"Sex Stories" Little Girl Guides Earn Thier Cash!

Sex Stories Little Girl Guides Earn Thier Cash!
It was just an ordinary Saturday morning and I was laying on the sofa in my dressing gown watching telly, when the door bell rang, upon opening the door, I was faced with two young girl guides looking up at me, proclaiming it was girl guide week and could they do any jobs for me, in return for a donation to thier funds. One thought came straight to my mind, but figured I had better not mention that to them! by the same token, I wasn't about to give up the opportunity of having a couple of horny little girl guides in the house for a while, so said "Maybe you had best come in then girls and I will see what I can come up with" They came in and I told them to take a seat and I will get them a drink, while I think of a job for them. They both sat together on the sofa and I went to get them both a coke, you can see into my living room from the kitchen and as I was getting thier drinks.

I had a look at them. They looked to be in thier early teens and looked very sexy in thier little girl guide uniforms, they were making me pretty horny. I came back into the living room and gave them thier drinks and sat in the chair opposite. As I was chatting to them, an old video I had suddenly came to mind, which didn't help, as it was of two little scout girls that turned up at some old blokes to do any odd jobs and ended up sucking him and his mate off, then both getting fucked and cum over. Coincidently, the girls in the video looked to be about the same age as my two little girl guides, is this some kind of omen, I was thinking, desperately trying to k** myself! Thats when the idea came to mind, risky, but exciting. I said to the girls that my bathroom could do with a clean, if that was the type of thing they would do, "Yea we can do that" they said and I showed them where it was and let them get on with it. Back in the room I started hunting for the said video and once I had found it, put it in the video player and put it on pause, ready to turn it on when they had finished doing the bathroom. When I heard them coming back.
I hit play, nervous as hell in case they ran screaming from the house, leaving me right in it! I sat back in my chair and told them to sit back down and take a rest. They obviously started watching the video, which at first, could have been any type of film. I said I just had to go to the bathroom and would be back shortly and left them watching the film. After about five minutes, when I knew the little girls in the film would have started sucking off the old bloke, I came back into the room and sat back in my chair, although they looked a little flush, they didn't comment on the film and I just casually said "so girls, would you fancy doing another job, or have you had enough?" To my surprise and delight they said they were ok to do something else. "oh blimey girls" I said "Ive left the video playing, I'm really sorry, you shouldn't be watching something like this" "thats ok" they said "it's fine" As my cock started getting hard I said "I don't believe it, its the one about the little scout girls as well" They just looked at me and nervously smiled, going a little red. (Erotic Stories)

Dare I suggest what I was thinking, "oh sod it" I thought and said "mind you girls, not a bad idea eh for some easy cash" and laughed, they didn't actually say anything and just giggled a little. "I don't suppose you have done anything like that yet have you?" I said, again with a little laugh. "No" they both said in unison, but I did notice they were both still watching the film. "Tell you what girls, I think I will join you on the sofa, as I can't see the telly from here" and promptly sat between them. "So how do you two fancy making some serious cash for your funds then?" I asked casually "Yea said the younger one, then we would win if we collect the most, what would we have to do?" "oh not much" I said "just sit here really and enjoy the film" "oh ok then" she said innocently. With that I put my arm round the younger girl, resting my hand on her little thigh. I then undid my dressing gown, exposing my large cock, which although not as yet hard, was certainly on its way. 

I took my cock in my hand and started slowly wanking, while rubbing the younger girls thigh, as I started getting more and more horny, I moved my hand up and started stroking the young girls tiny little breasts through her blouse, niether girl moved or said anything, so I undid her blouse, exposing her cute little b**sts inside her training bra, all the time rubbing my now enormous hard cock. I then turned to the slightly older girl and said "Do me a favour can you sweetie and carry on rubbing this, while I play with you friend" with a little coaxing, she took it in her hand and started rubbing it, as I slipped my hand up the other ones skirt and began rubbing her pussy through her cotton knickers. "Stand up" I said "And hitch your skirt up" which she did, standing in front of me, I then pulled her cute knickers down jus a little, learnt forward and started licking her smooth tight little pussy, my god did it taste good. "Right your turn now" I said to the slightly older one "Stand up and get that skirt hitched up "Ok" she said nervously, I then pulled her knickers down just a little as well. Having pushed the two little girls closer, I began licking both of them, mmm two tight, totally smooth little pussies to eat, I couldn't believe my luck. 

I kept swapping between the two, licking all round thier pussies and licking the inside of thier knickers. I told them both to turn round and keep holding thier skirts up and as I frantically wanked my cock, I licked both thier arses, rubbing thier pussies with my free hand, I was so horny by now, I got my tongue right up both thier very tight arses and frigged thier tiny clits. "Ok you two, time to earn your cash now" I said "What do you want us to do" they said "I think you know" I said "Get on your knees" they duly obliged, kneeling in front of me and looking up with thier cute little faces. "Take those blouses off but leave your bras on" I said, which they did "Right now rub each others bras, while I rub this fat cock of mine" As they stroked each others bras, I wanked my rock hard cock, moving it right up close and rubbing it against thier faces "Ok girls put your hand down each others knickers and frigg each other off" I then let go of my cock and put a hand round the back of thier heads and in turn pushed thier mouths towards my twitching penis,as they licked and sucked it, I swopped between cute mouth and cute mouth, pushing further in, they gagged a little but carried on silently taking it. 

"Come on girls frigg those pussies harder, I want you two cumming when you get it" As they frantically frigged each others tight little pussies and started moaning away, I let go of thier heads and grabbed my cock, which was about to cum "Come on really fuck each other now, I want you cumming" I said, they were now really working each others wet little pussies and were clearly about to cum, to her surprise I then pulled the younger girls bra away from her breasts and putting my cock just inside it, I emptied a big wad of spunk into it and as they carried on fingering each other and cummimg, I had hold of the older girls bra and emptied a huge wad of spunk into that one as well, Ive never produced so much and they both had quite a load of my hot sticky spunk in thier cute little bras, they had cum and had stopped frigging each other, looking down at thier sticky bras instead "Ok lick it clean" I said and pushed both thier faces towards my cock, they duly licked and sucked it clean, licking all round my cock and balls. "Right girls you had better get dressed then" I said "But what about our bras" they said "leave them on" I said "When you knock next door for some odd jobs, I want you to have my spunk all over your tits and bras" "Oh Ok then" they agreed and promptly got dressed. On thier leaving, I pushed a wad of notes in thier hands, which made them smile and said "I always have plenty of jobs for a couple of horny little girl guides, so don't be shy and do call again"....... As thet walked away, they simply turned round and smiled, still with my spunk in the cute little bras!