"Sex Stories" Lisa comes alive

Sex Stories Lisa comes alive
I’ve been married to Lisa for about three years now and although I do really love her our sex life was a little safe and boring. This was mainly due to Lisa’s upbringing her parents were very over protective and she had two older b*****rs who had always scared off any boys that came calling. We had been dating on and off since we were teenagers and luckily I had taken her virginity. 
Which was fantastic for me as she had been so very tight, then I had gone off to college for a few years. Lisa had had sex someone else but told me that it had been very disappointing and she hadn’t enjoyed it, so she hadn’t bothered again until I came back from college. Although we had kept seeing each other through college Lisa had never left town and had lived with her parents until we had got married. While I was away at college I had spent many a night with different woman and had a variety of sexual experiences, so after we had been married I had hoped I could make Lisa a lot more adventurous. Unfortunately that hadn’t been the case, as Lisa believed that anything other than straight missionary position was perverse. But eventually I had managed to get Lisa to give and accept oral sex and she had one night after a few glasses of wine agreed to be on top and ride my cock. When this was happening she clearly enjoyed it and had screamed for me to fuck her hard and one night she had told me about how she used to fantasise about girls and dirt sex. Yet the next day when she had sobered up she felt ashamed and a little embarrassed at her wanton behaviour, all of this was making me frustrated. But Lisa just wasn’t confident and always felt that anything other than straight sex made her feel guilty. I didn’t know how to solve this bring sex life problem until one night one of Lisa’s old friends and I came up with a dirty plan.(XXX Stories)

Lisa and Emma had been friends for a long time but they could not be more different especially when it comes to sex. Where Lisa was shy and non adventurous Emma was up for anything, she like me had been very promiscuous in college and had now come back to live in our home town. Emma still had a very active social life and often went on little trips where she could have some dirty adventures, often coming round for dinner to let us know what she had been up to. After a few drinks it was really easy to encourage Emma to tell us all the sordid details of her sexual adventures. I had noticed that on the nights Emma had been round and probably from the effects of the wine we had had sex with Lisa was always better. It seemed that even though Lisa sat relatively quiet when Emma was giving all the dirty little details of her latest exploits, she always went a little further than normal in bed. But tonight was different Emma had been telling us about a married couple she had been having some fun with, of course I kept pouring wine and asking for more details. The tale Emma told us had included toys, girl on girl and anal sex, as she told us my cock was swelling painfully and I noticed Lisa gulping wine her skin flushing as she wriggled in her seat. I had begun to regret marrying Lisa and not making a play for Emma when I was younger and now I was so frustrated that I wasn’t enjoying a raunchy sex life.

After waving Emma off I closed the door with a sigh and turned to face Lisa who was stood there smiling as she undid her dress and let it drop to the floor with her bra, as she pulled her panties over her bare feet.
“Lee I want you to take me here on the couch.” Lisa said her speech slightly slurred with the wine. This was amazing Lisa and I had never had sex outside the bedroom and even if she was d***k, Lisa knelt on the floor, leaning on the couch she stuck her ass in the air. I immediately stripped off my cock fully erect I grabbed Lisa’s hips and pushed my cock deep inside her, her pussy was already really wet. I struggled not to shoot my cum straight away. Lisa had never let me fuck her from behind, let alone out of the bedroom, she began to moan deeply which was new as well. As I pumped in and out of Lisa I noticed her smelling the cushions that Emma had been leant on. I could feel my orgasm building and my cock swelled even more and Lisa groaned as a small orgasm made her pussy throb and my cum shot inside her. Lisa fell forward onto the couch still smelling the cushions.
“Wow that was great Lisa, we’ve never done anything like that before, but what made you smell the cushions like that?” I asked intrigued.
“Hmm I can smell Emma’s perfume on them and I began to wish she was here with us, she’s one of the girls I’ve fantasised about and she’s so lucky to be able to act like she does!” Lisa slurred as the wine continued to affect her she looked round at me bringing her hand up to her mouth realising what had just happened and what she had just said.

The next day Lisa was clearly embarrassed about how she had acted and begged me not to tell Emma what she had said and she felt guilty that she had acted like a tramp. No matter how much I reassured her she had done nothing wrong Lisa wouldn’t listen to me, even though I said that I did feel any different about her and in fact I thought we should do more things like that. At this Lisa stormed out of the room finished getting ready for work and left the house without saying a word. I thought to myself this couldn’t go on, I couldn’t cope with living with a prude and having a boring sex life, yet Lisa kept showing these glimpses of an erotic woman inside her. I had to find a way to bring her dirty side out into the open, so I emailed Emma for some advice as she had know Lisa a lot longer than I had and after we exchanged emails for a few days we agreed to meet secretly to discuss Lisa’s problem.

