"Sex Stories" The Limo Ride

Sex Stories The Limo Ride
The night was cool with a mist of rain in the air. I wore a hot pink padded push up bra with matching lace panties under my jeans and sweater as I headed out to have a few drinks and make another fantasy come true: sex in a limo with my Master.

Master instructed me to wait for Him at the bar while we sat far apart from one another. This only heightened the anticipation. I could barely see Him as He conversed with other patrons, drank beer and ate pizza. He is a strikingly handsome man at 6 foot 2 with a lean build and beautiful blue eyes. I was anxious so I ordered my usual Captain and Diet and tried to keep a straight face as a young college k** tried to pick me up.(Adult Stories)

Master passed by the bar and gave me a very sexy wink and smile. What a fantastic mouth He has! It was time. I finished up my drink and headed out.

The limo waited outside for me and I got in. Soft music was playing. In the back the limo it was huge and bright, with almost city like lights on the ceiling, but the windows were dark and it was cozy inside. I requested the driver put up the divider because I needed to change. He did so willingly. I replaced my jeans and sweater with a black fur coat and stiletto heels and waited patiently. I could not help but wonder what the limo driver was thinking when I told him we just wanted to “drive around for two hours and have some fun.” I am sure he must have known what that meant.

Master arrived a few minutes later and got in. I could tell He was a bit d***k from the way He acted and commented on how big and bright the limo was. I was d***k too and very horny. He immediately grabbed my waist and had me straddle Him, opening up my fur coat in the process to expose my hot pink bra and panties. 

I love being on top of my Master. His size overwhelms me. We immediately started kissing each other passionately as His hands explored my body. His mouth was on my lips, face, neck, shoulders; he gave me little nibbles everywhere as my hands expertly unbuttoned His shirt and massaged His chest and back. My nails dug into His flesh as I sucked His tongue. 

After a few moments of his tantalizing kisses, Master pulled me off Him by my hair and pushed me to the floor. He held my head near his bulging crotch and ordered me to kneel on the floor of the limo and unbutton his pants. Eagerly, I undid them and felt his hard cock pop up in my hands. I fervently sucked Him slowly at first around the head and then let my whole mouth take the shaft in. I heard the limo driver cough and my Master moan. If we could hear him, I was sure he could hear us and I was turned on even more. My clit was throbbing endlessly as I went down on my Master again and again, using one hand to massage His balls and the other to stroke His engorged cock as I sucked Him.

I could hear rain droplets tapping on the windows of the limo and I was so excited at this point that I begged Master to please let me have Him inside me. He commented what an obedient slave I had been and pulled me off the floor and on top of Him again. His powerfulness is such a huge turn on for me. His hand tore off my pink lace panties as His cock seared through my wet pussy, stabbing me like a hot dagger and hitting my G-spot. I gasped and hoped the driver heard me. Master pulled down my bra revealing my perfectly formed tits, pushed them together and sucked both nipples at once. His tongue was warm and wet and His cock pulsated against my G-spot as I writhed on top of Him. I rode His cock up and down as He licked and sucked. My legs shook badly as my body was overcome by orgasm and while I cried out Master pulled me to Him and stuck his tongue deep in my mouth. I kissed Him back hungrily, sucking His tongue as my body shook and convulsed. I heard Master exclaim how soaked my pussy was and again wondered if the driver heard us. I finally collapsed on top of Him and in an effort to rest, leaned my head comfortably against His shoulder. Both our bodies were drenched in sweat. Master declared after a minute, “There will be no rest for you!” He pushed me off Him, grabbed my hair and f***ed me down on my back. I thought he’d fuck me immediately, but he had a different idea. He laid me on my back to touch and kiss my whole body. He instructed me to watch Him in the mirrored ceiling above us. Our bodies in that ceiling were the hottest image I had ever seen. I laid back and enjoyed his hands and lips on my body. 

Suddenly and with no warning, Master ripped my bra off my body; he turned me around to do me from behind. His cock entered me and the tip burned my already exhausted pussy. His voice was deep and condensing as he told me I was His cock hungry whore and ordered me to cry out “thank you Master!” with each stroke of His hand spanking my ass. I moaned and sobbed as my body was overcome with many sensations at once: the motion of Master’s cock going deep in my wet pussy, a smack, a “thank you Master!” and the motion of Master’s cock going out. As He fucked me, He spit on me, rubbed it in my back, called me His cock hungry whore and told me to beg for His cock. I did so with pleasure as it is my sole purpose to serve my Master anyway He pleases.

I felt Master shudder and grab my ass crying out, “oh misty!” He f***ed Himself deeper inside me a few times and with one final stroke, He was spent. 

We lay together quietly a few moments before getting dressed, our bodies sticky with sweat and cum (and mine in Master’s spit!) My shredded bra and panties found a home somewhere on Interstate 80; a shame since I would have loved to have them as a souvenir of such an amazing night. Our intense 2 hour limo ride was over, another fantasy come true. I wonder if the limo driver ever thinks about us…