with. I was also wearing jeans and a button down stripped shirt. 

Since we were just eating sandwiches, beer was the choice drink. After we finished eating and all had downed our second beer we moved to the living room. The atmosphere was electric as we all knew what was going to happen. I was sitting next to Nicki on the couch while Lily sat in the oversized chair. Nicki had turned on the music instead of TV which was a good call and we settled into a nice conversation while listening to the music. After Lily had finished her third beer she announced that she wanted to dance. We both declined as watching this beautiful young girl dance in front of us was better then actually dancing. So Lily began to dance by herself pretending to pout that no one would go with her. She began to move her hips to the rhythm in a seductive manner while having her arms raised over her head. My cock was now fighting against my pants. I looked over at Nicki whose gaze was not leaving the show in front of us but her hand did find mine and she leaned her body more into me. Lily moved closer in front of us and turned her back to us. While looking over her shoulder at us she shook her ass in turn with the music. 

She was slowly dancing backwards in my direction leaving her pear shaped ass right in front of my eyes. As the song grew in tempo she then lowered her ass onto my lap. With the beat of the song she moved her body up and down on my lap grinding her ass into me. Lily leaned back so she was sitting in my lap with her back facing me. Nicki moves even closer to me and Lily tilted her head down and planted a hot kiss on Nicki’s warm mouth. Nicki’s hand cupped Lily’s cheek as their kiss grew in intensity. I used this opportunity to put my arms around Lily and felt her tits through her sweater. I was able to get me hands under her sweater and felt a soft material along her ribs. She was evidently wearing the lingerie that I saw in her bag. As my hands traveled up the silky lingerie I reached her tits. The same ones my wife was sucking on just a few hours earlier. Lily broke the kiss with Nicki and stood up in front of us. We were going to get a show. 

The next song had started and Lily fell into the rhythm but this time began to slowly pull up her sweater as she danced. Nicki’s hand found its way to my crotch and was tracing the outline of my erect dick. Lily then seductively pulled down her jeans and stepped out of them. She was only wearing a spaghetti strapped silky red nightie which fell just above her ass. She was also wearing a red matching thong. Again she turned around so we could take her all in. This beautiful long haired brunette with sculptured legs and a perfect tight ass was strutting in front of Nicki and me. ‘Come on’ Lily said as she took Nicki’s hand. ‘Now dance with me’. Nicki was in no state to argue and stood up. Both girls danced together with there bodies pressed close together. My wife’s outstretched large tits pushing against Lily’s perky breast as they grinded their bodies together. I began to unbuckle my jeans and pushed them off me. My hard cock poked through the opening of my boxers. I started to jerk my cock as I watched the two beauties dance. At some point Nicki ended up right in front of me and Lily had her body pressed against her ass as they swayed to the music. Nicki saw my hard cock in my hand and bent over taking the whole thing into mouth. 

Feeling her warm mouth slide up and down my shaft as she gave me a blow job is quite the experience. I saw that Lily’s hands were now in front of Nicki and she grabbed hold of her lushes melons and squeezed them hard. Nicki groaned with my dick in her mouth as she was felt up. Nicki did not stop sucking on my rigid cock but Lily began unbuttoning Nicki’s shirt. Once she had all the buttons undone Lily went back to caressing Nicki’s tits. The thin bra that Nicki was wearing was no match for her hard nipples and Lily’s fingers were circling the pressed up shape of Nicki’s nipples. Nicki disengaged from my cock a let out a long moan as Lily pinched her hard nipples. Nicki was now stroking my cock and Lily began to kiss the back of her neck as her hands moved down her stomach. With a little help from me we undid Nicki’s jeans and slid them off. Nicki was ready for tonight since she had no panties on. As soon as Lily notice this she dropped to her knees and placed her soft warm tongue on my wife’s sensitive dripping pussy. ‘Oh yes’ Nicki exclaimed and once again she took my dick into her mouth. Her tongue swirled all around the length of me while Lily’s tongue explored my wife’s pussy. Nicki’s blow job was picking up the pace so I assumed that Lily’s tongue was doing likewise. 

‘Fuck it, honey’ Nicki cried. I could somewhat see that Lily had her hands around Nicki’s pussy and from the movements I figured my wife was getting a finger fucked by a young hot slut. One of her naughty fantasies had finally come true. As my wife began to moan louder under Lily’s doings she could only stroke me as the constant pleasure in her pussy was too much.

‘Yesssssss honey. Don’t stop! Almost baby’ was the last thing Nicki got out before she shuddered and came all over Lily’s fingers. Lily did not stop pushing her fingers in and out of Nicki as she came. This intensified Nicki’s orgasm even more. As Nicki came down from her high I sat up and gave her a big wet kiss. I saw that Lily was playfully giving Nicki some kisses along her inner thighs. ‘Upstairs’ I whispered in Nicki’s ear. ‘Yes baby’ she replied. We all stood up. I pulled of my boxers off as I kissed Lily deeply in the mouth. Nicki unbuttoned my shirt as our tongues were dancing just as her body had done some minutes before. My wife discarded her shirt and removed her bra and joined in our kiss. The three of our tongues were licking each others at once. I grabbed Lily’s hand and started to lead her to the stairs. Lily had Nicki’s hand and together we made it to our bedroom. Lily was the first one to the bed and she jumped on laying on her back. 

I was next and positioned myself between her legs. Lily guided the tip of my cock while I pushed aside her panties exposing her opening. Once we were lined up I pushed my way into her hot young pussy. I was in heaven as I started fucking Lily. My wife sat on her knees besides us and began to kiss Lily as I fucked her. I saw their wet tongues darting around. Nicki the moved on to Lily’s neck and down to her chest and across her shoulders. She removed her lingerie strap from her should and exposed Lily’s tit. Nicki then began suck Lily’s tits. I pulled out and got on my knees to give them more room. I took Lily’s legs and placed them on my shoulders. I slowly lowered myself onto her. ‘Oh god yes’ Lily screamed as I jammed my cock down her pussy. With more room to maneuver Nicki swung her leg around Lily’s head so that she was facing me but sitting on Lily’s face. Lily stuck out her tongue as Nicki lowered herself onto it. 

Nicki moved up and down getting fucked by Lily’s tongue. I was fucking Lily so hard my balls were slapping into her butt. The image was intense. I know I would not be able to take it much longer before I blew my load into Lily. Lily was the first to go. Her tight pussy clamped down on me. I pushed myself all the way into her so I could feel her spasms. I had little choice myself at this time and began to pump my cum into her. Nicki was the last to cum with a high pitched ‘Yesssss’. I pulled out my dripping wet cock as it started to shrink from Lily’s pussy. Nicki was not yet fully done because she bent down onto Lily and began to lick my shaft up and down. Getting all of the cum and pussy juice off me. Once she was done cleaning my cock she lowered her head some more onto Lily’s cum dripping pussy. Lapping up everything that was left from me and Lily. We were exhausted and both Nicki and I fell onto the bed next to Lily. We each caressed each other lightly but no words were spoken. Eventually we each dozed off to sl**p like babies…