Emma wasn’t surprised about what I was telling her about Lisa and Emma felt that she was so prudish and reluctant to experiment was because of her Father and older b*****rs. They were so strict with Lisa and tried to keep her as a young innocent girl for as long as possible, they had constantly nagged Lisa about her clothes and how she acted. Lisa’s b*****rs always scared away any boys who were interested so Lisa had never got to experiment when she was a teenager. Although between us we worked out that underneath her cold exterior, Lisa really wanted to be a horny sexy woman, who wasn’t afraid of doing anything she wanted. Emma told me that Lisa had always taken an active interest in her sex life and when I wasn’t around Lisa would ask really intimate questions, about everything including sex with other woman, anal sex and threesomes. Lisa had also brought up the subject of sex fantasises of bondage, domination and having control taken away from her. Emma and I looked at each and smiled as we both had the same thought that we should help Lisa break through the wall of guilt and shame she had with sex. Slowly over the next couple of weeks we formulated a plan, the more we discussed it the more we were sure it would work the plan started with Emma asking that Lisa took some photos of her to send to one of her many lovers.

The night had arrived for our plan to break Lisa out of her conventional outlook, it was early evening and we drinking wine, I sipped mine while Emma encouraged Lisa to drink deeply. After about an hour, Emma and I could tell that Lisa was getting d***k as she was getting louder and had began to ask Emma a little more about the pictures she wanted Lisa to take. Emma had invented a guy who she had met on the internet and that he had asked for some sexy photos, Lisa just nodded as Emma explained that she had brought some props to use. Again Emma topped up Lisa’s glass and encouraged her to drink it down which Lisa willingly complied as Emma unpacked the bag she had brought. Out came a digital camera, some rope, two dildos and some strawberry lube Lisa’s face was a picture her jaw dropped wide open when she saw Emma’s toys.
“Oh my god Emma! What sort of pictures are you wanting to take?” Lisa exclaimed giggling
“Well you know some dirty and erotic pictures, doing the sort of thing nice girls don’t do. Come on let’s go to the bedroom and get started.” Emma said as she grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her off the couch. Lisa staggered a little with the effects of the wine, picking up Emma’s bag I followed the woman to the bedroom my cock already swelling and a huge smile on my face.

I hung back at the bedroom door doing as agreed with Emma and letting her take the lead in our plan, she pushed Lisa down onto the bed, Lisa sat there unsure what to do as Emma pulled her loose dress over her head. Emma had a wonderfully tanned curvy body with firm breasts she stood there proudly displaying her naked body, her pussy was completely smooth and the lips pouted sexily out as she let the tips of her fingers gently stroke her shaven pussy.
“Erm I not sure about this Emma, I think Lee should leave first anyway.” Lisa said nervously, I began to think this wasn’t going to work and looked to Emma for support.

“Oh calm down Lisa I’m only naked you can be such a prude at times, and I think Lee wants to stay. Anyway I think you need to learn a few things from me and I’m sure you want to as well.” Emma said raising her voice edging it with a f***eful tone and then dived on top of Lisa grabbing her wrists and forcing her down onto the bed. I had already had the pieces of rope in my hand and rushed over to the bed; Lisa was struggling and wrestling with the naked Emma. With Emma’s help we moved Lisa up the bed and I tied both her hands to the bed posts, I was getting so turned on watching my prude of a wife struggling with a hot sexy naked woman.
“What are you doing? Get off me Emma; Lee let me go Stop it please stop!” Lisa shouted loudly.
“Look Lisa we’re going to show you how to have good dirty and perverse sex, and don’t pretend you don’t want to learn me and Lee know you want more than just boring straight sex.” Emma shouted back at to Lisa as she stood up and grabbed one of Lisa’s legs as I grabbed the other and we tied them to the bed, leaving Lisa completely at our mercy. Emma and I stood back from the bed I took a long look at Emma’s hot naked body she was so comfortable with her own body Lisa began to pull at her restraints.
“Let me go I don’t want to do anything, please Lee, please Emma stop it!” Lisa’s voice trembled as she spoke.
“Right lets get you out of your clothes Lisa.” Emma said calmly, I thought there was no turning back now and was quite happy in letting Emma take the lead as she began to rip the material of Lisa’s dress. She ripped it completely open and took a pair of scissors to cut the hems and sleeves then moved on to Lisa’s bra and panties carefully cutting them from her body. 

