"Sex Stories" Lilyxxx on the telly

Sex Stories Lilyxxx on the telly
Lily received an email instruction to visit her master immediately. She dropped everything and jumped in her car for the hour journey to his house wondering what he wanted at such short notice. One thing she did know was that she will be fucked, the thought of which made her wet.

She arrived to see a young girl half naked open the door. Lily looked at her pert young breasts and licked her lips. The pretty girl beckoned her inside and kissed Lily on the mouth, making lily very aroused. As she walked inside she could hear moans of pleasure in the living room. She walked in to see master with a girl lifed against the wall, his cock hammering into her. (Sex Stories)

Master smiled at Lily and told her to come over. As she did, he wrapped a hand around the back of her neck and starting kissing Lily passionately on her mouth. He broke the kiss and told Lily to kiss the girl he was fucking and rub and kiss her tits.

As soon as Lily started on the girl, she came over Master’s cock. Master ripped Lily’s blouse open to reveal her ample chest, heaving with her heavy breathing, which he massaged gently, teasing her nipples until they were standing erect. Lily moaned with pleasure and didn’t notice the girl who let her in had a camera and was filming behind her.

Lily was far more confident now and used her spare hand to finger her own pussy as she felt her master’s power as he fucked the other slave. Lily couldn’t wait to have him inside her and was soaking wet almost to the point of orgasm. Lily suddenly felt an arm go around her waist from behind so it couldn’t be master. The man behind her lifted her leg and entered her. Lily gasped in pleasure and came hard as he began to fuck her from behind. Four people tucked into a very small place, it was very hot and steamy, sweat dripping from the four lovers.(Erotic Stories)

The men locked arms pinning the girls to the wall and fucked in tandem, harder, deeper. Their moans and yelps as they kissed each other caused both to cum in their respective partners. Lily felt the man’s seed spurt into her wet pussy and she felt it run down her legs as he withdrew. Master was still cumming in the other girl and he grabbed Lily’s head and pushed her down to the girl’s soaked twat and as he withdrew, Lily kissed his cock then replaced him to wait for his seed to spill from her.

As Lily pleasured the girl, master retrieved some ropes and blindfolds from another room. He came back and laid the girls in the 69 position so they could lick each other then tied them together as in the previous meeting but at opposite ends this time. Master and the other guy joined the girls kissing and licking each other and it was then Lily could see the other man could not be older than 21 – she enjoyed the attention of a younger man. What he lacked in experience he could make for in enthusiasm.

Lily felt her master’s tongue expertly pleasure her pussy sending wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure through her body. Suddenly, he delivered what she longed for, his cock. He thrust his meat deep into Lily causing her to gasp and scream yes! He began to hammer her pussy hard, Lily found herself saying fuck me master, fuck me hard, I want your cum. The other guy then entered the girl and Lily stuck out her tongue to taste his meat as it pounded the young girl.

Master withdrew his cock early, lifted Lily backside and gently penetrated her ass. Lily was in ecstacy. As his cock pushed deep inside Lily could say nothing except oh god, oh god. The feeling was amazing as he made love to her ass. The other girl frantically licked Lily’s pussy. The feeling of being licked and fucked at the same time was overwhelming for Lily. She hadn’t felt anything like it.

Lily’s body began to jerk and tremble as she continued to cum then master released a massive hot load of cum inside her ass sending her to another level. Lily was delierious with joy and was willing to let her master do anything to her now. The lad came inside the other girl and withdrew leaving Lily to pleasure her.

Throughout this orgy of pleasure Lily had no idea it was being filmed. As they lay exhausted recovering from the frenetic passionate sex, master asked Lily to join him on the sofa. He put his arm around her and Lily rested her head on his shoulder. The girl went over to the TV and slotted a DVD in.

Master began to stroke Lily and gently play with her body; she in turn played with her master’s soft meat making it grow yet again. Lily was very impressed by her master’s stamina. He told her to watch the TV and to her amazement she could see herself at the point she joined the master fucking the girl up against the wall. The sight of herself made Lily feel horny again and Master immediately slipped two fingers into her. Lily grabbed his wrist, transfixed by watching herself having sex, and helped him finger fuck her.

She noticed her master was hard again. He grabbed Lily around the waist and impaled her on his cock facing away from him looking at the TV. Lily came yet again. She was totally spent but completely in orgasmic heaven with her master inside her and watching herself being fucked from behind by the young male.

Suddenly master lifted her legs to reveal her ass and beckoned the other man to come over. He rammed his cock into her ass laying on top of her to the side. Lily squirted hard over her master’s cock as they both fucked her harder and harder as she watched herself being a total cock and cumslut on TV. It was then it dawned on her that she was indeed her master’s slave and she relaxed and let them both fuck her hard, screaming out for more, harder, deeper. Fuc k me master, order your man slave to cum in me. Cum in me master, oh god I want it. With that they both bottomed their cocks inside her. Lily felt spurts in both holes completely fill her up as she watched master cum in her ass on TV. Lily came like never before, her body shaking uncontrolably.

The man slave withdrew leaving Lily to flop over her master, soaked in sweat, cum pouring out of her body and in complete submissive ecstacy.