The sight of my shy prudish wife having her clothes ripped from her by her naked sexually aggressive friend was so hot, my cock began to leak cum all I could do is stand there and watch as Lisa renewed her struggling and shouting at us to let her go. Emma threw the scissors and the rags of Lisa’s clothes to the floor and knelt on the bed next to Lisa who still writhing about in her restraints.

“Right ok, ok stop. Please stop you’ve both had your fun now stop!” Lisa’s voice was edged with a nervous anger; Emma ignored her and began to massage Lisa’s pussy with her slender fingers gently parting Lisa’s moist lips. 
“Oooh, look at her wet cunt Lee, she’s loving it.” Emma said excitedly and it was true Lisa pussy was filled with juices, Emma lowered her mouth onto Lisa’s cunt and noisily began to lick her. Lisa continued to struggle in the ropes but instead of protests she began to moan as Emma expertly nibble and lick her cunt. I stripped off my clothes and began stroke my now rock hard cock as I walked towards the bed bringing Emma’s dildos and the strawberry lube she had brought. Emma looked up at me as I knelt between Lisa’s legs her mouth was covered in Lisa’s juices she looked back at Lisa as she carefully straddled Lisa’s face. Emma gently began to rub her pussy into Lisa’s mouth I almost lost control as I saw Lisa’s tongue willing begin to lick at Emma’s shaven pussy; Emma closed her eyes and licked her lips her pert breasts jiggled as she ground herself into Lisa’s face. I put a dildo into Emma’s hand and she placed the tip of it on Lisa pussy rubbing firmly, Lisa’s cunt parted allowing Emma to push the toy deep inside my wife. Emma began to rhythmically pump the dildo deep in and out of Lisa, her moans showed she was clearly enjoying what was happening, and I carefully undid the ropes securing Lisa’s legs to the bed she drew her knees up forcing her pussy higher up towards Emma. I smeared the cold lube onto my rock hard cock and knelt between Lisa’s legs taking hold of her ankles and pushing her legs backwards bringing her tight ass into view. Emma grabbed at my cock her slender cool fingers felt wonderful on my hot cock as she guided it towards Lisa’s anus while still fucking her pussy with the dildo; the end of my cock felt the textured ring of tight muscle as I applied pressure. Lisa began to struggle again and I could hear her muffled voice protesting to leave her ass alone. Up to now Lisa wouldn’t even discuss anal sex, Emma helped me to suppress Lisa’s struggling as I guided my inside Lisa. Lisa’s virgin ass felt so tight it took me a couple of goes before even the tip parted her ass, eventually the ring of muscle slowly slipped over the head of my cock. Again Lisa bucked her body but that only made Emma grind her own cunt hard onto Lisa’s mouth, Emma nodded encouragement as I f***efully pushed my hard cock into Lisa’s ass. It was so tight and amazing gripping her legs tightly I fucked her hard as Emma continued to fuck Lisa’s cunt with the dildo. I felt the hard tip of the toy rub through Lisa’s vaginal walls as Emma and I fucked her. It wasn’t long before I could feel Lisa body begin to throb and twitch as an orgasm built up inside her Lisa began to scream loudly as a massive orgasm raced through her body. I had never seen Lisa have such a violent orgasm her tight ass hole bit down so painfully onto my cock I withdrew it just as my hot cum jetted out over her cunt which was still being fucked really hard by Emma. 

Emma grabbed my cock and pulled it into her mouth I felt the last of my cum leak into her mouth as Emma’s tongue licked round the end of my cock, she pulled the dildo from Lisa and sank her mouth onto Lisa’s wet spunk covered cunt. The sight of Emma licking my cum from Lisa’s pussy was amazing and I could already feel my cock regaining some of its hardness. I moved up the bed and to see Lisa’s face covered in Emma’s pussy juice as she continued to lick Emma’s cunt completely ignoring me. I took the second dildo and carefully slid it into Emma’s pussy while Lisa focussed on her clit, Emma moan as I slide the thick textured toy slowly in and out of her. Emma gripped Lisa’s legs tightly still licking her pussy as we worked her cunt, Emma’s moans got louder as an orgasm built up and her cunt twitched and I could see more juices flood out onto Lisa’s eager mouth, Lisa’s tongue lashing out to taste Emma’s cum. Emma’s body sagged down on top of Lisa as her orgasm subsided and I undid Lisa’s wrists, I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be.
“I can’t believe what you’ve done to me, you perverts. What are you going to f***e me to do next?” Lisa said smiling suggestively. Emma and I looked at each other both just saying. “Hmm!” Whatever it was going to be I think we have definitely brought out Lisa’s erotic side finally.